I hate when I’m like: “I really hate Harley Quinn’s consume in Suicide Squad.”

And people will DEAD SERIOUSLY ask me WHY?????!!!!! DO YOU NOT HAVE EYES???? Do I really have to explain why I find ANOTHER woman fighting in booty shorts, tights, and a crop top “daddy’s little monster” shirt while her male cohorts are all in full body strategic armor IS OFFENSIVE????!!!!??!?!?!?

I really don’t have the patience and energy to keep explaining this. It really is just self explanatory if you have ANY sense of basic logic and common decency.

Ugh I just die a little inside every time I have to look at it…..

Meet Road Warrior and Filmmaker Cyrus Sutton

To see more of Cyrus’ chronicles of living in his custom van, follow @cyrus_sutton on Instagram.

For over a decade, filmmaker and pro surfer Cyrus Sutton (@cyrus_sutton) lived in the back of his custom-assembled van. “I built it out with all the amenities of a house — save a toilet,” says Cyrus, who’s originally from Southern California. He’s been spending more time at his new homestead outside of Portland, Oregon, but the years he spent waking up where he parked, never far from a beautiful landscape, have changed his life and informed his perspective. “It’s a lifestyle that has made me consume less, spend more time outdoors and develop a more rigorous work ethic by removing distractions and stripping me of any false senses of security,” he says.


I feel there aren’t many actors working in lead roles who wouldn’t subscribe to method acting. It wasn’t very relaxing playing Amy Dunne because she is always analysing everything; she has that narcissist’s temperament of ‘What effect am I having on this person? Are they liking me? Are they impressed by me?’ And it’s so consuming, the process of making a film. You don’t realise how far gone you are until it’s weeks later and you have regained yourself and thing, gosh, that character was really inhabiting me. It’s such a seamless process of being overtaken by a person.

[I Choose You]

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: Gajevy.
AU: Pokemon Go / Modern.

A/N: Just a short fluffy Pokemon Go related fic because it’s too hot to do anything else and this app has consumed me. Also, my fic hiatus ends next weekend so expect updates and way more fics!! :D 

Summary: Nothing says “I love you” like having a Pokemon named after you.

Gajeel wiped the sweat from his brow. They’d been walking for hours. The sun beat down on Magnolia and its people, seizing the land in its oppressive, humid fist. It was difficult to feel suffocated with Levy by his side, though. Her laughter was enough to give him the air he so sorely needed. 

Levy had gone through four different phone batteries, two different phone covers (one for luck, one for aesthetic) and an assortment of different beverages since their morning adventures began. She looked like your stereotypical Pokemon trainer – determined, proud, happy to be out in the world. The backpack and headband she wore donned her team’s colours: Mystic Blue. Or, as he’d dubbed it, Levy Blue.

Having played the game days before Levy, Gajeel had chosen blue because it reminded him of her hair. She’d then followed in his footsteps, adopting him and Lily as her teammates. Jet and Droy also played with them on occasion, but the adventures were often cut short by a spout of bickering and an eventual scolding from Team Leader Levy McGarden. It was nice to see her enjoying the summer with her old team, even if he did want to steal her for himself. But this was the price he paid for the feelings he’d stuffed deep down inside himself.

Gajeel stopped himself short of running into Levy, who had stopped dead in the middle of the street. She glanced up from her phone, as though a Pokemon would manifest in the real world, before taking a few steps forward. Testing the walkway with the soles of her sneakers, she twisted and turned until one of those elated gasps left her lips.

And then she was off.

“Oi! Shrimp!”

Levy’s back dissolved into the veil of sunlight up ahead, making it difficult for him to keep track of her as he chased her down the street. He could hear her counting down as the tracker depleted to a single footstep. And then she stopped again, this time hard enough that Gajeel had to snag a nearby lamppost to avoid running into her.

“What is it?” he asked, peering down to find her throwing balls at a Nidoking. “You got this excited over a Nidoking? It doesn’t even have high CP. And aren’t you due to evolve one?”

Levy sacrificed a split second of concentration to scowl up at him. “You know Nidoran never shows up here.” 

A few accidental curve balls later and she had Nidoking in the bag – or, rather, in the ball. Her skin glowed with sweat, but her smile far outshone the sun. She was elated. 

“Time to give him a nickname,” she sang, turning away from Gajeel to choose a nickname for her newest catch. Levy named all of her Pokemon after her friends. He’d tried and tried to figure out which Pokemon was him, but she never let anybody see.

This time, Gajeel wouldn’t be left in the dark.

Sneaking a glance over her shoulder, Gajeel sucked in a deep breath that caught in the back of his throat. Choking on a mixture of shock and air, Gajeel stepped back to pound his fist on his chest. Levy, features blazing red, turned around to scold him, but caught herself when she noticed how pale he’d become. 

“Did you see?” she asked.

Gajeel could only manage a nod.

“Did you see both of them?”

Gajeel nodded again. He could feel the blood beating in his cheeks. He was suddenly grateful for the sweltering heat and the sheen of sunlight clouding his vision. 

“You named a Pokemon after yourself?” he rasped.

This time it was Levy who nodded. 

“Nidoqueen, huh? That’s a mighty big Pokemon for such a little girl.”

Levy pursed her lips. “Stupid Gajeel! I chose Nidoqueen so that we could match and–” Levy clapped a hand over her mouth.

“I could do worse than a big purple reptile thing, I suppose.” He shrugged. 

“Is it weird? It’s weird, right?” she asked, staring at the screen of her phone as though the mistake would erase itself. “I didn’t even ask if it would be okay, I just–”

Gajeel took Levy’s phone in his hand and stuffed it into his back pocket alongside his own, which had been there for the majority of their adventure. She stared at him for what felt like an eternity, her eyes watching him, taking him in the first time.

She was Nidoqueen – and she’d chosen him, of all people, to be her King. Gajeel wanted to celebrate the very reality of what she’d done, but reigned in his excitement, his flutter of affection, and schooled his features. 

She held his gaze a while longer. 

“You finally looked at me,” he whispered.

“What are you talking about?”

“Ever since we got this game you’ve been runnin’ around chanting about Pokemon, choosing this one an’ that one to throw in your gyms. You even skipped breakfast yesterday to go hunt down a Jigglypuff.”

Levy’s face heated. “I didn’t realise you felt that way.”

"Yeah, well, neither did I. Until just now.”

Levy’s smile blinded him – or paralysed him, if he wanted to get Poke-technical about it.

“I’m sorry, Gajeel. We can do something else for the rest of the day. Whatever you want.”

“No, we don’t have to. I like seein’ you get all worked up over Pokemon.”

“Then, do you want to go take a gym with me?”

Gajeel shrugged. “I guess we can do that.”

Levy grinned. “I wonder which Pokemon I should choose. I have enough stardust to power up Gajeel…” Levy’s face took on a deeper shade of red. “Um, I mean, Nidoking.” 

“I know who I’m going to choose,” he said, laying a hand over their phones in his back pocket. 

“Already?” she asked. “Who?”

Gajeel’s smile widened to show teeth. “You.” 

My name is Micah Martin, a 24 year old Guild Wars enthusiast from Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Through my teenage years it was GW1 that kept me sane and safe during hard times. While out in the real world I’d get bullied and never given a minutes peace, I always knew when I came home I’d have the guild/alliance I was in to chat to. We’d run duo Underworld runs or FoW and it’d always make me so happy to have that community to rely on when my mood was low.

I moved to Guild Wars 2 much later in life when I finally had my own gaming PC. And it’s all but consumed me completely.

This is why when I decided to go and get a new tattoo, I decided to start a Guild Wars based piece, starting with Dwayna on my upper arm. Money is tight so it still requires shading, but hopefully at some point I can eventually complete the piece with Lyssa, Melandru, Grenth and Balthazar.
No matter if in 10 or 20 years down the line I don’t have Guild Wars in my life, I’ll always remember how much it meant to me. The communities and friendships I formed and the fun and safety it provided during the tough times.

Tattoo by Joe Mullan of Joker Tattoo Studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

It’s 11pm pacific time. You’re taking the long route home, you see many millennials walking in packs of three to five with their phones pointing in the same direction. Gleeful giggles, victorious cries, and impatient grunts fill the air of the city. You search for yet another prey, Pokemon as we call it, but the path before you lay barren after a night of numerous captures. Suddenly a young man on a bike almost hits you, you’re about to raise your voice in anger until you notice that his screen matches yours, you realize you stand before a fellow trainer. You share a glance with this stranger, no words were needed in order to understand you have a common goal and you both smile at each other. “Just caught an oddish over there” he speaks confidently, you thank him by responding “There’s a bellsprout down the street I just came from”. You both nod and part ways and the hunt continues.

Okay, real talk? That new ep of Steven Universe hit me. Like REALLY hit me.

When you kinda, hate someone the way they hated Kevin…the way I hate someone who’s hurt me…you kinda get obsessed, and you kinda consume yourself in seeing them fail or teaching them something about how they’re being a jerk.

And the point of this episode? They’re not worth the time of day.

Looking back at this summer? My ENTIRE summer has been spent talking to other people about how bad of a person she was. But why was I doing that?
“Because I have nine years of repressed feelings of how she hurt me and I need to let that be known.”

Well, golly gee, I’m going to college now. She’s not even going to the same college as me. Why should I still be petty about this when she doesn’t matter anymore?

And this Steven Universe ep taught me “Exactly”.

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Im all for this pacifism AU! Sign me the heck up! :-D 👍👏👌

Help it’s consuming my soul


- Komui and Maitora doing science things

- Lenalee and Jasdevi becoming best friends via a series of unfortunate events that they refuse to explain to anyone

- Allen slowly getting to know the Earl as separate from Mana

- Neah reuniting with his family

- Tyki and Kanda helping each other hide from overaffectionate family

- Timothy being terrified of Road until suddenly he isn’t

- Zokalo and Raasura (when he inevitably reincarnates) becoming terrifying bros

- The Earl adopting all of the exorcists, including the adults

- Johnny being 10x as outgoing as any of the exorcists at first; he’s the one who persuades Allen to talk to the Earl

- Lavi and Wisely being nosy together

- Nyne is the only one who can get Jasdevi to behave

- Cross going ‘what the fuck this is not what we planned’

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Can I request McCree, Reaper and Roadhog's reactions to their s/o taking a bullet for them? Thank you very much for writing these, I know it's time consuming!

how dare u do this to me


McCree gets angry and disoriented. He’d try to shoot whoever did it, but would also try and get you to the nearest medic.

Reaper gets Pissed™. Whoever did it will be hunted down and /murdered/.

Roadhog hooks the enemy who did it before they can get away, and fucking tears their head off. Gets you to a medic as soon as possible.

@callmearcturus replied to your post “Heading out for dinner, at which I anticipate having at least one…”

okay but who is actually hotter, rhys or jack

WHY MUST YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE. Okay, let’s consider this. I have consumed several glasses of alcohol and a piece two pieces of pie to help me reach these conclusions.


Pros: good shoulders, strong jawline. That confident physicality. Hair with mysterious powers or else has the galaxy’s strongest hair gel. Distinctive heterochromia. Knows how to make an entrance. Wealth, power, etc. Can read people well.

Cons: Ego the size of Pandora. Blind spots filled with rage. Not super self-aware. Dad shoes. “Unique” sense of humor. Occasional murder sprees.


Pros: Also hair with mysterious powers and/or great hair gel. Cybernetics. A more understated kind of confidence. Awkward charm. Levels-up, fashion-wise. Loyal & empathetic.

Cons: Mysteriously bad tie. Thinks he’s better at reading people than he is. Remarkably bad at making plans.


Handsome Jack undeniably has his attractions. Imagine being at the center of that kind of intensity. Yes, the murderous tendencies are a bit of a drawback, but what a way to go, right?

I actually think this debate hinges on which Rhys we’re talking about. A Rhys that’s a little more trusting, a little more gentle, I think gets edged out by Handsome Jack. This Rhys you can take home to your parents.

A Rhys who’s a little more calculating, a little more Slytherin, now we’re getting somewhere. This Rhys you can still take home to your parents, and it will probably go over better, because this Rhys knows how to turn a situation to his advantage. Competence is always a turn-on. This Rhys offers the best of both worlds - that edge of danger without the madness behind it.


IT DEPENDS. I COULD MAKE A STRONG CASE EITHER WAY. I think in most cases Handsome Jack wins by a small margin, because that force of personality draws you in even as you know it’s dangerous. Slytherin Rhys, though, definitely gives him a run for his money. 

James Spader Week

Day 2  

Favorite James Spader Character 

Alan Shore - Boston Legal

There are two characters in this world I feel like I deeply connect with on every level.  Both are lawyers: Jimmy McGill, from ‘Better Call Saul’, and Alan Shore, from 'Boston Legal’.  

Alan is a recent development in my life.  While catching up on 'The Blacklist’, my interest and excitement for James Spader was rekindled.  From this new flame, my cousin Jackie and @starsaremyocean​ inquired if I had ever seen 'Boston Legal’.  I had not.

And here I am, just at the start of Season 3 and it’s already consumed me.  How I went so long in my life without it, I really don’t know.  This has been another exciting episode of ‘Late to the Party’.

The more the show progresses, the more I relate with Alan as a character.  We share anxieties, hopes, the same level of self deprecation and critique, the same passion for our occupations, and the same sense of isolation even in extreme amounts of company.  We both share a burden of being the continual ‘devil’s advocate’ to friends and family.  It’s been a very alarming experience to recognize and relate to a character on so many different points.

A character trait in specific that just absolutely destroys me is his self perception.  The man on the outside is a self centered confident charmer.  But once alone with Denny- that mask is shed and in its wake is a deeply vulnerable and emotionally hurt man.  Early in the series he’s informed by the Partners that his only value to the firm is that he’s willing and able to do shady things they can’t condone to win cases.  He will never be partner, never rise above that, but he is there to take the eccentric or darker cases.  And this just sits and eats up at him, because he’s told his ability to do these cases comes from the fact he sees the worst in people and exploits it.  

In actuality- he’s quite the opposite.  He sees the best in people.  Everyone.  Despite what a ‘bad person’ he’s painted to be he’s often the champion of the marginalized.  Is your case hopeless?  Are you being racially targeting?  Did someone else mess up your case and put you in an impossible hole?  He cares.  And he cares enough to go as far as it takes to achieve justice for you.  Often at his own expense and comfort he goes to battle for people who can’t.  He’s friends with everyone no matter how eccentric or socially outed they are.  I strive daily, to be that kind of friend for people.  Though like Alan, I am certainly not perfect.  

Alan is also a character who is aware of the contradiction of his loneliness.  The person who takes pride in being unpredictable and eccentric.  And who  is lonely from it, because anyone who gets too close realizes the truth of how predictable and normal it all is must be pushed away.  

And then there are those mates like Denny, who get it in their own special way.  

** @peppercheeni and I when we share Stargate AUs **

James Spader’s performance means everything to me here: his ability to weave in and out of comedy and drama is some of the single greatest examples of timing I have ever seen from a performer.


Some concept art and tests for a game I’m planning since a while back. First time posting them on tumblr. It’s still in development but I’m planning features such as customizable hairstyles, hair colours, complexion and clothing (limited). 

The 2nd to 4th pictures are the concepts and suggestions I doodled based on my own preferences and suggestions from friends on twitter. If it’s not too much trouble, please comment (reply system, reblog etc.) and tell me which hairstyles you prefer (comment the number), or if you would like any other hairstyles included. I’ll probably be incorporating a maximum of 9 hairstyles maximum in the final version, and with it being a game and all, the choices should reflect consumer’s (you!) preferences. So please help me out if you could! ;w;

Also, as you may have noticed, I’m using a personalized art seal now as my signature/watermark of sorts~ I’ll be using it from now on, and making modifications here and there at my own discretion. I’ll also be going by “Lylee” online from now on. 

Thank you so much for your continued support, despite my long absence. I am really grateful. 


Hello Everyone!

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I need to go on a hiatus. I’m going to work abroad for about three months and the thing is this work, just like my studies, is very time-consuming and it’s really hard for me to tell if I’m going to have a chance to regularly fill my queue. Given the fact that last two weeks were really hectic for me due to the preparations, moving out of my old apartment and a couple of other things, I think it’s only fair that I’ll let you guys know about this whole situation.

I hope you’ll stay with this blog and we’ll have a chance to flail about KageHina some more in October! I wish you all good luck and everything best. Stay safe and until next time! <3

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What are your top three ships with Toph?

   OOC ||  well, my grey-faced friend… you’ve come to the trashiest of the trash with a question about ships. I’m honored.

    i don’t have many ships for Toph, but the ones i do have i ship kinda hard.

    but i digress. 

1) Toph x Sokka (or Tokka). I love that they’re both raucous, fun-loving, and goofy together. They’re just dynamite. Very fun. But no I don’t think or even like the idea that Suyin is his. I’m not about characterizing him as a dead-beat or Toph as a dishonest, secretive person. That’s just not them. On another note, I’ve drawn Tokka stuff many times.

   2) Toph x Azula (or Tophzula). Okay so this is a relatively new one for me, but it’s consumed my life in the last month or so. I love the fact that they’re both prodigies likely unused to being rivaled by anyone else, and their ability to banter. Toph has her snark and sarcasm, and Azula has her dry humor and biting wit. It’s fun, and angsty, and fucking raw. Idk. I’m now entirely in love with this pairing, as crack as it may be to some. Hell, I’ll probably draw some Tophzula stuff soon.

   3) Toph x Zuko (or Toko). I like this ship. I definitely love their similarities, and the AUs where their nobility status gets them tangled up in political nonsense and/or arranged marriage junk. Interesting to explore. Toph isn’t a motherly, nurturing soul, which contrasts with Zuko’s more sympathetic tendencies. She lets go of anger loudly but quickly, while he tends to fume. They’re different, but similar too. 

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I had never considered iwaoibokuteru but I just saw your post about it and now it's consuming me <.< could you write more about it?

Ahh yes, I will happily do so! So sorry this took a while!!

Iwaoibokuteru Headcanons Pt. 2

  • Iwaizumi and Oikawa got together first, back in high school. They always loved each other, that was certain, but neither one of them was really into the idea of monogamy. It was a difficult conversation to have but Oikawa finally brought it up to Iwaizumi after their high school graduation, before they went to college together. He was thrilled when Iwaizumi was into the idea of being polyamorous as well; they both had a lot of love to give, after all.
  • They didn’t meet up with the other two until their second year of college. All four boys ended up moving into the same apartment building on campus and met one fateful day in the laundry room. 
  • It’s a story they re-tell often; Terushima was in the laundry room, lazing about and sitting on top of the dryer while he waited for his load of laundry to finish drying. He mindlessly scrolled through his phone while Bokuto walked in. He chatted up a storm, tossing in his laundry. He added in way too much soap since he had never done laundry before, but Terushima didn’t notice as Iwaizumi and Oikawa had walked in to do their laundry, too. There was only one open washing machine and Oikawa and Iwaizumi bickered for it, neither wanting to wait… but none of that mattered when Bokuto’s washing machine began to spit out bubbles and spill all over the floor.
  • Terushima perched up on the dryer because oh my god you used dish soap in the laundry machine!
  • Oikawa freaked out and tried to jump on to Iwaizumi’s back, screaming these shoes cannot get wet! Iwaizumi refused to support him so Oikawa just had to hang on as best as he could, clinging to him like a koala.
  • Iwaizumi ended up cleaning most of it up. Terushima helped once he was coaxed off the dryer. Bokuto wanted to help but he was banished to wait out in the hallway, carrying out a whining Oikawa, when he proved that he could not clean at all and was just making things worse.
  • Bokuto asked them all out to dinner as a way to pay his thanks.
  • Oikawa and Iwaizumi weren’t expecting much but as soon as they went back to their apartment that evening they had a long talk because Terushima’s so funny and easy to talk to and look at Bokuto, he’s so pretty and passionate and driven!!!
  • There was a lot of pining, on all sides. Terushima was sure he was out of luck because they were already dating, and Bokuto was really, really oblivious.
  • Thank god that Terushima is a risk-taker because he confessed to them way faster than anyone else would have and they ended up dating after only a few short months of silent pining.
  • Terushima’s roommate Bobata had to receive the explanation five times before he finally understood that his best friend was dating three dudes. Then he was jealous because holy shit Teru they’re all gorgeous
  • Teru was, and still is, very proud, feeling like the luckiest guy alive. It’s a mutual feeling shared amongst them.
  • They discovered really fast that having four guys in one bed was impossible with the tiny beds that they were given in their apartment building. 
  • They tried to do some rotations so that everyone got to spend time with each other, but what they ended up finding worked best was when they made a big bed in the living room, pushing two mattresses together and bringing down lots of pillows so that they could all sleep together and snuggle.
  • They’re all big snugglers. It happens very often that they end up in a snuggle train, each one spooning the next, hands clasped together. Winter is the best time for this as they can keep the heat low for an even better excuse to cuddle.
  • During the summertime, Bokuto and Iwaizumi get really hot so they typically lay on either side of the bed and just hold hands with whoever is closest. Terushima and Oikawa are somehow unbothered by the heat and snuggle up together no matter how hot it is. Bokuto and Iwaizumi are always amazed that even when they wake up sweating that Oikawa and Terushima are pressed together, limbs tangled up. 
  • They have taken more than one cute picture of them.
  • Bokuto loves taking pictures of his boyfriends, and insists on taking them all the time. Impromptu action shots, cuddling shots, selfies… you name it, he has it. Even sleeping pictures, which are always his phone wallpaper.
  • Holidays are tough because Terushima’s family is unsupportive and he struggles with wanting to spend time with his boyfriends and missing his family that is on his side. Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s family are more accepting, and although Bokuto’s mom doesn’t pretend to understand it, she thinks all her son’s boyfriends are very sweet.
  • They decide to move in together a year and a half later, when Bokuto, Iwaizumi and Oikawa are going into their third year and Terushima his second.
  • The conversation is so easy - Bokuto just says “we should move in together. I want to be with you guys all the time.”
  • And so that’s what they do.
  • It’s a total shit show sometimes, they bicker and argue, they’re stubborn like nobody’s business but at the end of the day they all curl up together and whisper how much they love each other. They look out for each other, love each other and work together to be what they all need.

Want a part 3? Let me know!

NSFW headcanons to follow!