it's not even anger

how many stories have been wrecked because the author was scared they weren’t grand enough? how many incredible books have we lost because of people’s obsession to only praise stories that seem ‘big’ and have ‘worldwide stakes’? how many writers give up before they even start in fear that their story won’t be enough? please don’t forget how charming mundane stories can be. and please, write. believe in yourself, believe in your stories. write, because out in the world, there is at least one person who needs to hear what you have to say, and that makes your story worth sharing


i so rarely share my opinion on fandom discourse, but this was starting to seriously get on my nerves when i just want to enjoy some old-timey fighting drama and a brotherly bond

when a character tells you what their gender is, that’s it. no discussion. and finding out they were afab or amab is not “proof” against it.


The Inconsistency of Being Luke | Star Wars The Last Jedi Parody (x)

“Nooo!  He killed my mentor!  But I’m sure there’s still good in him!”
“Nooo!  He killed my best friend!  But I’m sure there’s still good in him!”
“Nooo!  He cut off my hand!  But I’m sure there’s still good in him!”
“Yesss!  You were right, Luke.  There was still good in me!”
“I knew it!”
“Hey, Unkie Luke?  What’s a Sith?”
“He’s unsavable!  Kill him!”

People with BPD are like people with third degree burns over 90% of their bodies. Lacking emotional skin, they feel agony at the slightest touch or movement.
—  Marsha M. Linehan

don’t you just love it when parents are supportive of your relationships bitter rivalries?

When you’ve spent a nice and productive afternoon studying politics, close your books, and feel that nice burning motivation to overthrow the government and the financial sector especially

I think one of the most under-appreciated moments in Thor: Ragnarök is when Thor and Loki meet again on Sakaar and Thor is like:

“I’m in a chair where is your chair???”

“I didn’t get a chair!”

Without even thinking they both sound so petulant that the other got something they don’t have and I love them.

Molly is a pathetic 40 year old?

I can call out with confidence a fandom that calls a woman who is not even 40 a “pathetic 40 year old”. Also, heaven forbid women age?  Plus, you know who is a 40 year old?  

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH.   Born: July 19, 1976

You know who’s even older?

MARTIN FREEMAN.   Born: September 8, 1971

I love it though, Louise Brealey is 38 but Molly Hooper is put down as an old, pathetic nag.  Meanwhile, Martin Freeman looks like my grandma’s purse and Benedict Cumberbatch’s neck continues to morph into the luscious haunch of a hairless cat.  

If you’re in this fandom, and you think the women are too old for the men, then I can only hope someone loves you past the age of 35.  You know, past your ‘fuckable’ state, apparently.

NSP Tour Prices and Info

It seems that the general admission tickets are going for $29.50.

VIP packages are going for, as usual, $69.69.


They will include:
-One (1) GA ticket
-Early entry to venue
-Signed exclusive poster
-Pre-show Q&A with Ninja Sex Party

Dan and Brian will be on stage. You will not be able to shake their hand or hug them or ask for these things. You will be able to ask them a question if they pick on you. You will be in a crowd, I can’t say how big. You may not get called on. Keep these things in mind! And once again:


I find it super fucking funny that Kai’s known as the hot head and Nya complains about it in season seven and Maya even says “he gets that from your father” meanwhile Nya’s over here ready to straight up slaughter a bitch for taking her Samurai X stuff. Like, granted she’s more of a thinker than a feeler, so she tends to think things through before going in, but oh my god if anyone on this team is the most likely to stab a man it is Nya who is she kidding.

Today, Ground Zero captured a man that has endangered the public and haunted both of us for quite some time.

Now that Backlash is behind bars, the citizens of Japan can sleep a little more contently at night, knowing that they’re safe from this terrible man. 

The families of his victims can rest a little easier, as well, knowing that justice for their loved ones will be found at last. 

And Kacchan and I… 

We’re not— happy, exactly, but there’s something like relief— a break in the tension, something that’s been there for months, perhaps, so heavy and weighted, pulling us down —in the air around us.

It’s palpable. 

After what happened the last time that I’d tried to intervene— after I’d let the absolute rage that threatened to suffocate me from the inside out consume me, overwhelm me… I thought it best to help those who were around me in a more immediate way; I thought it best to help others to safety, confident in the fact that Kacchan would be able to take down his foes independently. 

I was not wrong in that line of thought; Ground Zero performed amazingly well in battle today, and it’s thanks to him that the villain Backlash was finally apprehended, after months of searching and after multiple run-ins with heroes from around the world. 

I’m so incredibly proud to have him as a partner, and I’m so glad that some of the weight— if only a little —that has been born of Backlash will no longer coat his every move and thought like an insidious second skin. 

Physically, Kacchan is expected to make a full recovery; in fact, there isn’t much left to the injuries that he incurred today even now. 


Perhaps this can be the start of a new period of healing. 

-The Bud pokemon
-Ability: Grass Pelt - Wonderland(HA)*
-Dex: “One must never understimate BUTTONIGHT for its small size, for what it likes in height, it compensates in potential. BUTTONIGHT gathers in small herds, often refered as ‘gardens’, and spent most of the time singing sweet melodies that fill the air”
   -Magical Leaf
   -Disarming Voice

–>Evolves at lv. 18 during daytime <–

???-ROSEALTY [Rose-Royalty]
-The Blossom Pokemon
-Ability:  Queenly Majesty - Wonderland(HA)
-Dex: “ROSEALTY is often found surrounded by gardens of BUTTONIGHTs who will follow every order and they give, and serve as choirs when they sing. Despite their lacks of arms or apparent legs, they can travers great distances in very short time.”
    -Petal Blizzard
    -Leaf Storm
    -Vine Whip
    -Flower Shield

–>Evolves using a Shiny Stone<–

???-CUOREGINA [Cuore-Regina]
-The Rose Bush Pokemon
-Ability: Queenly Majesty - Wonderland(HA)
-Dex: “Possesing a very strong and demanding personality, CUOREGINA is said to dominate large areas of woodland, making many pokemon vow to their wills in fear of suffering cruel punishment. When angered, this pokemon can explode in terrible tantrums, where no one, not even their trainers are safe from its anger.”
    -Petal Dance
    -Hyper Voice

“You’re” Even paused, as if he wanted to keep himself from uttering those words but couldn’t. “You’re my favourite thing in the world.”

His voice was low and washed over Isak’s body. Isak who lay there, curls messy, lips parted, eyes closed, lashes thick and nose invitingly squishy. Isak who he thought had been sleeping for a while on his chest, drooling a bit (which shouldn’t have been endearing and adorable and yet..)

But at his words Isak’s lips spread into a content smile and he curled even closer to Even.

“You’re my favourite thing, too.” he mumbled back, before he drifted off to sleep.

Do other people who experience sensory overload calm themselves by thinking of murdering the person who is creating Bad Noises™?

Mars in Libra - You Can’t Have Peace without War 

The battle swords are raised in the defence of justice, peace, and harmony with Mars in Libra. The contradiction is clear, and she can throw these daggers in every direction out of confused indecision. The fire of Mars flickers dimly in Libra, and Aphrodite is out of her depth riding the conflict chariot. It’s common for the individual to internalise these fiery swords and subject herself to self-contempt, self directed rage, and self destruction. She is a defender of karmic law, righteousness, prevailing morality, and she is energised by the fight for her ideals and causes larger than her self. There can be fear, uncertainty, or anxiety regarding self-assertion and declaration of personal pride, honour, and needs. It can be difficult for the individual to take debate impersonally and wear down empathising with the enemy. 

Mars in Libra people are responsive to vulnerable, abused, mistreated, and exploited groups and individuals suffering at the hands of injustice. The will, inferno, and intellect is inspired and generated by campaign for equality and goodness. It’s possible that she wins the war by coaxing her adversary with concurrence, letting them draw first blood, charm, and charisma, seducing people into believing that she is on their side of the argument before she strikes with the blades of her intellect and a perspective that touches their psyche so intensely personally it catches them completely off guard. There can be natural talent for mediation, litigation, law, and criminal enforcement where she is able to wear the truth out of anybody. The individual is disarming and releases her guard so that she can suffer in the place of others. This can be to an intensely self-catastrophic and elusive degree, such as staying in a cruel relationship so that nobody else can be a victim at the same hands. There can be a lack of personal integrity and respect that subjects her accepting maltreatment and neglecting her internal necessities and sense of unimportance or poor self-worth.

The carnal and sexual nature is activated through shared experience and relationships. Passionate, commanding, and impulsive lovers reveal her flirtatious, suggestive and sensual temptress and she can be alluringly responsive to the sexual needs of partners. The priority here is connection and igniting private pieces of herself. She can confront internal conflict when ideals fail to meet reality and she unconsciously provokes drama despite trying her best to avoid it altogether. Her style can be more passive aggressive, gossipy, silently calculating, and stubborn, so its secrecy can anger people even more. Heartbreak or the slighting of friends or lovers can be the trigger. She is commonly caught in the middle of the war and forced to see-saw through the experience and demands of both opponents. It’s easy for her to see both sides of the argument so she can compromise well and play the devil’s advocate with persuasive ease. She quivers her dagger in the direction of her ideals, standing for the plight of justice by blinding her opponents with bullets of fragrance, finesse, and and flower petals of peace.


[art: Kurtis Rykovich]