it'd be more difficult for sure

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Wait. Wait wait wait wait! Which one was the girl!? Luffy or Law? My money is on Luffy btw since he has no desire for sex, being asexual and all, so it'd be difficult for him to maintain a hard on probably.

I picture it more as both refuse to stay female for longer than a few minutes, so Law just uses his Ope Ope powers to get the required female gamete and Ope Opes it into a willing volunteer of a woman, using his powers to merge the two gametes. As for who gets turned into the woman for those short two or so minutes, I’m not too sure yet.

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i'm not sure how to word this correctly, but how did you get the ragyo dress to stay in place without a nip slip? it looks like it'd be possible to fall down, but maybe it is tight enough to stay in place and i am wrong. thank yo!

The top part of the dress is tailored to fit very snug - if it was just two strips of fabric I’d probably have a more difficult time with taping it down and puckering, but it already stays in place pretty well.  However when walking around there is definitely the possibility of it accidentally moving, so to prevent that I used two kinds of tape:

First was Topstick toupee tape from Sally’s Beauty.  This is cool stuff that can double as fashion tape.  I’ve used fashion tape as well in the past and found that this was a little easier to use because it’s wider and comes in convenient strips instead of a roll.  It works well for spots that are not prone to movement, so I used this for both sides of the straps, near the top and bottom.  However it does not stick for long on complex curves or high-stress areas, so for the middle (and most important) portion of the top I used:

Robert’s double sided carpet tape from Home Depot.  This stuff is mega-sticky and has a slight film to it.  You will absolutely ruin a pair of scissors cutting it, so make sure you are working with a junky pair.  I would not recommend this if you have sensitive skin or are adhering to a delicate fabric because of the potential residue, but I had absolutely no problems taking it off of either my skin or clothes.  I was in Ragyo for a good six hours, and while some of the topstick was losing its stick by then, nearly all of the carpet tape was exactly where I’d stuck it.