it's 1:30 in the morning i should go to bed

You know how little kids react strangely to a parent shaving their beard or cutting their hair really short. What if Arthur lost a bet and had to get his eyebrows waxed to look like a normal human’s and when he comes home to see little Alfred and Matthew, Matthew has no idea who the man talking to him is and Alfred breaks down crying because he’s so scared.

Don't Give Up Team Delusional

When you’re getting very tired
And all the theories start to blur
Just step away from Tumblr
And begin to think of her

Her hope and faith and strength
Are what drew us all to Beth
But we need to hold on to all those things
So we can make it through her “death”

Now I know 5.10 is coming soon
And emotions get in the way
But I know if we hold on together
We will make it through the fray