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Let them all come, Clint. Let every last one of those tracksuit-wearing sub-verbal bullying murderous scumbags come at us. Because you and me? Together? Together, Clint, I think you and me are the person we both wish we could be. And I know that person… I know that person is worth something. I know that person can… can pretty much do anything.

Welp,,, all the Anti stuff is happening so I decided to draw some fanart of him,, I don’t know what the official design is but I think this is close enough

Art blog: @rosey-arts

Jeonghan: Wow, the stars look beautiful.

S.Coups: Yeah, they are.

Jeonghan: Do you know who else is beautiful?

S.Coups: *blushes* Who?

Jeonghan: Joshua


#au!magnus is nothing like sh!magnus #because au!magnus is nervous #au!magnus is shy and bashful #but most of all au!magnus cannot believe he’s eyes when a cute boy comes to talk to him #au!magnus is shellshocked and doesn’t know what to do with himself #he blinks twice #so quickly maybe just to check if this is really happening #au!magnus probably doesn’t get in on a lot #au!magnus is invisible or tries to be anyway #but this boy notices him #and not only does he notices him #he flirts with him and checks him out #and au!magnus feels deliriously happy inside #why? #because someones noticed him.



Asuna. The pain that burned deep in my chest came back. Asuna, my beloved, my wife, the woman who had stood at the end of the world with me.

Was it a dream? A beautiful illusion I’d witnessed in an artificial world? For a moment, I wasn’t sure. 

No, she was real. We’d laughed together, cried together, fallen asleep together…those things weren’t a dream. Kayaba had said 'Congratulations on beating the game Kirito and Asuna.’ I heard him say her name. If I was included among the players who survived, Asuna must be as well. 

The moment I realized this, my love and overwhelming longing for her exploded within me. I want to see her. I want to touch her hair. I want to kiss her. I want to hear her voice.” (p.244) 


He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it

what if john tries to start saying how he feels and sherlock gets anxious and starts moving away because hes literally just afraid even though he wants to know he wants john to love him and deep down he knows hes about to say it but hes scared and then john’s like. sherlock holmes. stand here. so i can tell you how i feel. kind of captain watsony but also about to cry? and sherlocks like, holy shit, because! he knows how bad john is with talking about his feelings!!! and sherlock’s like “take my hand” and johns like “why?” and sherlocks like “stop me in case i try to run again” and theyre bOTH BREATHING SO HARD AND SHAKING AND JOHN CANT KEEP EYE CONTACT FOR MORE THAN A FEW SECONDS but hes TALKING hes telling him how he FEELS and sherlocks just MOUTH AGAPE ABOUT TO CRY and theyre squeezing each others hands so tight it hurts but everything is on fire and they can barely even tell?!?!?!?! anyway everything just got too real peace out

okay but consider this:

  • kousei playing piano for kids in the hospital
  • kousei donating a kidney for a girl who needs one
  • kousei checking in on kaori’s parents and supporting them as they get older, and them loving him like a son
  • kousei framing that picture of kaori he took in the first episode and putting it on her shrine, along with canele’s, cherry blossoms, and sheet music.
  • kousei and nagi giving free piano lessons to kids 
  • kousei starting a charity to provide instruments for kids who can’t afford them and naming it after kaori
  • koharu giving kousei a black kitten as a present for his birthday
  • kousei making egg sandwiches every time he and emi and aiza are competing/performing together they all eat the sandwiches and catch up
  • kousei never forgetting

don’t imagine harry squeezing into the back of the ambulance with niall even though “it’s fine, harry, ‘m not dyin’” and don’t imagine harry holding niall’s hand when he starts feeling faint and a little claustrophobic maybe and don’t imagine harry crackin’ jokes to keep niall distracted and patting niall’s thigh and telling him they’re nearly there now when he asks how much longer it is ‘til he can get some fresh air please