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Now introducing, Prince Roman!
Art for @prinxietys The Princess Bride AU! Since his name isn’t buttercup (lol), I called him his actual name, Roman. This is the scene in the movie where the king announces the prince.

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Can you do 4,11,14 and 15 for Nessian?

I can indeed! :) 

4. Who wakes the other one up with kisses?

Cassian!!! It’s not something he really does on a daily basis though? Usually they both wake up and get up at roughly the same time and they have their established morning routine. But if Cassian has been away at the camps and he leaves early in the morning so he can spend the day with her he’ll sometimes sneak into their bedroom and wake her up with lots of soft kisses, stroking back her hair, murmuring her name until she sleepily blinks awake. Then she’s smiling and pushing herself up and pulling him onto the bed and squirming into his lap and holding him and they spend a lot of time slowly kissing each other and saying hello. 

11. Who likes horror movies/ Who likes romance movies?


14. Who kills the spiders?

Nesta will stamp on them but Cassian gets all :O :O :O Nesta!?!?! He’s like the spider defence brigade and if he sees one he makes a big deal of like…protecting it from Nesta who just rolls her eyes while he gets a glass from the kitchen and carefully scoops it up and puts it outside. If he’s in on his own he probably just like…nods to it then keeps doing whatever it is he’s doing, it’s not hurting him after all, if the little guy wants to hang out here for a while that’s fine by him. 

15. Who is scared of the dark?

I don’t think either of them is actively scared of it/bothered by it in general? But if Nesta has nightmares about being forced into the Cauldron when she gets up she has to light a candle or something just to remind her where she is and help ground her otherwise she still feels like she’s drowning. The light calms her down and it tends to wake Cassian up (she always apologises for this and he always waves it away) and then he holds her. She keeps the candle lit to fall asleep again. 

Movie Titles Meme?

So… @devilsbastion and I came to the conclusion we often saw the same Q&A memes on tumblr and that it would be fun to answer a different meme. When I told her I might have an idea, she encouraged me to post it (that’s how indulgent towards me she is).

Note that I don’t know if someone came up with something similar before - I hope not - but it’s the kind of meme I’d like to answer because movie titles can be fun, creative and basically reflect every kind of mood. I might very well answer this meme soon…

Rules: answer the following questions with movie titles only, then tag 7 people (because cinema is also known as the seventh art, at least in France!). Add gifs from the movies you named if you feel like it and more importantly, have fun!

So now let’s find a movie title that reflects…

#1. Your highschool years.

#2. What you plan for the next weekend.

#3. Your love life.

#4. Your best friend.

#5. How you see this fandom.

#6. How you imagine yourself when you’re old.

#7. The mood you’re in today.

So is Michelle just avoiding fast 8 promo/screenings, or am I imagining it?
When Vin says this is “the best movie you’ve ever seen” he really means this is the movie no dotty shipper or person who values female characters integrity wants to ever see. But hey look at our cast of alpha male badasses and big Hollywood names!

Lettydeservesbetter2k17!! Someone save dotty 2k17!?!?! Is it still possible?

Hi 🌸
My name’s Giuliana, I’m Italian and I’m 17.
I’m feminist, my interests include reading, tv shows, movies and listening to music (my favourite band is My Chemical Romance). I love all kinds of art, and I’m currently starting to get interested in musicals (tbh at the moment I only know like two of them, Hamilton and Les Mis, but I found out I really like them so I have a to watch list).
I’d like to find some good friends, someone to talk about everything that comes to mind, from the most stupid thing of our day to our interests and more serious things!
I don’t care about your age/gender/sexuality/nationality, but if you are sexist, homophobic, racist and close-minded in general, please don’t talk to me, we would not get along.
My tumblr is breakingathenahale :3

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Full Name: Enneer (His name was constantly changing and he finds it hard to recall his true, full name. Enneer just seems right to him and so he goes officially by that but takes no last name)

Gender and Sexuality: Male/Heterosexual

Pronouns: He/Him

Ethnicity/Species: Rattataki

Birthplace: Rattatak 

Guilty Pleasures: Terrible jokes. Like dad jokes. He thinks that shit is hilarious.

Phobias: Sith, electricity, enclosed spaces.

What They Would Be Famous For: Being a little too good at gambling. Also that time he beat the ever loving shit out of a Sith Lord with his fists.

What They Would Get Arrested For: Murder and/or theft/scamming.

OC You Ship Them With: NA

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Tee'lah is sick of his shit but he’s v useful.

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Aint nobody got time to read or watch movies.

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: NA

Talents and/or Powers: Force sensitivity, fast healing, light and quick on his feet, excellent sleight of hand that helps with his cheating.

Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s very easy-going and, to some, a funny person. If one manages to worm their way into his heart (as a friend or other) you got a very loyal and caring companion. Along with a nickname because he’s horrible at remembering names.


How They Change: Despite his seemingly care-free nature, during particularly bad times his attitude shifts and he becomes fairly serious and maybe a little somber. There was a period of time where this quiet, angry side stuck with him. It wasn’t until he broke free of the Sith and fled to Rishi that he was able to relax and forget and revert back to his regular self.

Why You Love Them: He is my son, one of the first people I started rping as on SWTOR. I love his chill attitude and his dumb humor and his stupid smug face.

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Niall is doing a live sounding album does that mean he wont use autotune and we will hear his natural voice and most importantly all the instruments in the songs? Would love to see Harry go this route aswell since he is doing 70s rock i think it would suit it quite well right?And also since harrys album is coming out shortly after his single i read that somewhere,maybe he will also perform at that concert niall is performing i think summer welcome was its name not shure

I think he’ll use auto-tune but not much. You know, just enough to make it sound like a real album and not a concert version or whatever. I agree with you about Harry. I don’t know if he’ll perform at the same event as Niall. He needs to promote his album AND movie. I cross my fingers, though!

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Name? Alex

Nicknames? Rat, Roach, Best In The Lobby, Etc

Zodiac? Gemini

Sexual Orientation? Buy of Sexual

Ethnicity? Black, Native American, Irish.

Favorite Fruit? Blueberries

Favorite Season? Summer

Favorite Flower? Sunflowers

Favorite Scent? In n Out, berry perfume, after it rains

Favorite Animal? Dogs

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate on special occasions, but tea more commonly.

Cat or dog? Dogger

Dream Trip? I’d like to go to Germ of Knee one day

Number of Followers? 3040 just about.

What do I post about? Art, Games, Movies, and other random stuff.

Do I get asks on a regular basis? Noope.

Favorite Band? Gorillaz

Aesthetic? 80s style stuff, Synthwave styled stuff, Greaser type stuff, floral wear.

Fictional Character I’d Date? A lot.

Hogwarts House? Never cared much.

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Hey! I was wondering something.. since i'm kinda new to the hakuoki fandom i was wondering if you can consider hijikata as the main route, like the endgame kind of route like 707 in mystic messenger if your familiar with that. I'm just basing this on marketing cause he's like the face of hakuoki and the anime of course but what do you think?

Oh yeah, Hijikata’s definitely Mr. Main Route. I’m not familiar with Mystic Messenger, but just based on the name of the franchise—given that Hakuōki is the demon name Kazama gives him, and you only figure that out in his route—it’s not even really open to debate that Hijikata is Chizuru’s implied canon love interest. His route is the longest, and as you’ve observed, the anime (and the movies!) follows his route too. Obviously, you have the choice to subvert that, and honestly I prefer to do so… but Hijikata is certainly the “face of Hakuōki”, as you say. Literally. :)

i watched spanglish, the adam sandler movie, today in class. and im going to sue adam sandler for making me watch his character, an unattractive upper class white man who is married, say the words “they should name a gender after you” in a serious romantic scene with another woman is so far out of his league that he looks like a literal sack of potatoes next to her

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do it for yuned'rar cuz i love him so much dude like seriously he's the jam. (Re: The 'reblog and tag with your ocs' names' thingy

Full Name: Yuned'rar
Gender and Sexuality: (Non-binary) Male, Pansexual
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Tyrian Twi'lek
Birthplace and Birthdate: Kala'uun, Ryloth, 6BTC and the SW equiv. July 17
Guilty Pleasures: Watching cartoons
Phobias: I don’t recall if he has any??
What They Would Be Famous For: Maybe his historical linguistic work and the study of Sand People because he’s very low-key about his art
What They Would Get Arrested For: Biting someone, probably
OC You Ship Them With: @calleo‘s Yxaxajj and @rashkah‘s Rasejj
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: No-one now
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Comic books, action adventure
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Super heroes
Talents and/or Powers: He’s still very good with illusions
Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s creative and passionate about his work
Why Someone Might Hate Them: He’s fairly temperamental and very suspicious of others
How They Change: He went from a volatile and moody Sith to a mostly chiss unafilliated Force-User
Why You Love Them: He’s my bby

Why lgbt people are mad about Le Fou in case it wasn’t obvious
  • The first gay Disney character is literally named The Fool
  • He’s unrequitedly in love with a straight man
  • A straight man who bullies and abuses him
  • Le Fou will 99% likely NOT get a happy ending
  • He’s being played by someone known to be straight
  • His sexuality is basically a joke
  • His sexuality is likely to be the butt of a joke the entire movie
  • We already know the character will be the butt of the joke even if his sexuality itself isn’t
  • His entire role in the movie is to be evil and stupid comic relief and boost Gaston’s self-esteem 
  • He’s described as “confused” 
  • Queercoding villains and Disney go together like peanut butter and jelly 
  • Disney is patting itself on the back for all of this
  • His character description is stereotypical
  • Le Fou being gay for Gaston is already something of a cultural joke
  • He’s barely in the movie
  • He’s the only gay person in a love story, he will end up alone and evil
  • People have been saying how you could improve the story by making it gay for years and of all the ideas this is the worst possible option for picking a gay character
  • We coulda had lesbian Beast
  • Kids will have this as their first gay Disney character
  • For some kids this will be their first gay character period
  • It will be their ONLY gay Disney character
  • They chose to make a shot for shot remake of the animated movie with the most whitebread actors and the only thing they want to change up is making the evil fool gay
  • Disney could get away with any kind of lgbt character because they are a monolith yet they choose this
Favorite highlights of live action Beauty and the Beast

• They stuck to the beginning of the original story where Belle asks for a rose and her father gets lost and finds a fire and food in the castle.

• “Mama said not to move because it might be scary. Sorry.”

• Belle called the castle home.

• LEFOU! Everything about him was great. He got character development, he had some fantastic lines, his low key flirting with Gaston, his singing!!! I love my boy.

• Lumiere dabbed. Twice.

• It was beautiful. Oh my god the castle made me absolutely melt and Be Our Guest was breathtaking in live action.

• Lefou booping Gaston on the nose.

• How during the song Adam sings he’s climbing higher and higher so he can still see Belle.

• When Adam found out Belle liked Romeo and Juliet he was like “ew no not that book here have my entire library so you can read something better that that filth”.

• I really like how Gaston in the beginning wasn’t that bad, but as the movie went on he got darker and darker.


• We finally got an explanation as to why no one remembers the castle and the prince and why the servants were cursed too.

• The guy who can’t remember what he lost in the beginning is Mr. Potts and the minute Mrs. Potts called his name I was shaking my friend next to me because oh my god he “lost” his wife and child.

• ADAM. I’ve loved Adam since forever and he’s still so great in this version AND HIS SONG ABOUT BELLE WAS SO SPECTACULAR I COULD FEEL HIS EMOTIONS.

• Cogsworth & Lumiere are still an old married couple and I love it I love them.

• I know he only had a few lines in Be Our Guest, but Cogsworth’s singing voice was amazing

• Adam’s eye makeup in the beginning that made it look like he was wearing a mask if he stood in the light just so.


• Lefou has a bite mark from Gaston on his lower stomach and when my friend and I saw it we practically screamed because how exactly do you get a bite mark in that spot if you’re not doing some kinky bedroom stuff.

• The line “there’s a beast on the loose there’s no question, but I fear the wrong monsters released” had me so shook put that on my gravestone I fucking love it.

• It’s sweet and cute and beautiful, but when it gets dark it gets DARK, like, goddamn.

• I loved the detail of whenever a petal falls the castle crumbles further and the servants become more like the objects they are.

• Adam’s beast growl at the end when he’s a human again that, tbh, was really hot.

• The guy who, instead of freaking out when he was put in a dress and makeup, grinned and walked away with his hips swishing and totally owned it.

• That same guy and Lefou dancing together ohhh my god I think I started crying they’re so fucking cute Lefou and his cross dressing boyfriend 5ever.

hey sharpay evans was a lesbian and heres my evidance for it:

she was brought up in what was most likely a conservative household (see: hsm2 and the fact that her dad owns a golf club) and seeing ryan being the outcast in the family for his homosexuality she suppressed and went full on compulsory heterosexuality and went for the unattainable basketball star and when she finally felt feelings for a girl (vanessa hudgens i dont remember her name in the movie WAIT IT WAS GABRIELLA) she immediately took them to be negative and began obsessing with her and thinking it was a hate thing when really she was insanely jealous and impressed by her and in the 5th hsm sequel after troy and gabriella have divorced because troy wants to play NBA while gabriella wants to move to switzerland to study the large hadron collider she meets up with sharpay at the airport in new york and sharpay, after years of therapy and self realization, lies and says she too is going to switzerland for a specialty theater troupe and they rent an apartment together as two single thirtysomethings and slowly fall in love

things you didn’t know about the Bye Bye Man that make it sound even more like a fake movie than it already does:

  • the bye bye man has an animal sidekick. it looks like it’s a dog made of raw ground beef. 
  • a real and actual power that the bye bye man has is the ability to cause erectile dysfunction
  • when the bye bye man shows up, you hear the toot toot of a train. no reason is given for this. toot toot.
  • there are college students who own a house phone
  • faye dunaway is there
  • there is a character named Mr. Daisy. he uses the phrase “handsome boys.”
  • the bye bye man is shown in the library. he’s not cast in shadow or anything. he’s just there. he has some books. i can’t remember if we hear a toot toot when it cuts to him, but i like to think we did.
  • the bye bye man has long long touchin fingers
  • can you imagine hooking up with someone and the bye bye man broke your genitals. you would have to say “i am sorry i cannot get aroused the booboo man did a witchcraft on my peepee”
  • toot toot
things with sharp edges & bullets in nazis, swearing by pushkin & tolstoy & trotsky, armor & arrows & black widow stings,these are a few of my favorite things