Thoughts on the Vampires pack

1. Only 5 lots in the entire world? im sorry but wtf
(i say this because the world is gorgeous and I wish we had more space to roam around)

2. Is it just me or does that neck drinking animation look very nsfw? xD
(once again, I don’t mean that it’s bad or anything like that, it’s just very different from TS3 and that’s what shocked me! It’s a bit… intimate IMO, but I think the animation is great!)

3. Coffin woohoo  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

4. I feel like, considering the TS3 supernatural pack, this one is very lacking, as it only brings you one life state
(just comparing TS3 vs TS4. noTHING PERSONAL OK)

5. and also, in comparison to any other pack I also think it’s very lacking in CAS stuff! Very few clothing options IMO for a game pack
(however, I love the amount of buy/build mode objects! I think they look great. I just love the style of the game pack and wish it offered some more hair/clothing)

6. I do think that town looks really good and neat tho! Just a pity it’s so tiny

+7. I really feel like vampires alone is boring without the other spn’s :(
(I just personally would like to have all the supernaturals together. I can see how this is good for storytelling, however :)

edit: adding some additional coments since some of you feel the need to take everything in such a negative way.

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it’s really wonderful seeing people try their best to figure things out! we love it.


Super late, but hey! I intend to get all of these done, no matter how long it takes!

@rosendark, our Blind OTPs dressed in their Halloween costumes u w u /

Achmetha as a Wendigo, and Persephone rockin’ a death cosplay~
Elvira as Maleficent, and Elidar as Dracula - they swapped species for a day~
Lastly, Akasma as a Kitsune, and Lia as a Mismagius!

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