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Hak + Soo Won ch. 61 | Young Leaves in the Wind

“You’re pretty amazing…”
“I’m not. It’s because you were there, Hak. You’re always so strong, dependable and cool. I wanted to be like that. After seeing you, I wanted to get closer to you. I wanted to become more like you. I always think that. It’s frustrating, even though we’re so close… I don’t feel like I can reach you at all. You are… my goal.”


shatterdomeseattle is coming up very quickly (MAY 3rd!!), so let’s see the third of the four postcards I did for the fundraising campaign (and also con, I mean, they should be available at the con too).

I am told there are orcas around. I guess. I dunno guys, I don’t like being on the water. Like, I don’t even go fishing anymore. Boats and me don’t mix. But Chuck would probably go do outdoorsy things with Max, and confronting large beasts seems to be a theme. (I was having trouble in picking a specific place for Chuck, so this is more of a generic Pacific Northwest thing.)

The other postcards (last one from me to be posted week before the con):

Mako | Newt

anonymous asked:

I remember seeing that Ayato was 5 2" for the first time and just thinking it was a typo. But once I realized it wasn't, I couldn't stop laughing because Bunny Boy is 5 2" and I'm a 15 year old girl who is 6 feet tall..

Where’s that meme about “I will not even hesitate to strangle you on Monday.”

“Can you even reach my neck?”

Because seriously that’s what I think of whenever I think of Ayato, and I’m only 5'6