it's 3am i think i'm gonna sleep now

just a kind reminder
  • if you wish to post spoilers of any kind please tag it using #dgm spoilers/#dgrayman spoilers/#d.gray-man spoilers and put it under a read more
  • refrain from reposting entire pages of the chapter, espcially considering it isn’t officially out yet or translated in english
  • hoshino stated that she was not comfortable with people posting spoilers, please respect that. however - i personally think general discussion, kept under read mores and tagged with spoiler warnings, is fine. edits, and reposted pages of the raws/chinese scanlation aren’t okay, please post these things after the 17th as it’s disrespectful to hoshino and many people don’t wish to see these unavoidable spoilers (especially if they don’t have tumblr savior/xkit and can’t blacklist tags).
  • please be kind to others - i understand that posting spoilers shouldn’t be done, but considering how widely spread the chapter raws/spoilers are by now it’s really not possible to stop everyone from discussing 219. as long as people tag appropriately, refrain from posting blatant spoilers (i.e. chapter pages/edits) until the 17th, and keep things under read mores i think that’s good enough considering, but hey that’s just me.

thank you!! and now for sleep ;;;;