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hello again, im sorry to pester you, but i have exams in a week or so and i was wondering if you had any essays up your sleeve that are written particularly well, as I think it is just my writing style that I fall down on. Thank you so much for any help.

well-written essays. okay.

i don’t know how to quantify or qualify what makes these stand out to me. some are cool and arch and elegant, and some are rough and jagged and white-hot with fury, some are scientific, some are intimate. for some it’s to do with the voice and others it’s the rhythm or the structure or the lexicon or the ways of looking. i’ve included links to all of them—if you’re searching for stylistic inspiration i’d suggest rifling through until you find one that hooks you.  


Hello please consider the inquisition inner circle sleeping on a big fluffy bed and being very safe and happy thank you

Scandinavian tales and creatures

Källrån (watchers of springs) are spirits who reside by springs and wells deep in the forest. When in human shape they usually look like a young woman or girl, but they normally take the form of a frog. A large frog or toad close to a spring means it belongs to the rån and if someone drinks from it without asking for permission they will fall ill or suffer misfortune.


"Can you come over? I need some help.”


"This is the sweatshirt that my wife and I put on together when we’re cosying up on a chilly evening. We call it the cuddle jumper.”

- Would I Lie To You? S05E01 [x]

Gather ‘round, my fellow modding noobs, and I shall share my newly acquired knowledge on texture editing with you!

This extensive guide will cover the basics of texture editing (the Inquisitor’s face textures, more specifically) and teach you how to import them into the game.  
I’m not very tech-savvy when it comes to modding, so anything non-texture related goes way over my head. Most of what I know about texture editing, I learned in just two days – you can learn it in less!

Please note that DAI modding is still in its infancy. Right now we can only replace textures, but hopefully in the near future we can add custom textures to the already existing ones.

Let’s get started under the cut!

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To creepy adult Bronies and their minor (usually female) "friends"

Here’s the sad, hard truth: when you are the adult in a friendship, you are held to a higher standard of behavior. It is up to you to make sure that the friendship doesn’t become “creepy” or inappropriate, because you are the adult.

When you are friends with a minor child, you have to be fully aware of that at all times. Children cannot be held legally or morally responsible for most of their decision-making, as their brains are literally still forming. Children (even teenagers) cannot consent in many ways, whether it’s legally or ethically. It is your responsibility to treat them with respect, and protect them from situations that may be hazardous to them.

This includes:

  1. Not giving your minor friend cigarettes, booze, or drugs.
  2. Even if you are imbibing yourself, even if they “really really want it,” even if they make you feel guilty about not giving in to them.
  3. Not encouraging a romantic relationship between the minor child and yourself.
  4. See 2.
  5. Actively dissuading any attempts at a romantic/sexual overtures from said minor. If they choose to behave inappropriately, it is your job as the adult to shut that down.
  6. See 2.
  7. Not interacting with said minor in any way that could be misconstrued as sexual. This includes “playfully” flirting with them, “playfully” groping/kissing them, or “playfully” speaking to them sexually.

It may seem “unfair”, but ultimately you are an adult: you are held to a higher standard than a child both legally and ethically.

The final point of this post is this: YOU ARE THE ADULT. If your friend is 15 and you are 20+ and you think “eh, she’s old enough to decide for herself!”, I hope you enjoy your time in prison! Because in most state’s laws, that shit is illegal if you are more than 5 years apart in age. And morally, it’s incredibly gross, and the rest of us non-predatory adults are looking at you in disgust.

If you are an adult in a “friendship” with a minor that includes inappropriate sexual behavior, you are a predator.


best of the uncharted series [1/6] favourite characters: harry flynn