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Microfic prompt: Dorlene trying to convince Remus to give Sirius his number. Bonus points for modern and a Remus who is anything but bookish.

“Do it.”


“Do it or you’re a coward.”

“I’ve always been a coward.”

“Not true, but that’s not the point. Do it.”


“Do it!”

Remus cuts off his torch and flips up his welding mask with one wrist, the frown beneath it coming out in full force as he turns to Marlene. “No,” he repeats evenly, overanuncating as though it’s the sound of his welding keeping the carpentry supervisor from understanding him instead of her own fucking stubbornness. Marlene crosses her arms and smirks as though Remus has agreed instead of refused.

“Why?” She hums it almost musically, that incessant optimism of hers more fitting up there on the stage behind them where the sitzprobe has been churning along for the past hour instead of down here on the back deck with the metal struts splayed out like some sort of harrowing skeleton on the concrete. Remus settles for rolling his eyes and sits back on his haunches.

“Because I’m not a fucking teenager.”

Marlene squints at him. “You do realize that people who aren’t teenagers exchange phone numbers all the time?”

Holding in a sputter, Remus shrugs. He opens one gloved hand at the mess of steel before him as though some great beast has thrown them there, scrying bones to spell out his own helpless attraction to a baritone who has far more important things on his plate to worry about than a lovesick set carpenter. “Yeah, but still! I d—”

A clattering sound interrupts Remus with the instinctive protection of his materials, the sound of it stabbing into his gut like a baby animal crying for its mother. Marlene looks as well but Remus sees him first, his stomach dropping heavy as a swooping stone; Speaking of the stupid fucking ridiculous, hot, frustrating, beautiful, perfect fucking devil.

Sirius Black, rising star of the opera world and incessant pinhole ache in Remus Lupin’s heart, grins sheepishly from an upset stack of steel bars. “Sorry?” he offers with a wince. Remus opens his mouth to reply, perhaps chide him or let his heart leap out of his mouth—it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

“Shouldn’t you be rehearsing?” Marlene cuts in with a captain’s authority, and Remus is surprised to see the man cower a little and reach down to pick up one of the bars in an attempt to maybe stack it; the dissonance of a singer holding one of Remus’ materials is a hecticism of good things deep in Remus’ belly.

“I, ah, have two arias and an interlude before I’m back on. So I wanted to look around a little. I—the sets, I love looking at sets before they’re done. It’s…really cool.”

The embarrassed smile Sirius gives again, still holding the bar as though it might reach up and bite him without warning, is far too endearing to be legal and far dorkier than Remus could have ever imagined from someone who brings so much machismo and bravado to the stage—oh, yes, Remus has watched the dress rehearsals for the rest of the repertory that’s already gone to open.

Remus realizes the dread of Marlene grinning to herself just a few beats too late to salvage a reply that can beat her to the punch, and he removes his welding mask as he accepts defeat; “Well, Remus was just taking a break and can show you around the pieces, weren’t you, Remus?”

He doesn’t have to look over at Marlene’s wide smile to hear the victorious smugness in her voice, but something about the way Sirius is watching him carefully and still holding that piece of steel with completely uncharacteristic unease makes Remus feel for the first time that perhaps this master of all things musical and dramatic might be a little bit human after all. Remus sighs and slides off his gloves—if Sirius’ eyes flicker over the faded weave of tattoos along his forearms, Remus doesn’t let himself watch it too closely. “Sure was. Follow me.”

I love how Salem’s strength is, first and foremost, that she has all the time in the world. That’s where she overpowers everyone, not with her magic or her control over the Grimm. That’s where she’ll always be ahead of Oz. 

“Time isn’t on your side, James. It’s always been on mine.” 

Oz has his companions, trust, and love on his side - that’s the one thing that the god of light gave him. To never be alone. Oscar isn’t alone, Ozpin is always with him, and now they have to make peace and find a way to trust each other. 

For weeks i have waited for The Car Chase Scene in the anime and then they decide to do me dirty like this?? Where’s the humor, the tension? where’s the raw and overflowing emotion I felt when I saw Shigaraki and Mr.Compress totally WRECK Chisaki in manga?

“Hey we should go to Galahd Canyon later”

“Can’t, gotta watch Tono.”

“So? Bring him with, my sis tags along all the time.” 

“Your sister is Eight and knows how to climb and swim, Tono is three and is barely toilet trained. Not to mention he’s still kinda scared of the water after washing up on the beach.” 

“I guess you’re right. Maybe Crowe and I could still drop by though? get to know your baby brother when he’s awake.”

“Yeah that sounds good.”

Thirteen year olds Nyx and Libertus with Baby Tono (Noctis). Until Tono gets a bit older Lib tries to be a little less reckless around him, this is hard when his best friend is Nyx.

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I'm a bit sleeby but I just remembered your post about the lack of JJ / Henrik asks and I (´・ω・`)? at that so may I request some lore / random facts about them? -🎼

aWWH?? YES YES SURE SDKFJGHDFS - i’m always in the mood to talk about The Boys!!! 

i was genuinely just giggling over the fact that people really don’t question anything with these two characters, i’ll write them doing something and everyone just: “yea sure why not.” 

but because you asked, Jamie & Henrik hc’s comin right up!! 

tagging @dumbasticart@taikeero-lecoredier@caori-azarath@antiknife@easy-hard@awkward-bullshit@classicherri​ and @queugame​ because you threaten me if i don’t tag you in my hc’s

putting it under Read More cause we all know i won’t be able to keep it short -

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I just binged all of sex education season 2 and I’m so weak for the redeemed angsty queer kid plot. I know it’s a terrible terrible trope. Ola and lily were absolutely perfect, as were viv and Jackson. Isaac didn’t deserve the bad writing and Otis was the worst part of the season thank you goodnight

nialls talent was so wasted in 1d holy shit

You know, I feel like The Sims 4 still has it ways to go but I’m also very curious to what The Sims 5 would look like, what kind of style would they go for?? 🤔🤔🤔

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Not going to lie if it wasn't for this M/M romance and love triangle plot Carina is insisting on going with I would be convinced Maria would be the character working out her sexuality she just screams Sapphic to me I agree with you that she was in love with Rosa but maybe she just hasn't explored that part of her or maybe she has but puts it down to drunken flings. I think though it will be Isobel,Rosa or a side character realistically I cant see it being anyone else

You know what, nonnie? Before the drunk, dusty, no-good Texas rounder, I honestly thought Carina would completely skip M/M. I thought she’d do the unexpected thing and let them become friends (without benefits) instead. A nod to the OG show (where they were the fan favorite OTP), but distinctly not romantic or sexual in RNM. Instead we’d get to see a reluctant, but growing friendship between them, two people supporting each other, just without sex or romantic entanglements. (Because, NEWS FLASH, it is actually possible that two people of the opposite gender can just be friends). I still think it would’ve been a much more interesting thing to explore but alas…

What a fool I was. 😑

After the hookup, I thought they might still skip all the (supposedly) romantic mess and leave it at that. They hooked up in the episode Shiri Appleby directed, and I thought ‘okay, they put that hookup in there as a nod to the OG show, but it’s clear for both of them that it was just that, a hookup. And after that, they’ll become friends (without benefits or romantic entanglements) and Malex can start figuring out how to be together’.


What I didn’t expect was… what we got instead. And I sure didn’t expect we’d have to deal with much (MUCH) more of it in S2.

Anyway, I fully agree that Maria has so much sapphic potential! Goodness, that scene with Iz in 1x04??? FIRE 🔥🔥🔥


As for the character discovering they’re not straight: I also think it’s going to be Isobel.

Sadly I doubt she’ll get with Maria tho (oh Maribel, oh Maribel, brb sobbing forever over what could be so beautiful…), neither with Rosa (she’s 10 years younger than Iz now, also severely traumatized and struggling with addiction and alcohol, at this point it just wouldn’t be a relationship between equals imo) - simply bc I doubt they’d give us two queer couples consisting of main characters. That would be a bit too much, even for The CW. There’s only so much gay allowed at any given time. 😑

Also, fans voiced their excitement about Maribel on Twitter (and probably in IG comments) a lot, that’s pretty much a guarantee for it NOT to happen. :P

I really like the idea that Jamie Clayton’s character agent Grace Powell will be Isobel’s queer awakening. Can you imagine these two gorgeous ladies together? BECAUSE I CAN!

Waiting for someone to launch a queer TV channel, where queer’s the norm and straight the rare exception in every single show they produce. #MakeItGay


some !!!!! doodles of something like an urban version of the fantasy au!

so I took Chiefcake in for eardrops last week, and asked my vet if she needed to lose weight? he said “oh no she’s not fat, she’s just..,” and made a hand gesture.

it turns out she’s just……..👐

story time: an update

i’m gonna take y’all back to the beginning so hold on to your butts, kids. it’s storytime. a story of two bois. gay love. impossible odds. and harry potter rp.

in the beginning, i was scrolling through my dash, and stumbled upon this community. it all seemed so fun, and i wanted to be a part of it, so i made my contributions, slowly made a few friends, and expanded my harry potter love through this new medium i had found. 


now, as the months went on, the community was growing more than ever. the year was early 2017. and a new kid graced the tumblr hprp community by the username @kapitan5o


they popped up on my dash, and i was immediately in love. smitten. and so my first tumblr crush was born. i messaged them in an effort to collab. and from there, a beautiful connection grew and bloomed. and four months later we got to meet up in new york irl for the first time.


we met up in person several times after that, entered into a relationship that was much more tangible than a simple tumblr crush, and supported and loved each other through so many highs and lows, despite living 5,600 miles apart. rp-ing all the while.


we had always known that if we wanted a real chance at being together, marriage would likely be in the picture for us, since we are from different countries and couldn’t easily even visit each other’s homes without going through lengthy and expensive tourist visa processes [yikes]. and so in March of 2018, on a trip to Prague on my spring break, simon proposed [while, of course, we were rp-ing drarry lol]


from that point onward we have been working tirelessly on getting the proper k-1 visa required for us to finally be together for more than a few days a year. we’ve filled out countless forms, sent in massive binders worth of our ‘proof of relationship’ in the forms of text screen shots and ticket stubs and receipts and skype stills and polaroids and letters, hoping it’s enough. waiting and waiting and waiting. fearing that more sanctions will swoop into effect and ruin our already thin chances. the interviews came next, and the medical exams. and finally, in early October 2019, after over a year of preparing and waiting, we received our long awaited approval notice. 


so now, as i type this, after a whirlwind of complications in getting to one another, moving across country and across the world, and finding a place and a new job, we are snuggled up in our flat in NYC, finally together. the journey is only beginning, and it will continue to be as challenging as it has always been. though we have both already sacrificed so much for this, we still have work permits to submit and green card applications and adjustments of status and a ticking timer on simon’s current fiance visa. and that’s just the start.

but we just wanted to update the lovely community that brought us to one another in the first place on this very big step that we have finally conquered. 


we aren’t super active here these days, and that might not change anytime soon, but you’ll still see an occasional post from us here and there when we find the time amidst the busyness. 

so thanks from us, from the bottom of our hearts, for being a part of such a beautiful community. it’s because you are here that we were able to find one another. 

much love, arin <3