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TalesFromRetail: Customer threatens me for enforcing the "10 items or less" rule

I work in a large furniture store, and today I was in charge of the express / self checkout tills which have “10 items or less” and “card only” very clearly advertised above them. I’m watching the customers scan their items when two parents and their young son walk towards an empty till. I think they might have more than 10 items, so I go up to their trolley and ask them how many items they have and if they’re paying by card. The dad starts counting, gets to 3 and stops. This makes me chuckle, but I look in and start counting and I see at least 15 items. I tell them that they’re going to have to go to a normal till because its 10 items or less on these tills, but he tells me to “go away” and he starts scanning anyway.

Now, I’m generally quite relaxed about this if the customer is nice and its not too busy. I even offer to scan their items for them depending on circumstance, but this guy and his wife ignored me so I told them again that they had to go to a normal till. Well, the dad was having none of this, and decides to ram me with the trolley (that his 5 year old son is in) and starts swearing at me in my ear. I turn around and call security, but he’s retreated to the normal tills. His wife is annoyed, and takes the son and leaves him to pay for the items. I was annoyed that security didn’t just kick him out there and then, but I think I didn’t explain what happened well to them. Looking back, I should have demanded that he be kicked out.

A couple of minutes later, I see him walking back up to me in the self checkouts, so I assume that he’s coming to apologise for his behaviour. Nope. He asks me to come outside, and when I tell him “I’m not allowed to leave this area unfortunately” he responds by swearing at me again. I call security over again, while he walks back to his shopping trolley in the other queue. Again they didn’t kick him out. While he’s in the queue, he’s staring at me and gesturing me to come over. I ignore him, so he starts to take pictures and videos of me. After being allowed to queue up for some food, he finally leaves the store.

Funnily enough, he was paying cash anyway so he wouldn’t have even been able to buy his items at the self-checkouts anyway.

By: onlyreason