it’s important to be accurate

Okay, so Hulu has this show called “Harlots,” which has

 - Historical costumes, yum

 - Prostitution treated like an actual profession, and women are complex and well-rounded??????

 - Everyone important is a woman, it’s completely woman-centric

 - It’s ACTUALLY historically accurate in that black people exist in England holy shit

 - Full of absolute joyous Easter Eggs for people who know their history

 - The intrigue is just bursting at the seams, it’s like Game of Thrones with brothels

 - Also, it caused me to make this dumb macro

“If taking a pill makes you different, like, if it changes the way-down you…that’s just a screwed-up idea, you know? Who’s deciding what me means-me or the employees of the factory that makes Lexapro? It’s like I have this demon inside of me, and I want it gone, but the idea of removing it via pull is…I don’t know…weird. But a lot of days I get over that, because I do really hate the demon”

-John Green, Turtles All The Way Down

Unforgiven (M)

Author’s Note: listen. i’ve listened to sweet lies about 166 times today (or however many times you can fit 3:45 into fifteen hours, jfc). this fic exists because i woke up at 6 in the morning and promptly died over it
Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)
Summary: The guilt that comes from cheating on your husband with his best friend is heavy and complicated. It means you lie to a lot of people - including yourself.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit sex; explicit language; angst; infidelity
Word Count: 6,645

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Guilt is a heavy, twisted thing. In your mouth it tastes sour, in your chest it burns, and in your bones it settles. Most people reject it, want it gone from them the moment they feel it linger in their bloodstream and turn their words to slow syllables of malcontent. No one is supposed to relish it or want it, no one is supposed to savor it or claim it as their own.

But you do. You do.

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do you have tips on writing smut?

Hmm. Well, firstly it’s important to be accurate. Things need to be properly prepared and lubricated, you can’t just shove it in there and hope for the best.

Secondly, dear GOD avoid stupid words for penis or cum or even vaginas.


  • dick, cock, erection, shaft, slit, head
  • seed, cum, (occasionally spunk), maybe sperm depending on the situation
  • vagina, pussy, lips, clit


  • stick of destiny, one-eyed monster, (try to avoid boner as well [it just sounds childish]), package, prick, doinker, meat popsicle, divine rod, anal impaler, etc.
  • baby juice, baby batter, salted cream, schlong juice, protein shake, jizz, spooge, two ball throat cream, etc. etc.
  • lady flower, pink taco, muff, twat, poontang, lady garden, bearded clam, beaver, cocksheath, etc. etc.

Next, it’s important to include foreplay. There’s a LOT of things that build up to sex, and experiment with these things to make a unique sex situation each time!

Now, I know it’s tempting to use words over and over. DON’T DO THIS! There are synonyms for words for a reason! Don’t know a synonym? LOOK IT UP! You have to do that a lot as a writer! Also look up descriptive words!

For example, what sounds better?

  1. He rubbed his cock once before freeing his partner’s cock.
  2. He stroked his throbbing cock once before freeing his partner’s swollen erection.

Clearly number 2, correct? <3

It’s very important to remember that it’s like REAL sex and you need to treat it as such. You need to express the emotions they would feel, don’t overuse the word “moan”, and have some good dialogue!

Words to use besides moan:

  • groan
  • cry
  • mewl
  • whimper
  • whine
  • grunt
  • gasp
  • sob
  • wail
  • and whatever else you can find!

Describe different kisses as well! There are a million different ways to kiss: use them all. This also applies to sex positions. 

Try to break the norm when it comes to how their body parts are positioned (without going crazy, of course). This requires you to be more descriptive for readers to understand how they are at that moment, but it’s a good challenge! The worst thing is when a reader has no idea what position the involved characters are in.

I think I basically covered everything <33

If I missed anything, feel free to send another ask and I can fill you in!

Happy writing, and happy sex scenes!


Okay shellheads: If you want to draw, write fics or make crazy awesome head-canons you must to see these:

1- A happy turtle simple graphic

2- All the fucking parts of the plastron and carapace.

3- Human bones comparison whit our reptilian friends.

4-5- How they get into their shells. Some are more exposed and others are completely locked.

6- Approximation graphic… I tried.


I’m sorry guys, but we really need to talk about translation errors. It’s important for translations, ones meant to be accurate, are accurate. Like, it’s actually really important, not just in setting tone, but in setting the actual plot.

Let’s talk about chapter 521.







These are the most outstanding of the differences in this chapter alone. Each of them could literally mean entirely different things. 

For the first one, Yonkou’s translation has Lucy state that she will see her soon, and in MS’, Lucy asks if she will see her again. This is probably not as important as the next two.

In the second, Yonkou’s translation makes it sound like Brandish says the thing about trying to kill Lucy. In MS’, Natsu is talking about Dimaria’s attempt on Lucy’s demise. This is a huge plot thing because that would mean Natsu remembers Lucy’s “death”.

In the third, Yonkou is very vague about Zeref’s apology to Natsu, and MS makes it sound like Gray’s arrival is going to cause Natsu the most pain.

I will admit that I am extremely biased, because I like MS translations much better. So I can’t just say they are more accurate because I like them more. 

None of us have a clue, and that irks me. Because those last two are extremely different.

Read Silver Ravenwolf!

That title probably seems weird, eh? Why would anyone recommend Silver Ravenwolf? I’m not recommending her as a resource, exactly. I’m saying that she, and others like her, are worth reading for witches of all sorts. 

The problems inherent in Silver Ravenwolf’s writings are well-known. She is hostile towards other religions. She whitewashes the Craft. She implies that all witches must be Wiccan. The list goes on and on. Other authors have similar problems. 

Buckland shamed witches who curse and contributed to more whitewashing. D.J. Conway presents inaccurate information about history and different cultures. Gillian Kemp’s work is an attempt to pass off Wicca as Romany folk magic. Edain McCoy makes up “traditions” out of whole cloth and tries to pass them off as “ancient.” 

The problems many of us see in these and other authors are well-known. Many Tumblr posts, as well as other websites, explain the inaccuracies. You can find a lot about the blatant mischaracterizations seen in these works. I don’t condone any of these authors. Who would? 

Still, I think they’re worth reading. Why? Like it or not, these authors (and others like them) have had an influence on the modern Craft. Not a good influence, but an influence nonetheless. I am in favor of combating misinformation. I also believe in getting a clearer picture of our present situation.  It’s important to look at where the misinformation originates!

I try to read as much as possible. I try to read everything I can. This includes authors that I actively dislike, because I have a need to know what they’re saying. Don’t get me wrong - it’s important to let people know which authors spew tripe. Even so, though, it’s equally important to face that head-on. We should combat it with accurate information. This is best done when you know what you’re discussing.

So, yes, I think people should read Silver Ravenwolf, Edain McCoy,and D.J. Conway. At the same time, though, I realize not everyone wants to give these people their money (I didn’t, myself). That’s what libraries are for. 

Be aware of what concerns people have about such authors. But! Also read them for yourself. Read them to see how bad it is. Read them so you’re prepared to discuss them. 

Read, and prepare to make others aware of the misinformation they’re spreading. 

Read so you’ll know. 


Imagine April, Casey, Karai, and the turtles are in like their mid to late thirties or something. 

Imagine Casey has the brilliant idea to start a comic book series about the adventures the turtles had when they were younger.

Imagine he goes to his bff Raph with the idea, since he and Raph are both artistic. 

Imagine he gives Raph a long spiel stating that 1. not only would these comics become a historical reference for future historians about their lives (as Renet had already told the turtles how famous they’d be), but 2. that their lives could easily be made into a comic book series that a wide range of people could find compelling.

Imagine Raph agrees.

Imagine them asking Leo for a journal he kept when he was young (or rather, asking him to type up an edited version he wouldn’t mind them seeing) that they could use as a chronology reference.

Imagine them asking Mikey for help with comic relief.

Imagine them asking Donnie to proofread/write his own technobabble since, “It’s important to be accurate.”

Imagine Raph and Casey start to brainstorm pen names since they want to use their actual names in the story.

Imagine while brainstorming pen names, Raph asks Casey, “Hey, what were those names you used to write on your gear?” and Casey answers, “Eastman and Laird.”

Imagine they decide to use the pen names Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.

Imagine them checking in with the clan before sending it off to be published to make sure everyone felt accurately represented (so it wouldn’t be like those sitcom episodes where one person writes a book and obviously copies real life but from their point of view, making everyone else look awful).

Imagine their semi-autobiographical comic becomes a huge hit.

Imagine it eventually gets out that the comics were true stories.

Imagine that’s how they become famous (in the 2012 universe, postseries).

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what do you think about Chaos Theory??

Chaos theory is so interesting!!! For those of you who don’t know, chaos theory deals with how small changes in a system can cause large changes later on. An example of one system would be the weather - we don’t know the exact position and speed of every molecule in the atmosphere, so we can’t accurately predict what will happen beyond a specific time. This is why weather is so so hard to predict; one small change can ripple through the whole system and change the weather pattern. This is often called the butterfly effect, for the question “If a butterfly in eastern Texas flaps its wings, does that cause a blizzard in New York 6 months later?” 

Another feature of chaos theory is non-linearity, which means that something isn’t able to be modeled well with equations. Chaos theory has potential applications in chemistry, physics, biology, etc (pretty much any science, including the social sciences) because it can model complex systems significantly better than linear functions because it takes randomness and complexity into account. Chaos theory also deals with fractals/fractal geometry/self-similar structures that also have applications to the sciences. It’s definitely important to understanding and modelling the real world accurately, and it’ll have a large impact in how we understand science and the world in the future!! 

Anyway, these two paragraphs just barely scratch the tip, there’s SO MUCH included in chaos theory and I would definitely recommend looking into it because of its variety and complexity, or even taking a class on it in college/university. If you want some books to read (it’s truly fascinating, would definitely recommend reading some), I would recommend Chaos by James Gleick (really good read, goes in depth into the different areas of chaos theory and how it emerged and its potential applications), along with Jurassic Park (Chrichton does a really good job explaining it and applying it to his novel). HERE is a link to some other books that look good too. I took a class on complex systems//”chaos theory” and we used THIS computer program (Netlogo) and it was really cool and fun to play around with. Let me know if you have any other questions!!

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I'm writing a fantasy story set in the 6th century in various places around the world, including the middle east. I'm concerned about how to represent the pre-islamic world without coming off as disrespectful or islamophobic. For example, the Kaaba being used to house idols. It's historically accurate, but I feel reluctant to depict it in that way, as it might be disrespectful. Is this a legitimate concern? What other pitfalls should I be aware of in depicting this setting?

Representing a Pre-Islamic World Respectfully

It’s historically accurate, but if it’s not important for your world-building, you might as well leave it out. In other words, it would mostly make sense to me if you were writing about the families that historically guarded the Kaaba or were the head of providing for visitors and guests who wanted to view the idols, but may not be necessary if you are already building a society focused on polytheism with characters that won’t necessarily be concerned with the Kaaba or those particular idols at all times. 

Remember, people of that era had their own house-gods to offer reverence to, gods that traveled with them. A lot of people were very poor and might not be able to have the opportunity to mingle with those families that held sway over the Kaaba and the traffic of visitors, etc. 

Also, the Middle East is a very broad place which doesn’t only include Arabia, so make sure to be specific in your details, narrow in on a particular country or locale and let that guide you and your research.

-Mod Kaye

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what does it take to get your gender marker changed??

get your passport taken care of first. a passport is a federal ID that can be used as identification in any state (and other countries), as well as serve as proof of citizenship in place of a birth certificate. you can also get a passport card, which is wallet sized and can serve as ID anywhere.

this could change under new administration, but obama made it easy to get your gender marker changed on a passport, and as of right now, there is no surgery requirement to change your gender marker. you don’t even have to have your name changed yet in order to change your gender marker on your passport. you can change the name later (and if it’s within a year of getting your passport updating your name is FREE). 

all you need to change the gender marker on your passport is this:

  • DS-11 passport application form
  • a letter from a doctor confirming that you have had, or are in process of having, appropriate clinical treatment for transition to the updated gender. and LISTEN - there are no set regulations for what defines “appropriate clinical treatment”, that means no proof of surgery or hormone therapy, nothing needed and no questions asked, all you have to do is have your doctor write a letter. i have a template for that letter that your doc can use verbatim, message me & i’ll send it to you. 
  • your original birth certificate (if you already have a current passport you don’t need your birth certificate, your current passport will work as proof of citizenship)
  • a photo ID (i.e. driver’s license), AND a photocopy of that ID, 1 page front, 1 page back
  • $135 application fee plus $15 for passport photos. if you don’t have that money i can give it to you. @charl_carles and @KendraSerra on twitter are matching trans people with donors to cover the cost of these passport fees. @transrelief is doing the same. this is how i was able to afford paying for my passport. 

that’s ALL YOU NEED. don’t be intimidated. it can be stressful getting all those documents together, but once you have them all you need to do is go to a passport acceptance facility (usually a post office) near you and have your application and documents mailed in. whoever is working there will validate the application for you. call ahead, most places require an appointment but many accept walk-ins. some places accept debit and credit cards but many only accept money orders and checks. call to make sure, and know that when you go in, the law is on your side and employees are not allowed to harass anyone or ask questions about your medical history. if you feel uncomfortable or the staff is less than professional towards you, you can call the National Passport Information Center at 1-855-865-7755 or submit a complaint online through their Customer Survey

i hope that helps, i know it can seem stressful or overwhelming but it’s so important to have at least one form of identification that reflects your accurate gender. please don’t hesitate to message me again if you have any more questions or want to double check you have everything you need!


Don’t listen to any word I say

I’d say anything to make you feel ok

I’m not who I thought I was

Not today

Tell me this doesn’t describe Daryl on 7x10,his lie and his OCC moments.

He would say anything to make her feel OK. He is not who he thought he was.


Thank you for reading.


Natsume (narrating): There were sad days and painful ones and there may be more. Even so…

Shigeru (readying the camera for a family picture): Okay, ready? Here we go! Come on, Takashi, get closer!

Touko: Come on, smile, Takashi-kun!

(Shigeru and Touko looking at the camera)

Shigeru: Let’s see how it turned out…

Touko: I can’t wait!

(Natsume spots Nyanko-sensei)

Natsume (after grabbing him): Shigeru-san…Touko-san…can we take another?

(Shigeru and Touko laugh)

(as they take the picture) Shigeru: Stay still, Nyangoro.

Natsume (narrating): …these are treasured days that I’ll never forget.

Lookit all Natsume’s friends, human and youkai alike! They are here for hjm.

Natsume being nervous about the family picture and having to be told to get closer and smile and all that is so adorable. HE’S NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE. The way Touko put her hand on his shoulders too awwww.

But u know what’s even more adorable.

Natsume asking if they can take one with Nyanko-sensei because he’s part of their family too! He cannot be left out of family picture time! Natsume must have all his beloved family accurately represented here! It’s important! And Nyanko’s chill cooperation is basically his admission of “yeah i am your family I guess”.

seriously. i die. 

Anyway, this was such a lovely way to end this amazing episode, which was a powerful ode to rebirth and how it’s important to process and express grief and trauma and the importance of found families…. all good stuff. I’m so happy for Natsume. He has the family and home he deserves. And once again, this show has given me all the feelings and blown me away with its warmth and beauty.

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I love this blog its so cool! Could you do McCree From Overwatch?

Hey dude thanks! There’s like 20 of you that care so this means a lot <3

We’re gonna kick things off by reiterating that this is not an Overwatch blog before analyzing McCree from Overwatch.

I mentioned last week during my Junkrat post that Blizzard hasn’t made any particularly novel characters but they’re all done very well. McCree of course is a cowboy and boy howdy they make sure you know you’re playing a fuckin cowboy. This is done through fantastic Blizzard UX (listen to those spurs jingle jangle jingle) and of course mechanics


Peacekeeper: McCree’s primary ability is firing one round from his six-shooter. His shots are slow moving and reward careful aim with devastating damage. There weren’t any cowboys in the movies that blew all six of their shots on a single target unless they were fanning the hammer cough. It’s super important that McCree has exactly six bullets to a clip. Most revolvers have six shots because they’re easy to make but what’s more significant than that is cowboys have six shots. McCree’s a cowboy. He should have six bullets, no more, no less.

Fan the Hammer: When a cowboy really wanted someone dead (usually in a duel of some sort) they would blast off every round in the chamber in a micro-instant. McCree uses this ability for exactly that. You won’t see a player using this ability and trying to spread damage between multiple targets, that’s what LMB is for.

Flashbang: This is where the kit falters just a little bit. I can’t think of a reason for a cowboy to have a flashbang. However, there’s a mechanical reason for him to have a flashbang: it makes the rest of the kit work. With his ranged stagger McCree can easily close gaps with Combat Roll and proceed to Fan the Hammer or escape.

Combat Roll: Cowboys were also great at both rolling into cover and feats of dexterity such as reloading like a jackass. Combining both into one ability makes McCree even more dexterous and cowboy-like. This utility ability is useful in a variety of situations such as in combination with Fan the Hammer as I previously mentioned, running away, or sustaining damage by reloading his gun.

Deadeye: The ultimate expression of McCree’s cowboy ability is effectively a combination of all the important western-like components I’ve previously mentioned. It’s a rapid fire, but accurate, high damage ability that displays McCree’s skill. The tumble weed and audio cue only strengthen the cowboy power.

On Azula

Lokgifsandmusings: I received a remarkable and moving essay after responding to this ask regarding my intent on my series of Azula metas. In my view, it is the best framing of the disputes around Azula and how I’m choosing to close this set of analyses. I urge anyone who is a fan of ATLA to read it in its entirety. It is a note that assumes I am the reader, but I don’t think its meaning will be lost on anyone:   

I want to preface this by saying that I find your meta fascinating, that I am aware you have no desire to excuse or decomplexify Azula, and with reassurance that I, also, think she is a painfully complicated character. Unfortunately, I do suspect much of the pushback against your critique comes from a place of dismissal and a desire to comfortably write Azula off as “born evil”.  

Having said that, I think it would be a mistake to view all disagreements on this as stemming from that reaction, or from ignorance (either on the part of the viewer, or Bryke) of intersectional issues, or with the “born evil” point of view.

queertoons talks about lenses and that’s absolutely accurate. As an alternative lens, I offer the fact that my partner finds it incredibly emotionally difficult to watch ATLA because he was physically abused by his father as a child and he now suffers complex PTSD as a result. The Ozai-Azula-Zuko dynamic is especially painful for him because it mirrors his father’s favouritism of his sister, and the way she became a secondary abuser. Almost certainly out of some kind of survival instinct and he very clearly blames his father for ruining her chance at healthy development. While she may not be consciously aware of it, she absolutely was abused too, even if she was never subject to violence.

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Fitness trackers keep track of how long you’ve been working out, and your heart rate, and the number of steps you take in a day, all while coming in a conveniently small, conveniently $200 package (which you’ll lose in a drawer in a month). And that sounds pretty harmless, even useful. Who doesn’t love data? Well, what if the data isn’t accurate? A study of a pair of Fitbit products found that they miscalculated heart rates by up to 20 beats per minute, and that they got worse as the exercise got more intense. You may recognize intense exercise as the time when it’s most important for a tracker to get an accurate reading, since you don’t really need that much monitoring when cramming Cheetos in your mouth and yelling at Wheel Of Fortune. A second study found an average error rate of 14 percent – a margin that doesn’t just make the product useless, but dangerous to someone who has heart disease and needs to know precisely how much their ticker is ticking.

6 Healthy Habits With Huge Downsides (Nobody Talks About)

Historical Fiction and Feminism/Internalized Misogyny

(This post contains spoilers for The Conqueror’s Saga, The White Princess, The White Queen HBO’s Rome, and Spartacus–sometimes in very vague ways, but I thought I’d be thorough.)

Recently, I’ve discussed feminism and historical fiction in the context of television on my blog—largely in terms of how NOT to do it, as seen on The White Princess.  Marketing historical fiction (or fantasy that resembles historical fiction) as feminist is big in this day and age.  Even if the word “feminism” isn’t thrown around, you see people talking about “strong female characters” and, essentially, women “overcoming obstacles” presented by cultures of the past.  The thing is—does a woman acting like a feminist in a historical setting make the work itself feminist?  Does her lack of feminist views, or even anti-feminist perspective make her a bad character?  

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I have a long post I’ve been thinking about for a while about how I think “having an identity” causes a lot of problems, and people should try to avoid it.

It occurred to me for literally the first time just now, after reading @balioc’s excellent post, that since this is obviously so important to me, it’s probably accurate to say that “avoiding identity” is extremely critical to my identity.

Now as identities go, I think that’s a fairly good one (once you fill in the details in the right way). But I would, of course, since it’s so central to my identity.

anonymous asked:

Can Azula be excused from her actions because of the abusive relationships she's in with her father, the fact that she's 14, and her mental instability due to her abuse? There are obviously complexities to her character but I am very sympathetic to her. I don't want to fall in the same hole that Kylo Ren fans do though. Like I can see that Kylo Ren is evil and I don't excuse his actions in any way like some members of the fandom and yet I do this for Azula lol

Man, this is a complicated question. And it’s something I’ve somewhat tried to tackle because there was a time where I was falling into a hole too. Normally when any question of Azula comes up, I just link this wonderful piece that was anonymously submitted to me, because I truly think it’s the best lens. It lays out how Azula has done horrible things that we aren’t meant to excuse, yet at the same time she is a tragic figure given her abuse, given her age. To quote the linked essay:

The thing is, I think it’s also a really important and painfully accurate depiction of what happens when you get a family situation like this. I think Azula’s distressing lack of compassion existing in uncomfortable juxtaposition with the fact we know she was made this way through abuse, is valuable. Because…that’s what it’s like sometimes. How do you cope with that? How do you untangle that mess? How can you feel any which way about that?

So I think it’s also worth examining whether our desires to make her more sympathetic are partially based in a need to make that situation less complicated and painful. If we imagine she was secretly conflicted the entire time it’s…easier.

I think it’s important that they didn’t just show the cycle of abuse broken (via Zuko), they showed it continuing (via Azula, by way of Ozai, by way of Azulon; they touch on this when they show us Ozai’s baby picture - not even he was always a monster, and Azulon was terrifying).

I am far, far, far more sympathetic to Azula than to Kylo Ren (or Kuvira) because of her age and abuse, but I do think taking all agency away from her and saying she has no responsibility isn’t a tenable position either.

This actually reminds me a bit of the dialogue about Tyrion in the asoiaf fandom, since he is 100% a victim of abuse who deals with ableism every day, and yet he’s also a fucking asshole who is often incredibly entitled and misogynistic. People want to pretend he couldn’t have possibly had any say whatsoever in marrying the 12-year-old political prisoner, because his abuser is the one who suggested it.

Look. The way abuse manifests and the fucked up actions that result are not simplistic and there’s no formula that we can apply to figure out at what moment (or age) someone is free of responsibility for what they do. But I think all we can do is look at who is pushing towards healing. Azula never asked for any sort of redemption, and we’re not meant to be fist-pumping at her downfall. She is a victim, and props to ATLA for not shying away from the tragic realities. It’s heartbreaking that she can’t play goddamn volleyball without terrifying kids her age, you know? At the same time, she is also the perpetrator of violence, and that’s made clear. 

Her scripting wasn’t free of issues, of course, but for what we got, this was a damn effective exploration of the cycle of abuse. We can appreciate that tragedy without absolving her.

Kylo Ren is just an asshole.