it's the second best show I've ever watched

anonymous asked:

I'm on the verge of starting Buffy since I've somehow never watched it before and i was wondering what it is that you love about the show? Its yet another show that you have convinced me to check out so thank you!

First of all, you’re welcome! Second of all, excellent decision! 

Buffy is arguably the best show ever written for network, especially for it’s time. The writing is impeccable, it blurs the lines between horror, comedy and drama effortlessly and immaculately, and subverts every single stereotype and trope into something fresh and organic. It’s completely self aware of itself, and that gave it the power to play on it’s own weaknesses and make them strengths. It’s absolutely hilarious, compelling and adventurous, at times actually frightening, and unbelievably emotional. The main characters are developed in ways shows could only DREAM of doing these days, and it balances it’s arcs and story points in a pace that all other shows aspire to. 

Basically? Everything you love about shows now…Buffy did it first. Literally everything. You like vampires and werewolves? Buffy did it first. You like badass female protagonists? Buffy did it first. You like reversing gender norms? Confronting cultural and societal stereotypes? Buffy was there doing it. You like seeing LGBTQ representation? Yep, had it also! You love epic romance or forbidden/doomed love/star-crossed lovers? Okay, it didn’t do that first, but it did fucking fantastically.

Not every season is perfect, but there is not one season that doesn’t have a series highlight or two, and I would legitimately say, with no holds bard, that seasons 2, 3 and 5 are some of the strongest TV seasons I have ever seen on not just network but anywhere. 

You will NOT regret watching this show.