it's been a blast workin on this!!

Hey Heeey!!

so! i know i mentioned that i was gonna be more active but then never did any of that haha, but i have been active i swear! just been busy behind the scenes!

I’ve been workin on Epithet Erased as a Portrait artist!! I’ve been having a blast working on this, the team is amazing and the story and characters are so funny and charming, i love every bit of it 😭 and its out today!!! :DDD

I was responsible for lining ya boi Sylvie and his many,, friends!


as well as This Guy


so that was fun!

now ive got to go get back to work on some more shits! so make sure you watch that trailer and catch Epithet Erased on VRV!


Meet the hosts! :

(@team-phantom​ & @defective–detectives)


“Heh-heh-heh!” No wait… that wasn’t it… “Ho-Ho-Ho! Marry Christmas! Thanks ta’ Zero and his crew, The Chaotix have been workin’ hard on helpin’ set up for this little shindig! We’re makin’ sure that it’ll be a blast for everyone, and Vector Claus hopes ta see everyone there!”


“were happy to finally get the word out about this party,its been a bit in the making but it should be a grand time!-we hope to see you there”


The party will betaking place in a hotel up in sunset heights,there will be food,santa meet n greet,dancing,food,mistletoe so on and so forth!

This party will also be held on a discord server!,the link will go out on the date of the party!,though you are allowed to make ic posts on tumblr if youd like!

IC rules! -

You can wear formal or casual Christmas like attire for this event!

  • Be nice to others
  • have fun!
  • bring a gift if youd like!
  • or a date!
  • dont get on santas bad side
  • No weapons

OOC Rules! -

  • One muse per mun!
  • Muse must be a Sonic Character! [OC or Canon!]
  • Don’t harass the hosts
  • if there is a problem, please message one of the two hosts privately so they can fix it
  • we reserve the right to kick anyone who is being problematic
  • Do NOT be rude to other party goers 
  • Remember! It’s for fun!
  • Remember to keep it fun for EVERYONE. 
  • IC shenanigans are always welcome 

If you wish to draw your muse in their party attire then please show use the tag #mobiuschristmas !!