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Movie Night Part 3

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 3387

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut, semi-public fingering, sexual penetration, teasing, fluff… the works.

Request: How would you feel about doing a part 3 to movie night? If not, I understand but I would like to read more! - Anon

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this! I got lost in the smutty goodness! (This can be read as a stand alone!)

Part One - Part Two

Alone time was hard to find in this compound.

You and Bucky hadn’t been able to be alone since you had snuck out of his room a week ago.

It was driving you mad.

You took a deep breath and opened the door to the conference room. You laid the files on the table and got the coffee brewing. You had just bent down to get the cups out of the cabinet when the door opened behind you.

“Unf… Buck, what are you doing?” you heard Steve say.

You straightened back up quickly and turned to see that Bucky had stopped right in the middle of the doorway, causing Steve to crash into him. You blushed because you knew that Bucky had gotten a great view of your ass. The slit in the back of your skirt had probably awarded him a peak of your thighs as well.

Steve pushed Bucky forward, walking around him to see you standing there. He laughed softly and shook his head. “Good morning darlin’.”

You sent him a shy smile with a wave and watched as Bucky sat down in the chair next to the one you always sit in. Steve laughed harder, sitting across from him.

You turned around and poured 2 cups of coffee for them. You bent over the table to hand Steve his. You almost dropped Bucky’s cup when you felt a hand wrap around the back of your knee.

Sitting his cup in front of him, you looked down at him incredulous. His fingers trailed up the back of your leg as far as your skirt would allow. “Thanks doll,” he said, his voice turning husky.

“Would you like me leave?” Steve asked abruptly.

You jumped away from Bucky and went to pick up the file folders. Bucky threw his coffee stirring straw at Steve, and mumbled something under his breath.

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Do Something Bad, Too - Part 3

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Summary: It’s like every single Alpha on the planet won’t rest until they’ve confessed their eternal wish for you to mother their children, and it’s getting old. Luckily, that’s a problem Bucky might be able to fix.

Warnings: language, a/b/o dynamics

A/N: part 3!! things are getting more intense, let me know if you like where its going! also just a reminder, the tag list for this fic is closed for the moment so please dont’t ask!

Part 1 Part 2

Waking up is torture because it feels so good. You’re warm in a way that doesn’t just feel skin deep, but more like every bone is glowing with something so satisfying it almost aches. It takes you a few sweet, sleepy seconds to realise exactly why you’re waking up more well rested than you’ve ever been in your life, and then the whole illusion shatters.

Sometime in the night you and Bucky had shifted until he was lying on his back, long legs dangling off the end of the couch and his arms wrapped tight around you curled up on his chest. Sun streaks warm through the windows and glass walls - glass walls, because you fell asleep in your office literally on top of Bucky. You make a highly undignified squeak and try to sit up, which only succeeds in dislodging Bucky’s grip on you and sending you crashing to the floor.

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Professor Evans (3/?)

Summary: Y/N starts assisting Chris but she gets nervous, not knowing if she would be a good assistant or not. 

Pairings: Professor!Chris Evans x Student!Reader 

Word Count: 1,194

Warnings: Not one thing this very fluffy, to the point they even match their clothing 

A/N: Ok this isn’t too exciting but I promise it will get exciting, the next chapter is going to be very interesting. I might give you guys a sneak peek! Thanks for reading, feedback is very much appreciated. 

Part 1 - Part 2

Y/N’s mornings were usually known as crazy. She would be running around trying to get all of her things in order, swearing at her printer that was taking its slow sweet time. But this Monday morning was hectic, it was her first day as Chris’s assistant and she had woken up late and had “nothing” to wear. Well, nothing that could make her look sophisticated but not too much to where she didn’t look her age. Y/N didn’t know why she was stressing, Chris probably didn’t care about what she wore, but he was the one guy that every person, including the other professors, had their eyes on.There was a reason to look decent, so she grabbed her blue jeans, a white shirt, and her long black cardigan and raced to actually start the getting ready process.

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Alone, Until I Get Home (8/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

A/N:  Ah ha HAAA. Ok, so BIG THINGS were supposed to happen this chapter, but as I started writing I realized other, smaller things need to happen first. So here’s a a chapter lovingly titled Kilian’s Very Exciting Day (aka Captain Cobroctopus Goes to the Park).

Also on: AO3

Tagging: @el-kelpo @m98h @strawberrycupcakeprincess @crisanja @superchocovian @adeelam @mez86 @cinnamonduckling (let me know if you want on or off, or if you wanted on and I left you out on accident!!!)

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The Way You Move// Kim Yugyeom (Part 13)

Pairing: Yugeyom x Reader

Genre: Romance, Smut

Summary: @morsalinou said:
Your rrequest are open omgggg ok,…. I will try requesting simething for the first time here😅 hmm can i request a smut (🙊💕) where yugyeom sees you dancing in a competition (like hit the stage) or you dance with him you can decide (this weeks theme is love did you watch this show btw😍) and the rest is up to you! I’m so nervous omg😲😂

Author’s Note:  Sorry for the lack of updates! Also, sorry for the length of this chapter, it’s short, but only because it’s a filler chapter! Enjoy it nonetheless!

xoxo Sara

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9  -

Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14  - Part 15

Soon, Wednesday had rolled around. You didn’t understand how time could go by both so quickly, yet so pain-stakingly slow. You felt your strain getting better and better each day, the swelling and coloring going down immensely after having to ice it for no less than 16 hours a day.

Bambam came over often to hang out with you, after Yugyeom left to go to dance practice with his temporary partner each morning. You had met his temporary partner the first day he began to practice with her, which was not long ago. She seemed nice enough, and her skills were impeccable, you were sure she wasn’t in this competition and that maybe she was an extra, or a student teacher of some sort. She was quite beautiful, too; her hair looked nice and soft as if it had never been touched, and she always wore a sweet smile on her face, keeping a bright and positive attitude throughout your meeting with her.

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Originally posted by magikasa

This morning when the smell of fresh poured coffee woke him up, he felt like something was off, it was like his own brain was sending him warning bells but he was too troubled to notice, he got up and took a shower, dresses and rushed to the door without a second glance at the girl that was waiting for him, his day was going ok he even let out a relieved sound escape from his lips when he managed to put the final touches on the new album, he even felt happy, Teddy hyung smirked at him.

“What?” he asked with a satisfied smirk on his lips

“Nothing, I just though you wouldn’t come today” he said making him frown, why wouldn’t he come today?  “Y/N must be an angel and truly understanding of you working on her birthday” he said with a smile “I called her wishing her happy birthday and send with Seungri my present” he said as an after tough, but he stopped listening, your birthday, today is your birthday and as he saw his watch it was already late your birthday was yesterday, his mind just froze, Teddy hyung voice was no longer in the back ground, he turn to look at him, teddy looked at him in shock  “you forgot?” he asked half yelled at him, he run to his car, your birthday, he forgot that and also their anniversary last month, the anniversary of your parents deaths…  if he was honest he didn’t recall a day when the two of you shared dinner or spend more than an hour together, you didn’t say anything to him, there was no yelling or emotional fights, you just took it…

He managed to get there in no time at 3 in the morning there was no traffic and no people around, his apartment was dark when he went in, he turn on the lights he saw various colored wrapping papers, some boxes and soft blue and silver star balloons in the living room, but you were not there, in the kitchen was a half eaten cake and dirty dishes in the sink, he went to their room just to find it empty, he found himself in yet another empty space, but right there in the night stand he saw the ring he gave you, a note stood beside it, he lifted afraid of what it might say but he had an idea of its contents.


Oppa, don’t worry I understand. you have an important job and many expect a lot of you so I won’t burden you with petty fights or feelings that you so clearly don’t want or care about, so I will remove myself from your life but still I wish you the best, happiness, health and everything good because I love you.

I took my stuff already, don’t worry about the mess, I was leaving when friends came and surprised me but the cleaning lady comes early in the morning so go to sleep and rest, I programmed the coffee maker and the alarm clock for you, I really hope you take care of yourself better, eat healthier and sleep more.

Love you, always  Y/N

Pd: Congratulations on the new album, Teddy oppa and Youngbae oppa say that is getting quite awesome and that you are working really hard at it, like if I didn’t knew that already…but I know, it will be amazing… Fighting!

The tears never stopped, he wanted to scream and break everything but that wouldn’t solve anything the fact that he missed so many things, he can remember now all the times you wanted to start a conversation with him and he didn’t even glanced at you, the times you made meals for him that he never tasted, the times he found you asleep on the sofa waiting for him to come back home, he cursed at himself and he felt so empty so… alone…


You are exhausted, if you were honest with yourself you have been waiting for Jiyong who has come home pretty late every day, you knew he was busy making the new album for their comeback so you haven’t complained about it, the silence of his part was discouraging when you tried to talk with him, your job was getting demanding and tiring but still you managed to get home and cook for him even if he didn’t tasted anything you had done, slowly but steady you have been feeling like you lived with a complete stranger and you hated it, you cried and got angry at him, but at the end you understood that he was after all G Dragon.

You watched Jiyong last night or better said early in the morning enter your shared bedroom, change and freefall in the pillows next to yours, he was asleep instantly, according to Teddy oppa call that morning he didn’t want to see your boyfriend today in the studio so you knew that he would be staying in; that your boyfriend needed rest, and a healthy meal, so you left quietly the apartment to go to the grocery store.

At your return the apartment was in silence, you left the bags in the counter, put things away in the right place and began to cook, trying to reach for a plate in the other side of the stove without looking you grabbed a hot pot with your bare hand making you yell and throw the hot pot in the process, the hot liquid splashed in the floor making you jump in pain when it hit your bare legs, you stepped away turning off the stove…

“what the fu… Y/N!” Jiyong yelled making you jump and turn to look at him surprised you forgot he was in the house too, you have grown accustom  that he was always out

°Oppa° your voice was soft, your eyes were wide rimmed with tears and your lips formed a pout in pain “I’m so sorry, I forgot you were her… sleeping; I’ll clean this, just go to sle…”

“oh my god Y/N I’m sorry, god I’m so sorry!” he said cutting you off and running to hug you

“oppa?” you asked shocked forgetting the pain in your hand, you have never seeing him this upset and this behavior was worrying  you “babe, what’s wrong, did you had a bad dream?” you asked holding him, he froze and separated from you, then he turn to look at the apartment you looked at him and then at the apartment soft rays of light entered the apartment making it bright and homey, he looked at you again you were frowning  worried, then he saw his clothes soft gray sweatpants and white t shirt.

“what day is it?” he asked you before you could ask anything

“uh, Sunday?” you asked confused by his behavior, tears were still in his eyes

“no, the date?”

“are you trying to trick me to tell you if you forgot an important date? Because you haven’t you still have a month for our anniversary” you said, he smiled and you had to smile with him because you haven’t seen that smile in a while he hug you again and started to kiss every surface of skin that was visible “oppa you ok?” you ask; he was worrying you more by every second that passed

“yes!, god I love you, Y/N  I love you, never forget that, I know I been busy and distant but I love you and I’m sorry” he said in your ear, you embraced him and hissed when your hand touched his back, that made him pull back and look at your hand which was red and hurt a lot

“I’ll take you to the hospital come on” he said pulling you by your good hand, you followed him still a bit confused, in the car he was quiet and at every opportunity he stared at you, it was making you over conscious of your appearance

“jiyong, is something wrong, do I have something on my face or something?” you asked pulling down the small mirror in front of you, you didn’t noticed anything different maybe the dark circles under your eyes were a bit more dark and big, or maybe it was the paleness of your skin, but apart from that you looked normal

“is nothing” he said, he parked the car and before he could get out you stopped him

“Jiyong, you don’t need to come, I’ll go you return home and rest ok, you need it” you said, smiled at his surprised face and opened the car door with your healthy hand, you closed the door and began to walk to the entrance of the hospital, he jogged to reach you and took your uninjured hand in his, you stopped surprised and turn to look at him, he was looking at you with fear in his eyes, you frowned

“I don’t want to lose you” he said making you more confused

“What? They are probably just going to put some cream and bandages” you say “you can go home Ji, seriously you need to sleep” he denies

“no, I… no, come on” he says pulling you to the hospital, you follow the medics are fast and you were right cream and bandages…

“Kwon Jiyong what is it, you are starting to scare me” you ask because he hasn’t let go of your good hand and hasn’t stopped staring at you for the last few hours, he bites his lower lip and look at your interlaced hands, you saw how he began to blink away tears, you were getting nervous, was he going to tell you that he really didn’t love you anymore, or that he was tired of you?

“I… I had a nightmare” he said in a soft broken whisper, you felt relived at the admission but frowned

“What was it about?”

“I lost you” he said still not looking you, you frown

“Babe, it’s ok, I’m here, nothing has happen to me” you say he denies

“I neglected us, I pushed you away, I ignored you, I came home late and leaved early, I… forgot…”

“You forgot what?” you ask because this doesn’t sound like a nightmare, its pretty much what has been happening for a few months now.

“Our anniversary, your parents… birthdays… everything” he said still not looking at you

“so I left you” you say simply your voice sounds estrange to your own ears he looks at you now, tears flowing freely now but he nods, and in that moment your heart breaks because maybe you have been thinking in that yourself, your relationship hasn’t been good at all, you verily speak to each other, you don’t see each other anymore and yes maybe the alternative of leaving was a choice that popped in your mind in your darker days “I’m sorry” you say he looks at you searching for something in your eyes, his eyes grow wide at what he sees there the fear returns and more tears roll freely in his cheeks, you pull your hand from his and the fear spreads like fire all over his face, you clean his tears with your fingers

“Kwon Jiyong, I love you that won’t change, we will work hard for this relationship, I won’t give up if you don’t” you said he nods fervently making you smile and he smiles widely tears still flowing but you know that smile is a happy one, you press your lips to his and he responds immediately.

Glass Bird (Jared Kleinman x Gender Neutral Reader)

WARNINGS: heavy mentions of Anxiety, medication. Super fluffy. Just about self-care and how Jared’s secretly a softie who loves you.

You and Jared had been dating for 4 months, and you’d become that couple. The one that people weren’t sure if you were actually dating. You’d throw harmless insults at each other and neither of you were too good with public displays of affection. When you were in private it was usually over at his house a lot because his parents were always working and it was easier to be alone. Since the relationship started it was more friends that had sex rather than a romantic thing. It was comfortable and you’d never been happier. But today was different. Today was shitty.

You’d been feeling nervous all morning and had 3 panic attacks in total. You were taking your medication and trying to do what your therapist said. The problem was you didn’t have the energy to even try and make yourself better. You wanted to climb under the covers and scream into the void at the same time. So when Jared had asked if you were coming over and you didn’t reply, he got worried.

“You ok?” His voice was quiet on the phone and you tried your best to put on what you’d labelled as your ‘plastic-voice’ the one you used to convince people you were doing fine. Somehow it never really worked with him, “Yeah! I’m good! You?” You sound bright and he hesitates. You here him moving on the phone, “I’m putting my shoes on. See you in five.”

“Wait! Jared I'm…” But he’s hung up. You rest your head in your hands because any second he’d be over and be totally repulsed. You look pathetic and weak and he’ll want nothing to do with you. You lye face down on the sofa and shut your eyes; trying to focus on any other sound than the hyper-static noise in your head. You must be worn out after classes because you can sense that over-tired feeling wash over you. The all too familiar fear based adrenaline that was there for seemly no reason and nothing you could channel it toward.

You feel like no time has gone by, but 10 minutes later you hear a knock on the door. There’s a moment where you consider not answering. You pause with your hand on the door knob for what can only be a few seconds, but feels an awful lot like eternity. The mail slot opens from the other side, “hey asshole I’m not leaving. Either let me in or I’m sleeping in your doorstep.”

You try to plaster on a smile as you open the door. He has a basket full on stuff in his arms and charges past you before you can work out what any of it is and places it in the floor. You lock the door and turn to face him, “Jared I’m fine, you don’t need to…” you’re cut off by a chaste kiss in the lips. He’s holding your waist and you feel yourself melt a little. He doesn’t let many people see this side of him, but he can be sweet.

“Ok. Go take a shower.”

So much for sweet.

“What?” You look up and he kisses you again, “I’m taking care of you so you have to do what I say. Go take a shower.” You’d usually fight. No one tells you what to do as a matter of principle. But the energy just isn’t there. Plus now you think about it you don’t actually remember the last time you showered. A mix of general mental health bullshit was effecting your memory and made you feel a little gross. You nod slowly, “but not because you told me.” You whisper and he chuckles, “of course not.”

You slowly make your way up the stairs and undress, running the shower hot and climbing in. You wash your hair and start to feel somewhat human. The urge to sit down and cry is still there though, and after 20 minutes there’s a light tapping on the door, “you’re not masturbating in there are you?” Jared asks and you give a quiet laugh, “just finished.”

“Well I uh… I brought you some of my pyjamas because God knows how long live just been wearing those.” You step out and wrap a towel around you before opening the door, he’s holding a graphic-T and plaid boxers. He tucks a strand of wet hair behind your ear and he kisses your forehead, “get dry and come down stairs.”

You pull him into a light kiss and take the clothes from him, “why are you doing this?” You ask and he smirks “you think I can’t tell when you our faking it?” He cocks and eyebrow and forces another laugh out of you, “well shit.”

“Exactly. Now go get changed and I’ll see you down stairs.”

While you’d never admit it to anyone else, you did what you were told. Wrapping your hair into a towel and pulling on his shirt and boxers. The T-shirts a little big on you but it smells fresh and also slightly like his house. Something else you’d never admit is to how comforting the smell of Jared actually was. He’d mock you for weeks if he knew.

As you pad down the stairs you see a cup of tea waiting for you and RuPaul on Netflix. There’s microwaved noodles on a plate and he smiles when he sees you. You sit on your knees and instantly begin to cry. He wraps his arms around you, kissing your temple.

“I’m sorry if I was being bossy- I just know making decisions when your in a bad place makes it worse. I didn’t mean to…” He’s babbling and you stop him by kissing him lightly. You’re still crying so it’s a little strange, and you pull away wiping your face, “they’re not sad tears.” You’re whispering for fear of your voice cracking, “it’s not tears of joy… More like, relief.” You’re trying to regain yourself and he pulls you to lean on him.

He kisses your cheek and you notice he’s got that half cocked smile, “you get that its only like, shitty noodles. And this is your Netflix account. Jesus baby you really need to heighten your standards.” You know he’s kidding, but you push him a little anyway. He sits behind you and wraps a long, wool blanket around your shoulders. You fight the urge to cry again because he will definitely start mocking you.

He presses play but you’re not focuses on the t.v. He’s watching and commenting absentmindedly. You rest your head on his chest and yawn, the sound from the t.v echoes around you and you focus in the slow thumping of Jared’s heart. It’s steady and slow and you count the beats in your head.

“Hey nerd, you need to eat.” He kisses the the top of your head and you can actually feel yourself begin to centre. The adrenaline is lesser and the static is barely audible. You smile at him; an actual smile, “this is the first and last time I do what you tell me.” You comment before sitting forward and eating. He rolls his eyes but there’s a grin growing too, “Yeah well apparently Nurse Kleinman knows how to make you feel better.”

“Nurse Kleinman? Kinky.” You mutter. He nudges you slightly and laughs.

You finish the noodles that were actually pretty good and take your plates into the sink. You start washing automatically and he puts his hand on your shoulder, “I’ll do them if you…” You cut him off by kissing him, “you cooked, I’ll clean.” You run the tap and let it fill up before scrubbing on the plates. All the while you can feel eyes on you. Usually you wouldn’t mind but in your current state it puts you a little on edge, “you don’t have to stay and like… Watch me.”

He’s leaning against the counter and there’s a softer look in his eyes, “I just realised… What it would be like living together.” It’s quiet and you freeze up. Your stomach drops and your hands support you on the edge of the sink for fear of falling, your breathing increases and the static comes back in a loud and terrible manner.

As quick as it happens he has his arms around your waist from behind, “what’s wrong?” His hold is strong and safe. The guilt is almost unbearable. But how do you word it without coming across needy, “I… It's… Look. I’m not saying we would be living together but, if you ever did- if we ever… It wouldn’t be like this. You wouldn’t have to care for me. I’m not some breakable glass bird you’d need to keep putting back together.” It comes out in a ramble and is met by silence.

You feel his head rest on your shoulder and lightly kiss your neck, “I meant me cooking and you doing the dishes. We’re being all domestic and I… Liked it. And on the days where one of us has a breakdown; because it will happen, I know the other will be there with noodles and RuPaul.”

You inhale, not realising you’d been holding you breath, “oh.”

“And for the record,” he spins you around, bubbles flying as your hands cone out of the sink, “I have not, do not and will not see you as a little glass bird. You’re one of the strongest people I know. It’s actually why I love you.”

The panic in his eyes after he realises what he’s said is pretty goddamn cute neither if you had ever talked about the word love- much less said to to each other. But you knew how you felt, you kiss him again. It’s a little stronger and you feel him relax into it, he holds you tighter as you pull away, “Jared… That’s gay as shit.” You can’t help but smile as he opens his mouth to retort and no words come out, you wrap your arms around his neck: “but I… I love you too.” You whisper. He kisses you on the forehead again.

“I’m gonna dry my hands and we can finish that episode RuPaul?” You ask and he nods and let’s go, making his way back to the living room. You quickly dry your hands and grab his shoulder, “Jared?”


You grab his collar and pull him into another kiss. It’s deeper and you run your hands through his hair before trailing them down his neck and cupping his jaw. He’s wrapped his arms completely around you and as you pull away he’s still leaning in. His glasses have fogged a little and he looks completely caught off guard. You take his hands, “thank you for today. I… I really needed this.”

2 AM (m)

↳ high school au

pairings: park jimin x reader, mentions of min yoongi x reader
genre: angst, smut
warnings: heartbreak, phone sex
word count:
description: all your favorite things happened at 2 AM. unfortunately, time flew until before you knew it he was gone like the hour.
author’s note: this is based on a personal experience of mine. just ventured through some old feelings. re-uploaded!

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Princess (Jungkook X Reader)

Hey @harrysdimples00 , I had so much fun writing your request! Hope you liked the story. I tried to make it extra fluffy because this is my dream every girls dream.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1030

Aga - Baby 

“I don’t wanna go.”

Jungkook looked at you sadly at the door. You had your hands around your growing belly. You pat it gently still in wonder how was it possible that a life was growing inside of you.

“Just a week, jagi. One week then we’ll be together again.” you smiled at him.

Jungkook got on his knees and placed his head at your bulging belly.

“Aga-ah, appa won’t be around for a while. Make sure you be a good girl and listen to eomma ok?”

“Ye appa.” you replied in a child-like voice as you pat his head with one hand still on your belly. 

Jungkook stood up and picked up his luggage. 

“Bye, jagi. Take care okay? I’ll FaceTime you every night. Ughh… I miss you already.” he said as he leaned in to give you a kiss.

You kissed him on the lips pushed him out of the door. 

“You’re gonna miss the plane at this rate. Love you, have a safe flight.”

“Annyeong aga, annyeong jagi. Saranghaeyo.” he said as he waved goodbye.

You shut the door and sat down to eat your breakfast. Two eggs and a glass of milk was a must in your morning meal. Your baby girl needed all the sufficient nutrition to grow healthily. Your third trimester of pregnancy was coming to an end and you were thrilled to welcome her into the world. It was unfortunate that BTS’ Japan concert happened to fall nearly at the end of your pregnancy, but on the bright side you could have some mother-daughter bonding time alone with your baby girl.


You looked at your phone, counting down the days until you could see your husband.

“Two more days. Two more days aga.” you smiled as you pat your baby bump.

You were in your baby girl’s fully furnished nursery. You were folding some baby clothing that you and Jungkook had previously picked out together. You stood up to keep them in a drawer.

Then, you felt some liquid trickle down your legs. You thought you had peed yourself when suddenly more fluid flowed down, creating a small puddle beneath you. A sharp pain was felt after that, making you grip onto your belly. 

“Oh My God, the baby is coming.” you thought to yourself.

You tried to compose yourself while dealing with this new found pain you were feeling. You grabbed your phone and called your best friend.

“Hey, y/n whats-

“____ listen, the baby is coming. Can you come get me to the hospital now?”

“Oh My God, okay I’m coming now. Just hold on babe.”

While waiting for ____ to arrive, you took your overnight bag that you had prepared for your trip to the hospital and started packing some things that you would need at the hospital. ____ arrived in a while and helped you into her car. You tried to remain calm and did some breathing exercises that would supposedly lessen the pain you were feeling. Your contractions lasted for 40 seconds, 3 minutes apart.

 Upon reaching the hospital, you went into labor. 

“Call my parents and tell Jungkook to come back.”

____ nodded and reached for your phone as you went into the delivery room.

Jungkook POV :

He was rehearsing for BTS’ concert that night. He had been so worried about you. He felt so bad leaving you during the last few weeks of your pregnancy. 

“Jungkook, your phone keeps on ringing. Its y/n, I think.” Namjoon said as he passed him his phone.

“Hello, Jungkook? Its ____. Y/n has just gone into labor!”

“Oh My God, okay I’ll be on the next flight back. Please take care of her for me for the time being. I’ll try to get back as soon as possible.”

His mind spun upon hearing such shocking news. He briefly explained the situation to his manager hyungs and his members. They were all aware of your impending delivery and told him to hurry to the airport. He rushed to the nearest counter at the airport and obtained a ticket on the next flight back to Seoul.

On the plane, his mind couldn’t shut off. He was worried about you and his baby girl. If something were to happen to either of you, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself for not being present. After a restless journey of two and a half hours, the plane touched down on Korean soil. He ran as fast as he could and got into a taxi to take him to the hospital.


He searched frantically for the delivery room in the hospital, upon reaching. Then, he saw some familiar faces sitting down outside the delivery room.

“Eomma, how is y/n? I came as fast as-

“AARRRGHHH” a loud scream was heard from inside

Jungkook paced around frantically trying not to think of the worst.

In the midst of all silence, a baby’s cries was heard. The doors of the delivery room opened. Everyone’s attention was diverted to the doctor. 

“Congratulations Mr Jeon, your wife has given birth to a healthy baby girl.”

Jungkook had never felt more relieved and happy in his life. He saw you as the nurses wheeled you into the allocated ward. He walked with the nurses, wiping your sweaty forehead. He saw your face, flushed red and eyes struggling to keep open due the lack of energy. 

“Just rest jagi.” he said as he gave you a peck on your forehead.


“Sir, would you like to carry your daughter?”

Jungkook held out his arm and gently cradled his little princess against his chest. His daughter’s eyes were closed, sleeping peacefully with her thumb in her mouth. He couldn’t hold back his tears any longer. He was too overwhelmed with happiness. The love of his life has given him a beautiful daughter. 

You opened your eyes and awoke to a beautiful sight. You saw the man you loved carrying the baby that you had together. He had tears in his eyes and was smiling widely.

“What should we name her?” you asked weakly, still tired from labor. 

exorcistsakuri  asked:

If it's not any trouble, could you do a headcanon of RFA reacting to MC not being able to speak fluently in their lanuage and messing up alot/always switching to their mother tongue by accident? (P.S I love your headcanons have a great day)

i wrote most of the dialogue in english but just…pretend they speakin Korean OK :3

~requests are closed as of the time i am posting this, nov 30, 2016~


  • since MC had only recently learned Korean they did this thing where they would forget the word that describes one specific thing
  • like they’ll be out grocery shopping with Yoosung for the week
  • “oh, Yoosung! we should get…”
  • they look down, thinking hard for a moment
  • “…w…whats the word….?”
  • Yoosung honestly thought it was the most adorable thing ever
  • he looked at them, their eyebrows scrunched together
  • Yoosung decides to offer some help
  • “well, we’re out of-”
  • “shhhh! i love you but i got this!”
  • MC, without looking up, pushed their finger against Yoosungs lips
  • he giggled and kisses the finger
  • “c’mon, MC! think! think!”
  • they places a finger on each of their temples, as if trying to summon the information out of their brain
  • they sigh, looking defeated
  • “follow me”
  • MC pushes their cart to the produce section, Yoosung walking by their side
  • the pick up an apple from a fruit display
  • “this! we need these”
  • Yoosung takes the apple from MC, holding it up with a bright smile
  • “sagwa”
  • MC takes another apple, holding it up to Yoosungs
  • “sagwa. sagwa sagwa sagwa”
  • they were staring hard at the apples, determined to remember the name
  • Yoosung giggles again
  • gosh, they are just the cutest thing!
  • his little apple


  • although MC was pretty good at speaking Korean, they often had trouble reading it
  • which sometimes caused problems whenever Zen asked them to read lines with him
  • they wanted to help so bad but!!!
  • sometimes their reading is a little slow
  • “i never th….thought you w…would be able to l..lie to…”
  • MC smacks the papers into their forehead
  • “i’m sorry i’m so stupid, Zen…i wish i could be more helpful…”
  • Zen moves the papers aside so he can look at their face
  • their cheeks were red with embarrassment
  •  “sweetheart, you arent stupid at all. hey, i cant only speak one language”
  • MC avoids his eyes, trying to stay upset
  • Zen grabs their hands and leans in close so they cant ignore him
  • “i’ll make you a deal, baby”
  • “a deal…?”
  • “yes. i’ll teach you how to read Korean if you teach me how to speak english”
  • MC looks at him, a grin forming on their face
  • they let go of his hand and hold it out for a handshake
  • “deal”
  • Zen has english tutoring monday wednesday friday after his rehearsal and MC has Korean reading lessons tuesday thursday after breakfast
  • Zen will never stop making jokes about how he has a crush on his english teacher
  • sometimes if he’s having a hard time with the lesson he’ll try to be all flirty and get out of it and MC’s just like yea OK Zen
  • “we can stop the lesson if you can flirt with me in english”
  • …..
  • “thats what i thought”


  • Jaehee decided to bring some snacks to MC’s house since they were recently complaining about being low on food 
  • she packed a care package with ramen, rice, and little cakes!
  • MC was sure to love it :)
  • she knocks on the door
  • when MC opens the door their face lights up
  • “Jaehee! what a pleasant surprise!”
  • “good afternoon, MC. i hope you’ll accept this gift. i thought you might be hungry”
  • MC grabs the basket from Jaehee
  • Merci!”
  • MC laughs, covering their mouth
  • “oops! kamsamnida”
  • Jaehee looks at MC, confused
  • “Merci…? what does that mean…?”
  • MC rubs the back of their neck as they let Jaehee inside
  • “it’s french. sorry, i grew up speaking french and it just slips out sometimes”
  • Jaehee blushes
  • Merci…that sounded kind of cute…
  • “what else can you say in french?”
  • MC laughs
  • “anything, silly! it is my first language, after all”
  • when Jaehee looks down, MC realized that Jaehee asked because she wanted to hear more french
  • while unpacking the food, they start to speak
  • “Jaehee est mon amour”
  • “hmm? you said something about me! what did you say?”
  • MC smiles smugly to themselves
  • “dont worry about it, youll find out soon enough”
  • Jaehee is so innocent


  • it was pretty common for MC to slip into english when they were really sleepy
  • when Jumin says MC’s cute when they’re tired, he doesnt just mean how they look
  • he adores the way they switch from Korean and english, sometimes multiple times in one sentence
  • he’ll just run his hand through their hair softly as he gives up on trying to understand them
  • he’ll just hear “Jumin oppa….” and then a ton of mumbled nonsense
  • but it was adorable mumbled nonsense
  • thanks to that, though, he now knows how to say “good morning” and “good night” in english
  • he also knows “i love you”
  • one morning MC’s eyes flutter open to see Jumin laying next to them
  • he was looking at them with a warm smile
  • “g'morning, Jumin” they say in english with a groggy voice
  • “good morning, i love you”
  • he cant help but smile even bigger as he says good morning to MC in their own language
  • they were too sleepy to realize that Jumin just spoke english
  • they scoot closer to him, burying their face into his neck
  • “s….saranghae…”
  • Jumin wraps his arms around them tightly as they drift off again
  • what a little cutie, he thinks
  • he’ll just show off his english skills later when theyre more awake


  • when Seven ignored MC there was only one real way they could make themselves feel better
  • the english language
  • “MC, i told you to leave me alone. i’m trying to work”
  • MC would walk away, mumbling in english
  • “yea, this is fine. sure. i just love it when you push me away, Seven! i’m begging you, please never stop. it’s not like i’m in love with you or anything”
  • or even
  • “Seven, i’m going to eat soon, do you want me to make you something?”
  • “no. im not hungry. just eat alone”
  • MC mumbles in english again
  • “fantastic! i love eating alone. isnt it great to be inches away from the man you love and not even be able to make him a simple meal? yup! love it”
  • one day MC was sitting back to back with Seven and decided to call him
  • he answers the phone
  • “what?”
  • “Seven..! i was just going to ask needed anything?”
  • “no. why do you keep calling me?”
  • MC answered him in english, knowing he wouldnt understand
  • “oh, i dont know. because i’m thinking about you every second of everyday and hoping you’re okay and when all you do is sit in this corner and work i get worried and i’m in love with you?”
  • Seven lets out a long, heavy sigh
  • “stop saying you love me”
  • MC stops breathing
  • he….he just spoke english…?
  • oh god, all those times they said all that stupid shit
  • he…he knew…
  • he heard it all. he understood it all
  • they hang up the phone and bury their head between their knees
  • how could they have been so stupid??
  • MC’s body starts to shake, their back still against Seven
  • then Seven decides to do something he knows is probably a bad idea
  • he turns around and wraps his arms around MC, pulling them into his lap
  • he doesnt want them to cry, please dont cry
  • Seven speaks to MC in english
  • “i dont hate you, MC. i do this to protect you….i know sometimes it hurts but just know that you’re very important to me”
  • he tries to cheer them up
  • “hey, MC! remember this? honey, i love you~”
  • MC giggles and sniffles a little bit
  • “yea…just like the teddy bears, right? thats the first time you called me cute..”
  • Seven feels his face heat up
  • “i should…get back to work”
  • MC’s still upset, so he lets them lay their head in his lap while he works on his laptop
  • this was probably a mistake but he really liked it


Pictures Of Me

I have always tried to be very careful online. I didn’t give out my real name, never got more specific than my country when saying where I lived, and I certainly didn’t post any pictures of myself publicly. The only social media I had was a Facebook account and, even then, I kept the personal details vague and had the privacy settings maxed out. I thought I was being as careful as humanly possible.

It wasn’t that I was paranoid, just private. I was only a casual computer user anyway, so it wasn’t like I spent a whole lot of time online in the first place. Mostly I just used it to look at funny pictures and talk to friends.

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A Night to Forget Part 4/5

Originally posted by mostlybenedict

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N - Steve meets reader and she helps him deal with life in the present until something tears them apart.

Sokovain is Czech and again Google translate so it is most likely way off so I apologize now.  

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II  Part 4 II Part 5

Steve had been completely lost and had no idea what to do. When he first arrived at the tower Y/N was in the training room. He had tried to talk to her however she was cold and calculated in her answers. She thought that everything that happened between them was lost and they should just go back to being friends. How could he ever do that? She meant so much to him. After she left with Pietro he just stood there staring at the ground not sure of what to do. Finally Nat came over and patted him on the back.  

“Hey Cap, I’m sorry. I told you that she was stubborn.” She said giving him a sympathetic smile. Clint walked up and looked at them. 

“Ok, who is going to tell me what is going on?” He asked with his hands on his hips. 

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Send the Pain Below - Part 3

Word Count: 2546

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Language, violence, drug use, panic attacks, ptsd

A/N: I’m not sorry. 

Send the Pain Below Masterlist

“Knock knock.” Jared smiled and walked into your room with Misha and Mark. You were sound asleep with your face completely buried in Jensen’s chest while he watched TV.

“Well it’s about fucking time.” Misha snarked, raising his eyebrows at the position you were in. “You finally get the balls to confess?”

“Confess what?” Jensen snapped.

“Nothing.” Misha smirked knowingly.

“Would you morons shut up?” Mark whispered. “You’re going to wake her.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I have some angst that doesnt end well? With RFA +V and Saeran if possible.

OK here you go just a

ou go just a warning the Yoosung one is really long OK! So buckle up this is gonna be sad. And if this is not what you wanted then pleaselet me know so I can re-write it!

And dear lord you guys are trying to kill these men…and woman.


Between gaming and school he had no time for you. You could understand studying that was a necessity. But every night when he came home you ran to the door to greet him but he would just push you to the side telling you that he was stressed and needed to game to make him feel better. And thats ok the first few times but not everyday. But being the good wife that you are you still made him dinner, did his laundry, and even washed his dishes. But all you got was a ‘thanks. 

 The day of your anniversary came by. You and Yoosung were so happy on the day of your wedding.  Your friends and family were there it was perfect. Part of Yoosungs speech went like 

“MC I promise to make time for you even though I’m busy I will never forget to hang out with you you are not only my wife but my best friend.”  

And in the beginning of your marriage that was true…..for a while. After his classes he would run home and tackle you with hugs and kisses exclaiming how much he missed you. But over the months his excitement faded more and more to the point where you were basically old news. 

“I’ll spend all my time with you my ass” You mock setting the table for a romantic dinner.

 Then the door opens and you run to see Yoosung.  

“Yoosung~” You say cheerfully. “Your home”

 He just looks at you sadly and walks past you. You give him a cold stare. Finally he looks up at you confused. Tears are dripping down your face. 

“Whats wrong MC” He asks. 

“Have you even looked at the chatroom today. He glances at his phone and sess all the ‘Happy Anniversary’ texts theres even one from V.

 “Shit I’m so sorry” He says.

 “Oh, what sorry that all our friends remember our anniversary but you dont. You yell.  “Its just school an-” You cut him off. 

“No, Yoosung its always school you never have time for me anymore” You yell through tears. “You know what I’m calling Seven to come pick me me up” 

Tears are dripping down his face youve never seen him this sad. You pick up your phone and call Seven all Yoosung can do is watch in horror as his wife walks out the door.


He came home late….again drunk…again. You had enough of this he had been doing this for the past few weeks since his “career took off”. You were happy for him, dont get that wrong. But this excessive drinking and partying was to much for you. You decided to talk with him.

 ‘Hey Zen, honey.” You say sweetly.

 “Yeah MC” He slurrs.

 “I think this drinking is getting out of hand.” You say genly putting your hand on his lap.

 He slaps your hand away and you stare at him in shock. 

 “You don’t tell me what to do woman” He sneers lighting a cigarette.

 “Don’t smoke on our new couch dear.” You remind him.

 “Im the one who bought this thing” He yells.

 “Yes but your wife gets a say too!” You yell back on the verge of tears.

 “Whatever” He says looking off.

 “What happend to the man I married” You say walking away.

 Once you get out the door you call Yoosung.

 He answers the phone.

 “Hello?” He answers sounding tired 

 Yoosung. You sob into the phone

 MC is that you….why are you crying. He says hecticly

 Zen is such an asshole why did I even marry him” You sob

 MC what happened. He asks with a scared tone.

 Ill tell you can you please come pick me up. You say shakily. 

 Ok Ill be there in a minute MC hold on. He says.

 When Zen wakes up the next morning your gone he then remembers what happened last night. 

 He lost his MC.


 He came back from a mission and you were so excited to see him. He had been gone for about 3 months and you had been so lonely without him. You missed his pranks, his jokes, and just everything about him was perfect to you. He was such a loving husband to you. You were getting ready to go to the airport Jumin was getting you a ride and you were so thankful. When you arrived you told Driver Kim to wait outside. But when you walked in Seven looked awful you could feel the worry and anxiety from all the way across the airport.

 “Seven~” You scream.

 You go to hug him and he flinches back but you wrap your arms around him and he loosens up.

 “I missed you” You sob.

 He smiles but then turns to a frown he looks behind him and hugs you tighter you feel tears go onto your back.

 “MC you have to listen to me ok” He says frantically

 You nod confused.

 “Someone followed me back their extremely dangerous I need you to get as far away from here as possible” He whispers.

 “What? Seven I-I cant leave you” You sob into his chest.

 “MC…please don’t make this harder for me to say goodbye” He hugs you tighter. 

 He pulls way wiping your tears from your face. “MC don’t cry just know that Iove you”

 “I know but-” He start.

 “MC were running out of time please just go” He begs.

 You hesitate but look into his eyes “Goodbye Seven” 

 You run to Driver Kim’s car and get in.

 “Take me to Jumins’s house now!” You scream.

 As you drive away you see an explosion and cry harder. Your Seven is gone forever.


 “MC not now I have to work” Has become a common phrase in your house. He has become almost robotic like he has no emotion at all. Now hes not good with emotions he never was but now he has almost none including love. You were so done so you stormed out the door to take a walk but you saw the headlights racing towards you to bad you didn’t care anymore.

 “MR. HAN MR. HAN” An employee ran into the meeting room.

 “What is it” He says sounding annoyed.

 “Its your wife sh-” He didnt even finish his sentence before Jumin was out the door.

 “Please be ok” He says to himself over and over.

 When he gets to the hospital he immediately runs over to your room. 

 “Doctor please do you know what happened.” He pleads.

 “She got hit by a car” He says quietly.

  “I will sue whoever did thi-” He was cut off.

 “You didn’t let me finish, many witnesses said that it looked like she saw the car coming she stared right at it” He finishes.

 “So your saying she committed suicide” He looks over at her covered by the cloth. “Why MC” He sobs.

 Jumin was never ok after that he often just skipped work and drank wine. The RFA tried to help him but he didn’t want it he just wanted to be alone

 Ok I spent hours on that so please let me do another one I’ll do the ones I didnt do tomorrow ok. 


Imagine meeting Sam in your collage library and you both begin talking through notes hidden in books.

AU - collage Sam x Reader

“I’m sorry Miss, but that book is in use. I’ll put your name down for you to have it next” you groaned internally but smiled and thanked the librarian.

It was a school library; you weren’t able to take the books out after so many weren’t returned. Sighing, you threw yourself into a chair and pulled out your tablet, logging on to the free Wi-Fi.

It wasn’t even a book you needed; it was an old favourite of yours that you enjoyed rereading when you had the chance.

You lost track of how long you sat there, people dashing in and out around you. You loved the library here; it was almost always empty, especially at the weekend.  The only ones here were those who wanted to be, or those who had to be.

You hear footsteps approach you but you think nothing of it, you continue flicking the screen of you iPad. You see a book slide across the table towards you. You glance at it and see your book ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’

“Nowadays people know the price of everything….” You hear from beside you, the start of your favourite quote from the book

“….and the value of nothing.” You finish looking up at the figure, who was smiling down at you.

He was tall, very tall…didn’t help that you were sitting down. He had brown shaggy hair, the most stunning hazel eyes and the sweetest smile you’d seen in a long time.

“I was told you were waiting for this” he said tapping his finger on the cover

“Yes, thank you” you smile

You hear a bell go off indicating that the library was about to close. You sigh heavily. 

“Well I guess Dorian will have to wait till tomorrow” you laugh, making him smile, dimples appearing on his cheeks

“I’m Sam” he extended his hand to you, you reached out and took it

“Y/n” you felt a rush of electricity fly through your hand as your skin touch his. He must have felt it too or maybe not. He made no indication that he felt anything.

“Well I’ll put this back; I got it out in the first place. It was nice to meet you Y/n” you nodded and echoed his words

You picked up your bag as you step around the table to exit the library. You glance back over your shoulder as you approach the door, only the see Sam doing the same. You both snap your heads away.

You can’t help but let a smile appear on your lips

*Well…that was unexpected*

The next morning you woke up early, you roommates bed empty and untouched. You roll your eyes; clearly she’d hooked up with someone at the party last night.

You weren’t a party girl; people teased you because you’d rather curl up with a good book than get blind drunk. You showered and dressed and headed to the library, going straight for the classics section. You got there about an hour after it opened.

You smile as you pull the book from the shelf. A piece of paper drops from between the pages. You frown and bend to pick up the piece of paper. It was a hand written note.

You walk over a table in the corner, sitting slowly into the chair opening the paper.

(I)(your initial)

I could stop thinking about how much of an idiot I was for not asking you for your number or last name. So this was the only way I could think of to talk to you. If you’d rather me leave you alone then dump the note.

But. I kinda hope you don’t want me to leave you alone. So if you felt what I did yesterday leave me a note in the book at holds this quote.

“You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.”


You read the note 3 times before actually believing what was written there. A smile erupted on your face, you bit you lip to keep a giggle in. this was incredibly sweet and a little romantic.

You knew the quote instantly, it was from ‘Gone with the Wind’ it seemed Sam loved books as much as you did. What made you happier was the face you hadn’t been the only one to feel something yesterday.

You admit those hazel eyes had haunted your dreams last night and you woke several times berating yourself for having such silly thoughts. But here you sat with a hand written note in your hand like something out of an old romance novel.

You dug into you back grabbing a pen and your note pad and began writing


No you weren’t the only one who felt something yesterday.

I was thinking the same as I walked away, but being the shy creature I am, I probably would have just blushed and ran away. How I managed to say my name to you yesterday is a mystery.

So it goes without saying I would very much like for you not to leave me alone.

Am I the only one who feels like I’ve fallen into a Jane Austin novel doing this?

I’ll look for your note here –

“Seven years would be insufficient to make some people acquainted with each other, and seven days are more than enough for others.“


You folded the paper and jumped from your seat, making your way to ‘Gone with the Wind’ and slipping the note in. wondering to yourself if he would be able work out that your quote came from ‘Sense and Sensibility’ without cheating.

You glance at your watch seeing that it read 10.30am, would it be…stalker like to go to the second floor and watch for him? Part of you shouted yes and to just read your book. But the other part screamed at you to pick up your bag and go upstairs, and that’s exactly what you did.

You didn’t see the two hazel eyes watching you from across the room, from his slightly hidden position. A smile fell on his features as he watched you walk back to your table blushing lightly, he watched you pick up your bag and walk towards the door. He didn’t realise you were going for the stairs.

You found a table far enough back from the balcony that you wouldn’t be seen, but close enough to see him when he approached the shelf. Your breath caught in your throat as you see him, your memory of that fleeting meeting yesterday didn’t do him justice.

His broad shoulders perfectly visible in his tight t-shirt, his jeans hung low on his hips. You were snapped from your thoughts as you saw him reach for the book.

He pulled out your piece of paper smiling to himself, he glanced around him making sure he was alone and licked his lips. He leaned his shoulder against the shelf as he began reading. You bit your lip as you watched him quietly.

You saw him frown at the end and look to the ground, you’d stumped him with your quote. The spell broke slightly, maybe he wasn’t as mad on books as you. You half expected him to google the quote but he didn’t.

He closed his eyes for a moment, slowly a flashed over his lips. He walked down to the classics heading straight for Jane Austin’s books. You beamed as you watch him grab ‘Sense and Sensibility’ and walk to a table.

This went on for weeks, you’d leave a note a day some days more if you knew the two of you were around.

You sat on the second floor wait to see if he got your latest clue, it was a Thursday and the library stayed opened until 6pm. You were beginning to think he wasn’t going when you saw the clock hit 5pm. That’s when you saw him walking towards the shelves talking with someone else. A guy a little shorter than him.

“Dude why are we in a chick section?” you see Sam roll his eyes at the other guy

“Dean, this is the ‘classics’ section…not that you’d appreciate any book that didn’t contain pictures” ‘Dean’ glared at Sam, you bit your lip to keep from laughing.

“Fine why are we here then?”

““Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” It’s a quote from ‘Withering heights’ its where she asked me to leave this” he said smiling pulling out a note.

Dean rolled his eyes at Sam

“Dude, ok I’m saying this because you’re my baby brother. Ask the girl out! Like properly! You know in person like normal humans” Sam glared at his brother as he scribbled something at the bottom of the note.


“Come on! You like this girl yeah? You’ve been at this for weeks now, it’s time Sammy” he said putting his hand on his shoulder

“I don’t want to ruin it, she’s different Dean. She’s funny and sweet” his dimples appeared as he spoke about you

“Yeah and you’ve spoken to her in person how many times?” Sam kicked his foot against the carpet.

“Yeah that’s what I thought. Once! You stalk the girl in the library, but you won’t talk to her” His head snapped to Dean

“I don’t stalk her Dean!” he snapped

“Sam, you watch her get your notes from the balcony….that’s a bit stalker like”

You blush bright red at what you heard, he’d been doing what you had. You watch them walk from sight. You don’t move to get the note, you just stay in your seat.

What if when you meet again everything falls apart? Maybe you won’t get along as much in person, maybe he’ll decide he doesn’t really like you. Maybe…

You shake your head, shaking away the doubts. You couldn’t be book note pen pals forever right? You’d suggest meeting in your next note…maybe.

You walk down the back stairs, in case Sam was still around with his brother and walked to the classics section. You pull his note from the book, noticing it’s unusually short.

The first part was answering your last note, the second half made you giggle

“Sorry if this is shorter than usual, my brother has decided to spend the day following me as his girlfriend is busy…

Did I ever tell you about Dean? I don’t think we ever discussed siblings. Dean is my big brother, he’s a general pain in my ass. What about you, any big brothers I should be worried about beautiful?”

You look away from the note blushing like an idiot. He called you beautiful and asked if he should be worried about brothers. It was like you were at the start of a relationship. It was a unique start to something that you were sure of. You looked back at the note seeing the quote at the end

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.”

Your heart jumped, it was Shakespeare. ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to be precise.

You take a deep breath and walk slowly to the plays section. You didn’t notice the green eyes of Sam’s brother watching you go, smirking to himself, he spotted you the second they turned down the aisle to place Sam’s note.

You scroll through the shelves until you come to S, you frown as you look through Shakespeare’s works. It wasn’t there. You check again slowly, biting your lip when you find once again ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was missing.

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.“ You hear a deep voice say from behind you.

You spin quickly, hand over your heart trying to calm your heartbeat. You see Sam leaning there arms crossed over his chest, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ held tightly in his hand. He was smiling sweetly at you. You grin back, getting lost in his hazel eyes.

He walks towards you, you’re unable to move. Butterflies dancing around in your stomach. Sam reaches and places the book back in its space.

“Hi” he whispers down at you.

“Hi” you echo in return, you feel a blush creep up your neck under his gaze. He lifts his hand and cups your face, his thumb grazing your bottom lip.

“I’d like very much to kiss you” you swallow the lump in your throat to answer him

“No one’s stopping you Sam” he smiled and dropped his lips to yours.

It was a sweet gentle kiss, but you felt lightening run through your body as his lips ghost over yours. He pulls away, it was over as quickly as it had begun. He looks you dead in the eye, looking for your reaction.

You let a small smirk appear on your lips, you push yourself onto your tiptoes, as even in your heeled boots he still towered over you, and touched your lips to his again.

He responded instantly, his arm snaking around your back pulling you to him. You broke apart panting, the pair of you beaming at each other. It felt so natural, these weeks of writing to each other, getting to know each other, it made everything all the more special.

“If it makes you feel any better, I watched you from the balcony too” you see Sam’s eyes go wide in shock. You giggle at his reaction as he realised you’d heard his conversation with his brother. He let out a breath-taking smile, before asking

“Would you like to go and get something to eat with me?” you nod smiling like the Cheshire cat.

He takes your hand in your intertwining your fingers together, placing a kiss on the back of your hand, before leading you to the exit.

“That’s my boy!” Dean smirked from his seat on the balcony, as he watched you walk hand in hand out into the world.

Hit & Run(I.M) Pt.1

A/N: I don’t know what I’m doingggggg this is gonna be good maybe I can feel it I have some ideas for this so this will probably be finished before I go to work on Possession or anything else

Request: Gangster!Changkyun

Genre: Angst/Smut(probs sometime in here)

Word Count: 1806

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Deciding to live in the city was a big decision that your parents were uneasy about but somehow you convinced them and found yourself in the tiny apartment that overlooked all of Seoul. You were lucky to even find an apartment that was high enough to have a view that wasn’t another brick wall. Someone had recently moved out and you spent all your money on this place. You could see the stars from the window beside your bed, you always loved to sleep after stargazing. Sadly, the stars were the only calm thing in this place. Every night you heard the police sirens and ambulance’s blaring horn because no city was complete without some sort of evil lurking.  

There was an alley between your apartment and the convenient store beside it which was empty during the day but at night there was always men down there at night. You just looked ahead every time you go to the store, which happened to be every night because you were poor and could only afford to get a cup of ramen for dinner.  

Since you came in every single night the manager decided to approach you during “dinner” and asked you if you needed a job.

“Do I look like I need a job?” You joke with a noodle hanging out of the corner of your mouth.

“Yes, you do miss. Since you come in so frequently and we are short-handed, we could really use you to work during these hours” he says handing you a napkin. You wipe your mouth and smile.

“Thanks! When can I start?”

“Tomorrow, come in around 10pm and you’ll work til about 5am, is that do-able?”  

“Sure thing” you were ecstatic. Now you could start saving money and buy actual food instead of instant ramen and tteokbokki. Life was starting to look up for you.  

You step out of the store and zip up your hoodie after finishing your “meal”, if you could even call it one, and start to walk away when someone knocks you flat on your ass.

“Ow, what the frick?” you look back at some boy running away.

“Get him!” a lanky boy screams and 3 other men are running in the same direction. You sit on the concrete confused until the lanky boy walks up to you and reaches down a slender hand.

“I’m so sorry, who would knock over a woman?” he helps you up and you say thanks softly. You were standing outside at midnight in your pajama pants and a hoodie and an extremely handsome man was talking to you. Not the highest point in your life.

“It was an accident, that guy looked like he was in some trouble, is he ok?”

“He is in trouble, with me and my…uh..friends so to say. I’m Hyungwon, nice to meet you miss. I must get going but may I ask your name?”

“It’s…_____” you tell him.

“_____-ah” he repeats biting his plush lower lip “I love it, I’m sure we will meet again, ____-ah” and with that he kisses your hand and runs in the same direction as the men earlier did. You were blushing, Hyungwon seemed nice but he was mysterious which made you feel slightly uncomfortable. You shrug it off and return to your apartment. You kick off your shoes and start to get undressed to take a shower. Your friend Minhyuk texts you before you turn on the water and the message reads:

Adjusting to the city well? We should hang tomorrow, I can show you around Seoul ^-^

You smile and quickly reply to him, accepting the offer. You’ve known Minhyuk forever ever since you were in elementary school until Minhyuk moved to Seoul. He really wanted to be a singer so he begged his parents to let him go to the Seoul performing arts high school. You hadn’t talked to him since you moved to Seoul so you were excited to see Minhyuk again and catch up on his exciting city life, sleep wouldn’t come easy because of the butterflies now.


The next morning you had received a text from Minhyuk again which told you to meet him at this coffee shop. You got dressed in a cute black dress with pink flowers all over and some ankle boots. You felt cute and powerful at the same time, every woman’s goal ever. You left the apartment with light footsteps and when you arrived you couldn’t find Minhyuk so you ordered a latte and sat down alone. You tapped the toe of your boot and looked out the shop window at all the people, if there was anything you loved more it was people watching. Fashionista’s and business men all going somewhere, it seemed like the city landscape never stopped.

You realized you weren’t pay attention when you were met with a shock of blonde hair and a dorky Minhyuk pushing his face on the shop window. You can’t help but laugh at his silly and beagle like nature. He enters the shop and sits with you and you have to control yourself from jumping over the table and hugging the shit out of him.

“How is Seoul so far? Meet any Idols yet?” He leans forward eyebrows cocked and you snort at his greeting.

“Aren’t I sitting across form one right now? You came here to become one, I thought you’d be bumping elbows with Shinee right about now” You joke placing your hand under your chin.

“About that…” Minhyuk chuckles and rubs the back of his neck.

“Say no more, It’s hard out there buddy, but I know you’ll get it one day” you ruffle his bangs. You and Minhyuk catch up and joke for a while. When your coffee is gone the two of you start to walk the streets of Gangnam, Minhyuk said he would turn you into a real “Seoul-ite” which you couldn’t help but laugh at. You lost track of time and realized you had to go home and start getting ready for work it was 8:30.

“Minhyuk I have to go now, I have work soon. Today was fun, I miss hanging around with you” you give Minhyuk a hug and he squeezes you back.

“Now we have the time” Minhyuk says “I’m busy at night though with work and stuff, we’ll have day dates all you want” you shove him.

“Don’t call it a date idiot, I don’t like you like that” you laugh.

“Oh of course, same here, I have to save myself for the fans” he jokes and you lose it. He walks you back to your apartment and you get ready to work.


10 o clock rolls around and you are the only one in a bright convenient store, your manager said you could sit on your phone as long as you did your job when you needed to. A simple job. You scroll through your tumblr dashboard and listen to the old but gold “Ring Ding Dong” that played through the store speakers.  

A boy comes into the store a couple minutes later and you look up. He was wearing a black hoodie with the hood up but you could still see his face. God he was gorgeous. He shuffled awkwardly through the store to the coolers in the back. He picked up a 6 pack of beer and shuffled back to the register. You blushed when you made eye contact with him because up close he might as well have been an idol with his looks.

“Just this please” his low voice rings in your ears and you almost clasp your hand over your heart to keep it in your chest.

“10,000 won…” You mumble, he hands over the money and gives a short bow before leaving. You slump down on the chair behind the counter and stare at the ceiling. You had to meet him again.


Halfway through the shift you hear a soft “Bang. Bang.” Firecrackers? Gunshots? Hopefully not the latter. You looked out the store windows to see the black hoodie boy running but turning into the store this time. He hides in one of the aisles and you peek over but the bell rings again and you see Hyungwon.

“Oh, my princess, we meet again. Why is  a goddess working in this tiny place?”

“Because I have no money…?” You look slightly confused yourself.

“This is no place for a girl like you, but I have something else to deal with. We can talk after I exterminate this roach I’ve been chasing, hows that sound?” Your eyes drift to the black hoodie boy who just motioned with one finger over his lips. You look back at Hyungwon and nod.

“Now, did a young man in a hoodie run in here?”

“No” you say softly. Hyungwon narrows his eyes and plays along.

“Oh what a shame, if you see him do tell me okay, princess?” He smirks before he kisses your hand again and makes his way out. You watch until he is out of eyesight. You look over at the boy who is now standing and is about to leave.

“Wait, why is he chasing you?” You yell and he turns to you.

“Why do you care?” He spits and you honestly don’t know. You don’t even know why you care.

“I…I just…”

“Exactly. How do I know you aren’t trying to kill me too, you seemed pretty close with Hyungwon”

“You have it wrong, I barely know him”

“Then it would be best you stay away from him” he says.

“Changkyun! Are you okay?” Minhyuk runs in the store.

“Minhyuk?” You furrow your brows and Minhyuk’s eyes widen and he opens his mouth as if to say something but nothing.

“You two know each other too?” The boy now known as Changkyun groans.

“Minhyuk what the hell? We need to talk, like now” you glare at your friend.

“Not now, me and Changkyun have to leave, I can explain later” Minhyuk starts pushing the other boy out the door and you’re left behind the counter with nothing but questions. Why was Changkyun someone that Hyungwon wanted to get rid of? Why the hell is Minhyuk involved in this shit and why the hell were you thinking about how handsome Changkyun was?  

You slump back in your chair and wait for your shift to end and head home to sleep. You would ask Minhyuk everything you wanted to know.

Jungkook Vampire AU

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Jungkook Vampire AU: Part 8

Published: November 21st, 2016

Word Count: 3,281

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

[I kinda got sidetracked by school and tests and those got priority over writing this week, but here is part 8! Also its my first time using the “Keep Reading” feature so if it isn’t working and you can’t read the rest of the chapter please let me know.]

Jungkook’s POV:

“Ditch her, Kook. We need to meet.”

Jungkook prepared to respond when the line cut off and he was left with only static silence on the other side of the phone. “Jimin?” He called into the phone reflexively and heard nothing in return. He sighed before pulling the phone away from his ear and glancing at the screen. As he looked at it, a notification fell from the top of the display.

Message: Jimin-hyung: “Meet me at the Pire Café in half an hour. I’m buying.”

The younger boy sighed before pressing the power button on his phone and watching the monitor go dark. He slipped it into his pocket and walked back through your front door to see you stationary on the couch. As you heard the door, your head turned towards Jungkook and a smile appeared on your face.

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My Best Friend’s Brother Part 3

 Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Summary: Back in college you and Sam Winchester were the best of friends, you had even introduced him to Jess and became the official third wheel, the three of you were inseparable until Jess’s death and then your best friend just disappeared from your life. A few years later living in New York City you run into your ex best friend and piece some things together about his mysterious life. You and Dean grow close, he becomes your best friend too, but can you keep your feeling platonic and brotherly like they are with Sam?

Pairing: Eventual Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best friends)

Warnings: language, eventual smut in future parts

A/N: thank you to everyone who has given feedback or just liked and shared these, I’m pretty new to tumblr and have been extremely anxious about putting my writing out there and so even if all you said was love it or can’t wait for the next part you made my day and are why I keep writing<3  please keep giving feedback, whether it’s positive or negative I want to hear it. As long as people keep liking these i will keep writing it. I don’t know how many parts i’ll do but for now i will probably have a new chapter out every night or every other night. if you would like to be tagged let me know, and like I said last time if anyone can help me out with making a linkable master list thing I would really appreciate it.

You sat with your legs crossed, a book in your lap, and a huge smile on your face between the Winchester brothers in the front of the impala. You had tried to sit in the back but figured out pretty soon you get car sick easily and Sam was too tall to sit in the back comfortably so here you were the three of you sitting up front you wedged between the two and you couldn’t be more excited. You and the boys had spent most of the night arguing about you becoming a hunter but in the end you got your way…

“Y/N there is no way in hell I am letting you become a hunter, I’ll teach you some basics on how to protect yourself but you are not hunting with us, you have a life and you should live it” Dean was pacing and lecturing you while you sat on the couch trying to think of ways to convince them to bring you along. Sam sat in the chair across the room trying to figure out a way to talk you out of this but he remembered how stubborn you were in college and knew this would be a losing battle for him and Dean.

“Dean, what life?! I have no friends here, I have no family, I work at a bookstore that is about to be closed and can barely afford this apartment, I have no ties and I wasn’t to help.”

“ Wait, what do you mean no family? What happened to them?” Dean questioned, you tensed up at this and looked down.

“Umm Y/N grew up in the foster care system, Dean, she was never adopted or anything so she doesn’t have any known family.”

“Oh, sorry, Y/N, I didn’t know…”

“Its ok Dean I don’t tell too many people, but the fact of the matter is Sam was the closest thing I ever did have to a family and I want to be able to help people, to save them like you do, I know I’m not ready yet so for now I can just do research and talk to citizens and things, the busy work, while you guys do the physical work, you can train me in your own time and when you say I’m ready I can fight with you, but till then I will just do everything in my power to make hunts as easy as possible for you, please Dean I want to help, and I don’t want to be alone again, please…” You gave Dean the best puppy dog eyes you could muster, from the corner of your eye you thought you saw Sam crack a smile…

“Ughhhh, damn it Y/N” Dean rubbed his face and put his face in his hands, “We leave in the morning so you better be packed and ready to leave by 8am”.

“OH MY GOD THANK YOU DEAN I PROMISE YOU WON’T REGRET THIS, AHHH YAY YAY YAY!!!” You squealed and practically tackled him to the ground in a crushing hug.


You smirked at this memory, you looked up at Dean and smiled, he looked over at you and laughed shaking his head, “You sure are a force to reckoned with, I bet you always get your way”

You lightly pushed him, “You’d be surprised, I think it’s just you Winchester boys with a soft spot for me” you winked at him giggling. He shook his head again at you but you could see him struggling to hold back a smile, then he lowered his right hand squeezing your leg as he smiled at you, you felt like your heart my burst out of your chest, you knew you were probably bright red, you could feel that tension between the two of you and before either of you could say anything you Sam let out a snore so loud he woke himself up. You and Dean couldn’t hold back your laughter and began to make fun of Sam, you realized about 10 minutes into this banter though that Dean hadn’t moved his hand from your leg…


“For the next month we’ll be in and out of motels, we’ve got a lot of hunts lined up, but once things settle down we will take you to the bunker and we can clean out a room for you to set up as your own.” Sam had explained the bunker they’d found and set up as a make shift home, you couldn’t wait to get there and make it your home too, but for now you’d be living out of the Impala and sketchy motel rooms.

“I can’t wait Sammy, thank you, for everything” you were seated on the bed with books and notes scattered around you, you’d pretty much be stuck in the room for all of the hunts until Dean could get you your fake paperwork and id’s. “You look very professional in that suit Sammy” You said looking over his FBI suit.

“what about me sweetheart how do I look in this?” Dean walked out of the bathroom in his suit and it practically took your breath away. He looked unbelievably hot and those pants hugged him in all the right places…

“Umm ya you look great too Dean really great” you stuttered out feeling your face get hot you pretended to be suddenly very interested in the papers in front of you.

“Alright we’ll be back in a few hours, get whatever information you can but don’t kill yourself like Sammy usually does when reading this stuff”

“I won’t don’t worry” you smiled at them as they walked out.

You had spent about 4 hours doing research and then decided to surf the channels. You landed on one of your favorite movies Finding Nemo. The room was very cold and you were starting to shiver. You’d really only packed light layers since that’s all you had room for and stuck the rest of your things in storage till you got to the bunker but you’d managed to forget your favorite sweatshirts and only had t-shirts to wear. You noticed a plaid green flannel peeking out of Dean’s bag and it looked so big and cozy you thought to yourself he wouldn’t mind if you wore it for a few hours, and anyways you could take it off before they got back to the bunker so he’d never know you’d borrowed it… you took your white t-shirt off and grabbed his shirt slipping it on and buttoning it up. It was perfectly big and cozy on you and came down just below your black yoga shorts. You also put your favorite fuzzy socks on and felt so much warmer. You crawled into the bed trying to research but getting distracted by the movie on the tv until eventually you felt yourself dozing off.


You slowly woke to the sound of voices in the room and a dip in the bed, you rubbed your eyes under your glasses and sat up looking around.

“Great work Y/N, all these notes you took are really helpful, we’ll probably be able to get in and out tonight and get on the road by morning. I’m going to go pick us up some food any requests?” Sam grabbed the car keys and made his way towards the door.

“Surprise me Sammy, but make sure to bring back a big cup of coffee please”

“Will do” and with that Sam left. You then moved your gaze to where you felt the bed dip and saw Dean back in his usual jeans and t-shirt sprawled out on the bed. He was flipping through tv channels, you become suddenly aware of the fact you were still in his shirt.

“It looks good on you”

“Hmm?” pulling you from your thoughts.

“My shirt, it looks good on you” he stated without looking from the tv.

“Oh, thank you, sorry I didn’t mean to take it without asking, I just was so cold and I stupidly didn’t pack very well for this month on the road, I can change and give it back…” you mumbled feeling your face get redder by the second.

“Baby girl its fine, you’re more than welcome to borrow my clothes any time, there’s no need to ask” he laid his hand on yours as he said this putting you at ease, you looked up to see him staring at you with those beautiful eyes. “Besides, I rather like the idea of you in my shirt, especially if you’ve got nothing else on underneath…” he trailed off looking down at your legs, his shirt was so big it covered up your shorts giving off the impression that you were naked under his shirt.

“oh, oh no I have shorts on they’re just short shorts and your shirt is so big on me it covers them” You said quickly lifting the button down up to show that you did indeed have bottoms on.

Dean chuckled, “relax baby girl I was only joking with you” He settled back to watch some old western on the tv and you relaxed into the bed almost dozing off again. “I hope you don’t mind sharing a bed with me” you were snapped from your thoughts again at this, “It’s just Sammy is just a giant he usually needs the bed to himself and me and you would fit more comfortably in a bed together, if it bothers you I can just take the floor though”

“Of course not, it doesn’t bother me at all, I will warn you though I’m a cuddler so I’m sorry if you wake up to me hugging you in my sleep” you giggled.

“I have absolutely no issues with that sweetheart” he stared at you again and you thought for the millionth time your heart might jump into your throat.

“hey guys I grabbed some salads and burgers and a coffee for you” Sam walked in hands full as he handed you your coffee, “and an apple pie for the two of you to share, yes share Dean, Y/N here likes pie almost as much you do but don’t worry it’s a big pie.

The three of you sat talking eating and laughing and you couldn’t remember a time you felt more content. The boys headed out after eating and you tried to wait up but sleep took over.


You awoke a few hours later to a big strong arm wrapping around you and pulling you to him.

“Hey how’d the hunt go?” your voice groggy with sleep. You rolled in Dean’s arms to face him.

“We got the ghost but it was a little more difficult than we thought it’d be, Sam is tying up some loose ends and sent me back to get some shut eye. Sorry for grabbing you like this, I’ll get on my side of the bed, it’s just…” Dean couldn’t quite figure out what to say but you understood, you stopped him from pulling away and wrapped your arms around him.

“I actually get pretty intense nightmares at night so I think most nights I will need you to hold me, as long as that’s ok with you” you smiled up at Dean, suddenly very aware of how little affection these boys have probably received in their lives and your heart ached for them. Dean returned that smile pulling you closer.

“I mean if that’s what you need who am I to deny a pretty girl comfort” You giggled at this and the room fell silent again, “Thank you Y/N” you closed your eyes and rested your head on his chest

“Of course Dean” and then sleep overtook you yet again with dreams of a gorgeous green eyed man.

Remus Lupin Imagine: “Thunderstorm”

Heyyy best blog in the world❤️ i was wondering if i could have a Young Remus imagine where the reader and him are crushing on eachother. And the marauders, lily, marlene and the reader all go spend the cheistmas break at James’ but there isn’t enough beds so every one gets to share a room and a bed. Sirius and james tells Re that its his chance so he proposes to share with the reader and there’s a strom witch the reader is afraid of so he comforts her! They admit everything by the end? Thanks 😘

Requested by anon

Your name: submit What is this?

James had invited you and your friends at his Manor for Christmas break. This meant the marauders, Lily, Marlene and you were together with the Potters. It was already late, and Peter couldn’t help but yawn.

When the host saw it, he smiled sadly and said: “Ok, I’ll call it a night. There are 3 rooms though, so we’ll have to share…”

“No problem, Prongs!” assured Sirius.

“Ok… Follow me”

You did as told and followed James. You found yourselves in a corridor with three rooms. James explained: “Well, the first two rooms have 2 beds each one, and the last one has got 3 beds…”

“Lily and I are taking the first one!” Marlene cried out. The girls were so tired they mumbled good night and already entered the bedroom, without expecting any objection.

Now you were alone with the marauders, which meant you’d have to share with at least one of them. Just great. They were your friends, but a night full of snores wasn’t on your to-do list. Suddenly, James and Sirius lowered their voices and said something you couldn’t quite make out to Remus.

“I’ll share with y/n” Remus offered blushing, shortly after.

You smiled: you had hoped he would offer it. He was your crush, after all. The marauders smiled knowingly at Remus and went to the third room, while you and Remus entered yours. You fell asleep instantly.

A horrible noise woke you up. Dammit, did it have to rain? You thought. You didn’t like thunderstorms one bit. In fact, you were afraid of them. You sat up, shut your eyes and covered your ears, trying to think on something else, but the lightings and the thunderbolts carried on. You couldn’t help it, when a particularly noisy thunderbolt sounded, you let out a cry. This woke Remus up. Rubbing his eyes and sitting on his bed, he asked with a sleepy voice: “Y/n? Are you ok?”

Letting all the tears finally stream down your face, you shook your head and held back a sob. You managed to mumble: “Thunder… scared”

Remus took action and sat next to you; he put your arms around you and held you tightly.

“It’s fine, y/n. You have nothing to be scared of… I’m with you. The thunder won’t get you” he kept whispering sweetly in your ear.

You two stood like that for 30 minutes, when the weather seemed to calm down.

“See, you’ll be able to sleep now” Remus told you, after kissing your forehead. He made a move to get up and go to his bed, but you screamed: “Wait! Please, don’t leave! W-would it be weird if you slept by my side?”

Remus cheeks turned pink, but he laid down next to you, keeping you close with your head on his shoulder.

When you woke up, Remus was already awake and staring at you.

“Good morning…” he said.

“G’morning” you smiled. Suddenly, flashes of what happened last night rushed through your mind, making you groan.

“Sorry about last night…” you apologized, clearly embarrassed.

Remus looked at your y/e/c eyes with a serious expression and took your hand. With a deep voice, he confessed: “I am not sorry”

“W-what?” you asked, bewildered by his response.

The heat rose to his face and he gulped. You weren’t expecting what he was about to reveal: “Don’t get me wrong! I hated to see you afraid like that! What I meant is I actually liked holding you, and I definitely liked waking up next to you.”

You simply didn’t know how to react at his words, you were too shocked. You didn’t need to reply though, as he kept rambling: “In fact I have wanted to hold you like that for a long time, y/n. And the thunderstorm gave me the perfect excuse to do so. I have to confess Sirius and James wanted this to happen, they said it was my chance to finally tell you how I feel for you…”

Holding your breath you wondered, with a shy voice: “And how do you feel?”

He chuckled: “I love you, y/n. I’ve always had feelings for you…”

You smiled and admitted: “You know, I wanted you to offer to share the bedroom, and not anybody else. I’ve had a crush on you since I can remember… I love you, Remus”

The werewolf sweetly cupped your face and leaned in, pressing his lips against yours. Maybe thunderstorms weren’t that bad, after all.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a hc of the rfa+v&saeran reacting to finding out that MC is secretly the masked vigilante heroine that the news had been blowing up about. (Bonus points if you come up with a neat superhero name and powers)

yiis, this was really fun to do! thx, cupcake <3 

lol its very long tho 

it fucking crashed after i spent 2 hours on this i had to rewrite it all again, that part wasnt fun lmfao


-he had heard of a masked woman saving some kids from being sold 

 -rumor were she was as flexible and elegant as a cat, could jump unnaturally high, and had a fantastic balance.

-basically a cat..the public had named her purrty girl, because if you were lucky, or unlucky enough to get close enough, she had the most beautiful eyes

-there were a clip of her going around where her beautiful eyes could be seen 

-his lovers eyes

-he had brushed it off as a coincidence at first

-he found out a night, when he had been working late and you had a little too much to drink

-and your drunk brain thought it as a good idea to practice some balance on the railing of jumins balcony 

-only jumin walked in on you balancing on a railing a good 30 stores above the ground 

-then the pieces suddenly fit together 

-he loves the cat part but….do you really have to do something as dangerous as fighting criminals? 

-he´d only stop worrying about 3 months later, when you hadn´t once come home with more than a scratch 


-there were a clip on the news of a girl beating up some gang members and then seemingly disappearing when she left the alley.

-zen is super intrigued and fascinated by this clip

-he´s reading every singly ridiculous theory he can find on her

-”mc! this one says she´s an alien and that´s why she could dissapear!” 

-the public call her the chameleon 

-you almost burst out laughing bc your boyfriend thinks you´re an alien 

-he finds out when rushing to work one day

-and suddenly an unfamiliar person with a very familiar voice is yelling out his name 

-”zen! watch out!” 

-he missed the car by a centimeter 

-the unfamiliar person is rushing towards him now 

-”omg Zen! babe, are you okay?” 

-then it clicks, and you realize your slip up 

-he drags you to an alleyway to allow you to change back to the real you 

-”mc, i love you, this won´t change anything in our relationship, but you have to talk with me about this, come on” 

-he cancels everything he had planned for that day, and spends it cuddling and talking with you instead 


-he is obsessed with the news clip of a masked girl, rescuing a girl from getting raped by sending a hoard of dogs,cats,rats and birds after the pig 

-the public call her urban snow, because 1. that is some disney princess shit and 2. urban sounds cool lmfao 

-he is constantly calling her a disney princess

-he doesen´t suspect a thing, even tho it is common for stray animals to be very comfortable around you 

-everytime that happens yoosung is like 

-”wow animals really like you mc! you´re almost like Urban snow!!!!” 

-lol thx for telling me i´m almost myself yoosung 

-he finds out on a way home from a date one evening 

-you´re very aware of the two guys following you, and sure enough

-suddenly there a weapons being pointed at you, and a gross guy ordering you to give you his money 

-yoosung is just about to step in front of you, in an attempt to shield you, when a dog bites one of the guys in the leg, a rat crawling up the other leg 

-they run off

-yoosung stands there confused for a few seconds, looking around for Urban snow before slowly turning towards you

-you can almost see the hearts in his eyes, as he pulls you into a tight embrace

-”you´re so cool mc!!! you really are a disney princess”


-she had seen the news of a masked girl, trapping two criminals in a ring of fire, and then walking away 

-her public name were fiery match, as she seemed to be able to draw fire from thin air 

-jaehee said it was all fake and computer effects oh jaehee if only you knew 

-she´s suprised so many actually think it´s real 

-she finds out in a much  less dramatic way than the others 

-you two are at the cafe, it´s way past closing time, so you´re just enjoying each others company and drinking coffee 

-you two talk so much that jaehee forgets to drink her coffee, before it turns cold

-without thinking you place your hand over the mug, and abracadabra, its hot again, that´s what you usually do when you´re alone 

-you only realize your mistake when you lift your head and see jaehees shocked expression

-she´s frozen in place

-her eyes are moving from the mug, to you, to your hand, again and again

-you´re almost scared she´ll run off and leave you 

-instead she takes your hands in hers, looks you in the eyes and…

-apologizes for believing it was computer effects lmfao jaehee bby you don´t have to apologise for that! 

-she´s very shook, but more than okay with it 


-she´s your new 1# fan


-he´s been trying to find this so called “Angel of salem”, ever since the news showed the clip of a suspected serial killer, being pulled up in a tree by his feet…by a branch, a masked girl standing by, and calmly watching everything unfold 

-you had been planning to tell him, but this was too hilarious, if he only knew he´s actually looking for his own girlfriend 

-when you ask him why he wants to find ´her´he says something along the lines of “i need her to teach me to do that” 

-you reply with “well maybe she´s closer than you think! i´m sure you´ll find her soon” 

-you had originally planned on having him wake up in a room covered with flowers, growing from walls and the ceiling as well

-but that´s not how it went 

-you were simply getting some water and taking care of the small cactus on the window-still, making it bloom

-not even 3 seconds later there were fast footsteps heading straight towards you, whoops the cctvs 

-you turned your head just in time to catch a glimpse of sevens excited expression, before being pulled into a big hug, and spun around 

-”why didn´t you tell me i was looking for you? you´re really my Angel!….ok now, teach me how you do it” ffs seven it´s not something you can learn 

-needless to say he is more than okay with it..purchases way to many plants for the house 


-he had heard about the clip going viral of 3 criminals being tied up, very very fast and only in one frame of the clip, was the masked girl visible 

-he doesen´t really care too much tbh 

-the public call you grease lightening as the colours on your suit is very similar to the ones of the car 

-he finds out when he comes home earlier than expected and catches you vaccuming the house, wayyy too fast than any human would be capable of doing 

-”oh…why didn´t you tell me you´re grease lightening?…its cool” 

-that´s really all he has to say on the matter 

-on the inside he´s an excited little child tho


-the masked girl were all over the news, altough blind V could still hear 

-the masked girl snuck into a childrens hospital at night, and everyone woke up feeling better than ever 

-when the doctor made tests they were indeed cured of all disease

-the kids named you Rapunzel bc of the tangled movie i ain´t bout to call her an saviour or messiah or whatever fuk rika

-you had been talking with v about his eye sight the other day. how he didn´t need to punish himself for Rika, and he deserved to be happy as well. as well as photography being his true passion, would he really give all that up?

-surprisingly he agreed 

-”i know.. i couldn´t save rika…but i can at least save myself, and i want to wake up everyday seeing you as the first thin in the morning..but it´s too late now”

-you gently placed your hands over his closed eyes 

-”mc it doesen´t work like th-…how did you do that??…Rapunzel??!!” 

-you couldn´t help but laugh at being called Rapunzel by a grown man

-lots of happy tears and new plans for the future god bless