it&039;s a guy thing



The person running the Priest FB page

Sounds an awful lot like a certain “//M of TID”

And the double slashes?? //The Puppet Master??? //M of TID????

(check the tags for some spoiler filled ranting and feel free to message me if yall have theories)

//For the record p l e a s e have an easily accessible ref because most of the requests I got had no refs to speak of and I wasn’t going to ask every single person for a ref/really didn’t want my inbox flooded with pics. 

your sword, lay it down for me


someone: there’s no such thing as perfectio–


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  • Kirishima: So what's your excuse?
  • Bakugou: For?
  • Kirishima: Acting the way we do.
  • Bakugou: I don't like to do what people expect. Why should I live up to other people's expectations instead of my own?
  • Kirishima: So you disappoint them from the start and then you're covered, right?
  • Bakugou: Something like that…
  • Kirishima: Then you screwed up.
  • Bakugou: How?
  • Kirishima: You never disappointed me.

Can we talk about an RVB BBS au please??? That would be fucking hilarious.

“You shot Evan, you team killing fucktard!”

Marcel: [to Jonathan] You didn’t remember a waterfall? Dude that’s like not remembering your first girlfriend turned out to have a dick. [turns to Lui] Right Lui?
Lui: Sometimes I’m sorry I even told you that story.

“I’m not a thing; My name’s Evan Fong, and you’ll fear my LASER FACE!”

Lui: What do we need Tyler for anyway? All he ever did was yell at us a bunch and tell us we suck. We’ll just split up his duties. You yell at me, and I’ll tell you you suck.
David: Get down there, Lui! 
Lui: You suck, David! Oh man, this new system is working out great! 

Lui: Up yours… Tyler: What was that? Lui: Up yours SIR! Tyler: That’s better.

Craig: Hey Tyler, I found David. He’s sleeping on the job. David: I’m not sleeping; I was drugged. Craig: Cancel that Tyler, he’s doing drugs.

“How about, Minor Junior Private Lui, Negative First Class?”

Evan: …I guess he put two and two together. Delirious: FOUR! Evan: It wasn’t a test, Delirious. Delirious: Yes it was, I win, A+. 

Delirious: [referring to Marcel’s sword] Or it’s a key all the time, and when you stick it in people… it unlocks their death.

“I’m not askin’, and he’s not tellin’, but I heard that when Craig first came to the base, Tyler spent a lot of time talkin’ about ‘glazed donut holes’, if you know what I mean.”

David: My ass still hurts from all the shots we got. Craig: Yeah you can say that again, mine hurts too! David: You weren’t even there, Craig. Craig: Oh… I thought we were just sharing stuff…