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after dark adventures

genre: boyfriend!au

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 4,075 words

author’s note: it’s not a jeff fic without some nasty, so feel free to skip ‘3:51am’ if you wish to do so 

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opening line: “What is sleep when we can be doing so much more once the clock’s hand strikes past twelve?”

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Finn imagination time!!!
- I got this when I was waking up and decided to post this since Finn posted this sunshine pic and it was fate. ✨🐣(First time doing this, hopefully I cover it well)

- Fluffy{means no smut}
✨(Alright here we go amigo) ✨

Part 1

Summary: You and Finn just got back to your hotel after a long day of filming stranger things. Its nearing winter, very chilly. You both have rooms on the same floor and Finn decides to invite himself to watch a movie with you.

You snuggled into your jacket as you and the crew of stranger things were traveling back to the hotel 30 minutes away from the set. Everyone was tired, even Gaten who usually would make jokes and start conversations with the crew. Instead, he was propped against Millie, his head of mahogany curls displayed on her shoulder, some tickling her nose as she leaned her head against the van’s suede seats. You tried to fall asleep but it was futile, the unsteady ride had you bobbing too much to really get comfortable. Right as you closed your eyes the vans lights ticked on and everyone eyed their surroundings trying to find the culprit for the uninvited wakening.

“Alright everyone, we made it back safe. Gather your things.” Winona said unwrapping the scarf around her neck. She played the motherly role a lot for you and the cast. Making sure everyone was up in time for breakfast, feeling their best before filming, she even sat down with you when you felt out of place with the group of people who were gonna play your friends for the next 6 months. Who’d know they would turn out to be your friends in real life and on set.You rose from your seat and stepped in line behind Caleb. Once he stepped off the van you quickly made yourself inside. The crisp cold air was too much, even with wearing a oversize hoodie and a pair of sweats, your favorite outfit after filming.

“Everyone needs to be ready and in the lobby by 10:00 am. We wrap up filming tomorrow which means we get to sleep in a bit. Set your alarms okay oh-Millie, you set two since I know how you are.” Winona raised a eyebrow at Millie who offered a nod in understanding as you all walked off towards the elevators. You punched in the floor number you and Finn shared, Caleb had floor 4 with Millie, Gaten, and Winona.

“Goodnight you guys” Millie said as the elevator came to a stop, “Night” you responded, Caleb waved you and finn off as he stepped off, while Gaten mumbled a “Night” with a yawn. Ginona waved too then stepped off the elevator. The doors closed again and you leaned against one of the mirrored walls.

“I’m soo tired” you spoke pouting at the though of sleep deprivation you were feeling. You looked over at Finn who scrummage around the pockets of his plaid blazer to bring out his phone.

“Its only 8pm women” he snapped with a smile at your exaggeration.  You shook you head as you felt the elevator come to a stop. “Well it feels like its 2am.” You stepped off the elevator as the doors opened and made your way down the floral hallway. Finn followed close behind, fiddling with his hoodie he wore under his blazer. He had a interview after filming so he dressed up for that. “Are you really going straight to bed”? He asked sidestepping you as you stopped at your hotel room.

“Yeh. Gonna take a shower then turn on a movie or something..”

“What movie” He asked “Probably Disney” he teased knowing how much you liked to watch films like that.

“No!” you spoke jamming your card into the hotel door to make it open. You opened the door wide enough for Finn to come in and then switched on the lights before letting it close. He stood in the living room portion as you turned on the TV and then the heater. “Why do they keep it so cold in here?” You asked looking back at Finn as he shrugged. “Anyway. Im watching Ferris Bueller.”

“Oh no. You mean WE’RE watching Ferris Bueller” he repeated quirking his eyebrow as you blushed. You shook your head as you re-opened the room’s door “I’m going to take a shower, and if your still up by the time I’m out I’ll let you watch it with me” you spoke standing by the door. Finn made his way out “You’ll call me”? he asked walking to his room backwards so he could still see you. “Yep.” You spoke starting to let the door close.“Promise” he asked “Finn”. you stated chuckling. “Just Don’t take too long on-” his words were cut off by the door, you chuckled before walking off towards the bathroom to take a shower.

Masterlist I

Storyline: *=smuts

1) “Fuck I love you”

2) “Babe, is everything okay?”

3) “It hurts knowing you’re sleeping next to someone else”

4) “Do you miss me?” 

5) “Out of anyone, I had to be stuck with you”

6) “You should smile more”

7) “Leave me alone please”

8) “Don’t forget about me”

9) “Look at you being a cute little rockstar”

10) “She’s mine” 
/ 11) “Back off”

12) “You’ve done enough, just leave”

13) “How can you love something so broken?”

14) “If you’re reading this it’s too late”

15) “Please stop, you’re scaring me”

16) “Stop hiding yourself”

17) “You kept it all this time?”

18) “Admit it, you like him”

19) “You’re in love with me?”

20) “Go fuck one of your skanks”

21) “You could choose anyone but you chose me”

22) “I’m not going to be your toy”

23) “I just miss you”

24) “I was kidding chill”

25) “Well I don’t want to talk to you”

26) “I’ve never liked someone this much”

27) “Look at us being rebellious and free”
 / 28) “Wipe that smug grin off your face”

29) “It’s not what it looks like”
 / 30) “Don’t lie to me”
 / 31) “I’m with the boys”
 / 32) “Have you been drinking again”

33) “You’re beautiful”
 / 34) “I just wanna impress you”

35) “Eyes on the face”

36) “Never talk about her like that again”

37) “Mine and only mine”
 / 38) “You’re hot when you’re jealous”
 / 39) “I’ve always liked badboys” 

40) “You’re so cheesy its cute”

41) “Bubble bath?”

42) “I could really use a cuddle”

*43) “Clothes, off now.”

44) “The things you do to me”

45) “I’ll never let you go”

46) “Fine, whatever” pt 1

47) “Why?”  pt 2

48) “I’ll do anything to make you happy.”  pt 3

49) “Wait a minute, are you jealous?” 

50) “Have you lost your damn mind?” / 51) “I thought I lost you.” 

52) “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!” / 53) “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” 

54) “It’s a Christmas Miracle!” 

55) “And I’m terrified” 

*56) “No one needs to know.” 

57) “Please don’t do this.” pt 1

58) “Boo.”  pt 2

59) “Please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me.” 

60) “Man cave.” 

Non-storyline AUs 

“Just some girl”

*“Be quiet, baby.”

“Goodbye” pt 1 - “She’s gone” pt 2

“Did you even study?”

“You’ve changed.” pt 1 - “Come back home.” pt 2

“She’s going to love you, I just know it.”

“Do you think she will forget me?”

“I ruined her.” Pt 1 - “I got you.”  Pt 2 - “Keep it, it’s yours anyways.” Pt 3

“Back into bed.” 

“Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.” 

“Do my thighs look too big?”

“It’ll be fun.”  Pt 1 - *“Come over here and make me” Pt 2 - “You’re going to regret that” Pt 3

“Get her out of here, she doesn’t need to see this.” Pt 1 - “I’m drunk and in love with you.” Pt 2


*“Put them to good use.”

“You don’t mean that.” 

“Kiss me”

“Please, don’t leave..”

“YOU DID WHAT?!”  Part 1 - “I’m never good enough” Part 2

“You’re being a douche.”

“Do you trust me?”

“I think we need to talk.”


“Tell me a secret.”

“Talk to me.”

“I will always support you.” 

“Low-key” Part 1 - “High-key” Part 2

“It’s Papa Wilk”

“Power Couple” Part 1 - “Dream” Part 2

“No funny Business”



“Let go of me.” 



“Is there something on my face?” 

“Look at me”

“You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you..” pt 1 - “Trust” Pt 2 - “Just Once.” pt 3 - “Nothing hurts more than when you shut me out.” Pt 4


“Her eyes aren’t on her chest.”


“Reasons why”

*“Just Friends.”

“Poke poke.”

“What’s going on here?”

“You lied to me.” Pt 1 - “Good to know where we stand.” Pt 2 - “Is that my shirt?” Pt 3

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“You look like shit.”

“Tired of 2nd place.” Pt 1 - “Live your life without her..” Pt 2

“I’m home.”

“Happy 1 year….”

“You’re on!”

*“In the Morning.”

“You betta get the fuck outta my face before I punch you in yours.”

“Isn’t this supposed to be the part where we kiss?”

“Fuck, I think I caught feelings.”

“Can you guys just fuck already?” 

“Do you believe in destiny?”

“You did not wake me up at 2am just because you were in the mood.”

Text AUs 

Birthday text 


Taking Care of Kook After MAMA

Characters: Jungkook x Y/N
Genre: ???? I have no idea if this is angst or fluff. Seriously.
Length: 1488 words

Note: I hope Jungkook is alright now!! They’ve worked so hard they need some rest. I saw their schedule on the official website and it seems to be clear except for another Japan fanmeet, so I hope they rest enough! 


You sighed quietly, taking out Jungkook’s spare clothes from the closet and laying them on the bed in preparation for his arrival. 

You watched MAMA 2016 - to be more exact, BTS’ performance in this awards show. You were so excited, to be excited was an understatement, because you knew how hard and long they practiced just for this special stage. 

But Jungkook never told you he’d be suspended in the air from the wires - a set attached to his back and another under his thighs. 

Why did he think he was able to keep this from you, of course you’d be watching them on national television, and plus nothing could escape your sharp eyes. You noticed how the wires could put pressure and likely injure Jungkook, because he had to keep his balance and the wires were clearly pressing into his skin. 

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So apparently it’s that time of the “night” again, and I’m struggling to sleep again. Or maybe that’s just because I’ve forgotten to take my meds again. Or perhaps because the feeling of swallowing 400mg reminds me of his balls in my mouth again.

It seems to be that time of the night again, you know ?When it’s so dark you can’t even see your hand in front of your face? Or perhaps it’s that time of the night when your mind races through every.single.detail. Of your life again. And others’ lives for that matter, since we’re naturally voyeurs like that. Constantly consumed in the existence of everyone else around us. Only Now and then getting smacked with an existential crisis on our foreheads. But even then, some of us aren’t broad enough to understand how crucial it is to be attentive to yourself in that exact moment.

It seems to be that time of the night again, when you dream up romantic scenarios that could totally happen, but never do. Romantic in a sense that they’re partially unrealistic. And again, often involve those around us. I guess it’s that time of the night again… you know? When your mind gets sticky… and your fingers get stickier. Maybe this is your first exploration of your beautiful body. Or maybe this is now a ritual that enables you to fall asleep easier. Trust me, that’s better than 400mg of prescribed “head pills”.

It’s definitely that time of the night again, because I still have insomnia. I still hate the taste and the texture of the fucking house-sized pills I’m almost forced to take. Forced to take, because I suck at being human. I suck at doing things that I normally could before all of ; this… I suck at understanding people’s emotions, they don’t really ever make sense to me. I am quite shit at knowing and understanding my own too. Who I am. Who am I even? I don’t know anymore.
Frankly I don’t think I ever knew.

See it’s CLEARLY that time of the night again, because whatever meds I took the day before, have already worn off. And I’m left alone , in the dark. I love the dark. But the darkness tends to overwhelm me when it becomes me… or is it more correct to say that I become *it*? It’s most certainly that time of the night again, because I’m now truly “clear minded”. Devoid of the fuzz that numbs me throughout the day. It’s the time that I tend to remind myself of the robbery that ruined my life. However I’m told not to let it define me.. not to let others define me as *it*.
What the fuck does that even mean? Do these “shrinks”, these professionals even know what it’s like to be robbed of something you can never get back? To be robbed of a part of you, that you probably never knew existed. Maybe that’s more tragic, so we’ll go with that one.

See it’s that time of the night again, when I’ve already tossed and turned in every kind of direction that’s possible on double sized bed. It’s that time of the night again, when I get up, with a heavy head, and an empty heart, log-like legs and drag myself to the recreation of the “crime scene”.

“Others have it worse” , I’m told this nearly every time I’m brave enough to let someone see me cry, because the pain is screaming so loud, I try to mask it, try to block it out with my own screams. People think it’s because I’m “lashing out” or that I’m “looking for attention”. And trust me, I have heard worse stories, but that doesn’t make mine less real. Less painful. Less significant than the victim next to me. I mean aren’t we constantly told that we’re all different and that we all deal and grieve differently? Maybe something that happened 6/7 years ago, left my conscious memory as soon as it started and ended. But triggers are very real, and I am now living through the pain of something I forced myself to forget.

It’s that time of the night again, where I’m walking around aimlessly, filled with an overwhelming sense of nausea. I flip the light switch on the left and close the door behind me. I undress myself really quickly and I hate it when I do that. It’s always too quick and it leaves me feeling unnecessarily vulnerable for longer than I want or need. It’s that time of the night again when I pop the plug in and turn the faucet on. And then I just wait until it’s a high enough level to cover my whole body. It’s that time of the night again, when I realize how much weight I have lost, how much hair is STILL falling out. How many bruises cover my weak fucking skinny body. Purple bruises come to my attention as yellow ones drift away from it. I don’t turn the hot water off. I leave it to burn my skin, but I never feel it. I can only see the redness that follows and the steam that fills the room. Almost to the point of asphyxiation.

See it’s that time of the morning now , where I’ve spent 4-5 hours in the bath tub emptying it out and refilling it with more hot water. Strange enough I keep cups, glasses, buckets ; any kind of object that can house a liquid. And I will pour ice cold water over my head and face. Somehow this is the jolt I need. It brings me back to reality and reality is awful. But not as awful as the demons in my head.

It’s that time of the morning now when I’ve already fallen asleep in the tub again and my calm, peaceful rest is interrupted by loud banging and concerned voices. I have to get out. But as soon as I get up , my wrinkled , beet root skin begins to quiver again. And I’m filled with anxiety and fear of my emotions for the day. I want to climb back into bed again, and just be left alone again. But I have to go to work again. And I CANNOT CRY AGAIN. I “have to be stronger than this” because I “have so much to live for”.

But nothing feels more exciting than holding my face under the boiling water to the point of choking on whatever seeps up my nostrils and slides it’s way down into my lungs. Nothing feels better than knowing I don’t have to wake up tomorrow. Because it’s my life and my decision ; but I’m still here trying to get up every day. Finding something to keep my mind occupied , finding something that would bring me joy under normal circumstances.

I’m still here at 2 am when it’s so dark I can’t even see my own hands in front of my face. When the darkness of my mind , controls my emotions and my behavior. I’m back here in my bed , trying to get up and find my way to the recreated crime scene of where the saddest robbery took place. And the child I was, paved way for the woman I am. But who am I? Am I the same at 2am as I am at 3pm? Do you even know?

A Convention Guide

WELCOME ALL TO THE COLOSSALCON NEWBS GUIDE! I have had a lot of friends of mine ask me about things with this convention because they have never been and wanted some heads up about what to expect with their time at the Kalahari. WELP! Here you go. This is my small novel on everything that I could think of. And with the help of some other Colossalcon Vets, I bring you this! Now with more gifs and images <3 

So! You are going to your first Colossalcon. Congratulations and welcome to the family! Colossalcon is a wonderful convention with a great atmosphere and an even better group of people. And of course, the hotel is amazing and baby tigers. I thought I would share some things I have learned over my past travels from New Jersey to this convention. Just to help make your experience a good one.

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