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MCR Things To Make You Cry

1• “We’re going to keep being a band as long as you keep believing in us” -Gerard Way

2• March 22 will come EVERY YEAR

3• My Chemical Romance brought a message to love yourself and the world, then just left us all

4• We never get to see recent pictures of them together

5• Think of all the good music they could have made from 2013 to now

6• this thing I found online that said
One last time,
Make some noise”

7• *piano* *g note*

8• Gerard is married. Frank is married. They have children. THEY’RE NOT TOGETHER. *cri*

9• “It’s a phase, one day you’ll forget about MCR” m8 it’s nOTTTTTT


11• The last song they ever performed together was Helena. So, the last lyric they ever sang was “so long and goodnight”


13• “whose your favorite band” “My Chemical Romance” “loser, you know they broke up, right?” “dId I fOoKiNg AsK”

14• You don’t know whether you want MCR back together or not because you want them to be happy and not force themselves to do something and you just ARRGGHHHH

15• Friend: Just get over it already

16• Frerard was a stage act

~~“Tears are words the heart can’t express”~~

Why I Love the Solas Romance

I have thoughts, and when I have thoughts, they get written down into a thing.

The fact there even is a Solas romance blows my mind. I mean, here is a world Solas has written off as being full of not-real beings. Small minded, uncaring, unfeeling things. He has no notion or reasoning to get attached to anyone.

Yet Lavellan completely catches him off guard. At first, I’m sure he convinces himself his preoccupation with her is strictly situational. She has the Mark, after all. Of course, she would hold his attention.

“You were a mystery. You still are.”

But little by little, he finds himself drawn to her in ways he can’t explain. He becomes enamored by her. Yet even when he admits his feelings to himself, he knows it can never be more than a fantasy.

Then they find themselves in the Fade together, and Solas’ feelings slip through. He tries to cover his mistake by telling her his words were only a figure of speech. He turns away from her because he knows this cannot happen. He will not encourage this. But then she turns his head and kisses him, and all his will power goes out the window.

“You change everything.”

Even then he tries to fix it. This isn’t right. We shouldn’t. This could lead to trouble. Even if Lavellan agrees with him, he still thinks of her. He can’t not. And when we find ourselves on the balcony scene, Solas’ feelings slip again, and again he tries to walk away. But Lavellan takes his arm and asks him not to go, and he is completely doomed.

He is in love with her, and there is no escaping it.

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last two jbweek fics, day 6 and 7 [sapphire/valyrian steel]

in every note, the endless tapes of every word you wrote; jaime/brienne, jaime & tyrion, various others, pg13; warning for past alcohol abuse; written for day six, sappire;

“Anyway, I’m – I’ll just go. Remember what I told you about that backstage pass.”

Tyrion rolls his eyes. “Jaime, you’ve told me twenty times. At some point this unknown fan you’ve never somehow met but sent you uplifting letters in rehab is going to show up with a piece of paper you wrote and signed saying they should be given a backstage pass. If they show up before the show begins they should go straight to the pit, if not they’ll be sent straight to your room. And the note was written on some paper from the clinic’s pad. Did I forget anything?”


and give all the love that you have in your soul (1/7); jaime/brienne, jon connington/rhaegar, r (future chapters); time travel shenanigans plus actual warnings on ao3; written for day seven, valyrian steel;

“As in, there is one future where the White Walkers are defeated immediately, the Long Night is merely a passing shadow and we are spared most of the senseless deaths that came upon Westeros since Ned Stark died. But it’s not a future I can try to turn into a reality,” Bran says with a long sigh.

“What – what do you mean?” Lord Connington doesn’t sound too convinced, but he’s listening intently, or so it seems from the frown on his face.

“That in order for us all to live, Aerys Targaryen must die not sooner and not later than he did, but Rhaegar must live,” Bran says tiredly, “along with Elia Martell and her children. Whether Lyanna Stark does or not is irrelevant, as long as all three children live and know they are the heads of the dragon. It’s no job for someone like me – I can only walk if I visit the past or the future, not if I want to live in it. How useless it is that one has such powers but then cannot even walk, isn’t it?”

“You – you mean to – send us to the past?” Brienne asks, barely audible.

vichappens  asked:

Imagine Patroclus and Achilles laying there all day, until they can watch the sunset, until they can watch the stars, and it's so dark but even then, they know their way around when they kiss, because they have grown so familiar to each other 👀👀👀

My heart just broke and exploded into a million tiny pieces.

Thank you. <3

picaresque: a summary
  • the infanta: the song that taught you like 15 new vocabulary words + those drums at the beginning that get you freakin pumped
  • we both go down together: oh so it's a tragic love story that sounds nic- WAIT HOLD TF UP
  • eli the barrow boy: sad ghosts strike again
  • the sporting life: young athlete brings shame and dishonor to his family
  • the bagman's gambit: that's okay I didn't need my heart anyways
  • from my own true love (lost at sea): super chill but also super sad
  • 16 military wives: rebellion against the government with a side of la di da di da dididididi da
  • the engine driver: metaphors and the one line everybody always quotes
  • on the bus mall: if you can listen to this all the way through without crying you are a stronger man than I
  • the mariner's revenge song: well that was wild from start to finish
  • of angels and angles: who knows what this song even means but isn't it pretty

The next episode of Doctor Who is going to be so painful. It can either end that he’s still vengeful and angry over losing Clara, or he’s going to have to come to terms with her loss. And there’s a part of him that blames himself. Hell he probably completely blames himself, and that hurts so much. He’s lashing out and driven to hurt the people responsible for his capture which ultimately led to Clara’s demise. But it wasn’t the plan, she wasn’t supposed to get hurt in the process, just him. And he blames himself for not being there, for not keeping an eye on her and making sure she didn’t act reckless. He blames himself for not overlooking her obvious devotion to him and belief that he could always fix things… That she could be reckless to save others because she always believed he would win. And he was always pushed to win, to save her. Every time to save her. But it won’t last long, just like Clara said his reign of terror will end at the sight of a crying child. He cares so much, and it hurts. All of this hurts, and I can’t even think straight after that feelsy mindfuck episode. 2 billion years constantly being reborn with the initial belief that he just arrived there. 2 billion years with Clara’s death so fresh in his mind each time… 2 billion years without any relief from grief. 2 billion years dying over and over without any recollection of time passing, and her always her. I have never experienced this intense of a love story in any form, until now. One of the worst companion losses I’ve ever had to face, idk if I’ll ever get over it. Moffat you win. You’ve officially destroyed me. *slow claps with violent sobs*

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HOLY SHIT that handmaiden!anakin au. It's okay, I didn't need my heart or anything. Poor Obi-Wan. It feels like he's on the knife's edge of Something, but literally anything could happen now. What does he do now? leave the Jedi? Does he train Anakin anyway? How on earth does Anakin end up a handmaiden? SO MANY AMAZING QUESTIONS!!!!!!!

go me, I DID manage to update today! ❤

also, I am so sorry for this. :X so very, very sorry. 

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