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@cheshirerabit said: Shit, your teacher Bakugou idea is something I never considered but now think would be really cool. Cuz he would not stop being a hero but he wouldn’t half-ass being a teacher so it would be like how All Might attempted to hero and teach but could actually work. Plus, I’m all for Bakugou’s role model switching with time to Aizawa. 10/10 idea.

Anon said: OMG Fran now i want to see Teacher or Older Bakugou or or Bakugou with Aizawa

Bless both of you for giving me a reason to talk about this cause honestly I love this idea way more than striktly necessary - this!!! is how I like to think it would go down:

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Imagine Stiles taking pole dancing classes because he sees how much strength it takes to do that shit and he feels weak and inadequate and hopes it'll help him get stronger and maybe not so clumsy. Turns out he's a natural. And the day Derek crashes the class (he thinks its regular dancing) because he needs Stiles to help him research the newest weird shit and sees Stiles working the pole goes down in Beacon Hills history as the day Derek Hale walked into a metal pole and broke his nose.

There is literally nothing I can add to this post. It is perfect. Derek Hale accidentally walking into things because he’s too distracted by Stiles will forever be my aesthetic. 

May Stiles go on to live a long and happy life as a pole dancing instructor and may Derek forever go walking into poles, falling into pools and tripping over trash cans because of it as long as they both shall live.

“You’re job is dangerous, Stiles.”

“Oh my god. I’ve been doing it for ten years, Derek. I think I’ll be fine.”

“I wasn’t talking about for you, you idiot.” 

(meanwhile their kids are probably face palming in the back ground; all they wanted was normal parents but instead their dad gives pregnant women pole dancing lessons every Tuesday in their living room while playing the Star Wars theme tune while their papa has gone through his third pair of glasses this month alone because apparently parents aren’t too old to be love sick idiots)  


I just wanna say a couple of things to you, all right? Now, I’m not asking for anything, so don’t feel any pressure.

  • when the MC first met Hunt: nice to meet you where you been
  • whenever the MC has the option to flirt with Hunt: I could show you incredible things
  • pretty much what people's reactions would be like if the MC dated Hunt: magic, madness, heaven, sin
  • when the MC first met Hunt again: saw you there and I thought
  • fangirls: oh my god
  • jawline: look at that face
  • probably Hunt's reaction to all this: you look like my next mistake
  • sort of the attitude the MC has on the date: love's a game, wanna plaaaay
  • benefactor maybe: new money, suit and tie
  • "deep down you hoped it was me!" : I can read you like a magazine
  • that idea someone posted about the MC being blackmailed with info about her relationship with Hunt: ain't it funny, rumors lie
  • Hunt's attitude basically: and I know you heard about me
  • we should hang out some time tommy boy: so hey, let's be friends
  • fucking ending to the hunt date: I'm dying to see how this one ends
  • hunt wears prada: grab your passport and my hand
  • hunt wears prada pt 2: I can make the bad guys good for a weekend
  • --chorus--
  • when the mask is still on: SO IT'S GONNA BE FOREVER
  • once the mask is off: OR IT'S GONNA GO DOWN IN FLAMES
  • kind of what the MC is conveying once Hunt gets mad about the seduction: you can tell me when it's over
  • "this whole night was a mistake?" "I didn't say that" : if the high was worth the pain
  • addison, ethan, chris, victoria: got a long list of ex-lovers
  • probably why they keep on going all over-the-top with the dates (because maybe we're high maintenance): they'll tell you I'm insane
  • the MC is technically dating as many people as she wants: 'cause you know I love the players
  • lol hunt doesn't love the game: and you love the game
  • whenever MC has 'yolo' attitude: 'cause we're young and we're reckless
  • was kissing hunt too far: we'll take this way too far
  • hunt's attitude during the date: it'll leave you breathless
  • hunt's attitude afterwards: or with a nasty scar
  • addison, ethan, chris, victoria: got a long list of ex-lovers
  • probably why they keep on going all over-the-top with the dates (because maybe we're high maintenance): they'll tell you I'm insane
  • "insanely hot professor" : but I got a blank space baby and I'll write your name
  • --chorus ends--
  • what do I put for this one: cherry lips, crystal skies
  • whenever the MC has the option to flirt with Hunt: I could show you incredible things
  • if Hunt kisses the MC during the date: stolen kisses, pretty lies
  • they're both celebrities: you're the king baby I'm your queen
  • whenever the MC tries getting close to hunt: find out what you want
  • this only works if the MC is a girl: be that girl for a month
  • once hunt takes off the MC's mask: wait the worst is yet to cooooome, oh no
  • fangirls' reactions to the date's ending: screaming, crying, perfect storms
  • if your MC is one of the rude ones: I can make all the tables turn
  • implied to be Hunt's impression of the MC: rose gardens filled with thorns
  • what HUNT does to US: keep you second guessing like
  • apparently priya singh: oh my god, who is she
  • "what we could have been, thomas": I get drunk on jealousy
  • whenever hunt lets his softer side show: but you'll come back each time you leave
  • also Hunt's impression: 'cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream
  • --skipping the chorus you already know--
  • dat angst with hunt's date tho: boys only want love if it's torture
  • well the MC DID drop hints: don't say I didn't, say I didn't warn ya
  • hunt's date struck a chord with me and I'm not even part of the hunt crush: boys only want love if it's torture
  • seriously MC dropped hints: don't say I didn't, say I didn't warn yaaAAA
  • (I was only going to do the first verse but I got carried away goddammit)

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the ban on pitt bulls in montreal just got delayed!! it kind of inspired a fic idea though- let's pretend jack still lives in montreal and has a beloved pitt that he adores but he's scared it'll get repossessed with the ban. so he posts an ad for someone to adopt his dog temporarily until he can figure something out. enter bitty! who ends up falling in love with the dog! and then the dog's owner! idk i just really love dogs

I love dogs too, pal.  This prompt gave me so many feelings about my dog oh boy. fun fact: Jack and Bitty’s arrangement is similar to the one my cousin has with the family that adopted her bunny!

Jack held Puck on his lap, not bothered by the fact that she was really too big for it.  Ordinarily, he’d tried to keep her off the furniture in the living room and certianly in other people’s homes, but since the news of his trade from the Falconers to the Habs, he hadn’t found hmself able to deny her anything.  Eric Bittle, to his credit, didn’t seem to mind.  With the possibility of Montreal banning pitbulls looming, he’d been forced to find her a new home.  It had broken his heart every time he looked at her big happy eyes and known that he’d have to give her up.  One night, he’d thought crazily of saying fuck it and giving up hockey instead.  But in the end, he’d  put word out that his dog needed a loving home, and a couple days later, he had an email from Eric Bittle, offering to meet up and discuss an open adoption.

As bitter as he was about the whole thing, he had to admit that Eric seemed great.  He was warm, and friendly, and unbearably cute.  Puck took to him immediately, licking Eric all over his face when he crouched down to say hello.  Jack had appologized, but Eric had just laughted and made kissy faces back at her, scratching behind her ears.  When they’d both turned big brown eyes on him, he’d felt his heart skip.

They’d made small thalk over pie and coffee, with homemade dog treats for Puck.  Eventually Jack had asked what Eric meanty by open adoption.

“Oh!  I guess maybe I should’ve explained more over email.  Um, I was thinking, you know, you might not be in Montreal forever, or the ban could go away and maybe…you’d want her back?  And for the time being, I could, um, send you pictures and videos of her, and when you play in the area or during the off season you could…visit?  Of course if you wanted to do a closed adoption, that’s fine too.  Just…” Eric finally took a breath and let it out, a little shakily.  “I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you, and I just want to make it as easy for you as possible.”

Jack was surprised to see that Eric’s eyes were a little wet.  “Thank you,” he said, not able to make himself ashamed of his own choked up voice.  “I - If you really don’t mind, open adoption sounds perfect.”  He ruffles Puck’s ears.  “I never get to see her much during the season, but I can’t really imagine her just being gone.”  Eric reached out and rubbed a hand up and down Jack’s back.  The comfort of the touch loosened the ball of tension in his chest just enough that a sob tore out of his throat.  He was a little embarrassed to be crying on a stranger’s couch, but Eric just handed him some tissues and kept rubbing circles between his shoulderblades while Puck snuggled closer.

After he recovered his composure, he turned to Eric.  “Sorry,” he said sheepishly.  Eric squeezed his shoulder before withdrawing his hand.

“Oh, sweetheart, don’t you even think about it.  This is a hard decision and you have every right to cry about it.”

“Thank you.”

“Ain’t nothing.”

For the rest of the afternoon, they talked about Puck’s favorite parks, her typical exercise (”I try to take her with me on my short runs.” “Oh, that’s perfect!  I try to get in a few miles after work.”) and the basics of Snapchat (”And see, now you tap on the little pink box next to my name -” “What are the purple ones?” “Those are on my story.” “Story?” “…Good Lord, you are a terrible millennial.”)

By the time he had to say goodbye, Jack had even forgotten to be sad.  Eric just felt like a normal part of his life.  But evenutally it was late and Jack had probably overstayed his welcome, so he excused himself, citing an early flight, and gave Puck a hug goodbye and some final pets.  He told himself that at least she wouldn’t be scared tonight.  She was used to spending time with sitters.  As he started up his car, his phone buzzed with an incoming Snapchat.  It was a picture of Puck stretched out on Eric’s couch, captioned “well someone’s making herself at home”.  Jack took a screenshot the way Eric had showed him and put the car in drive.

The ask box is open for prompts!  Send your requests right here!

Pynch fic rec list

I’ve read some lovely fic for this pairing, so decided to compile a list of some of my favourites. Recs, organised in order of longest to shortest, under the cut. I’ll be updating this post as time goes by. Fics marked with ** were my absolute favourites. Enjoy <3

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Okay so here’s the deal: I always want to make a new theme. Like always. I’ll be sitting at lunch with my friends and be thinking “I think I’m gonna start on a new theme when I get home.” So then I go home, get my work space set up, y'know, clear off my desk, boot up my computer, and whip out some post-it notes and graph paper, and then it hits me: “What do I wanna do this time?”

See, it takes me forever to come up with an idea for a theme, and when I do, I make a sketch of it and get to work. And then once I get started, I change my mind and wind up doing something completely different.

So pretty much, I need a way to have an idea and stick to it, and the first solution that came to my mind was to do a custom theme/page thingy!

Here's how it'll work:

Okay so what’ll happen is, you guys will reblog this post to enter, and then I will (randomly) choose 8 winners, 5 of which will get a custom page (like an about, navigation, or faq page), and 3 of which will get a custom-made theme.

If you win, I’ll make a post congratulating you as well as send you a message asking for what you want. I want all the details you can give me. That means any specific features, post size, container vs. normal, header vs. sidebar, pic vs. no pic, customization options, the works. Maybe even send me links to some of your favorite themes/websites, so I can get a better idea of the style you’re looking for. Go crazy!


  • You have to be following either my main blog or my theme blog (I’d prefer if you’re following my theme blog, but if you’re really against that for some reason, that’s okay)
  • Reblog this post (you can like to bookmark it, but that will not count as entry)
  • Please, please get this post to 70 notes (although I’d really rather it reach a good bit more than that)

Other Info:

  • You can enter until March 1st
  • I’ll announce the winners within a few days
  • 5 winners get pages, and 3 get custom-made themes
  • If you have any questions, you can contact me here or here

Keep in mind that at times, I can get pretty busy with school and work. Because of this, your theme or page may or may not be done within a few days of deciding on a design, but I promise it will not take more than 6 weeks. If I take more than, 6 weeks, feel free to slap me!

Don’t forget to check out my themes/pages here to make sure this is something you’re interested in; if you don’t like my themes, don’t enter!

Alright, if you read that entire thing, thanks so much, and get to reblogging, babes!!

For Me (Preview)

Because it’s taking me forever to post part 2 for Keep Me Company, I’ve decided to give you guys a sneak peek of For Me since it’ll most likely be posted up tomorrow afternoon. Thank you guys for being patient with a slow writer like me. Tell me what you think and I hope you enjoy it! :))

“Do you not like it?” you whispered, hesitant on making your next move. Your heart was racing a mile a minute as you took in Justin’s appearance beneath you; from his swollen red lips, his disheveled blonde hair and his dark brown eyes filled with lust.

Justin took you in, his eyes raking over your face carefully. “Would you stop if I did?”

You tensed up, you thighs tightening around Justin’s torso before you forced yourself to relax. You scanned your eyes over Justin’s face trying to figure out the meaning behind his words. Did he hate when you were dominant? Was he not feeling it like you were? Were you the only one getting turned on?

“I’d stop” your responded immediately, “We made a deal. I’m here to make you feel good…”

“Do you not feel good when we do it?” He asked, his eyes and tone serious. You frowned and sat back, feeling his firm erection on your bum. He seemed to be asked a lot of questions tonight. It wasn’t like him. Normally he’d like to get straight to it but this time…something was different; something felt off and it put an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach.

“Why does that matter?” You challenged.

Justin shrugged, not giving anything away. “Nothing…I guess. It’s just how am I expected to feel good when my partner isn’t?”

You sighed and gave him a quick and firm kiss, “I feel good. I feel amazing actually which is why I’m fine with being your quick fuck and booty call at all hours of the night. If I didn’t feel good, I would’ve stopped it after the first time.” you replied honestly.

This seemed to give him a new wave of confidence for he immediately pushed himself up, roughly pressing his lips to yours. His hands roughly massaging and kneading you butt through the thin pink silk shorts to match your cami, his movements causing your hips to rock back and forth over his member. You moaned as you felt his erection brush against the damp fabric of your underwear.

“More baby” Justin growled as he moved his lips to your neck, pulling the skin into his mouth. His finger tickled at the hem of your tank before he slowly lifted it up more and more before it became a discarded item on the floor. Justin pulled away from your neck, leaving the burning impression of a hickey in it’s place. He chewed on his bottom lip as he admired his work before humming in approval. He turned his attention to your bare chest before dragging his dark brown irises to meet yours, “Where else shall I mark you?”

When you didn’t respond, Justin bit down on your collarbone, causing you to yelp in surprise. Grinning against your skin, he kissed down your chest until his sucked your plump breast into his mouth, nipping and sucking at your nipple. He slipped his hands up your back, pressing his palms flat between your shoulder blades and pushed your chest closer to his face.

Throwing your head back, you let a moan slip from your lips. Justin groaned against your chest, your moans like music to his ears. He quickly flipped you over, his palms still pressed firmly against your back. He kissed up from your chest to your neck leaving a trail of lovebites in his wake.

“Tell me you’re mine,” He whispered harshly against your collarbones.

You shivered in response, “I’m yours…” you breathed, the words leaving your lips before you could stop them. Justin removed a hand from your back and slid it down your hip and thighs, your skin tingling from where his fingers brushed. Your skin burned with every touch, your mind numbing and you two hadn’t even really gotten into the foreplay. Everything Justin was doing seemed to overwhelm you.

In one swift motion, Justin slid your shorts and underwear to the side and shoved a single digit into your dripping center. You sucked in a sharp breath, your eyes widening and your back arching in surprise. Justin didn’t give you time to adjust. Immediately he went straight to pumping his fingers in and out of you, making sure to curl his finger in order to fondle the soft tissue of your g-spot. You cried out, your hips jerking unable to keep up with Justin’s face pace.