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Throwback to one of the most beautiful colors I had in my hair. I’m considering going back to this, really! And listen… everyone should know how much I love Jisoo. Let me spam the love. 😂

I was tagged by the best of thighs, @scoupsthighs. I support the “we’re not mutuals but I’m gonna tag you anyway” system, because it actually is so nice to know that another person thinks of us, even though we don’t share the mutuality! It’s a nice feeling, heh~. Thanks for the tag, my dear! ♡

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I just finished replaying The Journey, and something really stood out to me when I did Fuuka’s and Mitsuru’s S-Links.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Both Mitsuru and Fuuka say those lines during the Rank 9 of their S-Link, aka when they confess they’re in love with you.

Aigis says the exact same things outside of her S-Link. First when she is starting to develop feelings, and then when she comes to realize what she feels for Makoto has nothing to do with her mission. It even happens in the same place!

So this pretty much goes to show that Japanese fan was spot-on when he called her January 25 scene a love confession! Though Aigis probably didn’t realize it at the time haha

(Funnily enough, after you max Fuuka’s S-Link she always greets you with a “I want to always be by your side…” so subtle, they were not!)

[PIANO] Color RIng x River Flows in You
  • [PIANO] Color RIng x River Flows in You
  • WINNER/YIRUMA - cover by junhwe-koo

youtube link if it doesn’t play here: x

Hsin: *flirts*
Boyd: *flirts*
Hsin: “we can fu-”


             by voltronexe & legendarydefenderexe .
read on AO3 .

                            A 3-PART SUPERHERO AU FOR V: LD
The Voltron Organization is an association of those who exhibit supernatural powers, those crossing planes of existence and solar systems, galaxies, reaching to the ends of the universe. Five warriors from every planet are chosen to be the heroes of their world, as the Galra Empire makes it’s way to disturb the peace and conquer all. As the headquarters of the V.O collapses into Earth’s deserts, and remains there for hundreds of years, the fight is almost lost – until the five paladins of this world find refugee in a cave from an impending doom hovering in their atmosphere.

  [Or, alternatively, superheroes who have help from royal aliens and little space cats that grant them more abilities than they already have.] 

WARNINGS: graphic depictions of violence
RATING: teens and up
LANGUAGE: english
PAIRINGSKeith/Lance (Voltron) , Lance/Shiro (Voltron) , Keith/Shiro (Voltron) , Keith/Lance/Shiro
ADDITIONAL TAGSLance (Voltron) , Hunk (Voltron) , Pidge (Voltron) , Shiro (Voltron) , Keith (Voltron) , Homophobia , Violence , Hunk being a good pal bc that’s what everyone needs , Bisexual Lance , Shiro plays football , Alternate Universe - High School , Alternative Universe - Superheroes , miraculous ladybug-esque fic that i’ve been dying for , this’ll be the start of something amazing i promise , smutless , Action , Blood , am i the only one who wanted these power rangers to be in a secret organization???

                                            read on AO3 .
                by voltronexe & legendarydefenderexe .

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trans boy patrick who wants 2 present fem but doesn't think he can bc of his body & one day he mentions this 2 trans girl pete who tells him that chubby boys can 1000% be pretty

patrick wants to be able to wear crop tops and cute dresses but he’s worried that he’ll get misgendered and that he won’t look good because he’s not skinny and one day pete walks in on him wearing a crop top and high waisted shorts. and trick just breaks down and tells her everything. n pete tells him he should wear whatever he wants n present however he wants n the next day they go to the mall together n pete helps patrick find the kind of clothes he wants to wear

// frankie

today i slept in
got up, made coffee, had a cigarette
talked to my dad and stepmom without any hesitance
ate breakfast without feeling guilty 
read a book
worked on my resume
talked to some friends, talked to my sister
called my girlfriend, told her i loved her

today was a good day.

I aspire to be one of those writers that’s loved by many. You know, the wonderful writers on this site who get asks about their fics and enthusiasm, asking when the next update will be? I don’t get that. I keep up with the stats on what I post, and I am grateful when people read, but…

Feedback means everything

Maybe I’m selfish, maybe I’m needy. Maybe I’m not at my full potential as a writer yet.

But I will make a promise to myself that I will not give up, no matter how insecure I feel, no matter how much I wish to be like those fanfic authors who seemingly come out of nowhere and blow everyone away. I will keep writing, I will get better, I will succeed.

a quick messy thing about a rp @ablogbykirk and I did tonight haha

He was so tired of being able to scent loss wherever he went – especially since he knew that if he could turn his nose on himself, he would reek of the very same.

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