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hello angels !! it’s my blog’s anniversary and a new year so what better time to thank all the wonderful people who have made my time on tumblr worthwhile… if it weren’t for my mutuals my blog wouldn’t mean nearly as much to me and i just want to say thank you for always supporting me and making me smile ✨ so without further ado…

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stand on her steps (with my heart in my hand)

Basically.. after Sunday’s episode I had a lot of Daddy!Charming feels, and here is the result. A canon divergence where Charming/Snow decide to go through the portal and raise Emma themselves. Spoilers for 6x17 “Awake”.
Rating: T
Words: 3,574

Oh, she’s beautiful.

He can’t hold it back. The words are wrenched from him like the surge of the tide, expelled like the shiver of condensation across frosted glass, the polychromatic burst of a broken curse, an ended separation. Every choice he has ever made, every triumph, every sacrifice, he understands now that they have been leading him here; to this moment. To her. To his beautiful, beautiful daughter. With the brilliance of the vision in front of him he knows nothing in his life has ever been real before this moment, it all fades into obscurity in the face of the golden mirage that is baby Emma, perched on a bed, reading.

Not so much of a baby anymore.

Radiant, and ten years lost. So far from the child he’d held not half a day ago as he fought off the black knights.

“We can’t waste another second,” he breathes, a hand absently grasping for the edge of Snow’s coat as he steps forward, “we can’t miss another second.”


It’s nonsensical, of course it is, that they stand there debating their daughter’s happiness as if it can be quantified, measured; deemed less worthy than the happiness of another. They have already lost ten years, she’s already spent a decade without her parents, writing her own story and, as desperately as he hopes it must be otherwise, fighting her own battles. Why should they continue to barter as if destiny owes them nothing?

It does.

It owes them this.

“She was never meant to do this alone,” he begs, “we can’t let her do this alone.”

Snow wavers, and he grasps her hand tight.

The light burns as they step through the doorway.

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Ok, we all know the flower shop/tattoo artist AU but what if “I work at Lush and at home I take aesthetic pictures of the products for my blog and I recognize you from tumblr because you’re internet famous for modeling grunge clothes why are you here” AU.


2015 wasn’t exactly a good start for us Madridistas, but here’s to hoping my little post can do us a little good (look at all the wonderful memories giffed!), even though I’m a little late to the follow foreverparty. 

It’s been 3-4 years for me on Tumblr, even though I had a major hiatus somewhere from 2013 to May 2014. Though I never planned to return, thank you to the people who have stayed here for me (and didn’t unfollow!), regardless of whether we have even talked. To the people who’ve lived through seeing my URLs as always-real, iamjericho (through my pro-wrestling phase!) and aarbeloa, this one’s especially for you. I’m pretty sure I’ve made an FF long ago, but I can’t find it and I don’t think that I still follow everyone I promised to “follow forever”…

Well, this is a renewed version for the people who have made my past half-year back wonderful. Thank you for the silent likes, reblogs and occasional messages we’ve shared. People with URLs bolded, there’s a message under the read more cut!. :-) (To the people with hyphens in your URL, sorry I had to put you at the end because formatting got screwed!)

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when i told my little cousin how ten’s little speech before saving wilf in the end of time showed how corrupted~ he had become, my cousin replied by saying, “well, isn’t that what we saw in 11? the corrupted~ doctor?” lol if he had been presented that way then maybe i could’ve stomached s5-7