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Shy anon here! Do you think Keith has experience flirting? *Cough Lance* I'm a Klance shipper too, but to shy to talk to you :3

Do I think that Keith has experience flirting? 

No. I really don’t. The Voltron twitter stated that the thing he dislikes the most is “tomfoolery” and I am 99% sure that in his definition flirting is a part of that. It also doesn’t really fit his character - he is way too honest and open about everything. And he gets embarrassed easily (we all know that he usually has no problems with doing dumb stuff with the team but once it crosses a certain line, he just refuses. that’s what happened in the bad sound effects/laser guns scene hah). Even just the thought of flirting with someone probably makes him embarrassed.

That being said… he can’t be embarrassed if he isn’t aware that he’s flirting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


zexion week ◦ day iv ◦ emotions

so i just got back early from camping cos my cousin is sick and i’m all sweaty n gross right now bUt i just wanna say a big HELLO to my new followers and aroha i am so so blessed to have you all in my life!! astro and aroha give me so much warmth and joy. (side note: ALL THE AROHA SELCA DAY PICS ARE GIVING ME SO MUCH LIFE RN AHH YOU ALL ARE SO PRECIOUS!!!!)

i hope you’re all having a wonderful day or night wherever you are and if you found me cos of the giveaway, be on the lookout because there’s about a week left :’))) i’m so hecking excited for this giveaway yOU DON’T EVEN KNOWWW


Yuzuru Hanyu + Worlds 2013-15 - Playing with Pooh

  • SANTANA: Hey Mason one small question, but did you like fuck up with the potions somehow?
  • MASON: No. I don't think so anyway
  • MASON: is this about blaine? is he still not awake?
  • MASON: ive been thinking
  • MASON: we found everyone else pretty quickly and idk when mr anderson figured out something was wrong but
  • MASON: maybe he was just asleep too much in the beginning? not too much to ever wake up or anything like that but like we kept madison and everyone else awake as much as we could so maybe he's just deeper asleep than they were so it'll take longer
  • MASON: maybe???