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Jeremy Bulloch on his lines as Boba Fett (feat. Temuera Morrison and Daniel Logan egging him on) at Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Bulloch: Boba Fett has seven lines and a scream.

Morrison: You couldn’t give us that scream, could you?

Bulloch: [screams for approximately eight seconds]

Morrison: That’s talent, that’s talent, right there. I can see why you got the part.

conflict is when u want to Make Content bc ur thirsty desperate ass requires validation but also when u dont want to Make Content bc u know that u won’t get notes bc ur a small blog and bigger blogs that have Even Bigger Mutuals to rb their stuff and seeing that comparison will make u feel even shittier and dejected 


my your name au where jimin and yoongi switches bodies–
maknae line thinks jimin is super cool and tough– kicks all the people who bullies jimin– where hyungline wonders how yoongi got so cute and precious;;; and rapmon, jhope, and jin all develop a small crush on him;;; AND V AND JUNGKOOK CRUSH ON YOONGI!JIMIN—————

  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *sitting in his chair; hands clasped* I have to tell you something.
  • Rosamund: *sitting in her dad's old chair; eating a cookie* Yeah?
  • Sherlock: *awkward* Um, well, for a while, I've been...on my own here.
  • Rosamund: *nods* I know. That's okay, Uncle Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I know. It's okay if that changes, too *pauses* would you be okay if that changes?
  • Rosamund: *confused* Changes how?
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* I've asked someone to live with me. Someone very special, very close to me *affectionate* someone I love *smiles* and they've accepted.
  • Rosamund: *grins* Is it Aunt Molly?
  • Sherlock: *frowns* How do you know that?
  • Rosamund: *giggles* Oh, Uncle didn't think that was a SECRET, did you?
  • Sherlock: ...

I had to doodle something from the latest chapter of Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear cos it gave me so many goddamn feels and if you aren’t reading that fic then you are missing the hell out like you don’t even know ok

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Have you ever wondered how baby!kookie would take losing his first tooth? I can already imagine the members sneaking in the middle of the night at the same time to put a nickel under his pillow until they see one of the other members or y/n pulling out cash 😂

i imagine hoseok tryna be smooth like “watch this imma give him a nickel”

and yoongi comes over like “move over bitch he deserves more than just a nickel”

cue in hobi’s offended face

Dating Jimin;

other members; min yoongi | hoseok | namjoon | seokjin | taehyung | jungkook

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- him loving to play with your hair
- having pillow fights all the time
- soft neck kisses
- you always squishing his cheeks
- because they’re just so cuteee
- HiS gOd DaMn ThIgHs
- him calling you 24/7
- “good morning, sleep head,”
- jimin waking up before you, just so he can watch you sleep for about 20 minutes
- whenever you two hold hands he’d just giggle and smile cheekily
- him always complimenting you
- “baby, you’re so gorgeous,”
- jimi always walking round with his shirt off because he knows what it does to you
- ThAt LiTtLe ShIt WiTh HiS gOd DaMn AbS
- him waking you up at 3 am just to look at the stars
- I think he’d get quiet emotional when he has to leave you to go on tour
- and when he is on tour he messages you all the god damn time
- he’ll tell you everything he’s doing, how much he misses you and that he wishes you were by his side
- “y/n, i miss you so much. i didn’t realises leaving you for 3 months would hurt so much,”
- him just being a little ball of fluff
- like god damn, he’s just the most adorable boyfriend ever
- whenever you’re sad he’d scrap everything and buy you chocolate just so he can watch films with you whilst you cry to him.
- “just let it all out baby, i’m always here to listen,”
- always sneaking out with the maknae line, just to piss around
- whenever he’s drunk him doing girl group dances in front of everyone
- him getting jealous of your celebrity crushes
- like really jealous
- to the point where he won’t talk to you because he thinks you want them over him
- “i guess he has things that i don’t then,”
- him getting super insecure about himself
- jimin you is beautiful and dis celebrity crush aint shit against you
- it’d take him a while to admit that he loves you
- even if he has loved you for the longest time
- whenever you get into arguments he’d cry because he hates arguing with you
- he never shouts, like ever, it’s just not him
- however he does get irritated easily
- he’d want to be the first one to say “i love you,”
- holding your hands A LOT
- him sending you “i miss you,” texts even when he’s at the studio
- i think jimin would want to get married
- he’d also want quiet a lot of kids
- he’d be the cutest father ever
- sweater paws
- jimin would buy you flowers all the time
- he’d say they were to “brighten your day,”
- tou’d always reassure him that he’s prefect and that there’s no need for him to be insecure, and he’d do the same to you.
- “jimin, you’re all i want. you’re perfect, and don’t ever forget that. i love you, okay, chim chim,”
- his raspy morning voice
- waking up to him twirling your hair slowly
- promise rings
- cute and romantic restaurant dates
- whenever he’s upset with you he’ll give you the silent treatment
- him randomly blushing when you walk into a room, even though you’ve been sating for over 2 years
- the boys teasing him for blushing the moment you walk out
- “dude, you’ve been dating for ages. you still shouldn’t be blushing whenever she walks into the room,”
- “but she’s/he’s to amazing, i still get butterfly’s every time i see her,”
- him remembering everything you two did together
- him keeping a photo book, putting in every single photo you have of each other
- skinship, skinship, SkInShIp, sKiNsHiP, SKINSHIP
- him being very lovey dovey
- pointless conversations at midnight
- “you’re my whole entire world,”
- koala jimin
- he’d lend you his hoodies all the time
- jimin would insist his phone case matches yours
- endless pampering from his end 
- whenever he talked to someone about you he’d say “my girlfriend/boyfriend,” because he still can’t believe your his
- whenever you do anything silly or clumsy, such as trip over, you’ll never forget because he’ll remind you of it ALL THE TIME
- he’d just be a adorable little shit
- giggles
- giggles
- GiGgLeS
- “you’re so adorable, i hate it so much,”
- whenever you were stressed he'd sing you lullabies
- aka your favourite bts songs 
- face timing whilst he’s on tour
- sloppy kisses all over your face
- basically, he’s just an amazing and adorable boyfriends that’ll love you and compliment you and pamper you until you die. he’d just be, in my opinion, the best boyfriend anyone could ask for.
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hey-o, so that’s it and i really hoped you liked it.
i just wanted to dedicate this to the anon who actually inboxed me about it; i really hope you liked it love, and thanks for your lovely words.
anyway, thanks so much for reading and i really hope you’re shook over how cute of a boyfriend jimin would be- bEcAuSe I Am!
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I can't stop thinking about the time that Viktor sings to Yuuri in his sleep and I was wondering if it'll ever be brought up in a later conversation? Or alternatively, if Viktor knew Yuuri was awake somehow it what he was feeling to make him sing?

It probably wont get brought up specifically in conversation but it might be mentioned in passing. Also, Viktor thought Yuuri was still asleep when it happened

It’s been a while since I last inked anything traditionally and had it turn out nice :’)
Wanted to try out one of the glittery Sakura Gelly Roll pens I randomly got in a small bunch of art stuff my dad got for free from a yard-sale or something, and figured the gold would make for a lovely accent!

This is kind of influenced/based off a sketch set I did like, two years ago? Three maybe? Mostly just the pose tho OTL

Also part of the reason I’m posting this is to let others know that I probably won’t be posting much - if at all - in the next little while.
My grandpa suddenly passed away around 11:30 last night after being diagnosed with leukemia a couple weeks ago at the most, and it’s hit us really hard, especially since it’s almost exactly two years after my grandma passed away under pretty similar circumstances.

I’m just really not feeling inspired or motivated to do a whole lot right now… which also goes to answering asks and such :/
[I promise I’ll get to them when I’m feelin’ up for it, though!]

However! I’m still super pumped for RWBY Vol. 4 though!! :)
I’m really diggin’ some of the new outfits they’ve been revealing!

Also holy shit, why are there no decent purples in both my Crayola and Prismacolor sets???? It’s all just this pink/red bullshit, lmao [that or it’s a super dark, blue-tinted purple]


★ the amazing book is not on fire, pg. 115 ★

Haunted House
  • ESFP: Do you guys want to go in the haunted house?
  • ISTP: Sure.
  • INTJ: Why must you torture me in this way?
  • ENFP: Shut up INTJ, it'll be fun!
  • *10 minutes later after waiting in line, we go into the ride*
  • ENFP: ...
  • INTJ: Omfg.
  • ISTP: Nothing even happenend yet.
  • ENFP: Please! *gives puppy eyes*
  • ISTP: ...
  • INTJ: Hoe don't do it.
  • ISTP: *grabs ENFP's hand*
  • INTJ: Oh my god.
  • ESFP: *snickering in the background*
  • ENFP: I love you.
  • ISTP: I hate you.