it's my favorite flaming bag of garbage show

  • me about sons of liberty: um wow haha where do i even START, the dialogues were lackluster, i couldn't even focus on them bc i spent most of the time staring at ben barnes, seriously what were they thinking with that casting choice, sam adams is supposed to be older than john, why is john adams skinny again, where the fuck are the women and children, i can't Believe they'd make up a romantic subplot, oh look they introduced a token black guy to show that our main white guys are Really Liberal and would work with black people, i don't think samuel adams pistol-whipped anyone in his LIFE, this didn't happen like that, he wasn't there, he either, he actually had totally different opinions, a LOT more time passed between these two events,
  • someone: wow you really hate that show huh
  • me: no i love it!! :) it's one of my favorites!! :) why would you think i hate it??