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“It’s just like Hamlet said: ‘To thine own self be true’.”
“No, Hamlet didn’t say that.”
“I think that I remember Hamlet accurately.”


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- Life’s too short… it’s passing by.
So if we’re gonna go at all, go big or go -

Happy Birthday Lance // July 28th

Heyo! I got tagged by @babietaek (and probably others that I can’t remember) a while ago to do the bias selfie tag !! (thank 💕)

I tag @pinktwinkleo @jonghyn @cutiemainvocal @kenikme @minialbum @sprouthyuk and @wonshikvevo

Ransom/Holster Neighbors AU

Where they’re both in their early to mid 20s and they live in the same condo.

They meet one day when they’re both in the building’s gym getting a workout in. Holster was there first and he’s on the treadmill when Ransom walks in. When Ransom’s about to take the treadmill next to Holster’s he notices a set of keys on the floor right behind Holster. So he picks them up and taps Holster on the shoulder to ask if the keys are his.

Holster, still running at this point, turns around and sees this beautiful specimen of a man and promptly loses his footing and falls off the treadmill.

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interviewing my gemini friend on the signs


aries: “IF YOU GET ANGRY ONE MORE FUCKING TIME…SHIT YOUR ALREADY ANGRY FROM READING THIS. talking to an aries is not a thing…yelling at an aries is an otherwordly experience”

taurus: “talking to a taurus is like talking to a brick wall. listening to a taurus ……….well that just doesn’t happen. unless its about food…you love food….WE love food”

gemini: “i can say in all honesty…there’s only one good gemini and that’s ME…but i’m not cocky like leo….it’s not cocky if its true…”

cancer: “i only like cancer’s cuz my boyfriend is a cancer….they’re emotional and sad … but y’all mean & bitchy. if you can dish it at least learn to take it”

leo: “i really like leo’s but really hate leo’s. on one hand they can be nice…on the other hand they are only nice to themselves. there’s one leo i like though….only sometimes”

virgo: “mean alcoholics….but i love them…like 80% of the time”

libra: “who”

scorpio: “ok. i mean i know there’s one in particular and like its not like she lies and is a CHEATING FUCKING BITCH who can’t keep her pants on. they’re not real humans…more like slinky’s ….best to push dOwN the stairs ….*continues to angrily rant in bias…*

sagittarius: “sometimes i love you…….jk i’m lying” 

capricorn: “don’t look at me don’t talk to me don’t even think about me, don’t even think about thinking about me, don’t even glance in my direction”

aquarius: “I LOVE AQUARIUS, even tho they’re cocky stupid know-it-alls. usually they’re the only people I can talk to w/out wanting to eat glass. idk i just really like them”

pisces: “fun-filled lollipops triple dipped in pyscho…” 

It’s barely been a day but I feel like posting one of the Amy pics already (so excuse this quick edit). I’ve wanted to cosplay Amy Pond for quite some time now and given that Vincent and the Doctor is one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes, I knew which outfit I wanted to wear.
Took me … longer than expected to scout all of the (screen accurate) items (the perfectionism is strong in this one), but they somehow all popped up this year on ebay and I was lucky enough to get them and took it as a sign that the cosplay needed to happen.
Fast forward to the end of my rambling, I debuted this costume this weekend at Dokomi and it is really comfortable to wear, apart from the skirt that barely covers anything and the fact that it was like 25°C when I wore this. Will definitely wear it again, because it was so much fun, and well, because it’s Amy freaking Pond.

Photo was taken by Olga who’s part of my cosplay group.

pertaterswithcheese  asked:

Hey golzy! I just wanted to say I've stuck with u since right after u started ur anamnasis comic (I spelled it wrong didn't i? Sorry) and I wanted to say I believe ur art has improved (even tho its always been beautiful) and that I love all ur work!! You are definately going places!! I may be just one of ur many fans, but ur an amazing person who will always have my support!! I look forward to more onju, gztale, and shitposts :3! Sending much love<3 and digital fluffy blankets and hot choco~mini

aww that is so nice of you!

I will try my best to keep you guys entertain (even how bad am making you guys cry or not)

(also I never thought people would looking forward my shitpost as well xD)

It’s not 2018 here yet but heres this doodle to celebrate the end of 2017 and the beginning of a year that will hopefully bring us all better things.

2017 has been a tough and challenging year for many of us, but we’ve made it, we’re still here and we’re still fighting.

I want to say thank you. Thank you to friends new and old. Thank you for all the likes, reblogs, follows, and sweet messages of love and encouragement you’ve sent me this year. There were times this year where i really couldnt see a point on keeping on going but your love and support helped me overcome those times. I hope that I’ve managed to help some of you even if only by bringing a smile to someone’s face with my doodles.

I hope to keep improving and keep on sharing many more doodles and projects with all of you this coming year, and to get better at being a friend to those that have reached out to me.

And now, as its customary at the end of the year, I want to give a shoutout to some people without whom 2017 wouldn’t have been the same.

@a-forger-and-a-point-man you’ve been one of the best people I’ve met on this side of the internet and i love you so very much. I think about you constantly and wish only the best for you. The kids love u and send their greetings.

@megaikemen I havent been very good at keeping in touch, but know that i love u very much and still consider you one of my best friends. I hope you and your babies are doing ok and look forward to keep seeing your art grow and improve. Talking with you and sharing our daily random doings and pictures of our cats is still one of my favorite things from last year. I hope we can share more things in the future.

@tai-porto Even tho we dont really talk anymore (which tbh its my fault orz) I still love you and think of you. I’ve been following your progress as well as your struggles. You’re stronger than you sometimes give yourself credit for. You’re talented and creative and funny and I really cant wait to see how much you’ll grow this coming year. I really wish you the best in everything you decide to do, and know that I’ll always support you 100%


@lvtvr When i first found your fic and fell in love with your writing, i didnt think i’d be gaining a new friend. You were so warm and welcoming and supportive and I still sometimes cant believe how quickly we became friends through my bribing you with art lol I’ve loved following your progress as a writer and flailing with you about ideas and art and other things. I love you so much and I hope that we can continue to be friends and thirsting over space aliens for as long as we can xDDD 

@raphidae I still dont know how I managed to gain such a valuable friend as you from a conversation about period shance haha. You’ve been the most caring and supportive friend to me, always there to offer words of encouragement or just to engage in conversation with me. I’ve really enjoyed talking with you about daily life struggles and about fandom things. I hope things can get better for you and 2018 brings good opportunities your way. Thank u for being my friend

@wajjs @rinthegreat @sarogane @ulti-mal @rijinks @tetsarou and pretty much everyone else in Shance (and Kolivance) fandom. I LOVE YOU THANK U FOR THE GREAT YEAR OF SHANCE WE’VE HAD.


- Sky 

anonymous asked:

HIIIIIII !! i just have to say, i LOVE your kitty art !! you make them look so soft and squishy and precious ! since you've already explained your thoughts on the new cats, i wanted to ask, what do you think of hermeowne, the new rare ? i know some say she's a tad cliche, but she's my fav rare kitty !! i just love the black fur and green eyes combo ! and the witch clothes ! i love her so so much ! i'd love to see her in your adorable style 😍

thank you very much! i think hermeowne is very cute. the first cat with glowing green eyes. they are beautiful. hermeowne’s power level is rather high, too. it feels like they really know some magical tricks and it’s kinda cool. my headcanon is that hermeowne and jeeves are some good old friends since i feel like jeeves also have something to do with magic??(probably bc of that mysterious tail(it always reminds me of cheshire cat)also in the character book it says other than being sapphire’s butler, jeeves also has some secret mission/work to do that no one knows what that is. it feels kinda magical(??)) oh and in my headcanon hermeowne is a lot older than they look(bc of magic). they’re gentle, calm and mature due to their age and experience.
and even tho they have traveled all around the world hermeowne still thinks jeeves’s black tea is the best they have ever tasted!

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Obviously Slav can wear shiros hoodie. It’s probably very cozy for all his other arms. The real problem is when shiro tries to wear Slavs hoodie. Stupid arm tubes dangling everywhere..... unacceptable. Shiro ties the extra sleeves into bows and he is the Height of Fashion

shiro walks out of slav’s room one morning and he’s just wearing slav’s hoodie, all the sleeves tied in little bows in the front. it’s a little tight but he is killing it, and then slav comes out in this HUMONGOUS hoodie that’s just engulfind his entire body, two arms pulled through the two sleeves and the rest just lumps underneath

and they both look so awkward but they’re also so comfortable and happy because it’s cute to wear each other’s jackets and they love it!!! and they love each other and they think they look like the cutest people in the entire universe!!!