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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?

tbh here’s some advice, sometimes you really don’t need to think too hard about what you name your characters, do whatever comes up first and feels right, try it on, usually it’ll end up sticking and as you go on it’ll feel like the perfect name, even if you straight up pulled it out of thin air or whatever

oh also don’t feel guilty about using names from books or shows or something you like

Korekara no Someday (これからのSomeday lit. Someday From Now On)
Umi, Kotori, Rin, Hanayo, Nico, Maki, Honoka
Korekara no Someday (これからのSomeday lit. Someday From Now On)
If we gather our hopes together
We'll get through this somehow or another
It's not a whole lot of power
But I want to nourish it

There's lots of things I don't know
And of course there's no map in my pocket
Let's walk forward with confidence
Even one step at a time is fine

What should we do if we trip and fall?
Laugh it off? Say "wai wai wai" with a smile!
It'll be all right, just be honest
One, two, three, four
We're all here!

Someday our dreams will come true
Someday I know it'll happen
So there's no need to cry
After all, the fun has yet to begin!
Tarzan Lyric Meme
  • "Put your faith in what you most believe in."
  • "Two worlds, one family."
  • "Let fate decide to guide these lives we see."
  • "A paradise untouched by man within this world blessed with love."
  • "Beneath the shelter of the trees, only love can enter here."
  • "Raise your hand, lift high the load. Take strength from those that need you."
  • "Danger's no stranger here."
  • "No words describe a mother's tears."
  • "No wounds can heal a broken heart."
  • "Come stop your crying, it'll be all right. Just take my hand, hold it tight."
  • "I will protect you from all around you."
  • "I will be here, don't you cry."
  • "For one so small, you seem so strong."
  • "My arms will hold you, keep you safe and warm."
  • "This bond between us can't be broken."
  • "You'll be in my heart from this day on, now and forever more."
  • "You'll be in my heart, no matter what they say."
  • "You'll be here in my heart, always."
  • "I know we're different but deep inside us, we're not that different at all."
  • "Don't listen to them, cause what do they know."
  • "When destiny calls you, you must be strong."
  • "I may not be with you, but you've got to hold on."
  • "The power to be strong and the wisdom to be wise, all these things will come to you in time."
  • "On this journey that you're making, there'll be answers that you'll seek."
  • "It's you who'll climb the mountain. It's you who'll reach the peak."
  • "Son of man, look to the sky."
  • "Lift your spirit, set it free."
  • "Some day you'll walk tall with pride."
  • "With faith and understanding, you will journey from boy to man."
  • "In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn."
  • "You'll find your place beside the ones you love."
  • "Its yours, to claim it all."
  • "Whatever you do, I'll do it too."
  • "It all means something and yet nothing to me."
  • "I can see there's so much to learn. It's all so close and yet so far."
  • "I see myself as people see me."
  • "I just know there's something bigger out there."
  • "I wanna know about these strangers like me."
  • "Every gesture, every move that she makes, makes me feel like never before."
  • "Why do I have this growing need to be beside her?"
  • "I see before me a new horizon."
  • "Come with me now to see my world where there's beauty beyond your dreams."
  • "Can you feel the things I feel right now, with you?"
  • "Take my hand. There's a world I need to know."
GOT7's advice to the fans (- Jackson)
  • (specially to those who are going through a rough time)
  • Yugyeom: It'll be all right. Whatever happens, take some time, and it'll get better. Don't worry.
  • Mark: You don't have to worry about your looks or what you look like. You're your own person.
  • Youngjae: *starts singing* "You are not alone..."
  • JB: Look up at the sky when you're down. It makes me feel better when I look up to the sky.
  • Junior: What you're worried and thinking about right now, it might not be a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
  • BamBam: Don't worry about what other people think of you. Just be yourself, listen to yourself. Just do what you want. You know, YOLO. And then listen to our song and watch our music video. *laughs*
  • © Billboard's interview with GOT7
  • Beast: You came back.
  • Belle: Of course I came back! I couldn't let them- Oh, this is all my fault! If only I'd come here sooner.
  • Beast:'s's better this way.
  • Belle: Don't talk like that. It'll be all right. We're together now, everything's going to be fine, you'll see.
  • Beast: At least...I got to see last time. *dies*
  • Belle: No. No! Please! Please don't leave me! I love you.

Learning to let go is a reoccurring process because things are constantly changing. we are always adapting to a new environment, therefore we must let go of old habits and introduce better structure into our lives.
The foundation on which we experience life exists within, the one thing you can return to always.. This is home. There is no need to have regret for our mistakes and judgment for other’s process. You may have just caught them at a very strange time in their life.
There is no one that can do you better, than you yourself. Acceptance is key. balance is necessary. it’s when you find a good way to channel the negative energy and release it in a creative form that you transcend all opposition to the human way… You don’t have to be a prisoner to your emotional self, you don’t even have to agree with it.
Feelings just are.
Let them go.


Firefall, Just Remember I Love You

I saw a t-shirt at the used bookstore today and I thought it said, “Bring Back Firefall" in the perfect color, a brown with gold lettering, and the font was exactly like that Firefall album cover.

But it was some Firefly thing. Sad face.

It was a tough day around here. I don’t really want to go in to it, but someone is having a tough time. So.

Anyway, super lucky to have all of you and all of my friends here in town. Tears and texts and Tumblr posts. And wine later. Good friends, good wine, excellent conversation.

Bring Back Firefall! I bet they’re touring on that Sail Rock show. Why not Yacht Rock? Copyright? What?

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You reached into my brain and helped me express every feeling I have about that article and the revival in hour tags.

Thanks, man. I’m sorry I’m down on stuff today. I think I’ve just finally hit a wall with Chris Carter. He has not changed in ten million years. I keep waiting for…something, and I don’t think I’m ever going to get it, and I’m just…tired. The show and I are not seeing eye-to-eye right now as far as what the show should be. And, it’s not my show, so I don’t really get a vote. So, you know. Being super invested is tiring (not to mention time-consuming) and sometimes I just need a rest from it.

Honestly, the finale sounds pretty cool to me, on the “cool, some sci-fi” level (which I like! I’m not one of those people who watches no sci-fi except for this show; I love sci-fi), just not on the level where I care the most (the “put Mulder and Scully next to each other and have them do literally anything” level). So, I’m sure it’ll be good. I hope it is, because I want it to do well. It’s just not in me right now to get super excited about it or to do a whole bunch of anticipating or trying to theorize what will happen or whatever. Whatever will be will be. Once it happens, I’ll react to whatever it is then.