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Hi I'm new to the fairy tail fandom and I was wondering if you have any good fairy tail blogs to follow?

hello and welcome to the fairy tail fandom! we’re a big family, which means there’s a lot of great content that may or may not take over your entire life

first things first, we have such talented people that post the best ftgraphics out there and we are blessed to have them with us! these graphic makers include

@acnologias-ass, @angrycucco, @ayumichi-me, @blazexkeys, @bludy-chu, @ccrispy, @constellunaa, @fadingsoulss, @fairyheart, @fairymadoshi, @gajeely, @hymad, @karasufairy, @karokitten-chan, @keiid, @laharts, @leons-7, @lucy-ft, @miroo8, @namiiswan, @phoenixx305, @seiikas, @shadoouge, @taleen777, @tartatail, @wendychuu, and @zelkam

then there are the lovely fanfic authors which are secretly my favorite people, I’m not biased I swear and they devote so much of their time to our favorite ships, it’s unreal. these authors include

@amehanaaa, @chikach00, @doublepasse, @epeolatryx, @ff-darkshininglight, @lonestorm, @magerain, @mushi0131, @nothingbutwordsstuff, @papalogia, @phantompierce-okamoto, @rivendell101, @siriusly-random, @solidscriptjess, @soprana-snap, @stopnatsu, @thefairywrites, @unashamed-shipper, @x-benihime, and @zerooff

and finally, we have the all-around fun fairy tail blogs that decorate our dashes with our favorite characters! these blogs are the best to look through if you’re in the fairy tail mood. these blogs include 

@celestial–aphrodite, @dragneelmedown, @enicuna, @fairytailconfess, @fairy-couples, @fairyghibli, @fairytailreactions, @ft-positivity, @gajeelsenpai, @hadatita, @loveandlucky, @iluvfairytail, @itschildofthefairies, @miss-zei, @mrsallsunday, @totallycorrectfairytailquotes, @shizutans, @summylise, @the-archangel-of-zeref, @ultear, @waterlocks, @wendiuh, and @x792s

as you can see, there’s a lot of us! but lucky for you, we’re a big family that welcomes you with open arms~ I hope you enjoy your time with us! 

anyone is more than welcome to reblog and add their own favorite fairy tail blogs!

i don’t desperately hope that you love me back tomorrow. and maybe you never will. but one day, when we’re older and you’re sitting there, i hope you think of me and how the colour of your coffee reminds you of my eyes.
—  and i’ll think about how the warm morning sun reminds me of your smile.

You looked at me
with a light inside your eyes I’d never seen before and such a big smile on your face that I just couldn’t look away anymore.

It felt like we were the only people left on earth. You and me. Almost like it was meant to be.
—  L.N | poetry

Tom: He? Matt is straight? Right?

Matt: Yeah, I- I am. I don’t know why they’re- why the would say that…

Tom: I mean like if you aren’t that fine and you can tell me cause obviously- 

Matt: Yeah, I know. But I’m not- we should just move on. 

Tom: Sure

Eyes brown like coffee with just the right amount of cream,
A heart as gold as all the treasure in Fort Knox,
Thoughts as deep as the unexplored sea,
Broken like an old record that still plays lovely music,
Warm as the sunlight on a summer’s day,
Beautiful as the little things in life we never seem to notice,
Difficult as a puzzle with a few missing pieces,
Special as every one of a kind piece of artwork in the museums,
Lovable as the moments in time we wish we could get a little more of,
Heartbreaking as a phone call never picked up as you drink into the night,
Confusing as a book with ripped out pages,
Necessary as the oxygen I seem to be low on when you walk by,
Lost as a hiker wandering through the woods with a look of amazement,
Addictive as the drugs they tell you to never get into,
Stunning as the night sky when it’s cloudless and starry,
Enchanting like a fairytale brought to life,
Unexpected as a sunny day when they said there’d be rain,
Calming as a tight hug while you sob on the floor,
Perfect as you are.

You are everything wonderful I write about.

—  read this and know that it’s always you

Hey guys! I finally sat down and I feel like I could actually put some coherent thought into a sentence. 

Yesterday was awesome~ Just gotta say that right off the bat. It was so cool. I never actually thought I’d be picked for a call, especially not first! I was pretty shocked when skype started to ring. I’m so glad that this was something they decided to do. I think it was a great idea to interact with the community more. 

They were all so nice and it was fun talking to them. I hope I have a chance to talk to them all again in the future. I was also really glad I got to tell Mark that I’m also from Cincinnati! And so the Skyline, Goldstar discourse continues lol

I feel very lucky to have gotten a few minutes to talk, it’s more than a lot of people get so I really appreciate that. Thanks Ethan for saying I was nice cause I was really unsure of how I came off lol And thanks to Tyler for laughing at the silly things I said.

Also Amy mentioning my blog later in the stream to Mark! That was so awesome of her! Like wow! I know I’ve said that on my other social media but that was really cool, thank you~

I’ve been here for a long time, over 2 years now and I’ve been watching Mark for just a little bit longer. I’m so happy to be a part of this community and I’m so happy that I get to make things and get creative. Just thank you all so much for being here and following my blog for all this time. And thanks for tolerating me talking about the game all the time. It is coming, don’t worry~ 

I’m getting rambly so I’ll leave this here. Thank you Mark for inspiring me to make things and thanks to all of you (team markiplier) for talking to me yesterday~

Also if any of you want to see the part where I get called on skype, you can see it here~


Possible twists and turns for this storyline based on plots from American soaps. Enjoy!

1. Aaron is having one long drug induced hallucinogenic nightmare. In which the prison and drug storyline has an actual impact.
2. Robert has been abducted by his enemy (obviously Chrissie or Paddy) and replaced by a doppelganger.
3. Aaron is still in a coma from when the car went into the water during SSW. He then wakes up and realizes life is short and he doesn’t want to waste anymore time.
4. Robert has been replaced by his evil twin nobody knew anything about.
5. Robert has been trapped in a block of ice using a spell from an ancient spell book and was replaced with Zombie Robert. Nobody can deny he has been looking pretty dead on his feet.
6. Aaron has been dreaming since his wedding night and he hasn’t gone to prison. The judge is actually lenient on him and he gets a suspended sentence.
7. Robert was repeatedly drugged which left him susceptible and has now been possessed by the devil. He has no control over his own actions.
8. Robert was brainwashed into believing things were really over with Aaron.
9. Robert is a clone and the real Robert is on a mysterious island with magical powers that stops people from from escaping.
10. Robert and Rebecca are actually siblings and will never go near each other again. The resemblance is remarkable isn’t it?
11. Robert is under the effects of mind control because of a chip that has been implanted in his head.
12. Aaron finds a way to time travel and decides to “unhit” Kasim. He has no intention of “unhitting” Andy though. That one was well deserved.
13. Rebecca was actually programmed by Chrissie to hypnotize Robert in order to take revenge on him and Aaron.
14. Emmerdale has been transported to an alternate universe. This one is proving more and more likely with the upcoming clothing swap.
15. Katie’s spirit wants revenge so she has been taking over Robert’s body and making him do things that will ruin his life.
16. Pearl and Tracy are writing a fanfic about the boys and they are actually on their honeymoon. Let a girl dream people.
17. Robert is still in a coma from when he was shot and has been dreaming this whole time. That also means that Aaron is still in prison for shooting Robert in which case he could be on spice anyway and it could be a dream inside a dream. This is some next level inception shit here people.

I have a story okay because my life has officially changed today so today was the first day in like 3 weeks that hasn’t been raining absolute dicks and everything was sunny and lovely so I convinced my dad into driving us all out for ice cream and we got our ice creams and went up to this hill that drops off by the ocean

and there were these paragliders just all over the fucking place, like they probably haven’t been out flying for weeks with all this bad weather so they were just having a blast, one guy was swooping low and bouncing off benches and poles it was great

I said to my mum ‘omg do u think they’d let me join in if I asked nicely’ and my mum was like 'heeeeells nah’

fast forward ten minutes later, a guy walks over with a clipboard and is like 'so do any of u wanna go paragliding rn’

and I was like ’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

and my parents were like 'we still owe u that hangliding trip we promised for ur 21st so we’ll shout for this instead’ and they dropped $250 on the spot to make my actual dreams come true this wonderful random Sunday afternoon

and I got to fucking fly today and I’d forgotten what it felt like to not feel depressed until I was floating over the fucking beach in a fucking paraglider and it was FUCKING AMAZING

after like the most stressful months of my life I, right at this very second, feel almost like I did before I had depression like I feel so good and relaxed because there is honestly no other experience quite like floating way up in the air with no sounds but the wind and you can’t tell how fast ur going and everything seems to so far away and it’s all just peaceful and relaxing and beautiful and there is just nothing but air around you from every angle

I need this in my life I will not fucking rest in this world until I make a hobby out of fucking flying you can bet ur ass I’m gonna go the fuck back up there any chance I get, I’ve dreamed of flying for my entire life and now I’ve done it and I want MORE MOTHERFUCKERS I’M HOOKED


DGNA has returned with their first korean (Digital) Single called Lucky man after 2 years please give it a lot of love