it'd be strange

Marianne getting back to her kingdom after everything that’s happened and her little handmaidens returning to, well, handmaiden-ing. 

But now Stuff and Thang consider her their Queen (already) and are like, No WE want to help you with all your things.

And so these two tiny goblins and these three tinier pixies are lowkey fighting for Marianne’s attention.

I do some of my better art when I’m tired and should be sleeping. Go figure.

Finally caught up with the latest chapter of Life is Strange through all the various Let’s Plays I’m watching (the game has so many choices, I’m watching like three separate ones to see the variety!) & the game’s really growing on me. Definitely on the wish list to play myself some time.

Anyway, I like Warren a lot - pretty much have since the first episode. He’s awkward and sometimes I roll my eyes at him, but he’s a good friend & I like his relationship with Max. I think he gets the short end of the stick a lot in this game series (Jeesh, Episode 4 was rough for him), so wanted to draw him happy.

And I think a tired Max falling asleep on his shoulder would qualify. :D