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Reasons to watch tangled: the series

  • I know some people arent fans of shows based on movies but it’s really well done and stays true to the world of the movie while being its own unique thing
  • It’s basically a continuation of the movie so if you liked it and wondered how rapunzel adjusted to a life as a princess, this show is for you
  • Even if you’re not too familiar with the movie it does a pretty good job of filling you in on the lore
  • It looks like we’re getting more lore about the sundrop flower/rapunzel’s magic hair/her parents etc.
  • Varian

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  • I dont wanna get too spoilery but he goes through some stuff and has some really interesting character development
  • Honestly the character development for everyone is really good and idk how this series isnt more popular
  • jeremy jordan’s character, varian
  • the animation is so cute
  • the alchemist named Varian and his pet raccoon
  • honestly do you need any other reason to watch it other than varian

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how would you interpret and analyze the last final word in the movie when Annella said "Elio" before he looks into the screen (the audience) and looked over to her and roll in credits? what is your take on that? what do you think it means?

I thought Barry Jenkins sort of nailed his interpretation of this. to be honest. I spoke about it a little bit HERE.

I mean… it means that Annella is calling him for dinner. But from a narrative perspective? I like the idea that Elio is considering his heartbreak, his good times with Oliver, his acknowledgement of who he is, and this culminating in 1) a tiny satisfied smile (although depending on my mood I do also interpret that as a bitter smile, but that’s a whole other thing!), 2) a glance to let us know that he’s finally there, that this chapter of his journey has concluded and 3) an acknowledgement of him accepting who he is, of his life moving into the next phase with a little “Elio?” to wake him up from his thoughts.

I do love that the film ends on this note - after watching Elio fall in love with Oliver and manifest this idea that they are one person etc, after being called “Oliver” so many times and going through the motions of truly understanding who he is and how this relationship helped him find that - that we finish with him being called by his own name. It was a really beautiful touch and I hope it was intentional.


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: Okay so the request is this, it’s a long one The reader is a mercenary (But doesn’t kill) she steals weapons and other stuff for her employer. She does a job for the empire, and steals something of theirs on her way out and they chase and capture her and ends up being taken to Kylo and he likes her witty and snappy personality and he offers her a permanent job with the empire to clear her name (in private) and it could either end in intimate times ;) or however you want it to end :D
movie still: [x]

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Red rum–…Red room. Your eyes take a second to fully focus on the hazy clouds of cold smoke and the neon red lights that do nothing but cause panic. Your first instinct is to take in a deep breath and jerk against the tight restraints. Your heart hammers in your chest with worry as you gaze down at your binds as you realize there is no way you are getting out of these without any outside assistance. Your next instinct is to look up, possibly imagine an exit or a familiar face that will spring you free in no time but instead—

You gulp. The tightness in your throat makes it hard to breath. Your eyes meet the shadowy red ones of the darkly dressed man in front of you. You only have an idea who he is, and if he holds the power you believe he does you are completely screwed.

“…You stole from me.” Is the only thing the infamous Kylo Ren says, his voice teetering on the verge of actual interest.

You give him a tight smile, “A girl’s gotta make a living somehow.”

You are a mercenary. Not a very good one. Haven’t had a single kill yet, and not because you haven’t tried, it’s just that the whole badge of a ‘pay to kill employee’ is worn more for show. What you do is steal. Steal weapons and other expensive and destructive looking knick-knacks for your employer to get a pretty buck. Unbeknownst to you, he had pointed you right into the Empire’s direction and absentmindedly you walked right it without weighing in the danger. Long hours and little sleep along with the constant work and struggle to survive have winded you down to the point where when you actually did see a Storm Trooper all you said was ‘Oh’ followed by a very unenthusiastic ‘Shit’.

“How did you get in?” He asks, “My security—“

“-Is tight, I noticed.” You finish for him. It is probably not the best idea to piss him off, but you can’t exactly help it. You get smart when you’re nervous, “Not tight enough, though. I have yet to go to a place I can’t get into.”

His eyes shimmer weirdly under the bright red hue. You blink, shift in place, hope that the smile you see slowly curling on his lips is merely because he finds you oh so funny, “Then you may actually prove useful after all.”

You stay eerily still. Forget to breathe even, only when you feel yourself growing lightheaded do you part your lips to take in a cautious breath. He watches your every move with precision, calculating and assessing every situation, every response you may give or not give at all. Your palms clam up with sweat. You want to ask what is he going to do with you, but all you can manage is a quiet dumbfounded “What?” that makes his smile even more smug than before.

“Not so witty now, are we?”

“Bite me.”

“Is that an invitation?”

You pause, “…Depends.” Clearing your throat you try to focus, “What…what do you want from me, exactly?”

“Work for me.”

By the look he gave you, you can’t exactly say ‘no’. But to be completely fair, now that you have a better look at him…You don’t really want to, either.

requests are open!

Dating Eddie and Being Taller Then Him Would Include...

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Request: can you do headcannons for eddie dating someone who is taller than him? maybe by like a couple inches? thank you in advance! 💗

Authors note: I hope you like this!!! Feedback is very much appreciated!!!

- You would find him incredibly adorable

- Using your slight height advantage for everything

- Picking the movie for date night? Your taller so you get to choose

- Stuff like that

- He wouldn’t be annoyed by it

- He would totally act like it though

- But just seeing your proud smile plastered on your face would make his heart flutter

- Holding shit over his head and calling him cute pet names

- Pressing kisses to his forehead or the top of his head in general

- He would kiss your cheeks or your jaw because that’s all he could reach

- The two of you would be the cutest couple in Derry

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I just watched Paddington for the first time. It was adorable, but more importantly, why did none of you ever tell me it’s about Bungo and Belladonna?

Mr. Brown is a stuffy, over-careful man in a waistcoat:

Mrs. Brown “illustrates adventure stories,” one of which is set in the “old tunnels and sewers under London.” (Hobbit holes, anyone?) She also has this hair:

They have a TREE in their entrance hall:

Their attic has a ROUND WINDOW:


Oh, and did I mention their last name starts with B? LIKE BAGGINS?

In conclusion, this is my new favorite movie, and if Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins ever want to put on some hobbit feet and act out my fics, I would not object.

Call Me By Your Name recalls first love in such a vivid way it’s like tapping into my own memories. Before seeing that movie and reading that book I was 100% sure I was never bisexual seventeen-year-old boy in the eighties but damn now I’d say it’s probably 50/50.

i’m thinking about how… the first time sufjan stevens saw call me by your name, it was just him, the film’s director, and that actress who stars in the fifty shades movies, sitting alone together in an apartment in italy. 

like… that is so… suitably bizarre. 

it’s a toss-up whether any or all of these sets will actually be accurate come tuesday but if you’d like to be tagged in sets for the oscar nominees, please let me know. 

Movies, I have more or less ready:

  • Call Me By Your Name
  • Dunkirk
  • Get Out
  • Lady Bird
  • The Post
  • The Shape of Water
  • The Florida Project
  • I, Tonya
  • Darkest Hour
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
  • The Big Sick
  • Molly’s Game

I’m not sure which categories I’ll have ready, but if you’d like to be tagged in any particular categories let me know

So I have this aversion to scenes in movies where characters are forcibly “outed” by someone walking in on them making out or fucking or whatever. This is often done in books too as a cheap way to provoke drama, and it’s done so often that I’m always waiting for it in trepidation when I watch movies. I can’t just enjoy a scene with gay people (or some otherwise oppressed) have sex/making out/kissing because I’m always waiting for their mother or whatever to barge through the door and be like “OH MY GOD!” and for it to become a whole thing.

So after watching Call Me By Your Name, I’m so happy it never went that route. And while The Shape of Water wasn’t about a gay couple, it was about a mute lady and a fish man– still taboo, I guess?– and I liked it how her friend opened the door and released all the water from the bathroom and the friend was just like “oh ok” and Elisa just smiled and it was fine.

This is what sex positivity looks like– when you can tell/show your friends you banged a fish man and they’re just like “you freaky, lol” and move on.

Amy Lee Is On The Soundtrack Of The Movie "Blind"

Amy Lee appears on the soundtrack of the movie “Blind”, in which plays the actors such as Alev Baldwin, Demi Moore and Dylan McDermott. While musicians like Dave Evgar and Chuck Palmer are helping Amy, there are 16 songs in the soundtrack, some of such are instrumental. We can see Amy Lee’s name on the 10 of the songs. Only the both lyrics and music of the song “Thought Your Eyes” belongs to Amy among all the other songs we see her name on. And the “Final Leap” is an instrumental song which was composed just by Lee. The Album will be put on the market on January 26th.

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If ninjago seasons/specials/movies were named like harry potter books

Rise of the Snakes: lloyd garmadon and the serpentine tombs

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master: lloyd garmadon and the mysterious force

Rebooted: lloyd garmadon and the technological nightmare

Tournament of Elements: lloyd garmadon and the tournament of elements

Possession: lloyd garmadon and the whispie boos

Skybound: lloyd garmadon and the season everyone hates

Day of the Departed: lloyd garmadon and the unrecognized sensei

Hands of Time: lloyd garmadon and the convoluted plotline

The Lego Ninjago Movie: lloyd garmadon and the adventure to save him and his father’s relationship

Ninjago Decoded: lloyd garmadon and the techie boi

Sons of Garmadon: lloyd garmadon and the weird redesigns and the masks of summoning the villain that needs a return

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Nancy and Johnathan for the ship thing (still in a Stranger things mood and I think i remember you shipped them :))

1. Who would be most likely to bring home a plant?

None, but they get all the plants ever from either Will or Joyce, who believes their apartment needs more life and clarity.

2. How would they pick our their kids names?

They would talk about it, but Jon is sure as hell if they have a daughter, she is gonna be named Joyce. They may have a little discussion about it since she wants to name her Barbara, she ends up having both names.

3. Do they like to watch horror movies together?

HELL YEAH. They kinda make Nancy giggle when it comes to final girls, and she loves those kind of movies. She is the ultimate final girl, Jonathan tells her.

4. Can they name each other’s favourite chocolate bar?

Yes, of course. Jonathan knows every single favorite of Nancy, also.

5. Who do they tell first when they get engaged?

Joyce (and Hop, because let’s be honest… those are going to end up married), and probably Will, who would tell Mike and Jane, who will tell the rest of their friends, and suddenly, the rest of the world knows.

6. What type of pets would they want?

Probably dog, they would adopt a lazy senior. Or if they get a puppy, Nancy would try to train him to no success and Jonathan will laugh with their kid, watching her.

7. What types of drunks are they together?

Nancy, as we saw, is a terrible drunk and Jonathan never drinks, like, never. So he just takes care of her and wishes for the best.

8. Who likes to drive at night?

Jonathan, he has always like the sensation of it. Makes him feel calm and think clear.

9. Who is the sleepy one in the morning?

JOOOOOOOOOONNNNN, he also looks like a puppy but will make breakfast, too.

10. Who showers the other person with compliments when they have a bad day?

Nancy, she doesn’t like it when Jonathan is having a bad day and always knows what to say once they past the awkward phase of their relationship, and gets better while growing up.

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rules: answer 30 questions and tag 10 people

nickname(s): Slanes, Slanesy
gender: lady
sign: A very Aquarian Aquarius 
height: 5′6″
time: 5:52pm NT
birthday: I was hatched from an egg
favourite bands: This is always such a hard question. All time is probably The Smiths , The Cramps or Joy Division, but lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Florence and the Machine
favourite solo artists: Anything Nick Cave touches
song stuck in my head: I think it’s a Weeknd song but I dunno what it’s called
last movie i watched: I watched a Knight’s Tale on TV like an hour ago
last show i watched: Forensic Files lol
when did i create this blog: April 2016 I think
what do i post: Terrible edits, a sad story and mediocre poses XD
what did i last google: name meanings
other blogs: Nope
do i get asks: Sometimes :)
why did i choose this url: Because it’s my name?
following: A lot
followers: More than I can comprehend lol
average hours of sleep: I’ll either get no sleep or I’ll sleep for like 12 hours
lucky number: I like the number 4
instrument: Nope
what am i wearing: A blanket burrito
dream job: Mortician
favourite food: Probably sushi?
last book i read: I’ve been reading stories out of a Brothers Grimm anthology
3 favourite fandoms: Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter! Oh and the sims of course!

I’m gonna tag @maladi777 @beverlyallitsims @mrsracooney @penelope-and-wonders @quiddity-jones @something-wicked-sims  @absimthe@lovelychooser @neutralsupply @neopixiesims and anyone that wants to do this! 

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About me

My name’s Maria, i’m 18 and i’m a freshman in university. My major is microbiology, I’m from Mexico and i decided to join the studyblr community to motivate myself and others, too.

I currently take a lot of chemistry (organics this semester, yay!) and biology, as well as math, my least favorite subject.


I love musical teather and movies, i’m a big Marvel/comicbooks fan and i enjoy reading. Series enthusiast. Ravendor. And I really like cats (can’t have one though)

My favorite studyblrs:









@sootudying (she made the cute icon i am using!)









And that’s it! My semester officially starts next monday so expect some content that day. I am so excited and looking forward to interact and help people with everything I can!
light up the dark - Chapter 1 - argentae - SKAM (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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light up the dark 

Pairing: Even Bech Næsheim/Isak Valtersen

Rating: Teen and up

Chapter: 1/12

Word Count: 4431

Summary: Isak’s not a big film geek, especially not when it comes to indie movies. Probably the only reason he knows Even Bech Næsheim’s name is because Magnus and Vilde and also like, the rest of the world, will not shut up about him. 

But, in the privacy of his own bedroom with no one there to see, there’s no reason to deny that Even Bech Næsheim has a really nice face to look at and that the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles in the last picture Magnus sent does something funny to Isak’s stomach for a moment.


or, the notting hill au some of you asked for

very excited to finally share this!! read it here on ao3 

I was tagged by @acefighter63​! Rules: Answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs that you would like to get to know better lol nah

  • Nicknames: people on here call me honest and i think maybe 3 people know my real name, so
  • Gender: cis girl
  • Star sign: taurus
  • Height: 5′2
  • Time: 5:00pm
  • Birthday: May 19th
  • Favorite bands:
  • Favorite Solo Artists:
  • Song stuck in my head:  i don’t really listen to music so i’m just… gonna skip these 
  • Last movie I watched: Maze Runner: The Death Cure 
  • Last TV show I watched: End of the F***ing World on netflix
  • When did I create my blog: march/april 2017 though i started on tumblr in like 2010
  • What do I post: mostly LoZ stuff and Zelink porn, with the occasional personal post
  • Last thing I googled: synonyms for “anger” lmao writing is hard 
  • Do I have other blogs: yep, but they’re either private or largely inactive
  • Do I get asks: sometimes a couple, sometimes a lot
  • Why did I choose my URL: i started posting under this username on AO3 so i figured i should use it for this blog too
  • Following blogs: 355
  • Followers: 2,500+
  • Favorite colors: black, grey, olive green, white
  • Average hours of sleep: 5-6
  • Lucky numbers: 7, 21, 73
  • Instruments: nope
  • What am I wearing: my boyfriend’s underwear and a tshirt
  • How many blankets do I sleep with: 1
  • Dream job: i want to do a Harper Lee and write one pulitzer-prize winning classic novel and just nope out for like 50 years until i publish the sequel right before i die
  • Dream trip: maldives maybe
  • Favorite food: i could eat my weight in pasta
  • Nationality: australian
  • Favorite song right now: also nope

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who are jeff's character's in distinguished bisexual, functional lesbian, and functional gay? sorry if u dont know

no don’t worry, i made it c: i know who all these gay fuckers are

distinguished bisexual: I forget his name but he’s from Beyond Therapy where he plays an actual bisexual, but it’s not worth it to watch the movie, even for bisexual jeff, and I can usually enjoy just about anything so that’s saying something.

functional lesbian: that’s Jack (I think that’s his name) from Transylvania 6-5000, he’s wild and sassy but he’s a good, angry, skeptical boy who likes girls.

functional gay: that’s Dr. Brodey from Cats and Dogs and…well maybe don’t watch the movie if you don’t like silly kids films with talking animals. LMao.

Eleven Questions

I was tagged by @faded-hero to answer 11 questions and then ask 11 of my own.

1. Favorite blogs?

So many but to name a few:

@violetflipflops @kenjkats @lizzybeth1986 @nerdy-twin @blue-sappir @sarcasticchoices

2. Favorite choices character?

Diavolos Nevrakis

3. Do you see the good or bad things first?

Generally the good.

4. Favorite flower?

Pink roses.

5. What is a talent of yours?

I can alway get a seat on a bus or in a food court.

6. Do you lie?

I’m a parent, of course I do. Little lies like “we’re out of that” or “the park is closed”.

7. Favorite movie?

A League is Their Own

8. Favorite show?

I’m on a From Dusk Til Dawn kick right now.

9. Do you play video games? If so, what is your favorite?

Only games like Civilization or the Sims.

10. Would you change something in your life if you had the chance?

This is such a hard question. Because I believe that the good and bad moments are what make me and I don’t want to change that. There are things I wish I could do differently but then I worry about how they would change my life in general and I believe I am where I was meant to be. So no.

11. Do you have a weird habit?

I melt ice cream in a glass and then drink it.

My Questions:

1. Choices OTP

2. Favorite colour

3. How many languages do you speak?

4. Favorite Choices Book?

5. Chocolate or vanilla?

6. Cat person or dog person?

7. Late to bed or early riser?

8. Favorite season?

9. Favorite sport?

10. Name a bad habit

11. Favorite thing to do on your day off

I’ll tag @violetflipflops @angstymarshmallow @blue-sappir @blazerina @kenjkats @maxattack-powell @lizzybeth1986 @karapowell @mrswalkerwrites @jakeandleosprincess @zigbadboy