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Aaaaaa, sorry sorrysorrysorry.... Heard that you're going to post another chap yaaaay, but ,I mean, it's almost midnight and I've been refreshing the page nonestope for the last idk, 2 hours maybe ?? If it's ready, um... Would you please, you know... Post it a bit early?? Sorrysorrysorry, rude of me I know, but your dun dun duun is scaring me 😫

Hey, uh…. I’m not posting another chapter today. It was a reference to last week’s chapter 20. Like I mean, I could post a two word chapter today. But you probably wouldn’t appreciate it.

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I want a Hannibal prequel: a cross-telling of Will’s early cop days, Abigail’s life with her father, and Hannibal dealing with the loss of his sister for the first time. And despite them not having met yet, the three of their stories somehow manage to intersect.

nbchannibal - *grabby hands* GIMME.

Whenever I think of potentially thinking of dark plots for Kadri, it's like putting a blowtorch to a creme brûlée

Like, the surface sugar is burnt too long and it’s really dark and hard to break through, but the inside is still a really good custard; same applies to a pot de creme (both are delicious btw).

So she’d have surface damage, definite mental and physical scars. But I still think she’d come out okay, oddly enough?? Or am I being too optimistic.

Anyways, I’m willing to burn the creme brûlée. Bring it! XD

Interesting Psycho Pass scenario set for nonexistent S3

So I got this scene in my head a few days ago and it just won’t leave. Like I could see this happening SO VIVIDLY if there was a 3rd season, it’s not even funny. This would be set on the idea Kougami DOES return to Japan in s3 at some point.

So I imagine if Kou DOES come back to Japan, it’ll be with his mercenary group or something. Maybe not to do things the way those guys at the start of the movie did (for those who saw the movie), but he would be there for something. Anyways, Kasei gets word and orders Division 1 to take care of it. So Akane, wanting to make sure he stays safe and wanting to just arrest him, tries to figure out a way to save him from “the inside”. Meanwhile, Mika orders everyone to obey her and KILL Kougami on sight cause “those were her orders direct from the chief and to show no mercy to a traitor like him”. Shit happens and Kougami appears in the city and division 1 surround Kou at some point. Akane’s not there immediately for some reason (something keeps her, i just dont know what) and Mika orders everyone to shoot Kou.

Gino steps in and says “Now wait a minute. there’s no need to kill him. he’s there’s no need to kill him. he’s a criminal yes but let’s just arrest–” and Mika bitches and says they have to kill anyone who’s a threat to society. Then she puts the gun at Gino and says “Get in my way, Enforcer, and Ill make sure you go next for disorderly  conduct” (shed so do this).

So they handcuff Kou so he cant run. As Mika’s pointing the dominator at him that’s when Akane shows up. Akane shouts at Mika to stop and jumps in front of the gun. Mika screams and tells Akane to move and that shes “getting in the way of justice”. Akane argues senselessly killing him will  accomplish nothing. So they argue and Mika just SNAPS. Like Akane keeps on going on about how Kougami needs to be brought in alive and everything and Mika slowly crumbles and she just CANNOT stand anymore of Akane’s “not following Sibyl’s orders directly” ways or whatever anymore. So she just screams and swings her arm and….HITS AKANE STRAIGHT IN THE HEAD WITH THE BARREL OF THE DOMINATOR. Gino and the others stare at them in shock, Akane falls and Kougami shouts “AKANE”. Her head is bleeding and Akane’s laying there in pain. Then Mika just stands over there, surprised at what’s shes done. Her face goes pale and she backs away and then suddenly starts saying “It’s not my fault…It’s not my fault….It’s cause you got in the way…. I DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, SENPAI” and then maybe her hue rises or Kasei shows up or something and it goes from there.

(Feel free to add to this scene if any thinks up anything else that could happen. )

I went to the bank to get some rolls of quarters because fuck laundry and I noticed an interesting little Post-It note at one of the teller’s stations that said: Has your future husband come in yet?

So naturally I proceeded to think about bank teller!Cas and how he’s in his thirties and even though he’s constantly grumbling that the whole true love thing is bullshit, secretly he’s starting to think that maybe he really isn’t going to end up settling down with anybody. Obviously his co-worker and best friend Charlie sees right through him and tries to get him to cheer up and, y’know, actually smile at customers once in a while. When Cas isn’t looking, she sneaks in the hot pink Post-It note and slaps it right where she knows he’ll see it all day long, which sorely ruffles Cas’ feathers as soon as he finds it, but eventually he figures maybe Charlie has a point at least about coming across as a little more approachable to people.

And then there’s Dean, who’s been coming in like clockwork every couple weeks to get quarters for laundry from Cas. And okay, maybe he doesn’t really need to come in that often because Febreze can go a long way, but for some reason, there’s something about Cas and his perpetual grumpiness and dry humor that’s kinda cute. And when all of a sudden Cas starts smiling every time Dean comes in, now that’s really something. It’s shy and doesn’t show any teeth at first, but it’s more than enough to have Dean feeling a little mushy inside every time he leaves.

After the Post-It’s been up a few weeks, Dean finally takes notice of it (he was too busy staring at Cas, okay), and immediately, his heart races because that must mean Cas is in the market, and as for Dean…well, after fooling around for so long, he’s looking to get off of it. Find something real. And maybe it’s stupid and all, but this whole routine he’s got with Cas—exchanging warm smiles, a couple witty one-liners, a brush of hands when he reaches for the rolls of quarters—is honestly as close to a steady relationship as he’s had with anybody in years.

And maybe Dean isn’t satisfied with that anymore.

So the next time Dean goes to the bank, he steals a withdrawal slip and scribbles the words Dinner tonight?, steeling himself as he stands in line waiting for Cas’ station to open up and hoping that he doesn’t puke his heart out.

But when he steps up to greet Cas, he notices that the Post-It is gone and freezes. Did Cas give up?

Or maybe he just found someone better than Dean.

Dean doesn’t even hear Cas when he repeats his name and gives him that squinty-eyed look. Instead, Dean just excuses himself, too embarrassed to even come up with a bullshit explanation, and makes a beeline for the exit. He spends a good chunk of the evening sulking at the local laundromat, seriously considering sneaking a red sock into some other douchebag’s load for saying Zeppelin sucks when a low voice startles him from behind.

“You forgot your receipt.”

He whirls around and nearly stumbles over—holy shit, it’s Cas. But before he can remember how words work and ask him what he’s doing here, Cas holds up the withdrawal slip that—oh, God. Oh, God. Didn’t Dean shove that in his pocket earlier? He frantically pats himself down even though it’s pretty damn clear that Dean was a complete moron and in such a hurry to get out of there that he didn’t even notice that the piece of paper had floated off.

Once he catches his breath, however, he finally spots the chicken scratch right under his hastily jotted proposal:

Only if you promise me breakfast, too.

Tried to do a picture of Chara, Frisk, and Asriel in human AU. Tori and Asgore (who doesn’t have a human name yet) raised Chara and Asriel up until their divorce when the kids were both about 8 or 9–which had a lot to do with them not really changing together and agreeing a divorce was in their best interest. The two took joint custody, so Chara and Asriel change houses every week. Tori ended up adopting Frisk a few years later. Frisk is mute and speaks solely in ASL. They have a terrible habit of ending up with their eyes closed in pictures. Chara is troubled and struggles with particularly violent, intrusive thoughts, which they get help with. (They avoid the kitchen at all costs.) Asriel’s shirt is a gift from mom’s boyfriend because he likes goats.