it'll only happen once


delena rewatch meme | [½] moments per season → S2

I just have to say it once. And you just need to hear it.

monstrslair  asked:

((Bad ending)) Jeb curses at his mistake. He gets up to kneel infront of her, tucking himself back in. "..I-it was once. She came to me after a bad night. She wanted to feel loved and her way to feel it is through sex. Pandora, please, it was only once. It'll never happen again."

*she hiccups again and stands up, moving away as quickly as she can. His load is dripping down her legs as the slender face goes and he can see the one underneath. He can see clear betrayal written on her face* N-no Jeb! You said HER name!! YOU WANTED ME TO BE HER! *she cries louder as wind starts to kick up around her. Normally she’d cry at the death of animals, especially baby ones, but she just ignores it as she kills anything to close with the wind as daggers* YOU DON’T WANT ME! DO YOU?! *she chokes on a sob, a hand flies to her mouth* And I let you have… *her midnight tears are falling*