it'll be 19th in 45 minutes so posting it now~


vTWINNIEEEE! It’s your day, yahhooo~! Okay, let’s start talking about how much I love you, how I love the way we think alike, how we fangirl over bishies together, how you show me those NSFW eroge game CGs and make me listen some of them ffffff //// Also how you listen to my whinings and worries, the way you support me.. thank you baby! I appreciate every one of it for two years already! Ugh, I suck at writing things like this so forgive me this is short kk? orz Please have a great year and stay awesome forever. Happy Birthday Nongu! xoxo

ps: yes yes! we gotta have a bday party for you with all those favorite bishies of yours, you gotta love it hehhehee *w*