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It’s Always You (Crystal Snow)
Winter Olympics - Jikook AU

Jungkook Jeon and Hani Ahn are a dynamic duo in the world of pair skating, and in this Winter Olympics, they’re representing team USA.

Park Jimin, on the other hand, is a relatively unknown rookie in the Olympic scene. This year he makes his debut in snowboarding as South Korea’s youngest on the slopes.

None of them have room for distractions, but love on the ice always ends in someone falling.

Together, they all vie for gold.

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the ITH characters and their favorite things

usnavi: coffee (not a surprise). the jangle of the bodega door when it opens. vanessa’s pretty hair. his dad’s cap that always rests on his head. the sound his keys make when he twirls them around on the chain. the smell of good food being made. sonny’s grin.

sonny: when usnavi puts him on stocking duty. pete’s giant mural commissions. the sound of piano. the pictures of his mom in his bedroom. hershey’s chocolate bars. dogs. laughter. bad movies. sprite soda.

vanessa: the way usnavi blushes. her morning coffee. keeping herself busy. organizing. making the people she loves happy. routines. embarrassing her boyfriend and his cousin. working at the bodega when both boys are gone.

nina: books. working hard and amounting to everything she hoped for. cheek kisses. babies. writing. cooking with her mom. coming back home after months and seeing everyone.

benny: cars. having a job. nina rosario. giving advice (even if it’s not good advice). receiving praise. the memory of his mother. the sound of birds chirping early in the morning. also babies.

pete: the smell of aerosol paint. art museums. hugs from sonny. twinkies from the bodega. commissions. being paid for doing what he loves. his stereo. the summer heat. smiles.

daniela: the sound of hair snipping. gossip. cinnamon flavored gum. the daily newspaper. seeing her barrio family visit her in the bronx. tight hugs. playfully threatening her barrio family.

carla: squirrels. the wrinkles some people get next to their eyes when they laugh genuinely. the sound of soft guitar. when shoes tap against the tile of the salon floor. doing register math for customers. dyeing her hair.


Well he must’ve done something right. You turned out pretty good.


Actual murder husbands.

fr kids like I shaved my head after my soccer team lost the finals and it was a way for me to simultaneously express my pain over that (it was a big deal so don’t give me lip bout that) and feel more comfortable in my skin

I just went to a friend’s house who had buzzers and my two best friends took turns buzzing

my parents couldn’t make me grow it back lmao so they just had to deal


I was rereading an old book and found this definition of Sirius that I wanted to share with you guys:

Sirius, lo mundando hecho sagrado. Una pequeña acción se convierte en símbolo de lo colectivo

which translates to

Sirius, the mundane turned into sacred. A little action turns into a symbol of the people

Two awesome guys that we know with that star working in their lives in very similar ways: Yoongi and Namjoon. How poetic, isn’t it? That it talks about what they’ve expressed that they want to be known for in many ways - how they want their lyrics to represent their personal struggles but also in a way that will help many. And they have it conjunct their Mars, which is working as an uncontrolled malefic that is representing the goals they want to achieve and how they’ll do it. They’ll have to work hard, there will be pain, they’ll suffer from it but won’t stop until they do it - until they can fully share their supposedly simple ideas that are actually able to change lives so profoundly. Astrology, you guys. It’s magical.

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Could you imagine just getting into a good ol’ scuffle on the ice and then you see Dustin Byfuglien coming for you and you know you’re done

Chapter 4 - The Bear

Later, James would scream at him to never do it again, even knowing that he would.

Later, James would stop talking to him; run away, because he’d never felt so goddamn scared in his life as he had been cradling Aleks in his arms as he bled out.

Later, James would lock himself in his apartment and refuse to speak to anyone except Ein until Aleks was able to stay away and eat and talk and joke around, even if he still couldn’t get out of bed. He wouldn’t speak to Aleks for two weeks, he wouldn’t even think about him as more than a distant associate for nearly a week after that and they wouldn’t kiss or fuck or even touch for nearly two months after that, until they both got drunk and had lost an amazing deal with another crew and needed to either blow off steam with each other or blow up the base.

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My sweet delinquent

I’m sorry I haven’t posted something recently … Here you go, a short (kinda fluffy) YouRiko fanfic! I hope you’ll forgive me hehe

I’m currently writing 4 fanfics (including YouRiko’s first time :3), I just hope I’ll publish them soon!

→ This is an AU! (deaf!Riko and delinquent!You :’))
With a sequel now!
And a Christmas fic!

The moment she received You’s text (‘at ur place in 5mn’), Riko knew something was up.

Usually, You does not care about rudeness, because she is the type of girl who acts as she pleases -fine, her latest message can be considered as rude, but not to Riko ; You would never be rude to Riko. But, for once, with this text, she was informed of her imminent arrival. Normally, You never lets her know that she is going to drop by her place -when Riko realizes that You is coming, it is when You is already standing in front of her, in her bedroom.

After all, she does not hear when someone enters her house, or when they push the door of her bedroom open -and You always lectures her about this, because it’s dangerous Riko-chan!

But if You has sent her a text, it means that something is up, definitely.

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