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You're My Honey

The sound of their voices echoed throughout the library, startling Levy out of her own thoughts. She’d assumed they were sleeping, more so after they hadn’t moved for the last ten minutes. However, they liked to be talking to each other now. She could see their lips moving but could no longer hear any words. It wasn’t until a particularly high pitched more screeched through her ears that she realized her music had started playing once more. Levy smiled as dean reached over and kissed Cas on the forehead. And as much as she wanted to take embarrassingly sappy pictures of the two, she let them be. Levy picked out a couple of books and slipped out the room.

“Finally, I thought she’d never leave,” breathed out Dean.
Both he and Cas had been trying to lay as still as possible since Levy had entered. After a heavy make-up session that had left both eager to get or of there and back to their room she had waltzed in. Literally, waltzed with her book as a partner. It would have been funny if he hasn’t been so uncomfortable.
“This was your idea, Dean. I had suggested we leave when she reached the farther ends if the aisles,” grumbled Cas.
“Yeah well I thought she’d know which book she planned on reading when she entered,” retorted Dean. He set his foot down and immediately heard a crunch. They’d made a mess a while ago during a pillow fight. With a sigh he got up, pulling Cas with him.
“No, I don’t wanna get up,” whined Cas. There was no point to getting up now.
“C'mon Cas, we gotta clean before we get an ant infestation.”
“We’ll do it later, can’t we just lay a little longer? ”
“No, we might as well get done with it now.”
“I’ll make you a deal,” proposed Cas.
Eager to find out what type of deal he was gonna make Dean laid back down, “Alright lay it on me Cas.”
“I can tell the whole world something in a few seconds.”
Dean chuckled, “Yeah, I don’t think so. It’s gonna take a lot more than a few seconds.”
Cas merely smiled and laid on top of Dean, “I’m positive I can do it.”
“And what do I get if I win,” asked Dean.
“Anything you want.”
“Anything? That seems a bit unfair but okay. What are you gonna tell them?”
Cas smiled up at Dean and kissed his freckled nose,“ I love Dean Winchester.”
Dean raised his eyebrows,“ Really? You’re gonna say that.”
“Mhmm,” Cas brushed his nose along Dean’s jawline.
“Well, go ahead then sunshine.”
“I love Dean Winchester,” whispered Cas into his ear. A shiver ran down his spine as he heard these words. The feeling of having him this close once again didn’t help. Dean closed his eyes and smiled, “Why’d you whisper Cas? I don’t think everyone heard you.”
“Because you’re my world Dean. And I’m pretty sure I won our bet.”
Dean opened his eyes, and Cas was startled to find them glistening. “Cas, you’re such a big sap and I love you so much.”
He lifted himself up and pressed his lips to Dean’s. He smiled before asking, “How am I the sap, if you’re my honey?”
Dean threw his head back and laughed. Cas was one of a kind and he’d always love him. He somehow always found a way to make him laugh and feel loved. He pressed their lips back together, reveling in the sensation of their softness as they slipped against one another.
“Did Charlie show you that one? Or was it Levy?”
Cas hesitated a moment before replyung, “I avtually found it myself on a website.”
“Which one was it this time?”
“Tumblr, there’s a lot of pictures of cats too.”

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The Mistakes We Made (34): Potential

Izaya doesn’t answer his door when Shizuo knocks. This isn’t that startling in and of itself; except that Izaya called a half hour ago asking Shizuo to come over with an odd, strained tone to his voice, and that since the night Shizuo spent sleeping in Izaya’s room instead of his own the other has taken to leaving his door unlocked rather than letting Shizuo in himself when the other comes over. But the door’s locked, when Shizuo tries it after knocking to no response, and when he frowns it’s with the beginnings of rising concern more than with irritation.

“Izaya?” he calls, offering the other’s name in advance of a second attempt at knocking. “It’s Shizuo. Are you alright?”

There’s a pause, a moment of quiet thorough enough to prickle another surge of concern down Shizuo’s spine; but then: “Hang on,” faint through the barrier of the door but still recognizably Izaya’s voice. “Give me a minute.”

Shizuo does. Shizuo gives Izaya multiple minutes, in fact; by the time there’s the sound of movement on the other side of the door it’s been almost five, and Shizuo can feel his forehead creasing into worry in spite of Izaya’s response. He can’t imagine what’s taking so long, can’t even make a guess at what Izaya’s doing on the other side of the door that had to wait until he arrived, and he’s opening his mouth to demand an explanation as the handle to the room turns and the weight of the door swings open.

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1029 had been watching the dirt road that lead to their current fairgrounds all day, waiting to see the cab that would be taking Jeremy there. Finally he saw it, and hurried out to greet Jeremy as the cab parked in the field that served as a parking lot.

“Jeremy!” he shouted happily, jogging out to see the man he hadn’t in nearly a month; a month out of the city seemed to have done his health some good, though, as he wasn’t wearing his oxygen tubes. “Hi–hi! You made it!”