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All around smooching to end the night on a happy note (。・ω・。)ノ♡

~ Random favorite moments of Book of The Atlantic subbed by yours truly~


  • These were actually some of the snaps I made which is why the quality absolutely sucks –> I’ll use the original file in case I make another one, promiz
  • There is no official subbed version available yet (as far as I know at least) so this was the raw version
  • I’m definitely not fluent, but these scenes contained very simple dialogue, which is why I could translate everything just fine 
  • But Sebastian’s keigo was driving me nuts throughout the entire movie omfg
  • I apologize for my snorting 
  • I love baby Ciel 

Deranged Mini-Masterlist

Characters: EXO

Warnings: Some vulgar language, and mentions of many forms of abuse, suicide, mental health issues, etc.

Word Count: 6.2k

The sound of my heels clicking against the floor echoed throughout the halls. I had an iPad in hand, as well as a cup of coffee and a Minella file. The building my office is in isn’t part of the actual hospital, rather a sister-building located relatively near the hospital. It housed mainly specialists, and also therapists such as myself. I entered the floor my office is on, saying good morning to a passing doctor I was surprised to see.  The other good part of this building is that it isn’t crowded in the least, especially around where my office is. My office is off by itself down a short hallway. You wouldn’t come down that way unless you were coming to my office, that’s one of the things I liked about it. My patients like the privacy, they liked that they knew only the two of us were around to hear.

A man named Suho is my most avid patient. On his good days, he had this motherly vibe to him. He always worried about everyone else when he’s the one he should be worried about. I met him around two weeks after being here. He was admitted to the main hospital when I first met him, he has since then been released but he still comes to see me quite often. While staying in the hospital for his three months, he saw countless therapists but none of them had even gotten him to look at them. After many therapists failed, they brought him to me. It took a few days, but I finally cracked into his shell.

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