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Relationship Status: married

Lipstick or Chapstick: neither

Last Movie You Watched: wow, I don’t actually remember. Rogue One, I think.

Last Song You Listened To: Life Will Change by Shoji Meguro help I’m getting sucked into P5 because of this earworm adksjfksghg

Top Three Shows/Dramas/Animes: Psycho-Pass S1, Samurai Flamenco and… well, all of the Batman animated series from the 90s are gold and I’d re-watch them a hundred times over.

Top Three Favorite Characters: Mara Jade, Artemis Fowl, Sorey

Top Three Ships: brotps count as ships too, right? wait no, I’ll keep it to just romantic ships because I have too many damn brotps that I love equally LMAO. so, Luke/Mara (Star Wars EU/Legends), Kenshin/Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin),  Akane/Kougami (Psycho-Pass), Mikleo/Sorey (Tales of Zestiria)… okay, that was four ships, but these are all very important romantic/platonic ships to me, so whoo /o/

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A boy from Tyrol

There comes a time in our life in which we feel like there is no one to trust, to support us or to guide us. We feel alone, unwanted, unloved. There are various ways to fight that, and some fight back harder than others.

Today Gregor Schlierenzauer turns 27. A name most of this planet’s people probably never heard of, yet this man is special in so many ways.
Everyone who chooses ski jumping instead of a normal sport like soccer is extraordinary. Ski jumpers are special and normal at the same time.

Why is Gregor so special to me? I can’t say I have the perfect answer, but I can say I have an idea.

My age might not give it away and neither does my Tumblr blog, but in real life, there’s a girl with a big dream behind this. I’ve grown up with the thought of fighting for myself. As I’m growing older, I’m turning into the fighter I want to be. I have yet to learn a lot about how things work, but I can say for myself that I’m trying. I’m trying the best way possible.

I show myself on here in such a different way, I’m a completely different person to be honest. Ever since I first heard the name Gregor Schlierenzauer, this man peeked my interest. Part of it probably because of his name. I remember doing actual research on him and when I had found out how he became the person he is now, I was in complete awe. There is a list full of athletes being worth more than just their achievements and Gregor is one of them. I’ve learned there were only two options when it came to Gregor. You either loved him or you hated him. There were either positive responses or negative ones. Somehow I got the feeling that sometimes there were more negative than positives ones, but overall you could say the man by the name of Gregor Schlierenzauer was known and the man behind it had a very specific character.

Of course, I always say ‘this is just ski jumping’, but I cannot deny that I count Gregor as one of my biggest role models. When you get thrown into the ocean of success at the age of 16, it takes a lot not to break. Gregor surely has learned from the best, he got trained by the best and he became the best, but I don’t know if his inner self was able to take that all in.

Sadly, I have not reached my top level yet, but when I remind myself of how Gregor’s career came to a stop, I know that sometimes it’s better to take the slippery road than the short cut. Because if you take the short cut you might be rewarded for it more easily, but looking at it from another angle, you’ll trip over your own ego sooner or later. Because that’s exactly what happened to Gregor. At one point he wasn’t rewarded for his effort anymore, he wasn’t on top anymore, he wasn’t the best anymore. The records he had set were broken and in general people started to forget about him. He wasn’t ‘up-to-date’ anymore. And then he vanished, just the way he had appeared. The mystery of this man remained. After being part of the circus for more than 10 years, very few people really knew what’s behind him. People only see his achievements, his victories, his face.

I’ve learnt a lot in 2016. How things go from easy to difficult, barely manageable. But somehow, I’ve fought through it. I’m still young and I don’t know what ‘life’ even means, but I surely know that if you want to be a happy person, you can’t lock yourself away. You have to face your inner self. Your inner self that’s been telling you you’ll never make it. It gets better, it gets worse.
I’m no psychologist, but I can somehow imagine how Gregor must’ve felt when he realised there was no moving forward for now. That this was his station to get off and to look for a place to stay. And I can imagine he must’ve had struggles finding that place.

I remember reading an interview with him in which he said that there’s nothing else he could do besides ski jumping. Looking at Gregor from afar, he’s the perfect camera-catcher. Breath-taking smile, flawless facial structure, well-built and cheeky. The endless commercials of the Superadler showed that. Of course his image was used to keep him in the news and it worked.

To sum it all up, I could not wish for a better role model. Gregor’s career shows that you can achieve anything you want. It’s yourself stopping from doing so. But his career also shows that you can go from zero to hero, but you’ll be a zero again just as fast. And he overcame his inner self by fighting back. He stopped when it was right. And it was him choosing where he’d go from there. It was his very own fight. And he won. He won and he showed that nothing’s impossible.
My life has taken so many different turns and I haven’t even reached what I want. But I know that I will keep fighting, just like Gregor, and I know that I will make my dream come true. No matter how, but there is only one thing and that is to keep up the fight, to fight the good fight.

And now, Gregor, I wish you the most amazing birthday. Turning 27 is quite something. But you’ve got to let it happen. You kept fighting. And I know, even in 20 years’ time you’ll be fighting. You’re a timeless man. You’ll always be that 16-year old that got hit by success way too soon.

You never gave up, you never gave in.

You are a fighter, you’re my hero.

Gregor Schlierenzauer, you will come back stronger because you already beat everyone else, by coming back.

You are limitless. You’ll always be.


Based off this text post.

Craig: We’ve been Science partners for like 3 years in a row, so we’re pretty good friends. This year he has to deal with me at 7:30am everyday.

“I don’t like sand” is a piece of dialogue from the prequels that became a major joke, and honestly I love to joke about it too. But I have to admit that, jokes aside, I almost want to take it a little bit seriously. Because as crazy as it seems, this line works. And it’s not just luck. Hear me out:

Of course Anakin hates sand. It seems like a really obvious statement but it’s more than that. His “I don’t like sand” speech works on Padme for that reason: It’s about more than just sand.

When Anakin says “I don’t like sand” obviously sand is a key symbol of his childhood on Tatooine, his childhood in slavery. If we’re being honest, sand isn’t really what Anakin hates. He hates what he associates sand with, which is slavery, hopelessness, and a longing for his mother who he left behind.

Look at the rest of the dialogue: “It’s coarse and rough and irritating.“ His childhood was difficult and infuriating. He hated being a slave and he hated Tatooine and so he hates sand. He can’t look at sand without being reminded of his childhood. The world he left behind on Tatooine was as coarse and rough as the sand.

And this is why the line works. Because Padme knows all that. She knows that Anakin was a slave, and she knows that he hated leaving his mother behind. She knows that he hates Tatooine and everything it stands for.

And then he makes a joke, actually about the sand: “and it gets everywhere.” That was just to lighten the mood, to keep himself from saying too much. And then he adds “Not like here. Here everything is soft, and smooth.” This part was obviously about Padme but not just in the physical sense. Padme is soft; she’s kind and caring and has such a strong moral compass. She’s a direct contrast from everything he hates about his past and about himself.

So when Anakin is talking about how much he hates sand, really he’s baring a part of his soul to Padme. And it’s sort of an unspoken thing between them because she knows he’s a little broken, she knows about his past. And she knows that he has feelings for her. And Padme always wants to fix things that are broken.

but Twelve is so fucking cute bc like

he’s so shouty and grumbly and gruff but then at the same time once he gets past his post-regeneration madness his affection for Clara is obviously through the goddamn roof?

“Clara it’s ok that you’re an game-playing egomaniac I’ll play your games it’s cool it’s no big deal I don’t want you to change”

“Clara look I got new clothes what do you think (now we totally match)”

“Clara someone out there really thinks we should keep hanging out what do you think wanna hang out some more pls say yes”

“Clara let’s go on a date we can get whatever you want you can pick”


Rivetra au where 18 year old Petra and 21 year old Levi get married young but quickly divorce because neither of them were ready for marriage/to be with each other forever (think Billy Joel’s Scenes from an Italian Restaurant)

They lose touch and like 10ish years later they finally reconnect online and meet for lunch and Petra has a boyfriend and Levi, who is now some high ranking officer in the military, is engaged to be married again and they chat for a really long time and exchange numbers and all and Levi invites her to his wedding and they meet up a few times after lunch and they both realize (but don’t admit it) they have feelings for each other still but neither want a repeat of what happened the first time. Eventually Levi calls off his engagement and confesses to Petra, and Petra, now engaged, rejects him and tells him that while she still cares for him, their story ended long ago.

They lose touch again for a month or so and as Petra is preparing for her wedding she can’t help but shake off the feeling of regret and that maybe she was wrong about her and Levi, and meanwhile Levi’s friends are trying to get him to reconcile with his ex-fiancé but he tells them it’s no use because while she was upset she completely understands where he is coming from, and then he decides maybe he should put in a transfer request with his military base but before he can, Petra appears to him and tells him she broke off her engagement and that she wants to try again with him if he’ll have her and of course he will and they date, marry and have lots of babies ok

I know everyone complains about school blah blah blah, but I legitimately hate going there every single day: where teachers judge you based on the 5 hours a week they see you, where memorizing crap for a test just to dump them when the next one comes along is more important than actually understanding what you’re doing. I hate that we’re expected to know what we want to do for the rest of our lives when we haven’t even lived yet. How can people treat us like reckless, irresponsible teenagers, but then also give us the responsibility of figuring our lives out in less than 18 years? It used to be that you go to college to figure everything out, but now if you don’t know what you want to do for the next 50 years of your life by the time you enroll in a high school, then you might as well throw in the towel; you’re a failure and there’s nothing you can do now- it’s too late. If you’re not the top of your class in high school, then forget college- here’s your application for McDonald’s. Even if you somehow manage to live through everything and make it in college, there’s not guarantee that you’ll even get a job, it’s all for nothing.
—  A pissed off, tired 17 year old girl just about ready to give up