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friendly reminder that Jacob Peralta knew he was going to propose to Amy Santiago when they babysat Terry’s kids in Moo Moo (and he was probably imaging their own kids), when he held her hair back in Cop-Con, when he found her on the roof and encouraged her to take the Sargeant’s exam even though he knew it would change their relationship, when she talked about them going away together and that she’d wait for him, when he was sent to jail, when she visited him in jail and when he literally risked his life in prison just for a chance to talk to her i’m fine

  • Griffin Mcelroy: Junior is the voice in the beginning of the episodes.
  • Junior: What will our heroes find on the moon? I hope it's not aliens, because I'm afraid of those. It's The Adventure Zone!
  • Junior: What if the game is real life, and everything else is just a game? Think about it-The Adventure Zone!
  • Junior: Come on, ride the train. It's the choo choo, and ride it. (tries not to laugh) It's The Adventure Zone!
  • Junior: If our heroes can't stop this runaway train, then I'm going to have to find a new podcast to introduce. Is Serial hiring?
  • Junior: I'm all jacked up on corn dogs and Dippin' Dots. We're going to the carnival this week in...The Adventure Zone!
  • Junior: If you don't like this episode, you can make like a tree and leaf! I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. It's been a really rough week. It's The Adventure Zone!
  • Junior: I certainly hope none of you are allergic to PICKLES! Because our heroes are in one. It's The Adventure Zone!
  • Junior: If that old lady is some kind of spooky ghost, I'm out of here! I need a ghost-free guarantee if I'm going to stay in...The Adventure Zone!
  • Junior: You're about to see these boys on their baddest behavior. Lend them some sugar. They are your neighbor. It's The Adventure Zone!
  • Junior: I hope these boys never find my journal. My LIVEJOURNAL, that is. Unless you want to hear all about My Chemical Romance. It's The Adventure Zone!
  • Shiro: *walks out of his room with bedhead and without a shirt*
  • Allura: *passes him*
  • Shiro: *voice low with sleep* mornin' Princess
  • Allura: Good morning, Shiro.
  • Allura: *thinking* i have died and ascended, this isn't real, nothing is real anymore

Don’t Break This Deal AU comic, where Wirt tried to trick Bill, the demon underestimated Wirt, and both of them ended up sharing one body! Part 6, where Bill pokes around in Wirt’s mind and opens something he shouldn’t have, resulting in Wirt passing out and meeting The Beast

Comic parts: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

The Tight Knit Family as John Mulaney Quotes
  • marvin: I'm really sorry about last night, it's just that I'm mean and loud. it probably will happen again.
  • whizzer: it's just... I've never had money before, and I want some
  • trina: I'll keep all my emotions right here, and then I'll die.
  • jason: I'm very small. and I have no money. so you can imagine the kind of stress i am under.
  • mendel: AND THAT'S MY WIFE!
  • charlotte: I think Emily Dickinson is a lesbian
  • cordelia: hey, you could pour soup in my lap and I'd probably apologize to you

tbh i want more epsilon characterization where he isn’t just like church to fit in bc he was expected to. like s7, where he’s more upbeat and just wants to be worshipped and shoot lasers, or really anything where he’s less of everyone’s replacement for alpha church yknow?

like every member of the bgc pretty much just views him as alpha. the only main person he interacts with who doesn’t see him as church (right away, anyway) is carolina, and that’s because she never met alpha
even wash eventually just reads him as Church, and wash knew him during pfl (if u count dying as getting to know someone, i guess)

anyway in summary: let epsilon develop his own personality that isnt “replacement for alpha,” cowards

Okay but

Hamilton where everything is the same but instead of James Reynolds confronting and blackmailing Alexander by letter, he goes to Alexander’s house and knocks and when Alex answers james says “Is this the Hamilton household?” Alex says “no, this is Patrick.” And slams the door

  • <p> <b>Harrison:</b> "new found love for tumblr"<p/><b>Me:</b> FUCK FUCK FUCK<p/><b>Me:</b> *deletes all posts about Harrison*<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay cool<p/><b>Someone:</b> You do know that Harrison is most likely going to tell Tom about Tumblr, right?<p/><b>Me:</b> SHIT SHIT SHIT<p/><b>Me:</b> *deletes all fanfictions about Tom*<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay now I'm fine<p/><b>Someone:</b> What about all of those Spiderman posts<p/><b>Me:</b> Well<p/><b>Me:</b> I guess I don't really need this account <p/></p>

ok so I really enjoyed the queer eye episode w the cop (to be fair, I really enjoy EVERY episode of queer eye), but I also feel like there’s a lot of problematic shit that needs to be unpacked from it??? like, the convo between karamo and the hero was really special and intimate and I know it had an impact on them both, but it felt like the cop was trying to compare critiques on law enforcement to violence against black bodies and I know he was just trying to find common ground and relate but also……mmmm no. those things aren’t the same. the whole him being a trump supporter thing is also a little gross and I hope that once they established friendship, karamo was maybe able to kinda sway his heart and show him that hey your political decisions can actually represent a form of violence against those you love. it just honestly felt like the cop got such a pat on the back for admitting that police brutality against black ppl isn’t okay…which should honestly just be a given lol??? it just speaks to a larger issue that most white people dont understand: being nice (or just not a horrible person in general) doesn’t mean you dont still make decisions that actively contribute to white supremacy!!!!!!!!!! and yikes dont even get me started on the whole “harmless prank” being fake pulled over situation. the friend was just trying to be silly, but it just felt gross. the fact that the prank was even possible, or that he was even able to think of it, shows that he knows how much power he has as a cop over poc, and how cops’ abuse of that power easily causes anxiety in literally every poc’s life. it wasnt funny and I know it wasnt meant to be harmful, but it was in EXTREMELY (!!!!!) poor taste. it didn’t surprise me to learn that that ordeal almost drew tan out of the project.

I still definitely think there are good things to be said of the episode, though. I know that the show is meant to stay a little light hearted and not venture into any deep waters. I also know that the common ground approach is the real way to really build bridges. however, I still dont change my position that straight white dudes get too many passes and that it’s a little dangerous to allow straight white male cops to think their plight is the same as any poc’s.

in the end, I really do have endless respect for these guys and their courage!!! I dont think I would have the will to be so tolerant of all the ignorance they experience. they’re able to force themselves to make connections with these people that could easily judge them and that’s a scary thing. I love them so so so so so so much!! the fab five has my heart (’:

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Would you ever consider doing basic tutorials as to how you draw different face shapes etc...? I really admire your art and I've just started out drawing myself. ♡

Thank you :) Ahhh, it means a lot! <3
As for your question? I don’t know how to explain such things in a tutorial. When I want to change the shape of the face I just change it. I change the size and shape of the chin, jaws, cheekbones and forehead. But equally important is the place of the eyes, nose and lips and the distance between them.

I really don’t know how to make a tutorial that would show the process of those changes (I should think about it). Anyway, all the alterations might be more visible and exaggerated or more subtle. Everything depends on what you want to achieve.

the worst kind of cultural differences are polite kissing differences…. they make everything awkward… 

when you kiss with one cheek but they’re european so they go for the double kiss and you leave them hanging awkwardly… when they’re from somewhere that does three kisses and it’S FUCKING WEIRD WHY THREE, when they’re from somewhere in i think northern south america? where they actually put their lips on your cheek and you’re left feeling gross like why did u do that that’s wet and disgusting… when they’re from somewhere where they don’t kiss at all and you go for it and they kinda jump back and it’s awkward af….the worst…

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(Same old deseace anon) It's okay you can take your time to answer this. Your health is much more important than this, after all! I'm having trouble picking a decease, actually... I've thought about it and I still can't find anything, and I thank you so much for taking your time to help me!! I really appreciate it!!

Hi again, love!  I’m very sorry for the wait, but I think I’ve found something that will help you…

Coming Up with Illnesses for Your Characters

WebMD has a feature called the Symptom Checker, which is actually pretty awesome!  You start by entering your character’s gender & age range (to increase accuracy) – then it gives you a full body model (I winked out a sensitive area), with body parts to click on and expand.  Here’s an example:

Each symptom you click will add to the list in Section 2, which screens the WebMD database for compliant illnesses, diseases, disorders, etc.  Some symptoms will prompt questions to get more information:

This gives you more of an idea of how the symptoms affect your character’s daily life.  Once you’re finished, Section 3 will give you a list of possible conditions, listed by accuracy of the match.  For example: I started the test with bruising and color change (they were at the top of the list) and added headaches, and I wound up with these results:

So.  Give this a shot – start with the symptoms you want (I believe you mentioned headaches & general chronic pain?) and maybe add a few more, then see what you come up with.  You’re probably going to need to be more specific for the engine – because a lot of diseases cause chronic pain and headaches, which made this question nigh impossible to answer.  But hopefully, this is a better answer than I could’ve brainstormed!

Again, sorry for the wait!  I wish you great luck with your story, love :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Ok, I’m gonna say this once.

I’m gonna talk about my first ship ever… When I was 11 years old I starting watching Naruto. I was so obsessed with it and got my first ship ever.

I know a lot people think that they had no development in the whole entire Manga history, at least we couldn’t see Naruto’s feelings, not directly, but I saw that there was something between them since always. However, I’m sorry but NaruHina has more development that any other couple.

From my perspective, it was too obvious since the beginning. I found it logical. I’m not gonna lie, there where moments when I doubted it but Kishi put them back on board again adding a lot of moments between them, and they are so intensive.

Originally posted by reilink

Originally posted by reilink

And I’m just adding two moments. There are a lot more.

When I read the chapter 700 (when it was out) I was not surprised by the final decision I thought it was perfect. The only complain I have is the gap between 699 and 700. And got me by surprise all about the kids (a good surprise).

Now let’s go talk about the movie. Yes, that movie you think is filler. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you but is totally canon. The script was written by Kishimoto.

You don’t have to watch the movie, but once you do you can’t just ignore it. And I recommend totally read the novel, it’s way better. You can also know Naruto’s feelings. And is amazing.

Originally posted by animeaest

There was a moment when “Naruto was in awe of Hinata’s face in profile. He felt the impulse to trace that beautiful outline with his fingers”.

And to those people who says that he just fell in love bc of a genjutsu he was not. As I said since the beginning I knew that there was something between them. He actually says what he saw in the genjutsu was dreams mixed with memories and that makes him realize that he also loves her. It was his dreams with her.

Also there was a moment when he cried for losing her. That was intense. He was really in love with her. He couldn’t just fell in love instantly… So, this movie just was a prove to me that he already had feelings for her as I always knew. If you didn’t see those feelings read the manga again. Please.

So if you’re not agree you have to accept it…

They already have two beautiful childrens…

Give me your thoughts…

To make this post I actually read again the whole manga and read the last novel too.

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Hello beautiful! can we have headcanons about when Endeavour meet todoroki's s/o and it's really a mess. He thinks her quirck is useless and try make todoroki break up with her, and idk he knows another girl who can be perfect for his son? I hope it makes sense, sorry english is not my first language, i'm not good with it lol we all love some angst shiet S2

Hey my love 💕 First off, thank you for your ask! You’re English is fine, I got you 😉 I’m not a native speaker either

I might need to tell you guys that everything Endeavor does, his behavior towards his wife and Shouto, hits really close to home for me. I can’t tell how much hatred I feel towards him and how disgusted I am. So, sorry if this might come off as rude or angry and I apologize if angst is missing.

  • From the very beginning, Shouto was sure that inviting his s/o over for dinner at his father’s house was not really a good idea. Nevertheless, this relationship is really serious, so s/o would have met his father anyway sometime, even without this arrangement
  • Arriving at his house, s/o is really polite and kind, showing their best manners, even towards his hostile father. It seems like they’re not stressed at all, but Shouto is. His stress level rose through the roof the moment they entered and he is really tense, observing everything, ready to protect his s/o when needed
  • However, since their arrival everything goes a little too smooth, his father is indeed eyeing his s/o warily, but he didn’t make any remark so far. This smells really fishy, and Shouto is on high alert
  • The moment the actual dinner starts and the friendly chatter between his sister and his s/o lapse into silence, an unnerving tension starts filling the room, clawing it’s way up on Shouto’s spine. The chopsticks in his hand shake slightly and he almost breaks them when his father clears his throat, obviously to say something
  • “So s/o I heard about your pitiful quirk and I was trying to find some qualities in you that might befit my Shouto, but I couldn’t”, Endeavors says, locking his gaze on s/o. S/o doesn’t even bother to look up “I heard a lot of people saying a lot of unnecessary things today”, they answer, leisurely sipping some cold soba
  • Both, Shouto and his sister are sitting there dumbfounded by the response of s/o and they are both surprised how calm they are
  • Of course this wouldn’t be the end of Endeavors insults “I hate weak people”, he remarks “Oh? Then I wonder how you are able to live with yourself”, they counter while finishing their soba. His father snarls “You can be glad I didn’t kick you out of this house the moment you entered. This, though, will be your first and your last time. I already found a girl that is fitting for my Shouto and I’m in the middle of preparing their marriage. You are nothing, but a big mouth with some average talent. You’re not worthy becoming a part of this family”
  • Shouto is shocked, neither did he hear about any arranged marriage before, nor is he sure his father is not going to do something stupid any minute. His fist clenches, and he is ready to stand up when he feels the soft, warm hand of his s/o cascading over his leg in order to calm him down
  • S/o puts their chopsticks aside, their gaze meeting Endeavor’s for the first time during this dinner. Even though the hero just openly threatened them, they look composed and like tranquility itself “First, you invited me over to your house, it would be idiotic to kick me out immediately. Second, I really love Shouto and unlike you, I value and cherish him. Some empty threats won’t change that. Third, in order for you to insult me I would first have to value your opinion and I don’t”
  • Endeavors fiery bird flares a little, amusement twinkling in his eyes “You’re a brave one, aren’t you?”

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Look, I'm sorry we couldn't buy your game console because it was defective but WE DID NOT BREAK IT. There are NINE security cameras pointed at our work station just to cover our asses legally. We are 20-somethings but we are careful and goddamn if we made a mistake, we'd tell you. You can shout all day about how you want to be compensated but you'll have to file a police report and I think they'll find your shitty PS4 doesn't work because it's full of TOBACCO TAR, not because we unplugged it.






(I’m sorry but english isn’t my first language bUT I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGE THANK YOU)

Okay guys listen, y'all are answering this post and now i explain:

It’s not okay sexualize people who aren’t 18

For who are saying that there are people as the same age as them, i understand that but you can think about that in your head without publishing it

It’s not okay write about them because people who is +18 maybe can enjoy it dING DONG IT’S WRONG GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND STAY AWAY FROM MINORS !!!!!!!

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Okay but imagine in KIC: They are don't a run through but they sent Yuuri to get something and it started raining so re rushes in late with his Calvin Kleins and soaled so he pushes his hair back into eros and is trying to dry his glasses and everyone just goes "Oh No, He's HOT" I'm obsessed with KIC now its all I think about

i lov this but omg somehow this just ventured into sick fic n comfort and i hav no regrets

Yuuri busts through the door, arms full of drinking trays. “Sorry, sorry, I’m late. Sorry. It’s raining so everyone was holed up in the café and–you know, I’m sorry. My fault. Sorry.” 

He doesn’t cringe over how redundant he’s being; he can never apologize enough for falling behind on HM Couture Standard Time. He doesn’t even want to look at Victor and the squinty-eyed, purse-lipped expression he must be wearing right now. 

Chris tuts, coming forward to help him set the coffee cups down and distribute them around the room. “Yuuri, you’re soaking wet.” 

Yuuri blinks, quickly glances down at himself as he hands JJ the final drink. He’d been so focused on getting to the run-through on time that he hadn’t noticed his state of dress. He runs a hand through his hair, and the water keeps it pushed back. “Oh, god. Sorry, I’m getting–the floors are all wet and I’ll ruin the chairs, I’ll… I’ll step out?” 

He moves to meet Victor’s eyes, finally, but the man’s in the middle of removing his coat. He sets it down neatly on Yuuri’s chair, gestures to it. “Take a seat.”

There’s a collective gasp around the room. 

“That’s cashmere,” Georgi says incredulously. “That’s cashmere and Burberry, you can’t–”

Yuuri’s nodding in agreement. “Victor, he’s right, I can’t–” 

Victor raises a hand. Gestures again at the seat. 

And that’s that. 

Georgi looks incredibly pained as Yuuri makes his way over to his chair. He sits down carefully, tries to ignore the horrible squelching sound that comes from wet denim meeting fine wool. He looks up, apology ready on his lips, but instead he jerks forward, sneezing violently into his elbow. 

A warm hand touches his arm. “Are you okay?” 

Yuuri wants to nod, wants to just grab his clipboard from his bag and take his notes because he’s delayed this meeting enough, but he’s sneezing again. There are voices speaking, he thinks, but he can hardly make out the words through the sneezes; tears are blurring his eyes. 

It’s over moments later, but his chest is heaving. “Sorry,” he says again, eyes screwed shut. When he opens them, the room is empty and Victor has another coat gathered in his arms. “What…?” 

The coat wraps around Yuuri’s shoulders, and it smells like him. Sweet and warm and expensive and Victor. 

“Run-through’s pushed to tomorrow,” Victor says simply. He’s got a cup of hot water on the table in front of him and he tears the corner of a silvery packet, pours its powdery contents into the cup and stirs it. 

“What? But the print deadline’s on–”

“Let’s just take care of you, okay?” Victor pushes the cup toward him. “Drink.” And Yuuri thinks he imagines it, but Victor also mutters under his breath, “So ridiculous, puts himself through the rain like that…”