it's 35

stop making bitty ride the amtrak to pvd…the boy works hard…he is tired…stop making him take 2+ hrs of public transit to get laid. let bitty use jack’s uber account like any good pro athlete’s booty call/love of their life

I still miss you with every fibre of my being. Its been 35 days since you left. Just a little over a month but f*ck, it feels like forever. Not a single day has passed by with me not revisiting every memory we created together. I miss the way you played with my hair or the way you laughed out loud at my lame jokes. God, I miss that beautiful laugh and that megawatt smile of yours. Where did we go wrong, my love? One moment we are happy, carefree & so in love & the next moment, we are broken, unsafe & so many miles away from each other. Perhaps, it was for the best. But I can’t stop my heart from crying for your love & affection. It bleeds for a love it can never get. I hope you are happy wherever you are & receive the love you deserve. I’m sorry, my love, for I couldn’t be enough. Neither for you nor for our love.
To Read List Updated

Life has kept me away from reading any fic over the last month-ish, and there have been SO many exciting fics published. I just did a massive update to my to read page, and I can’t wait to DIVE IN!!!

These are all the fics I added: