it's so important he's really gotta know ; ;

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Love the interview! But gotta disagree with JDS re interpersonal relationships not being the backbone of the show because every production season so far have bookended with Keith losing and saving Shiro. I know he probably meant it in a shippy way that it's not about ships but yeah, Sheith romantic or platonic is so important to the show it's crazy when you really think about it

i think that if jds could speak honestly on sheith, he would. he’s previously expressed that he thinks winter soldier is the greatest movie of all time and that given the chance he would love to redo it and said in the same quot that “thinks are much different than they are even five years ago.” he wrote the black paladins. nothing will convince me that sheith isn’t his epic winter soldier fanfic and i could not be prouder of him and lm for writing a showstopper of a series with characters they adore. that so many of you are so moved by sheith’s relationship, the growth and love all of these characters share, and voltron’s incredible plot is a testament to their triumph. 

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I get why the Author wanted to erase Anti's memories as well and stuff but like...Can't he just control him anyway? Can't he just write something like "Antisepticeye suddently finds himself incapable of disobeying Author's new reality and will keep his mouth shut about it" and just had kept him in that cage for when he needs him? I know it's cruel but you gotta improvise when you don't get what you wanted exactly...Though I think he really did bet in Anti being enraged enough to just freak out..

So I briefly mentioned this in part 2(?) I think, but when the Author tried to wipe Anti’s memories like he did the others, he couldn’t. I’m going to make a bigger point of this later, since it’s obviously a pretty important detail, but for some reason, this time around, the Author’s writing doesn’t work on Anti.