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Wonder Woman is getting a movie. Wonder Woman is getting an epic origin story. Wonder Woman is the main character in a massive blockbuster and she’s not going to be sidelined, shoved into a secondary position, or going to made to look like she’s weak or less than a male. She’s not going to put in a box, labeled romantic interest for no reason than to make her seem more feminine. The male in the story is secondary to her, and will never be made primary over her. Wonder Woman is directed by a woman, made to resonate with women, and not to be objectified by men. Fucking Wonder Woman is happening, and it’s amazing

If I could begin to be

Half of what you think of me

I could do about anything…

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you see, i don’t think the girls are being mean-spirited, i don’t think they have bad intentions toward sana, i don’t think they would ever want her to feel hurt and rejected and misunderstood. not at all. they’re not actively trying to do that. but lack of bad intent doesn’t make the way they (especially vilde) behave okay, it’s not what makes them good friends to her. and yes, it would be great if sana felt like she could open up more, if she felt like she could tell the girls how uncomfortable they sometimes make her feel, how excluded she feels. but sana shouldn’t be the only one making an effort. the girls shouldn’t have to wait for sana to explain herself for them to understand because they should also be trying to understand her. being friends means making proactive efforts, it means trying to understand your friend as a whole, trying to understand their reality and the things that matter to them. it means taking the time to put yourself in their shoes, it means asking questions and trying to learn because you want to. because a friend is someone you love and care about, because their friendship is something you value, it’s something that requires work 

and it’s not as though sana is being completely passive. she’s been outspoken, she has called out vilde multiple times, she has let them know when she disagreed with them. but sana can’t always be the one making the first step, she shouldn’t always be the one who tries and tries. i love the girls. i think they’re wonderful and i think they have good hearts. but i’m not disappointed by their behavior because i think they’re ill-intentioned, i’m disappointed because i think they’re sometimes being negligent, because i see that there are efforts they should be making, that they should’ve been making since the beginning of their friendship, and which they haven’t been making 


GW fixes Mary’s hair. Mary blows GW a kiss. Awkward turtle smile ensues…

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I am firmly in the ‘Team Killian didn’t kill David’s father’ camp. Until the show says otherwise, I’m staying right here in it. 

All that stuff in the promo was a red herring to make it look like Killian did it… but I really don’t think he did. It’s too predictable.


charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞