it's gonna be beautiful guys

I can’t wait for klance to be those best friends that affectionately insult each other, that overshare constantly, that smack talk together, that gravitate towards each other in a room full of people, that go to each other to vent when they are stressed, that order one plate and split it, that get fired up when the other is passionate about something, that make up parody song lyrics together to make each other laugh, that do the scary things the other one can’t, that you text first when shit goes down, that you make your own memes with, that sit on each other’s laps even when there’s plenty of empty seats. And then I can’t wait for them to realize how strongly they feel for one another, and for that awesome friendship to blossom seamlessly into pure romance. 


“stammi vicino”

every time I hear the stammi vicino melody, I start to cry actual tears which is why I refuse to download it on my phone

aaaaaaaaand i’m back and i have some korrasami for you! :D

  • someone, walking outside: wow, it's so beautiful --
  • yoongi, popping out of a bush: just like jimin's voice, yes. he has a beautiful voice, it's so unique, i've never heard anything like it. he always works so hard and

it kinda bothers me how ppl are always like ‘uhhh what do the creator’s mean ‘yuuri’s plain and average looking’, no. he’s b e a u t i f u l, lmao wtf are the yoi team even on how do they not see how lovely he is’ 

bc like??? 

yuuri IS plain. there’s nothing particularly remarkable about his appearance. he’s round when he’s not working hard to maintain the fitness levels he needs to skate. he doesn’t make a big deal out of his non-skating hair or clothing. his unremarkable appearance is probably? even more so to a japanese audience, but he’s beautiful anyway. 

his plainness doesn’t take away the fact that people think he’s beautiful. You don’t need to have ‘other-worldly features’ (like viktor is nearly always described as having lmao). You can be perfectly plain and breathtakingly beautiful. They’re not mutually exclusive things. 


bunny smile!!!



shiro is so gorgeous and i really wanna learn how to draw him ♥

[ drawing meme ]


You Were Never Really Here (2017) dir. Lynne Ramsay


“It’s the path I’ve walked to get here. And the path that’ll take me as far as I want to go.


Hilarity in the original eraser stamp making session: 

Jun’s: “This Year’s Me” makes me happy with the purple and pink (which I’m blatantly interpreting as subtle RED okay?)

Sho’s: “I’m back” elicits screams of terror? laughter? intense reaction from the audience.  Really, Sho?

Masaki’s: his two-pronged approach creates “Please take good care of me Nittere-san” Nandarou-kun (Jun clarifies that “It IS a bird right?”) and “Riddled-with-Injuries Masaki” stamps. Aiba-chan~ gambare~

Kazu’s: His initial confidence in presenting his own creation… only leads to his own embarrassed laugh?

Satoshi’s: His “Stylishly Suspicious Person” serves to tickle everyone, and especially Jun who asks if it’s actually Johnny-san.  After trying to hide his creation, he fails to convince that it’s “just a suspicious character” when Kazu outs him for calling his own company president “a suspicious character”.

Arashi ni Shiyagare 90-min SP 10.10.2015