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To All WildeHopps Shippers

Was going to wait to make this a morning post but I can’t hold back this fantastic realization: we’re going to win either way. When Zootopia 2 comes out we are going to come out satisfied.
Because let’s face it the only reason they aren’t considered a cannon couple is because they haven’t kissed. But other than that Nick and Judy sizzle with chemistry that far surpasses a majority of Disney couples who HAVE made out and tied the knot. 
I mean is any shipper sitting there thinking: “Gosh, there could be no INCREDIBLE WildeHopps moments in the sequel.”? If so I have wonderful news darling: you are wrong. 
Judy and Nick had some of the sweetest moments when they were just building up their friendship. Seeing them in a sequel were they’re as close as ever? Our little shipper hearts are going to burst! Those future moments can be seen as platonic but they could also, VERY EASILY, be seen as romantic. I have complete faith that the wonderful Byron Howard and Rich Moore won’t let us down, after all they never said downright no to WildeHopps. The most negative thing they said is that no matter what they do someone is going to be disappointed. But shippers-that doesn’t have to be us! We are GOING to get loving gazes, adorable banter, beautiful affection, and fingers crossed one of them gets in danger and the other flips out. Nick and Judy are ELECTRIC, they’re always going to be electric, and I can’t see either of them admitting love and the other saying no (besides Judy already said she loves him and by Nick’s face its mutual so we don’t have to worry about that). I mean, there’s just no way they are going to say, very firmly that they aren’t a couple and will never be. And the directors are smart enough not to throw in a random love interest for either because the movies will always be about Nick and Judy’s adventures and relationships. 
Point is, whether Zootopia 2 ends with a kiss or a high four/hug, we are going to come out with smiles on our faces because truly, without a doubt, WildeHopps is a ship that will always sail. 



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