it's 3am ffs

hello, it’s hyeon here wishing everyone happy, happy new year!

first off, huGE THANK YOU to @babxing aka Christina aka Chris bababab ♡♡♡ for creating this banner!

2015 has been a year of ups and downs for all of us, including me, so I wanted to take this time to create an appreciation post for those who made my 2015 experience spectacular~! with almost my first year (!!!) here on Tumblr, thank you all for making my life a little bit brighter ahh!! I genuinely cherish our conversations and memories together ♡

I’ve made a similar post on my other blog so feel free to check that out (which is why you’ll probably get two notifications haha), as well as my blogroll! 

 without further ado, let’s begin! 

bolded= mutuals; italicized= special snowflake bab/senpai!!1!/i love you!/friend (if you consider me one too ?? ?)/♡


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when i told my little cousin how ten’s little speech before saving wilf in the end of time showed how corrupted~ he had become, my cousin replied by saying, “well, isn’t that what we saw in 11? the corrupted~ doctor?” lol if he had been presented that way then maybe i could’ve stomached s5-7