it'd be so powerful

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we always think about michael lee brown as evan and that is amazing and now that it's happening i'm super hyped, but now i raise you: imagine colton ryan going on for connor

gooD CONTENT right here. that would actually be so interesting to see? mlb is the go-to connor understudy, but colton would be beyond amazing. also, the world has? never seen someone other than mike faist play connor, because mike has yet to miss a performance (how?? mike are you okay?)

BUT i raise you this. ben platt as evan. michael lee brown as jared. colton ryan as connor. all of the evans, all up on stage together. “sincerely, me” would be So Good. 

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Are Rogues unable to use their powers to benefit themselves? And are Thieves unable to use them to help others? That's a bit weird, if so; it'd be painting Thieves as incapable (power-wise, at least) of selflessness. And, if Thieves are able to use their powers for others, shouldn't it go the other way around as well? Maybe it's about intention more than capability? Thanks! =)

They can use their powers to benefit themselves and others, it’s just that the nature of those powers allow for only one path, it’s HOW you use it that matters

Rogues can’t give to themselves
Thieves can not give to others

A Rogue can redirect an attack to save themself and a Thief can take the burden from an ally, but their powers are only a one way street

They can help whoever, themselves or others. Their powers aren’t actually geared for selfishness or selflessness, it just seems that way on the surface
  • What he says: I knew it.
  • What he means: I knew exactly how the final battle would go long before it was posted. I think most of us did. And you know what? That's not a good thing. There are several reasons why an audience could know how your story will play out before it even does, but none of them are good. Even putting aside how bad the writing was, Mashima is predictable. C'mon, we all knew Zeref and Natsu were going to get an incredibly disappointing showdown. We all knew deep in our hearts that even if we got our seven-dragonslayer Acnologia battle, all it'd really be is everyone giving their power to Natsu so he can be the important one. No one is allowed to make the difference except Natsu, after all. We know Mashima's pattern by now. And we can all guess exactly how his final chapter will go, too, it's not difficult.

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I'm a softie, so I don't like thinking about Draven killing Darius, BUT I'm interested to hear how you think Draven would go about trying to destroy NOXUS. One man versus a nation is a tough fight. It's obvious he's capable of pretty decent long-term planning (his career), but he doesn't seem focused on organizing other people (does not play well with others). So how would he go about it?

Well, let’s be real here: he probably wouldn’t succeed. LOL

In the first scenario I outlined, Draven and his ‘performances’ would probably be confined to Noxus, its conquered territories, and its ‘allies.’ I think he would begin by becoming more involved in the High Command and Noxus’ military, familiarizing himself with whatever information seems useful ( such as its intel, its tactics, etc. ). I’m sure his sudden ‘interest’ in aiding Noxus’ quest to seize control of Valoran would be very appreciated by Darius.

Suspicious, yes, but I think Draven would counter any skepticism by saying that those who submit to Noxus tend to be more receptive to his type of ‘entertainment’ than those who don’t. And besides, he’s Draven – I doubt the High Command takes him seriously.

Since any rapport Draven had managed to establish between himself and other nations would no longer be relevant, he’d have to contact them anonymously. It’d be small things at first, you know, to gain their trust: a Noxian squad will be here at this time, go kill them; Noxian troops will be stationed at this location for this time frame, go kill them; here’s a description of a Noxian spy that’s just been dispatched to this nation, kill them

Assuming he’s never discovered to be the leak – and that’s a rather big assumption – it’d eventually escalate to the point where he gives away a lot of ‘sensitive’ details about Noxus and its surrounding territories: blueprints, trade routes, underground passageways, prominent figureheads, etc. whatever he thinks could be used to hurt Noxus. And then, assuming he’s successful and Noxus’ iron grip on Valoran has begun to loosen, assuming Demacia and the other nations have begun to rise up and push back, assuming everything Darius had done for his nation has begun to unravel, that’s when Draven would kill his brother.

Whatever happens after that, Draven doesn’t really give a fuck.

In the second scenario, I think Draven would be too emotionally compromised after witnessing his brother’s resurrected form ( and then having to destroy it ) to do any long term planning; he’d probably just attack Swain and the High Command directly, and get struck down pretty quickly. I mean, I’m sure he’d be able to take out a handful of members, maybe even some who are part of the Black Rose, but there’s just no way he’d come out of that on top.

Katarina might be able to calm Draven down and convince him to help her take down Swain her way, but that’s a discussion for another day LOL.


Okay lord jesus what happened. This wasn’t supposed to turn into a movie to never come. heck. okay. well i’m accepting it now. can this be an actual thing. 

@pawooon-to-the-moon Sinpai, I need a rating. /10 Sinners thx. 

So I found out about the six legged Romano edit that pawooon-to-the-moon made and I really had the strong urge to draw it. Now, it’s a movie. Coming to hell this sprinter. It’s called “Romano the Radiant.” I’ll see all you filthy sinners in the theatre. 

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Amber in greek is ήλεκτροv (ilektron), which is the origin for the term "electricity", so it'd be nice if Amber had electrical powers as well!

maybe it’s a mosquito with electric powers B)

Anon:So Sunny, have you ever thought of what gem you’d use if you made a gemsona :0?? orwoulditbeAmberlol

omg noo haaha but I don’t like drawing myself a lot so I don’t think I’d make one ;v;

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not really a hc but i'm surprised that haven't seen any voltron characters + eeveelutions crossover yet bc that seems to be mandatory in fandoms with colour-assigned chars? but anyway i'd love to see shiro w umbreon, pidge w leafeon, keith w flareon, hunk w jolteon and idk if lance should get vaporeon or glaceon bc the blue lion is supposed to be the water guardian but it also has ice powers.

Voltron fandom get on this!