it's in BODY LANGUAGE as well!

Zandalari Trolls - 5 Headcanons

  1. Zandalar is a hot, humid region with its brutal desert and dense jungles reaching boiling degrees. The Zandalari trolls have adapted to this extreme heat by evolving thermal windows along their skin. These thermal windows appear as dark patches and beneath each lays a complex system of large blood vessels that draw warm blood from the body to rapidly cool. This important adaptation is common to indigenous species of Zandalar but has left visitors to Dazar’alor wondering why the trolls seem perfectly comfortable in the punishing temperatures.
  2. It is no secret Zandalari culture holds tattoos in high regard. In fact, tattoo artistry is a well-respected, mystic, and lucrative profession with experts routinely sought for rituals, ceremonies, and rites of passage. An unexpected result of the Horde’s arrival has been the Nightborne’s effect on Dazar’alor’s tattoo artists, with many seeking out elven instruction to develop a hybrid style; and, not to mention, the hushed topic of Zandalari attraction for Nightborne body-markings.
  3. Owing in part to their size but also to the demands of their biological adaptations, Zandalari trolls are voracious eaters with high metabolisms. While many trolls can fast effectively for several days after large meals, Zandalari fasting capabilities are drastically reduced making them quickly susceptible to muscle atrophy and fatigue. Conversely, healthy Zandalari are rumored to have the quickest regenerative capacity.
  4. A Zandalari can decipher another troll’s position in society not only by their clothing but also by the cut used for the rare gems in their jewelry. The highest castes favor refined, geometric cuts which require advanced skill to achieve, while middle castes wear simple or natural cuts. The lowest castes are seldom seen wearing rare gems and the casteless almost never. 
  5. It is a myth that the Zandalari lack humor; it is true, however, that Zandalari humor is dominated by body language and is not easily translatable to non-troll races, causing awkward gaps of silence while Zandalari trolls wait for the punch-movement in joke delivery.
  • Wake up and open your curtains. Your windows too.
  • Drink some tea or coffee, whatever pleases you. Notice every sip.
  • Have some fresh fruit and finish breakfast feeling full.
  • Stand outside and feel the air. Cool or warm, it will make you feel real.
  • Get some exercise. Yoga to soothe, running to breathe, lifting for strength.
  • Take care of your body. Have a nice shower and pamper as much as you want afterward. 
  • If you’re going to work, remember you have the chance to make anyone’s day or to ruin it. Act accordingly. 
  • Weed out the bad language. It’s only creating tension in your body and mind. Kind words are infinitely more appreciated.
  • Take some time each day to improve your mind. Keep reading that great book. Listen to an incredible piece of music. Practice an instrument or a skill. The progress is its own reward.
  • Pictures will help you remember how wonderful life is. But spend less time on your phone and more time seeing the world face to face. 
  • Go to sleep knowing that you have done well. Tomorrow is there with room to become even better.

-Notes to myself on how to become a better person this summer.

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hi Ally,,, as some one who's trying to get the hang of drawing expressions and faces in general I was wondering if you had any tips as to how to make it more natural?? like I find myself drawing the same expression every time on different characters and I feel like it's hard to change it up with out making it look strange :/

this is a very psychological barrier that i also face!! sometimes we’re in the mindset that oooo gotta draw our characters glamourous/pretty that dramatic expressions that stretch the face feels like it’s ruin that, so you have to start with an open mind and be ready to stretch that mouth a little longer, raise those brows a little higher, etc.

having a mirror beside you to reference from your own expression is very helpful as well! here’s my tag for expression tutorials and refs


Looking at the second gif I kept thinking of all those times Dean stopped Sam from getting off the sidewalk when they crossed the streets, and how by now this gesture is almost an instinct for him. Watch out for Sammy (1x14)

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I've noticed that you mentioned Wiccans a lot. My MC is a witch, and I wasn't really aware of other kinds of witches, even though I did thorough research. What other kinds of witches are there? Just fyi, she is a mostly-closet witch, and uses stones as connections to places. She mostly uses runecasting and entomomancy (especially beetles and spiders). What might she choose to align with, if anything?

There are, honestly, so many more choices than just Wicca. I’ll try to list several, but do not take this as an exhaustive list. I have added resources where I could, and please forgive the length…


An Asatru witch follows a specific branch of Heathenry that worships the major Nordic pantheon.

Athiest/Laveyan Satanic (Secular Satanic)

This witch feels more that Satan is a concept or idea, not an actual entity.


This witch uses the Celtic culture, including its’ mythology, deities, old ways, and language / symbols as a means of learning, internalizing, and performing magic.


A witch that honors and worships the Christian God through the practice of magic, usually alongside more traditional Christian worship.


This witch utilizes magic through the bodies and spirits of the dead. This can include bones, blood, skin, and other pieces of the corporeal form left when the spirit leaves, as well as contact with the spirit that has left its physical form behind.


Is a very old, and very complex set of religious and nature beliefs changing from region to region, and time to time.


A witch who respectfully uses parts of multiple practices, traditions, and paths.


This witch pays homage to the Gaulish Gods through the study, reconstruction, and practice of Gaulish tradition.


A witch who follows the ways of, works with, and/or worships the Norse deities.


A path by which the witch follows Greek traditions and honors the Greek pantheon.


This witch was born into a family of witches and so is likely to have practices, traditions, and/or paths that are not usually shared outside of their family practice.


A complex interweaving of Western African traditions as well as a long history of utilizing Christianity. This is a fairly regional practice of the Southern United States, but can be found elsewhere.


This type of witch works with the Egyptian deities.


A witch who works with and worships Loki and/or any of his relations (Hel, Jormugandr, Sigyn, Angrboda, etc). This witch may pay homage to other Nordic deities as well.


A witch who works majorily, or exclusively, with Odin, Thor, Freyjr, Freyja, Frigga, and Heimdall.

Pop Culture

A pop culture witch uses lyrics or movie lines in spells, worships and/or honors pop culture icons and/or idols. Likely to utilize fandom in some way, it is a very new and wide practice. They could draw inspiration from Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Practical Magic, The Craft, Supernatural, or other, similar shows.

Regla de Ocha

A religion that was synthesized by West Africans who were taken and enslaved by the Spanish Empire who were then sent to work on the Caribbean Islands. It mixes West African tradition with worship of saints.


This kind of witch synthesizes their craft from a mixture of empirical evidence/data and metaphysical leanings. It is highly individualized.


This type of witch doesn’t connect with any religious practices, traditions, or paths.


A witch who practices alone, but follows a particular practice, tradition, path.

(Theistic) Satanic

A witch whose practice revolves around worshiping, honoring, or otherwise appealing to Satan.


A witch who hunts for the “traditional” ways of magic. Likely to be found scouring through histories and stories looking for references to spellcraft, rituals, and traditions that have since been lost to time.


An Afro-Caribbean form of worship that focuses on the loa, and spirits.

I hope this put some things in perspective as to just how large witchcraft is, and why I seem to harp about being frustrated that the majority of what I see is Wicca. It is prevalent and popular, not the only way to be a witch, and definitely not the only tradition.

To answer your question about your character, Some of these paths lend themselves more towards nature than others, but I’d suggest rather looking into a tradition/path, look at types of witchcraft instead. Your character most sounds like a variety of Green Witch, and/or Animal Witch.

-Bruxa Guerreira

whenever i watch moonlight it also strikes me how well ashton sanders was able to act in quiet moments. he barely speaks but he’s about to depict so much in his body language alone. in my opinion its harder to find actors/actresses who can act quietly rather than loud and boisterous and ashton really nails the quiet subtle acting so well. the fact he didnt win any awards for his role as chiron is… baffling

  • What people say: "My niece's nephew's grandson was attacked and mauled by a dog without warning!"
  • What people mean: "I am ignorant of dog body language and uneducated on dog behavior and I don't know how to read a dog's stress signals to see the subtle warnings that a dog is getting uncomfortable and reaching its threshold and about to lash out aggressively."

mere-peripheral  asked:

Why do people approach stress-barking dogs? My dog is people-nervous, and has some kind of PTSD going on, and we've much figured out how to manage situations to keep her the least stressed and therefore less likely to lash out at people as they leave the room or (in the case of one cousin) try to hit her. But this lady arrived without warning and even though my dog was barking and I said "Don't come close, she's anxious" she tried to approach the dog until I literally screamed "Please, don't."

Society, at least the society I live and work in, has this habit of viewing dogs as public property, even though they are not.

Dogs firstly are their own animals, and they have their own comfort zone, which if you cross is likely to end up with you being bitten, but they are also private property which means nobody should approach or touch any dog without permission.

Tumblr is a funny place to see these posts, because while I see lots of posts about humans and mental health and the importance of consent, but I also see lots of posts about ‘Doggos! Luv all teh doggos! I pat all da doggos!’ without considering that, like humans, perhaps there are some doggos which do not want pats.

Some people perceive dogs as objects, and will automatically assume a dog will react how they want them to react, and also believe that they have a right to interact with the dog. I believe some service dog handlers would have quite a lot to add on this topic. This sort of person will often take great offense when they are asked not to touch your dog, and will often ignore requests to do so. They may also bark back at or antagonize an already stressed dog to ‘talk to it’ or ‘show it who’s the bigger dog’. This is not recommended and makes no sense.

Lots of non-dog people don’t understand dog body language or read their cues well. To be fair, lots of dog owners don’t either, which is why so many dogs are said to be ‘dominant’ when they’re really just scared.

It’s also why I’m frustratingly frequently told on the street, when I stop to let a stranger’s dog sniff me, that I ‘shouldn’t be afraid, they wont bite’ when I am not at all afraid of dogs, but I am being polite and allowing the dog to approach on its own terms. It’s no wonder so many people get bitten.

This is why continuing, accessible, accurate education about animal behavior, especially pets, is so important. Both for human safety and animal welfare.

So the short answer is: Entitlement, ignorance or mis-information.

To Be Human (Sick!Fic)

Detroit: Become Human | Hank & Conor centric / gen

[Summary: The station catches wind of a new, petty attack from anti-android bigots. A virus, non-lethal, made to simulate the common cold in machines. And Connor’s late.]

Hank Anderson was determined to have a good day today. He ignored the bitter, salty voice in his head that spat ‘Look at what that fucking android has done to you, pathetic. A good day – bullshit! You can’t just think a good day into existence, damn it!’ And reminded himself that it would make Connor happy, whatever android equivalent that was, to see that he had at least tried after the stuck-in-traffic lecture he had endured with the robotic puppy the previous day. Some bullshit about his heart and how the kid had read multiple studies recently about the positive effect of a person’s attitude on heart health.

So he decided that if he was going to have to fake a good day for the kid’s benefit, he might as well arm himself for success. That was how he found himself at his desk at a somewhat reasonable hour with a little grab bag of donuts from a joint on the corner he loved, a cup of the blackest coffee he could order and a tablet detailing the game he had missed last night because Connor had decided to cook him dinner. The kid phrased it as a favor – “I want to learn new things outside of my programming on my own. Would you be my taste tester, Hank? I promise I’ll try out a recipe of your choice if you will!” – but in hindsight Hank was beginning to see a correlation between these “learn a new skill” nights and the sort of nights Hank would have an easy excuse to go the bar for. Like game nights.

And damn if he didn’t feel like a father tied all around the boy’s damn finger, because even seeing the ruse for what it was, he couldn’t deny the bloom of warmth in his chest even past all the annoyance and agitation of having his habits disturbed.

But he shook his head of those thoughts, delicately sat his prizes onto his desk like an offering being made to the day, shrugged over his snow dusted coat and scarf, and slowly began to sink into his chair. He gave the desk across from his a curious look as he realized there was no Connor there to defend his breakfast to yet. He gave the empty seat a good stare for just a moment before shrugging. Maybe this whole ‘positive attitude’ bullshit was working. After all, no Connor in the office meant he could maybe secretly enjoy his meal without having to argue with Connor about the importance of donuts in his life today. So with a dopey, early morning grin he peeled back the paper bag of his meal, drooling at the realization that the donuts had managed to keep steamy even despite the winter chill outside, and raised the bag to his nose to inhale that steam when he jolted at a familiar call –

“Hank, get in here!”

Words that never ended well – Hank, get in here.

He whined, loud and gruff and obvious to all around him, and tried to ignore his boss until the last possible moment. But it seemed his ‘good attitude’ would be for nothing.

Now Hank!

“Damn it, Jeffrey! They won’t stay warm long!” He called from his desk, wheeling around in his chair with a donut out as though that would turn the tide of their argument.

From his doorway the captain was already in the sort of body language Hank dreaded most; full on ‘I’m done with your bullshit’ arms crossed sort of spite.

With a curse Hank grabbed his coffee, clutched his donut tight and hollered, “Well I’m bringing my breakfast with me,” before giving his other, soon to be chilled donuts a mournful look as he stomped toward the captain’s office.

Being old friends with the captain did have its perks. Even though he closed the door with far more force than necessary behind him, Fowler generously didn’t say a word about Hank’s meal as he gruffy plopped down into one of the man’s chairs and took an obnoxiously large bite out of his pastry.

Mouth full he snarled, “What’s this all about, Jeffrey. It’s early.

The captain gave him a long and pointed glare, and only when Hank seemed at least somewhat cowed by the look, he said, “Some Anti-Android dumbasses have gone and created a virus. Nothing permanently damaging or fatal as far as we can tell. Some stupid idea of ‘divine justice’ is what the kid we have down in interrogation is saying. I believe his words were “if they want to be human so bad, it’s only fair they get to experience all of it”.”

Hank straightened up in his seat, his donut forgotten even as it cooled in his hand.

“What sort of virus are we talking about here?”

“From what we can tell it’s the common cold.”

Hank blinked and deadpanned a slow, “What?”

Jeffrey scrubbed a hand over his bald head and leaned back into his chair, just as tired and world weary as Hank felt.

“You heard right, Hank. The common cold. So far we’ve seen it cropping up via opened e-mail attachments through personal assistants and androids that have accessed memory storage devices. They can catch it from one another via… what the hell did they call it, probing? It started downtown and it’s been spreading. Press briefing starts in 20, and it’ll likely die out from what tech is telling us. Something about shared diagnostics and firewalls. But now that the idea’s out there, we’ll likely see more and more variants.”

Hank shook his head, as though convinced this was all a joke.

“You’re pulling my leg, Jeffrey. Androids don’t get sick. The kid never shuts up about it.”

“Yea, well, they do now. Or at least the virus makes their operating systems think they’re sick. A series of looping commands that overwhelm their processes to simulate cold symptoms.”

“So… what? Some shit-head makes a virus, we push out a new firewall and just have to keep reacting to every virus that pops up?”

“Seems that way.”

Hank nodded slowly, eyes tight and narrow, and grumbled, “I don’t see where I come in on this. Sounds pretty wrapped up and I ain’t no techie.”

“Connor hasn’t showed up to work.”

Hank stilled.

“Yea. What of it?”

“Gavin was the one who found the first storage device we got our hands on with the source virus. Which, in and of itself isn’t suspicious but… our database got a ping late last night. Someone copied the file and sent it out in an e-mail. To Connor.”

Hank quickly stood up and dropped his donut in the bin with a curse, no longer hungry and good mood long since disappeared.

He scrubbed his nails into his beard and scowled, agitated and even more annoyed by how quickly he showed it.

“…how bad?”

“Like I said, it’s a common cold, Hank. Nothing dangerous, just… he won’t have had one before. He won’t even know he can get them. Go check on him while I prepare Gavin’s disciplinary forms. Connor hasn’t answered any of my calls.”

Hank quirked to big, bushy brows at that.

“Disciplinary forms?”

The captain just quirked his own brows back at him.

“You sound surprised.”

“Yeah, well… I’m glad, but yeah. Color me surprised.”

Jeffrey snorted.

“He’s part of our team. He’s done more than enough in the year since the protests to deserve respect. I will not tolerate discrimination in this office, and no one hurts one of my men.”

Hank opened his mouth after a long beat, two words caught on his tongue, before he choked them down with a grateful little nod.

“Get going, Hank,” he said as he pulled a tablet from his drawer and began to tap away at it. “And you’re going to want to grab a shit ton of tissues on the way if the android we found yesterday was anything to go by.”

With a soft sonofabitch muttered beneath his breath, Hank stormed out of the office, shoved himself back into his winter coat and rushed back to his car – his remaining donuts and coffee forgotten.

Hank reached Connor’s apartment roughly fifteen minutes later. Ever practical, the android ended up moving into a little setup just a few blocks from the station after a month or two of hiding out on Hank’s couch, learning what it meant to be Connor.

These halls were familiar to Hank. He had walked through them with the kid on his first tour of the place, after all, and several dozen times more in the passing year. It had been bland to begin with. Sterile white walls, white plates and clear glasses, a simple flat screen on the wall across from a simple love seat, and a rather plain looking bed with white sheets. Mostly remnants of a human concept of home as society worked to realize what home might be for an android. It pleased Hank to know that, even as bland as it still was, it had evolved somewhat significantly in the passing months as Connor himself evolved.

He liked life, as it turned out. And so his counter tops were steadily becoming covered in little pots of succulents and jars of lush green ivy and planters of fresh vegetables that he maintained and brought to work for his human coworkers – merely because making sure his human partners were functioning optimally brought the kid joy. He had a large aquarium in his living room now with a small handful of tropical fish that were steadily increasing with every paycheck gained. He had books of all sorts as he tried to navigate ‘like’ and what he did ‘like’ and what he didn’t. Real books, because he took Hank at his word when the man had told him about the significance and beauty of a real book. There was a little pile of them on the counter by the door with a little sticky note atop them that read in clear, serif font – Donate.

The books he tended to keep the most, it would seem, revolved around law, philosophy, psychology, gardening and animals, specifically aquatic marine life and dogs.

He still hadn’t quite conquered the idea of decorations however. His walls had no paintings or photographs. No intricate metal detailings or accessories. But the growing collection of plants and their colorful pots made Hank smile ever so slightly.

As always the door opened at his touch, long since programmed to recognize him just as it would recognize Connor.

He took one step inside and immediately knew something was wrong. There was, after all, a book spread open on the floor – it’s pages bent and its spine creasing. A stool from the counter was knocked over and a glass was broken on the kitchen floor. None of which had been picked up as Connor would normally surely do.  

“Connor?” Hank called out into the apartment as he took in these small but worrying signs of disarray. His frown increased when he didn’t get an immediate response. “Connor?!”

From the bedroom came a small, rough, “Hank?”

That was all he needed to rush toward the back room, nightmares of ‘what if’s’ and ‘could have beens’ from previous missions flashing through his head with just that sort of voice. Small, scared, hurt and too abused to even know he was hurting.

“Connor?” He said as he burst into the bedroom, only to still at the sight he found.

Connor was sitting in the middle of the bed, his knees drawn up to his chest and his arms fastened tightly around them, smothered by what might have been the biggest damn comforter  Hank had ever seen and twisted around him in such a way that he could only really see the kid’s blue flushed cheeks, fever glazed eyes and blue blushy nose in the makeshift hood he had made of the blankets.

Connor sniffed, eyes wet and utterly dejected, and said, “Something’s wrong, Hank.”

“Oh kid,” Hank said, voice soft, images of his own little boy doing exactly that when he was sick. “You look miserable.”

“I’ve been trying to send a diagnostic report to CyberLife for the past hour…no…thirty min…I, um…” Connor’s nose wrinkled and the little disc on his temple he still hadn’t managed to part was glowing and flickering yellow. “It keeps bouncing back. Or not sending? I don’t… it’s hard to focus. I—”

Hank knew it was bad when he had managed to get close to the kid without him reacting until his hand was touching the android’s brow. Connor jerked reflexively, eyes puppy-wide and baffled by Hank’s sudden nearness as the gruff man scowled.

“You’re burning up, kid, stop thinking so hard.”

“My systems are saying that I am not in fact overheating, but it’s hot and then it’s cold. Something is wrong, Hank,” he repeated.

“I know. Come on, let’s get you out of this blanket and cooled off.”

“B-but I’m cold!” Hank chuckled and shook his head even as he eased him gently from the covers, taking in the way the android was pouting between sniffles. “And I’m leaking all the time!”

“Yea, kid. S’called a cold,” Hank said simply as he eased Connor from the covers. “Captain says it’s your systems tricking itself. You’ll overheat yourself under all those comforters.”

“Androids don’t get colds, Hank,” Connor said with a look as cross and pointed as someone annoyed by the fact that they’re arguing whether or not grass is, in fact, green.

“They do now. Did you get any weird e-mails last night by any chance, Connor?”

Connor blinked.

“I did. Last night from Detective Reed. Something about,” a pause and a soft whirring sound, then another sniffle, “I… you know, I’m not quite sure now that I think about it. Something about analyzing evidence that he couldn’t get to the lab…”

“That dirty motherfucker,” Hank growled beneath his breath even as he told the apartment’s OS to lower the temperature of the room from the scalding hold Connor had set it to something more friendly. “There’s a new virus going around targeting androids. Giving them cold-like symptoms.”

“That makes no sense.”

“Well how do you feel, wise guy? Go on.”

Connor shrugged and muttered, “Cold,” pointedly before continuing, “Leaking non-essential fluids from my eyes and nose. My voice emitters appear to be malfunctioning. My hearing seems somewhat impaired and there’s pressure around my eyes and temple. My joints are collecting access fluids, making them sluggish and I…”

Connor trailed off with a little frown. Hank crossed his arms, arched a brow and hummed questioningly.

“It hurts,” Connor rasped. He licked his lips – chapped – and opened his mouth only to sneeze into his lap violently, loud and startling, scaring both of them.

Jesus, Connor! Warn a man!” Hank said as he stumbled back, then with a wrinkled nose, “And for Christ’s sake cover your mouth!

Connor for his part look as ashamed as he looked bewildered and concerned.

“I sneezed,” he said softly, awe-struck.

“Yeah, genius,” Hank said, quickly pulling a box of tissues from his bag and handing it out to Connor. When the android didn’t immediately take it, he shook it purposefully. “Go on. You’re going to need them.”

“I’m sick,” Connor said, the observation quite nearly a question, and Hank softened.

“Yeah, kid. You’re sick.”

“I don’t know how to be sick.”

Hank laughed after a long, surprised blink. A short, barky sort of laugh. And when Connor just continued to stare at him, puzzled and a little hurt, he huffed out a little chuckle and sat down on the edge of the bed with a soft, “It’s okay, kid, I know all about being sick. I’ve got you.”

“Okay, Hank,” Connor said, his voice raw and stupidly, adorably snuffled.

And then he sneezed again, gun-shot loud, scaring the shit out of them both again.

Reading body language is a fun and useful skill. Let’s practice with NCT

Here’s the 181012 social media update

Hyung line is pretending to be scolded by their bosses, the maknae line. This simple action is actually an intersection between acting ability and inherent power dynamics (like who’s more dominant and who’s more submissive). These are traits that can be seen in things like eye expression, posture, etc. Acting ability is communicated mostly through body language, but good actors usually have meaningful facial expression as well. Here’s how I read everyone based on this and prior observations:

  • Taeil: Quietly dominant. As we’ve seen previously, not a great actor. Definitely confirmed here. Has the posture and that’s it.
  • Johnny: Effortlessly dominant and a decent actor as we’ve seen before. The posture still gives away his dominance with his chin up, square shoulders, and straight back.
  • Taeyong: Dominant by necessity. His incredible sincerity and empathy make this look more like a natural action for him. It’s the best acted on this side, and maybe because this isn’t an unfamiliar sensation.
  • Yuta: Dominant. Has this ever been a question? Playing it up and exaggerating the pose. His hands look like they’re screaming. He probably responds to reprimands by fidgeting.
  • Doyoung: Another dominant fidgeter (note his and Yuta’s bunched suit jackets). The most exaggerated pose with the deepest bowed head.
  • Jaehyun: Gently and naturally dominant. Has the most genuine pose (again the head up, square shoulders, straight back) next to Taeyong.
  • Winwin: Dominant-leaning. On the same level as Taeil, honestly. Is leaning forward for the photo as well as to sell the pose. The restrained face definitely says he’s normally too playful for this.
  • Jungwoo: Dominant but also too playful for this. Is caught off guard but his pose shows his natural confidence (we’ve seen this stance a few times in photoshoots). Note the feet being posed openly and relaxed.
  • Mark: I swear, he gets more confident with each passing month. Is playing it up (leaning back, serious face) but we’ve seen he’s still not naturally like this yet.
  • Haechan: Not living the fantasy. Is the fantasy. Biggest boss energy ever. Is having fun with it, but acting this natural also innately requires a level of dominance.

Dishonored 2 + Concept Art: Characters & Creatures 

“From the young empress Emily Kaldwin to the lowliest laborer tolling away in the Karnaca silver mines, every single character in Dishonored 2 received our full attention.

We browsed the books of the masters, finding inspiration in the way the Orientalists treated realism. We crafted the costumes, gestures, anatomy, skin, and lighting with Detaille, Meissonier, Buland, Malczewski, Dagnan-Bouveret. We referred to the work of popular illustrators like Leyendecker, N. C. Wyeth, Schaeffer, Cornwell. We studied the anthropology of the Mexican Revolution through the amazing photography of Agustin Casasola. We enriched our eyes first, before we started to bring our powerful, charismatic characters to life.

We then considered how the searing sun of Karnaca would leave its mark on the workers who live there. We researched dress codes, costumes, and anatomy. We focused on body language as a new visual feature, including details to make the world deeper and reveal a character’s origin with every passing glance.

Karnaca is the home of a variety of ethnic groups with distinctive faces. Clothes are well cut and tailored, while hands, arms, legs, and faces are rough and have stories to tell. Clothing is a medium to show a character’s position in society, but what’s fundamental is the person inside the costume. That attention to detail raised the quality to an unexpected level, where all the city’s inhabitants have a backstory and truly fit within their environment.”

Artists: Sergey Kolesov, Elodie Marze, Cédric Peyravernay

Thought, Galra show affection differently than humans. They’re aliens their body language isn’t a one to one match for ours and neither are their customs. There are certain ways a Galra behaves around a mate vs. a close friend vs. an acquaintance, that a human just wouldn’t pick up as a meaningful difference. Maybe even certain pheromones they let off that show how they feel, that a human nose couldn’t detect.

Well at least some of this behavior is instinctive, and without anyone around to model polite Galra body language to Keith. He just rolls on pure instinct. This is my favorite person in the world, so I’m going to stand in their space and give off all these nonverbal cues saying as much.

This is fine for most of his life. Shiro gets the gist that Keith really likes him, even if he thinks its purely platonic, so there isn’t any embarrassment involved. Right up until Keith joins the BoM.

See a Galra looking at how Keith behaves around Shiro, always standing beside him, physically perking up anytime Shiro speaks, and the constant physical touches they exchange, sees someone telling the world that they are in a relationship. Maybe a bit insecure due to the need to advertise his relationship even during very important meetings and briefings but definitely mated.

Keith’s answers to how they met, how utterly important Shiro is to him, and his willingness to sing Shiro’s praises to anyone who will listen, only further cement this idea in their heads.

All is fine and dandy until Kolivian calls Keith and Shiro mates in the middle of a meeting. Cue very confused denials, and an absolutely mortified Keith when someone explains what he’s been doing and how that has been interpreted.


[They were like magnets- Part 1, Part 2 ]

(There is an astounding lack of personal space between Bill and Harry, despite having just met, isn’t there. I find it interesting, too, in this scene, having Sam beside them, because even when they’re all three standing close, they always maneuver into each other.)  

Kenshi Yonezu's Monster Encyclopedia (Text Translation)

Kenshi Yonezu released his first book, Monster Encyclopedia, on December 10th, 2016. It’s a collection and expansion of a monthly series he did for the magazine ROCKIN'ON JAPAN, where he drew monsters and gave a short description of their ecology. Here are translations of all the descriptions from the book.


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developed & undeveloped water signs
  • introduction; a water sign cannot be described fully in any context. water is fluid. its liquid, it slips through your fingers. we as humans cannot hold water with just our hands, it escapes through the cracks in our skin. why would the water signs be any different? intuitive, emotional, and sensitive: words used often to describe cancer, scorpio, & pisces. the water signs are subtle, they understand emotions, body language, verbal cues. studying a water sign takes time, as water can escape too quickly. with every element and sign, the embracing and growth through archetypes, traits, and representation leads to maturity. 

+traits and characteristics of undeveloped water signs are pretty apparent. emotional immaturity, delicate to their own emotions as well as others, quick to be aggressive because of their own emotional impulse, too manipulative and sly for their own good. undeveloped water signs have earned the nickname crybaby. (yea this includes scorpios. surprise! scorpios are the most sensitive to emotions out of the signs, sensitive meaning delicate to other peoples perceptions) 

+the difference between a matured water sign and an immature water sign are incredibly generous. with any sign, developing and maturing takes the ability to be self-aware. understand your archetypal roots, the influence your aura presents, and the roots in which you come from. as a Water sign, specifically, developing takes time to understand and process your emotions. to realize, not only are you feeling your own emotions, but the emotions passed down to you from others. it means to flow into your intuition, to stop depending on the emotions of others to decide how you, a Water sign, should feel. 

mystery is what alludes from a developed Water Sign. mystery, a trait rightfully apparent in all of the water signs, has been mastered in a mature water sign. A mature water sign will let you see what side of them they want you to see. this is through the development of emotions and self-control. for Cancer and Scorpio, perhaps this is in self-protection as well, in reference to a Crabs and Scorpions’ shell and claws. Pisces, the last sign, a symbol of the fish; abundant and deep in the ocean, vulnerable skin, soaking in their own emotions, and their own water, becoming self-less to the universe. this also comes from a water signs’ ability to manipulate. manipulate mainly the emotions and perception. a natural gift, it becomes easier for a matured water sign; however, a matured water sign will understand manipulation and its influence. an undeveloped Water sign will manipulate unconsciously for gain.  


developed Cancers; strength is defined in a developed Cancer. emotional courage, a motherly spirit. a developed cancer will move you, inspire you, and bewitch you. a cancer will understand how you feel before you do. a developed cancerian: empathetic, but also selective; if you are unworthy or unknown to a developed cancer, a cancer would rather spend their time with someone they love (imagine a lioness protecting her cubs). developed cancers understand forgiveness is a privilege to earn, and it will not be easy to come upon unless you’ve proven yourself overtime to a developed cancer. to hurt a developed cancer is a dream, an illusion. the armor a crab wears is strong. to insult a developed cancerian, however, brings you to a mother’s wrath: chaotic and manic. justified in a mother’s love for her kin, perhaps… her reason isn’t simplified with logic and language but hidden intricately into her mind and soul. cancerians, to put it simply, persevere. emotionally strong, a developed cancerian know what it is worth their time and is not; what is worth the effort or not; and what is genuine or not. intuitive to an otherworldly sense, a developed cancer will never doubt themself. a symbolization of womanhood, developed cancers can hold a femme fatale to them in their energy and wrath. 


developed Scorpios; alluring is defined in a developed Scorpio. masterful in creative self-expression, abstraction, and enigma. a developed scorpio stems from experience and reason. natural deduction and poise, a developed scorpio is graceful and all knowing. scorpios hold wise advice from their own life lessons, vowing never again to be in the same situation: known, used, or potentially played, but to grow and become better.  developed scorpios hold their ground, they understand their speech inside out and understand their influence and diction when speaking. developed scorpios are clever, always speaking in rhetoric. they understand how to captivate you, how to get what they want from you. understanding a developed scorpio is a privilege. not many are able to get into the head once a scorpio has reached their full potential. while an undeveloped scorpio would guard their feelings, run from them and deny them; a developed scorpio fortifies themself through their feelings. 


developed Pisces; spiritual is defined in a developed Pisces. Overflowing with wisdom. a pisces presents themselves as if everything they’ve ever been has been through a test of transcendence.  a developed pisces instincts are supernatural- reflexes they’ve learnt in their sleep. a developed pisces has mastered mindfulness, calm and respectful of the energies they surround themselves. they like to study, and observe the people around them. while an undeveloped pisces will wait until everyone in the room has spoken to express themselves off of other’s presence (think of pisces being the 12th sign, the last of the zodiac), a developed pisces won’t need to wait to develop themselves by letting others go before them; but learn from others and study them as an exercise. i would want to always be around a developed pisces, they’re aware of the different worlds between all of our auras, and because so, surround themselves with love and softness as a beacon for good energy.

When Soulmates Go Wrong (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4040 (Sorry, got carried away)

Warnings: Aaaaangst

A/N: I’ve got a part two, but I’m going to need you to tell me if you want it. This is just a little something that’s been in the works for at least a month, and I figured it was high time to put it out there. Gif is not mine, and feedback is greatly appreciated as usual. If you want to be added to the tag list, let me know.

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Ah, soulmates. True love smiled upon by the stars themselves. Every person had a mark matching their soulmate’s. The mark could appear anywhere on one’s body, in any color, or any shape, but it always matched what their soulmate had - color, location, shape, everything. And everyone had a soulmate. Except for me.

I’d been born without my soul mark. This terrified my mother on the day of my birth as the nurses had almost frantically tried to find something that could even possibly be a soul mark. There had been nothing to find.

When it turned out that I had powers - the ability to command the elements - in addition to a concerning propensity for all forms of weaponry and an uncanny gift for reading people’s body language… let’s just say that she and my father were afraid for me. Afraid that people would exploit me for my lack of connection as well as my powers.

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Klance is so not dead!

I started watching monsters and Mana season 6 episode 3. After Watching Lance’s and Allrua’s interactions I didn’t have much to say about it until one scene near the end.

It was after the game ended and Allrua said she had fun. Then Lance flirts with her

So after watching this moment I started to think about what I could say about how they felt and what this meant. I mean she doesn’t look upset he’s flirting with her like she had in the past. I wanted to say that maybe it was because she now knows that he really likes her-so she wants to be more respectful of his feelings.

But that’s all I really could say I mean if you look at the pictures she even reacts to his comment.

I was feeling kind of depressed after this. I couldn’t think of any reason why the the creators would put this in the show unless they wanted to showcase it as a romantic moment

I mean just look at Lance he has that exact pose that’s totally flirty. You know the arm wrapped around the chair, his legs spread out, a slight lean towards the person hes flirting with. The facial expression …

Then I was like “oh sh*t!”

I yelled that like three times. Why? Because Lance is flirting with Allura in this scene. Its a romantic cannon moment where Lance is flirting! He is obviously flirting with the person he’s talking to! Why does that matter to klance shippers?

Well before I new it I clicked on season one episode two.

If Lance is flirting here with Allrua here.

Then Keith is flirting with lance here!


Looking at the scene they have the same body language which has been called flirty sense season one. There facial expressions are almost identical as well.

This is huge! Not only do they mirror the bonding moment in a romantic setting in season six. They also proof that Keith is flirting with Lance confirming that Keith has some amount of cannon romantic feelings for lance.


I was really surprised I haven’t seen any post on Tumblr or Amino about this. I’ve been looking at like all of them. I just got so excited when I noticed this because I was like man they’re confirming that moments between Lacnce and Keith in earlier Seasons really did have merit and that the fans were not wrong to think that they were romantic. I think that’s season six may contain be the biggest node towards klance as end game we’ve gotten so far.

Even though the season made everyone seem so far apart things are coming together a lot more than we may think.

All picks are screen shots from the show.

Btw I’m not bashing the lance Allrua ship. If ship it I encourage you to keep on shipping.

Let me know what you think thank you so much for reading.