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Time and then some- Sherlock x Reader |Part three|

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Sherlock sighs, smiling, the light of the sun shinning down through the trees. Clear skies, cool breeze –perfect day. England wasn’t much for days like these, they’re quite rare. So are days where he could be…. ordinary. Because here he was, sitting in a park, under the shade of an old oak tree, the air clean and crisp. He was enjoying the things around him, the things he rarely had the time to.
A soft laugh from next to him pulls Sherlock from his daze, “Perfect day isn’t it?” Molly sat next to him, Sherlock nods smiling gently at the girl as she fiddled with the dark blue blanket below them. “Indeed,”
“You know… ” Molly begins, tucking a lock of brown hair behind her ear, “I didn’t think I’d get you to come, you’re always so busy.”
Sherlock chuckles, “I am never too busy for you, Molly,” he says fondly. Raising a hand to cup her cheek, leaning over to press a gentle kiss to her lips. When Sherlock breaks away from the kiss, and he opens his eyes, Molly was gone and he was no longer sitting under an oak tree. It was dark and cold, very cold. “Molly?” he calls out to the darkness around him, “Molly!” and then heard it, quiet sobs echoing out. Sherlock quickly follows the sound slowing to a stop as the sounds get clear, sitting on the ground not to far from him was a woman. But he knew it wasn’t Molly, it couldn’t be her. He knew this girl, but from where, his subconscious mind could not recall.
“…Y/n?” he calls, finally recognizing her, taking a small step forward, “Y/n.”
The air around him becomes still and eerie quiet as the girl looks up. Then he notices, the dress she was wearing was soaked crimson. “Are you going to kill me too?” she asks, slowly getting up. “What?”
“You killed her, and you’re going to kill me too.”
“No–Y/n. You must understand. I couldn’t control it – it was an accident.” Sherlock says quickly, reaching out to her, but she pulls away, a look of fear and disgust masking her features. “Stay away from me. Murderer! Monster!” she shouts turning and running away from him. The words echoing around him loudly, Sherlock tightly closes his eyes.

No, no, No!

Sherlock opens his eyes, sighing loudly as the ceiling of his bedroom greets him. He looks over at the curtains that were drawn closed, the sun was setting now. It was a dream, nothing more. He had always dreamt of things he’s done in the past, of his friends and sometimes a life he could’ve had. Some of them were usually pleasant, though reoccurring, Sherlock never gets tired of them, it was his escape from his own hell.
But this dream was new, the last bit of it, Y/n was never apart of his dreams until now. To see her in that manner, to hear the words he never wanted to hear come from her, it’s frightening. It was frightening and Sherlock didn’t know why.
He had never meant for it to happen, with Molly, it just did. There was a time, he tried to forget what he had became, tried to ignore his new nature. Ignore his only means of survival, the thirst had became too much then. He thought that maybe he could’ve stopped himself, prevent it all from happening, but he couldn’t stop, and he drunk too much.
He tries to forget it sometimes, what he did. But when you’ve lived for this long, you realize there’s no forgetting anything. Sherlock watches as the light of the sun disappear from behind his dark curtains before getting up from his bed. 

It’s about time he paid his brother a visit 

“Hello brother mine, to whom do I owe the pleasure?” Mycroft sat behind his desk of his home office, Sherlock was sitting in the chair opposite him. “A dream of mine,”
He hasn’t been to his brother’s in a very long while, preferring to keep his distance. Unlike Sherlock, Mycroft more embraced his new life style, and some what continued living human, he had worked his way up the secret service and secured his place as Government official and head of M-16. Though he does all his work from home and no one questions his methods.
Mycroft raises an eyebrow, placing his folded hands on the dark brown desk, “It took a dream for you to come see me?” he questions, sounding amused.
The older Holmes sighs, suddenly serious, “Which was it this time? The same one as last?”
Sherlock sighs, no longer sure if he wanted to tell him anymore. Questions will surely arise, “Yes, and at the same time, no.” Mycroft leans back in his chair, watching his brother carefully, “How so?”
Sherlock takes a breath, going silent for a moment, “There was a girl, not Molly, a different girl.” he begins unsurely, tapping his fingers against his knee. The dream still troubled him, he found it very hard to place at the back of his mind, her words hurt him. Even though it was only his mind putting image to his fears. Mycroft narrows his eyes a little, his eyebrows furrowing, “Who is she?”
“No one you should concern yourself with, Mycroft.” Sherlock says, setting his jaw. Realisation dawns upon the eldest Holmes features, of course. Sherlock avoided his gaze completely, “Her humanity is what you care for Sherlock, not her. Humanity’s innocence. Something you do not posses,”

“Enough, Mycroft. Please.” Sherlock sighs, he was wrong, he cares for this girl, though he has yet still to find out why that is. And, even if it’s to come to that (Sherlock doubts it ever will), It’s one thing, to take her. It’s completely another to take her from her life, her family. To take her humanity, it is something he can’t do, he will not do it. Because, Sherlock knows what it’s like for your life to be forcefully ripped away from you, to have to carry on and live like this. He had friends too, a girl he once loved as well. But that was ages ago.

“You can’t be with her Sherlock, you know this. Not unless –”

No, Mycroft, that is out of the question.”

Perhaps he was just lonely, it tends to happen most days. Maybe it’s only that, the reason why she was on his mind so much, the reason why he craved her presence. Sherlock runs a hand through his hair, closing his eyes for a moment, deciding that a change of subject would do them both some good. “By the way, Mycroft –”
“–Yes, yes. I know, you’ve ran out. It’s by far the only reason you ever come to see me,”
Sherlock raises an eyebrow, scoffing at his brother, “Now that’s not entirely true, we did talk,” Mycroft purses his lips, rolling his eyes as he got up to leave the room. Leaving Sherlock to his thoughts, which, by the way was a scrambled mess. He haven’t much to think about, he tried to think about the first part of his dream from last night, the part that involved Molly. Sometimes he thought he would’ve forgotten her, what she looked like or her behaviour. But his mind never allows it, he was forever plagued by the memory of her, sweet, Molly Hooper.
Sherlock blinks, looking up at his brother who was standing next to him, holding a medium sized cooler. “Sorry,” he stands, taking the cooler from his brother’s fingers. “There’s enough for two weeks,” Mycroft informs, watching Sherlock carefully. Sherlock thanks his brother quietly, turning to leave, “Oh, Sherlock,” Mycroft calls, causing Sherlock to look over his shoulder, an eyebrow raised. “You know our rules, you can’t see her,”

“My Dearest Sherlock, what’s the occasion?” Sherlock closes his eyes for a moment, and sighs. Sitting in his chair was a man he once knew as his enemy, for the centuries that passed the two have gotten over their senseless feud.
How is it that Moriarty is here you may wonder, lets just stay that he stuck his nose in a place where it most definitely didn’t belong. They however, found a way to co-exist, now, they were nothing more than acquaintances, but Sherlock likes to think of him like a headache.

“You do realize you’re in my flat, I should be asking you what the occasion is,” Sherlock says, moving to close the door behind him, “What do you want, Jim?”
“A little Bird whistled in my ear, Sherlock. It said that you found yourself a pet, she’s quite pretty,”
“Shut up, Moriarty. Leave her out.” Jim smiles, taking a sip from a champagne glass filled with blood. Sherlock narrows his eyes, knowing that Jim had helped himself to his stock. “You know Sherlock, she is human, she’ll fade away like dust.”
Get out.” Sherlock seethes, pointing to the door. Moriarty sighs, shaking his head slowly before finishing his glass and getting up. “Sherlock, Sherlock, Sherlock.” Moriarty tsks, “Eventually, you’ll kill her. People like us, Sherlock. We don’t get the happy endings, we don’t get the ordinary things. There’s only one way this can continue, you know.”
“No. Get out.”

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Beast boy going nuts when Raven wears green

Beast Boy couldn’t help but stare. His gaze clung to the color dissonance, his heart pounding in his throat as he admired the way the color seemed to jump off of her alabaster skin. It certainly didn’t help that the sweater she wore was only a shade or so darker than his own skin, bringing to mind some…less than pure thoughts. 

“Like what you see?” 

Raven’s cool voice made him shiver, and Beast Boy felt his face grow hot. He blinked at the empath, attempting to make his mouth function. “Uh…” he stammered, his face growing even warmer, “y-you look nice.” Beast Boy reached out, his fingers grazing the soft sweater. “I like this color on you…” 

A smirk spread across his lips as Raven flushed, her composure crumpling under his suggestive words. 

Yes, green certainly looked good on her…

This may be short, but I hope it’s still fun. XD


Canadian Tomatoes

Word Count: 1562

Lucas sat in his usual seat at the café as he waited for a waitress or waiter to bring his order over. His seat let him perfectly view the small stage in the café, where he could easily watch Evan perform as he enjoyed whatever drink he got that day. Evan was a singer that frequently played at the small café and before Lucas knew it, Evan was the biggest reason why he still came to this café, which while it had good stuff was a bit overpriced. Lucas didn’t notice when John, his usual waiter and close, long time friend, came over with his drink. It took a few nudges to stop him from staring at Evan.

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With the undertones, it just says warm or cold, but is there a way to tell if they have a green undertone or a red undertone? I have a green undertone and I can't wear any orange, yellow, and some green makeup bc I would look weird, but I've seen BTS pretty much pull off every color out there, so does that mean that they have a red undertone? I don't know what colors red undertones can wear.

There are main 3 undertones: cool, warm, or neutral.

And some people say olive is it’s own separate undertone category or in warm, but to most people it’s considered neutral.

If you say you have a bit of green tinting in your skintone, that means you might have some olive quality to it, putting you under neutral. Most people consider olive a neutral color cause people can come off “greyish” depending which shade (how dark) you go for, and its between blue (cool) and yellow (warm).

When you say “red undertone”, I am going to assume that you mean red/pink tinting in the skin. Usually that happens if you exercise/blush/raise your blood temperature. But in the case of undertones, people who tend to look more ont he red/pink side is considered cool undertoned.

As for BTS, I believe a couple are cool toned, while the others fall along somewhere between neutral and warm. Here is a link to what we believe their undertones fell under, although it’s not that updated in terms of shade (how dark/light they are).

Here are two videos that I highly recommend watching on how to find out what your undertone is and explains some colors that might fit for you. 

(Please, note that the lighting that they are using will affect on the products/colors they are showing examples of. To get the most ACCURATE result, please look at colors under natural daylight lighting.)

Also, I think the reason why you think BTS look great in all colors is cause… you personally think they all look great no matter what. haha

When it comes to choosing colors, sometimes our own bias/preference can influence what we think. 

And honestly, life is too short to say stuff like, “Oh, I’ll never look good in this color,” or “I’ll never pull that look off.”

These are not supposed to be rigid guidelines, just suggestions on which colors to choose. If you like it, than you like it! Do you! Besides, no matter, what you are wearing, if you have confidence, I believe you can pull anything off.

I mean, that’s probably why BTS can “pull off every color.” Right? ‘, ;)

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Day care AU headcanons

• Dirk is a problematic child
• when Dirk pulls his first stunt, Karkat gets really mad. And sorta begins to dislike dirk (not a dislike but sorta idk, just a softer word for dislike)
• but then he realizes Dirk reminds him of himself
• bC Karkat was THE problematic child in his youth
• so Karkat sorta takes him under his wing
• but that doesn’t stop the angry calls to Dave
• Dave secretly finds Karkat’s voice sexy/appealing
• so he just lets Karkat rant
• eventually the have a face to face conference
• and “H O L Y S H I T, Dirk you did not tell me Mr. Vantas was THIS hot!
• Dave tries the “I’m a cool person” thing and it doesn’t work
• Karkat is immune to it bc he works with Sollux for gods sake
• at the end of the conference Dave lifts his shades and gives Karkat a wink
•Karkat is very flustered and is suddenly red
• !!! holy shit flustered Karkat nearly killed Dave
• their flirting goes on for months
• it kills everyone and I mean e v e r y o n e (even the children)
• finally Rose and Kanaya have an intervention and it’s now “operation Davekat”
• rose lures Dave to an empty room in the Daycare facility with… Apple juice. jk no she tells him that Dirk left some thing in there and wants Dave to get it
• Kanaya lures Karkat in there with romcoms… Jk again, it’s actually with claiming she left her keys in there.
• then they lock Dave and Karkat in the room
• both Dave and Karkat are extremely pissed
• at first
• then they learn to deal with it and have a feeling jam
• in the end they’re stuck in there for a good 3 hours
• but they finally got to together
• when they came out there was a mini party set up in the main room
• there was plenty of apple juice AND orange juice to go around
• couple nights later, Dave takes Karkat out on a real date
• they have now been dating for like 8 months and are super happy
•Karkat now carries around extra oranges and orange crayons with him where ever he goes

-mod emma
(These are my personal head canons, except the problematic child Dirk. These headcanons may or may not correspond with the other mods’ fics. But this is just a warning of some sort. Trying to say that, the fics will or will not follow some or all of these headcanons.)

P.s please feel free to submit your own headcanons, art or anything. We love your contributions and appreciate all you lovely followers!!

• everyone at the daycare has a low key crush on “Mr. Vantas”. E v e r y o n e (wth the exception of Kanaya and Rose ;))
• BC Karkat is F I N E E E E
• but they all ship davekat, so no worries