it's 12am!!!

I’ve been drinking this since 2pm then went downtown at 4pm and its 12am now and I’ve been now here forever now💀 I’m going to die tomorrow

Okay but imagine you’re a photographer and you always have a camera laying around and one day you’re just scrolling on your phone with a shirt that’s way to long, reaching to your knees and you’re minding your own business and then you hear
“Wait. Look at me” and you look over to see Ashton holding one of your cameras, pointing it at you.
And then hearing the little click sound with a tiny flash blinding you. And you groan softly, knowing it’s probably a super bad photo but you hear Ashton whisper softly, looking at the photo
“So beautiful…” and he’s like just looKING AT THE PICTURE WHAT AM I DOING ITS 12 AM

so if this is up it means that its probably 12am and officially my birthday!! i just wanna let my guard down and be a lil bitch for a second and just say that i love absolutely everyone i’ve met on here, you guys mean a lot to me and you make me v happy

(favs are bolded and this isn’t in order because im lazy)

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special shoutout to bieber-news for making me hate justin more every day! 

sorry if i forgot anyone love u guys !! 


{Rules have been updated because Laura is adult now.
I’ve been meaning to update them for a while, but I’ve also included the fact that I’ll be busy with university work because I probably will be, and I’ve received my tasks for my blogging job (I have over 100 videos to write about) so I might not be here as often as I have been.