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I can’t believe I spent a year of my life miserable that I was single. A WHOLE YEAR. Is that not the most idiotic thing you’ve ever heard? An entire year that could have been filled with confidence and laughter and LIFE was wasted crying over boys that didn’t even know my name. Now I couldn’t care less wether or not boys like me. I like and love myself enough to feel completely fulfilled without anyone else’s help.

so tonight i was gonna get some of my orange juice from my big orange juice container to drink, b u t i found out that someone had already drank all of it. all of the OJ was g o n e. and i was already super tired from my trip yesterday, and seeing that someone had taken all of my orange juice made me frustrated, and then my twin comes into the room with garlic bread and i just. i had the sudden craving for garlic bread, but she wouldn’t share it with me, and i was progressively getting more and more frustrated., and then we were arguing over the bread, and then we started laughing really hard about the bread, and then at some point my laughter turned into legit tears, and i was crying because she wouldn’t share her garlic bread with me. i was so sad, and then she threw the bread at my head and told me to take it bec i “guilt tripped” her like. i didn’t mean to start crying but i got some garlic bread in the end so god bless.

also real quick i posted this on the batteryverse chat but i’ll do it here, another attempt at Century from bilvy’s batteryverse!

i need to practice more (; w ; ) luckily bilvy and grim gave me tips and i’m gonna practice more with those tips in mind!! yay

In light of recent situations, i just want to make an apology to zuzu (leothargy) on behalf of myself, but also as a member of vixx-net for what has been going on these past few days.

To simply provide and explanation (which doesn’t justify my actions) it was my first day in the vixx-net and I had become confused with the existence of another vixx network (zuzu’s, which she had created to focus more on the graphic side of starlights), so I brought up the question to the members in the chat as I believed it was because she had a problem with the current net (which was wrong!!). I had not realized what this would ensue.

I am personally sorry for any and all of the misconceptions my question has caused and the response of others it has invoked;  those things that were said that have had a damaging effect on your health and happiness. It has taken you to a state of mood in your life that I hope you never have to end up in ever again.

In addition to that, I recognize it was wrong to bring the topic up in an environment such as the current one without background of the situation. Bringing this situation up in a group conversation without full knowledge of the reason brought forth an unnecessary amount of negativity and hurtful comments stated. I should have realized how it would have been taken in such a situation.

While my actions are excusable by definition, they aren’t justifiable and I sincerely apologize for the outcome. It was not my intention for my comment to go so far astray and I hope you accept my apologies and actions to rectify this situation. 

No one deserves that kind of negativity, and I can only really be sorry again for what it had caused you. I have learned from my mistakes, and i hope that this sort of situation will not happen again to anyone in the future. It was my fault.

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                     “Hey Black and Red, I suggest you
                         cover them radar ears of yours 
                                  right about now.

      Sonic arrow is placed on string and pulled back with
index and middle finger.  Smirk is formed as aim is taken a little
too close to where his face was.  Muscles slacken and arrow is

released, whizzing right by him.  So she felt like toying with
the other a bit, no harm no foul she thinks.  Unless he was the
type to take things personally.

                    “Try to keep up kid.

        She winks and smiles before ducking for cover.  Confidence
never lacking when a bow was in hand or anywhere for that matter.
In truth, she hoped she had ruffled his feathers a bit.

cremisi asked:

gokudera wearing belphegor's varia jacket tho.

more like these two getting tanked and swapping
clothes and reenacting the storm ring battle ‘cos
gokudera is still salty af about it ‘cos he knew he
would’ve won or at least tied her and anyway long
story short gokudera can’t get out of bel’s jacket
for some reason ( more like wants to keep it 5evr
‘cos damn this is like armani-grade leather even
tho it frickin’ smells like ed gein’s been wearing it )
and she lets him keep it for a day or two in exchange
for one of his stripy t-shirts that he swears he bought
by coincidence !!! ah yes my garbage children.