it's 3am

Isn’t it weird we have a little voice in our heads? Like the one you used to read this
—  Me high as hell at 3am.
existential crisis lance

lance: woah. have you ever considered that fact that everything is a concept made by humans and-

keith: babe

lance: -all things we know are made up. language? time? everything is-

keith: babe

lance: relative. like nothing really exists and-

keith: babe its 3am what the fuck

Quem sou eu?

Sou um universo,
Galáxia inexplorada.
Sou uma antiga poesia,
Que talvez ninguém nunca leia.
Sou o caos da madrugada.
As letras se juntando á matemática.

-Duda silva

Why does no one ever talk about how this is literally a scene from any cheesy romance. Dark brooding boy hides away in the shadows with his arm crossed cause he’s so edgy, while in the shade he watches literal sunshine Girl out in the sun being full of life and joyfully interacting with little ones. He doesn’t full on grin, cause he’s edgy and cool, but we see the look and smile. Sunshine girl continues on oblivious to being watched

Você se foi
E eu?
Fiquei num bar
Com um cigarro queimando sozinho no cinzeiro
Com uma bebida barata
Na companhia de tua ausência
Teu silêncio gritava em meus ouvidos
Teus toques me agrediam
Mas você não estava lá.
-Duda silva