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female awesome meme // (1/10) characters with the best growth - cordelia chase

“oh… and you’re welcome.”


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

reasons why Chapter 64 is the best chapter in Carry On:
  • we find out that baz used to excessively watch simon sleep and that he thought doing so was his life’s consolation prize
  • (can i just. talk about what a consolation prize is. it’s the prize given to the loser of a contest. baz is fighting a losing battle with his heart against his mind. baz literally thought that he was the loser in his life and that the only way that life paid him back was by allowing him brief indulgences like watching simon sleep.)
  • baz thinking about kissing simon
  • baz knowing that he’s most likely allowed to kiss simon again but still wanting consent  
  • simon using the present tense of the verb “to snog” (that they were going to continue snogging)
  • baz talking to penelope and asking her to come to his house
  • (pg. 360. “come on. bunce is on her way.” just imagine penelope in this situation. just imagine penny waking up on Christmas Eve to a call from basilton grimm-pitch saying that her best friend, who is the known enemy to baz, is at Pitch Manor for Christmas. just imagine her being so fucking confused but still going because if simon trusts baz, then so does she.)
  • baz getting angry and stomping around places
  • baz thinking about simon saying “good morning, darling”
  • baz being Domestic™ with his half-sister
  • t h e   w h o l e   l i b r a r y   s c e n e
  • baz wanting to add “whether or not snow is gay” underneath the Everything we still don’t column
  • simon hassling his curls out of nervous habit
  • baz being unnecessarily curt to simon
  • (pg. 362. “oh, right. I forgot—you don’t think at all.” low blow, baz. really, really low blow.)
  • it still amazes me how two people can be so different in the way of how they handle things. during the Day After™, baz is so confused as to what this means for him and simon, so he just does the only thing he’s ever known; watch simon from a distance. he reverts to his safe place, the place he knows and the place he knows well, just to make sense of everything that happened and that might happen. he’s closing himself off, shutting down, and shutting everyone one else out. that’s how baz deals with things he isn’t used to. he isolates himself from everything.
  • and then simon. he’s just so comfortable with the thought of baz and him being together, that he doesn’t even think about what he says or what it even slightly hints at. he was never taught to hold his tongue, nor was he taught how to articulate his thoughts clearly, but he’s trying so hard to convey to baz that he prefers kissing him rather than fighting him. (tangent: elaborating on simon not being taught to precisely communicate; let’s face it, he was brought to Watford at eleven. eleven. the homes probably had to hire teachers to learn him things, but his education probably wasn’t the best from ages 1-10. it’s canon that he had a speech therapist to help him “use his words”. end tangent.)

moral of my two paragraphs of introspective bullshit: baz is a person who isolates himself to think, whereas simon acts on what he’s feeling in a said moment. 

  • simon being SOFT with baz
  • simon being the voice of reason for the first time while talking to baz
  • baz denying everything that happened the night before, solidifying simon’s fear of that happening
  • (pg. 363. “you slept in my arms!” “fitfully.” baz…. please. just. agree. for once.)
  • baz conceding.
  • (pg. 363. “he lets his hand fall, and I catch it. because I’m weak. because I’m a constant disappointment to myself. because he’s standing there with his tawny skin and his moles and his morning breath.”)
  • let me just. just as simon is surrendering, accepting that baz won’t change his mind, baz catches his hand. it’s such a subtle, grandiose gesture that would have no meaning other then, “I’m vulnerable right now, but I trust you enough not to take advantage of that.” baz knows that he’s losing this battle, and he knows that he shouldn’t give in so easily, but he’s finally indulging himself and not being ashamed of it. which is really fucking hard if you’ve never practised – I don’t know – any sense of kindness to yourself.
  • baz swooning
  • baz knowing that it’s not beneath him to swoon over the mage’s heir
  • height difference™
  • baz likes stomach rubs
  • baz just wanting to be kissed by simon. again.
  • simon and baz being completely vulnerable to each other.
  • “and he likes this better than fighting”
an outsider’s perspective on pjo

submitted by the absolutely incredible @orhowfar

okay i’m not in pjo fandom. i havent read any of the books, and before joining tumblr i knew NOTHING about it other than there was a movie once. sooo idk what this is really, i guess i thought an outsider’s impressions would amuse you.

- a bunch of teenage demigods who… hang out and piss their parents off
- the consequences are disastrous
- because their parents are greek gods and therefore assholes
- everyone should just listen to annabeth
- percy’s a little shit who doesn’t know what he’s doing but gets it done anyway
- percy is poseidon’s son, annabeth is the daughter of athena, and like idek any of the others but i know their names are piper nico bianca hazel grover jason magnus (who is… annabeth’s brother?)
- percy annabeth and hazel remain to be the only three i can name by sight
- percabeth
- his memories of annabeth were too strong to be completely erased
- there’s a… prophecy?? or something? there’s always a prophecy
- but no one dies ever
- except where’s grover
- why are they all wearing orange shirts, seriously is that a collective favorite color or something
- boo/hoo stands for the sound pjo fandom makes when they think about what might have been
- but srsly just listen to annabeth
- dark!percy aus are apparently a thing that are not entirely out of line with his character in canon which is a discussion i followed with interest
- nico’s gay but everyone hates the way this was revealed. also i think he has a sister.
- percy on the other hand goes out of his way to spell out how no-homo he is
- hazel teams up with annabeth at… some point. idk. there was fanart. it looked epic and apocalyptic.
- in the new book there’s a character who wears a hijab, and some other dude, and it’s also about norse gods, and also annabeth is there
- what movie
- “what i dont understand is why, over the course of several books, it’s proven that despite being an utter goofball percy actually comes through and saves the day, and everyone continually acts all surprised.”
- pjo fandom is stuck in some otherly-dimension groundhog day where they will be buying new pjo books for the rest of their life.
- did that underwater kiss actually happen or is it a natural byproduct of a fandom where the lead is the son of the god of the sea
- just… listen to annabeth
- percy no

i am dying because this is the most accurate summary of these books and this fandom and just “boo/hoo stands for the sound pjo fandom makes when they think about what might have been” I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING holy shit. bravo. bravo.

I loved seeing these two in the new game so here’s a super quick doodle 


eleonora sava + outfits

“I did it for you, to protect you. You mean a lot to me. A lot. To hear you were dead when I felt you die…“ (x)

Companion piece for @stepantrofimovic‘s AMAZING fic MIND IS A BATTLEFIELD for the Philinda Bang 2k17, which you can check over here: (x

“My favourite feeling is that time between sunset and dawn. Stay awake with me tonight. It will be magical.” - the bi Ravenclaw

Happy pride month!!!


These are the 6 habits that I try to practice in order to be my most productive self.

✔️1. Healthy Habit Tracker

The best way to be healthy, both mentally and physically, is to track your habits. This will help you to monitor when you complete the daily tasks you have set out to do. For example how much water you have drunk, if you got enough sleep and whether you have done exercise. This can also be extended to things like reading or doing certain daily school tasks which are pretty routine.

✔️2. Write It ALL Down

It helps to have everything written down that you need to do, and how much you need to get done in a day. Being able to see all of your to-do’s in one place each day will help you keep tabs on what you still have to do and the time frame in which you should be doing it.

✔️3. Plan Ahead

Make sure you aren’t leaving things for the last minute. In my opinion, if you want to be the most efficient version of yourself, you need to plan in advance. Set aside time each day to plan the next few days or week ahead. Try as much as you can to diarise certain tasks and then plan how you are going to stick to them. By having deadlines you will motivate yourself to stick to them, and can get so much more done in a day than if you play it by ear. Trust me. [tip: reward yourself for particularly difficult tasks — like getting some new washi tapes]

✔️4. Keep Your Journal on You

Always remember to keep your journal in the same place. I always leave mine on my desk next to my bag, so if I’m in a hurry I can never forget it. This may sound silly but making a habit of always having your journal on you is important as you never know when you will need to add something to your list, or to reference your journal. theres no point having an organised planner but you never have it on you to reference, which means you may forget half of whats in it.

✔️5. One Hour of Admin

No one likes to do admin. But its a necessity and putting it off will only make it worse. Set aside one hour of your day, without any distractions, to get all your admin done. Be it making calls and getting small things at home sorted that have been nagging you, or filing notes, and even getting things in your room in order. This would be the time to get your life in order, without doing anything that really ticks off big items.

✔️6. Treat Yo Self.

Im a solid believer in treating yourself. Long afternoon naps and strong cups of coffee, my two favourites. While treating yourself may not increase your productivity directly, and if taken too far could counter it, but by taking some tim to look after yourself you will feel less stressed and will be able to function at a higher level. I know that when I get too stressed I become forgetful and worry more about not getting things done than actually spending time on getting those things done, which is just plain counterproductive. So I invest a couple minutes a day to treat myself. It can even be a nice facial and doing my eyebrows, to having coffee with a friend at my favourite cafe. By looking after your own mental health you will be doing so much more for yourself than just having a few minutes a day of treating yourself, you will foster a healthier and happier mindset that can help you excel.

Me on my death bed...

Me: Tell my family that I love them

Grandkid: Yes, grandma.

Me: And tell telanu that Truth and Measure is the best novel I’ve ever read.

Grandkid: I think you mean fanfiction, grandma.

Me: Did I fucking stutter?

BTS as things my friends have said whilst shopping...
  • Seokjin: Do you think if I bat my eyelashes they'll give me it for free?
  • Yoongi: *walks out with no bags* it was all overpriced but I tried all the samples - smell me
  • Hoseok: *has about twenty bags* I'm definitely broke now but I'll look cute so it's fine!
  • Namjoon: *knocks over a display* ... Well...
  • Taehyung: *dancing to the background music* WHAT is this radio station?! It's literally my new favourite thing
  • Jimin: You know what sucks? Being short and wanting the item on the top shelf. That's what sucks.
  • Jungkook: *is under the illusion that the shopping cart is actually a scooter*

i actually think my favourite episode of season 7 has to be the ruins. it’s the one i can’t stop rewatching and crawling back to. everything about it is just so good. it kind of mirror no assembly required at the beginning but in an amusing way as this time allura is also asleep but nope keith up and ready and he wants his team in good shape it’s so good.

it starts perfectly with the simulation where we get to see krolia  and keith being DORKS OF ALL DORKS krolia making this pure chaotic and evil unbeatable simulation then keith ‘oh this is a good one’ lol you just know they’ve made up these scenarios 1000 times before in the quantum abyss, 

the way the team talk to each other is so familiar and casual whilst they eat it’s really nice to just watch and see keith as part of that too. keith reveals he hasn’t named the wolf bc he’s waiting for the wolf to tell him the name which IS REALLY GOOD and also given his quintessence sensitivity and the way kosmo is a cosmic wolf, makes me wonder if they actually are somehow communicating in ways nobody else realises. 


THEN we get into a story geared around the bom and kolivan, and it clearly demonstrates how much both keith and krolia care for the bom and also kolivan and it’s just really everything i wanted in my life keith determined to find kolivan and help him and then krolia and keith crouching down beside him in concern ;-; 

the goodbye parting scene there is so much to say and talk about especially in relation to the next episode and it’s just a beautiful moment when they exchange ‘i love you’s. 

AND we haven’t even spoken about the cool fight with macidus and macidus i just…. love everything about this episode. 

the music was rad, we learn more about krolia’s position in the bom, keith and kosmo are bamf and also that moment where keith yells in alarm as the sword comes down lmfao, 



stranger things appreciation month - day six: favourite quote → “promise”

“just hold on a little longer, okay? he’s gone. the bad man’s gone. we’ll be home soon, and my mom, she’ll get you your own bed. you can eat as many eggos as you want… and we can go to the snowball.”


Lørdag 29.10.16 kl 15.15 - Kan ikke jeg bare bli her inne med deg for alltid? Kan jeg? Du kan det.


“So what would you like me to do? Magic myself popular? Conjur myself into a new House? Transfigure myself into a better student? Just case a spell, Dad, and change me into what you want me to be, okay? It’ll work out better for both of us”