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Wanna Dance with Somebody; ficlet

Title: Wanna Dance With Somebody

Word Count: 875 (ficlet)

Summary: Thomas is listening to music, so Roman teaches Logan and Virgil to dance. Patton is surprising. PolyamLAMP/CALM.

Warnings: pretty (read: SUPER) fluffy. This is just lots of happiness and fluff, tbh.

A/N: I sat down to do some vent writing (ready to write out frustration and angst) and turned on the Love, Simon soundtrack. Whitney Houston came on. This fic happened instead. Haha ^u^ Recommend listening to the song while reading, but totally up to you. I certainly listened while writing this short little ficlet. Usually wouldn’t tag for a ficlet but this was just a lot of fun to write, so I thought I’d spread some happy around. Hope you all don’t mind, and super duper sorry for anyone who might be disappointed this isn’t a one-shot. :/ Wasn’t really edited much, and all mistakes are mine. 

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“Is Thomas really listening to this again?” Logan sighs as the sound of music floods the Mindscape. He’s sitting by the window, a book propped open in his lap. Virgil was sitting on the arm of the couch with his hood pulled up over his head, scrolling through Tumblr on his phone.

Patton smiles from his place in the arm chair. “It makes him happy, Logan!”

Roman strides into the room from where he’d been making tea in the kitchen. Virgil arches an eyebrow when he realizes that the Prince has effortlessly utilized a step-slide-step-slide foot pattern to the rhythm of the music as he makes his way across the room. Patton giggles.

“Princey,” Virgil says slowly as Roman’s gaze seems to zero in on him. “What are you—“

Roman grabs his hand and pulls him to his feet. Virgil yelps in surprise, tossing his phone to the couch as the Creative Side grabs his other hand and starts swaying to the beat. Roman’s mouth moves along with the words as he dances Virgil around the room. In, out, left, right…


“Just relax and follow the music, Virge,” Roman tells him, his voice suddenly soft and reassuring. Before Virgil is even fully aware of what his feet are doing, Roman spins him under his arm.


Roman laughs fondly—not mocking, Virgil is learning to tell the difference—and dances the Anxious Side around the room. He spins with Virgil this time under their arms without letting go of his hands. Roman’s still mouthing the words. His eyes have a bright, affectionate twinkle as he looks at Virgil. The Anxious Side feels his cheeks heat up.

“Roman, where did you learn to dance?” Logan asks. Roman spins Virgil out, then turns to the Logical Side.

“Would you like to learn, Calculator Watch?”


“Too late! You’re doing it.” The Creative Side grabs his hand before he can protest and pulled him scrambling out of the seat by the window. The book in his lap falls unceremoniously to the floor.  Virgil trips a little as he backs out of the way, unable to help the snort of laughter that bubbles up from Logan’s surprised face—glasses slightly askew on his nose from being yanked out of his seat—as Roman dances him around the room much as he had with Virgil.

Logan looks down at their feet almost immediately, and Roman lets go of his hand and brings a finger under his chin, tilting the Logical Side’s gaze back up to his own. The corner of Virgil’s mouth tugs upwards at the look of love shining so brightly in both of their eyes.

“Just trust me, Lo,” Roman tells him with the same soft reassurance he’d used with Virgil. “I’ll lead.”

Wordlessly, Logan nods. Roman spins him out, catches him, and spins him back. Grabs both of his hands, pulls him in, pushes him out… Roman is grinning. Virgil can’t help the small smile that pulls at his own mouth at watching the two: Roman having the time of his life, Logan looking completely swept away for a moment.

After a long moment of dancing around the room, Roman sends Logan stumbling right into Virgil. The Anxious Side catches him before he falls over himself, laughing. Logan adjusts the frame of his glasses as he rights himself. He gives Roman a dry look, but there’s more humor than malice in it, and Roman simply winks at him before extending a hand to Patton—who had been watching, amused, from his place in the chair.

Patton grins brightly at him and jumps to his feet, taking Roman’s hand. Roman pulls him closer, and the two fall effortlessly into sync. They sway side to side, duck and spin, and it’s faintly dizzying to watch but Virgil can’t look away. Patton effortlessly follows Roman’s lead, but also seems to wordlessly take the lead himself and spins Roman around the room just as much. The two of them are both smiling brightly.

Virgil doesn’t take his eyes off of the two of them even as he leans over to Logan and asks quietly, “Did you know Patton could dance?” Logan lifts a shoulder and wordlessly shakes his head, seemingly equally mesmerized.

Patton seems to hear him and laughs without breaking beat with Roman.

“Who do you think taught Princey, Virge?”

Superhero Post!

So i got a few responses and i thought this would be a super cool thing to do! So I’m going to list my superhero name, my powers, costume design, transformation, and I’ll even include my civilian persona! You guys feel free to reblog and add your own. Remember! The hero (your hero) has to be music related!

Superhero Name: Conductor Girl

Powers: Conducting any form of song in order to stop bad guys! I also spread love and positivity and friendship by conducting songs of that genre. I can also cue in help whenever I need to just like in an actual song!

Costume Design

This was actually going to be my DM outfit if i got picked. But this would be my superhero outfit and i would have my hair longer and wavier. Plus! I’ll include a glittery white mask!

Transformation: I would see danger and run into the nearest private place I could find and shout “Conducting Time!” I would literally conduct my own transformation music as my superhero outfit would appear on me in the form of sheet music glowing and eventually materializing onto me.I would end my transformation with an elegant pose.

Civilian Form: I would be posing as a normal high school senior as i am right now. I would very obviously be running this blog but only a few know of my true identity! I would have to restrain myself from even saying the word conducting and have to hold my hands at bay in practice

Feel free to reblog and add on your superhero alias with the above little guidelines up top to follow. These superheros are music related to have fun with it and be creative! If enough of us gather. we could form like some kind of justice league

Kinda like Chat Noir and Ladybug, if you want to have a love interest you totally can! I’ll possibly add mine if we get more people! 

anonymous asked:

I just had this super short idea of boyfs on vacation. Jungkook is swimming/playing in the pool while Jimin's relaxing on the edge of the pool with his legs in the water. Jungkook swims towards Jimin and rests his arms and head on one of his legs with a little "hey.." (imagine all soft and smiles) and Jimin cards his hand through Jungkook's hair replying with a soft and eye-smiling "hey" as well (idk it's super short but it gave me such a sweet and domestic feel)

Yes yes yES!

Jimin’s laying by the edge of the pool, legs in the water, back against the warm concrete, when he feels a hand grab his foot. He sits up just in time to see Jungkook pop out of the water like a freaking merman and he giggles as Kookie shakes his hair from his face. Kookie swims between his legs, resting his chin on Jimin’s thigh. Hi. he smiles cheekily up at Jimin. 

Kookie missed a strand of hair so Jimin pushes it back. Kookie just keeps smiling and staring until Jimin can’t take it and starts giggling again, laying himself back. Kookie grips the edge of the pool, pushing up to place a kiss on Jimin’s tummy. 

This time when Jimin pulls himself up he and Kookie are so close their noses brush. You ready to get out Ariel? He teases. He moves back so Kookie can pull himself all the way out of the pool, but he stays between Jimin’s legs. Join me. Kookie pouts and wraps his arms around Jimin’s neck. Jimin shakes head and kisses Kookie on the nose. Join me. He murmurs back, and Kookie allows Jimin to pull him up out of the water.

They just stay there for a minute, reveling in each other. Of course the sun exhausts both of them, so once they’re back in their room in fluffy robes and even fluffier blankets, they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

      Green let out a light sigh and nudged a little closer to his companion. It was one of those types of days where he’d manage to wiggle out of work, and today the Leafeon took the chance to smuggle the princess from her chamber. Luckily, Zelda had no urgent duties to attend at the moment, and so as long as Vio nor any other guards came by to check on her, they’d have a few quiet hours to spend in the garden.

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