it's one of those nights where you cant feel your eyes you're so tired







it’s been two weeks since you started your little rendezvou with yoongi, you’d been so secretive and careful about it you were sure jungkook had no idea. you felt somewhat guilty for cheating on jungkook but the connection you once felt for him was gone, you no longer had the desire to be with him. You and yoongi on the other hand though, oh god you both had such a strong connection both physically and mentally. Yoongi made you feel things not even jungkook had accomplished in the 2 years of dating him. You remember the first time you slept with yoongi, you both had a little too much to drink, jungkook was out of town for a job. Yoongi being jungkook’s friend would often visit him, this particular time he came to look for him, He was ready to leave once you told him he wasn’t there, but you invited him in for a drink and that drink turned in to two, then four and before you both knew it you were completely drunk, laughing and blasting music. Yoongi ended up getting tired and sitting down but you wanted to have fun.

Yoongi sat watching you dance with a smile, he couldn’t help but to notice how beautiful you were,how the skirt you had be wearing would hang perfectly off your hips. You had noticed his stare and so you didn’t hesitate to strip that pretty little skirt of yours. Yoongi smirked and you knew where this would end up. Yoongi had you screaming his name louder than kook ever had, even though he was being quiet rough, never once did he force your hips down, nor did he leave any bruises behind, despite it all he was still being gentle with you something jungkook had only done when you first started dating. You were sure you wanted to leave jungkook but you didn’t know how, jungkook wasn’t always nice and sometimes he could get a little violent. Not towards you of course but with those around him and that scared you. If he found out about this he was sure to hurt yoongi and you didn’t want that. You made your way to the studio to visit yoongi one last time you had to break it off with him even if you didn’t want to.

“(Y/N) i’m glad you’re here baby i missed you” yoongi smiled at you and held your hand. “Yoongi we need to talk.. We can’t do this anymore” his smile dropped and his eyes seemed sad “ baby why? We can talk to jungkook together. You don’t have to worry”  “yoongi i cant you don’t know what jungkook is capable of.. I don’t want to see you hurt” he held you in his arms tightly “don’t worry about me love, let’s talk to jungkook okay?” and just as those words left yoongi’s mouth you heard a familiar voice behind you “ yeah let’s talk to jungkook” you pushed away from yoongi only to be met by your seemingly calm boyfriend “ you know my love i had a bouquet of flowers to give you but considering the fact you’ve been cheating on me like the slut you are i threw them away” he said with a smile “ jungkook i can explain” “ explain what? That this past two weeks you’ve been cheating on me” yoongi and you looked at him wide eyed “ did you find out?” you asked “ I’m not stupid (Y/N) i have cameras all over the house, i saw you that night stripping and straddling my dear friend. You sure were acting like a little slut weren’t you“ “If you knew why didn’t you stop it?” yoongi asked almost in a whisper “ i wanted to let you guys have fun, you know for a little while” he smirked. “ but i think it’s time for me to take back  what belongs to me”

“ she’s not your property jungkook, she doesn’t belong to you” yoongi raised his voice now, anger written on his face, you could see jungkook finally drop the smirk he had been holding this whole time “hyung. you really shouldn’t of placed your filthy hands on (Y/N)” jungkook launched himself onto yoongi and with one blow to the head he knocked him out, you stood there in shock and fear. You knew it, jungkook would end up hurting him.”Lets go” jungkook broke you out  of your trance, you watched as he carried yoongi out of the building and to his car, you looked at him with teary eyes, {should i call the cops? should i run away?} and as if he was reading your mind jungkook spoke up “don’t even think about it (Y/N) now get in the car” you got in the car and as he started driving you noticed he went the opposite way of where you lived “where are we going?” you asked in a shaky voice but he ignored you.

jungkook took several turns which you didn’t recognize, he took a dirt road and ten minutes later you arrived at a pretty nice cabin by the lake. jungkook got off and you followed, he then proceeded to tie yoongi up on a chair and tape his mouth shut. “kookie please let him go, you already have me please, please don’t hurt him” you were now crying a knot in your throat, you were so frightened you knew why you were here so far from everyone. “shhh, i’ve always had you (Y/N) if you didn’t want yoongi to get hurt you shouldnt of slept with him” you dropped to your knees “ jungkook please i beg you, don’t hurt him, i promise to never do this to you again but please just this once” you couldn’t stop crying and honestly jungkook enjoyed seeing you like this, seeing you beg, seeing you on your knees. “ oh sweetheart i never realized how pretty you look when crying, you look so good on your knees and since you’re already down there why not do me a favor?”

you could see the tent in jungkook’s pants you knew exactly what that little favor was and you would do it, after all if you did as you were told you might be able to save yoongi. you looked over at him, he was already starting to regain his consciousness {sorry you have to see this} you thought. jungkook looked over at yoongi “ah hyung i see your awake now, good enjoy the show okay” jungkook gave him such an innocent smile before turning his gaze at you. you unbuttoned jungkook’s pants  and let his already hard member free, you pumped it a few times before placing it in your mouth, you could hear yoongi shifting in his seat but you refused to even make eye contact. jungkook kept bobbing your head back and forth grasping a chunk of your hair with his hands making you take every single inch, his moans along with the sound of your slurps filled the room.

His cock was throbbing in your mouth but before he could find his release he pushed himself inside your mouth further making his cock hit the back of your throat he bobbed your head a couple more times before finally releasing his seed into your mouth, you could feel the warm substance go down your throat “make sure you swallow it all sweetheart, you wouldn’t want to waste it” he winked and you and then proceeded to strip you down of your clothes before his very own. “hyung are you watching?” yoongi’s eyes were filled with anger and pain as he looked at the younger man, he tried looking at you but you wouldnt look at him, you couldn’t look at him. “ oh don’t look at me like that she’s enjoying it as much as i am” jungkook laughed before returning his attention back to you “ baby i want you on all fours” you took the position you were told to take jungkook’s firm hand hit your ass you let out a little moan. he began to rub your folds and you could feel yourself getting wet “ you see hyung, she’s already this wet for me” without warning jungkook pushed himself inside of you, a loud moan escaped your mouth “ fuck babe you’re so tight around my dick.. fuck” he moved at a fast pace, despite the situation you were enjoying every minute of it.

jungkook leaned down to hold you bringing you back up, making you sit on him. god you could feel him so deep inside of you, both of your moans drowned out any noise yoongi was making “ fuck right there.. ah jungkook please don’t stop” jungkook quickened his pace and before you knew it he came inside of you but that didn’t stop him from bouncing you up and down until you finally came all over his cock. the room was filled with breathy moans he stayed inside of you for a minute before getting up “ you were such a good girl for me baby, i expect this more often. but tonight you weren’t good enough to save my dear friend”

You looked at  him unsure of what he was saying “what?” you saw him open a drawer behind him, he pulled out a large carving knife and placed it in front of yoongi’s throat “jungkook stop!!! please” you yelled out hoping for him to actually listen, yoongi kept shifting in his seat. “god (Y/N) you’re so stupid and stubborn that you cant see whats right in front of you” “jungkook dont” and before you knew it he slashed yoongi’s throat you watched in horror as he bled out, he was dying right in front of you and you couldn’t do anything to help him. jungkook came up to you and whispered in your ear “ i hope you know this is all your fault, if you wouldn’t of cheated on me this wouldn’t of happened baby, now let’s go clean up” he picked you up and that’s the last time you saw anyone else.

NOTE: I’m sorry if yoongis death upset any of you. Also thank you anon for requesting and I hope you all liked it💞