it wouldnt move for its life


life update
d//ont rblog

im back in school im really happy and i think i get to keep my refund from school so whatever doesnt go towards my books ill keep for my moving out funds

things back home arent nice, still no income really, i dont have a well paying job and i cant get one yet until i get my replacement soc card and id

i have one (1) commission and wouldnt mind taking on more because literally i havent drawn much and id like something to show for any income i get

i wont say how much i have to avoid shaming (not bc im scared but bc its annoying when your life comes crashing down and some know-it-all tries to make you feel ashamed for shit they dont know the half of)

id LIKE to move out in may hopefully the girl im looking to move in with works out because if so i think im set to move in around may/june because i cannot spend 3 months back home…like my mental health reached a low point winter break and enough is enough

thanks everyone for the support, please check out @prismii for commission info but d/nt rblog this just rblog the commissions post from there, cheapest i have rn are $5 USD


Zodiac Mood Board

Aries people are enraptured by the colour and symphony of life and know how breathe their fiery warm passion into every moment. They rush into tasks with childlike enthusiasm and disregard the threat of future consequences. Aries just want to play, and they become awfully disheartened when they are told to merely ‘grow up’. All they ever asked for was the world. -Astrolocherry

a year ago on this day you stumbled in to my life and i remember this time last year i felt every single feeling all at once, hope,love and excitement. you made me believe in life and in love. i cant believe where we are now, i havent spoken to you in so long but i can never forget you, no matter what i drink, what i smoke even if i delete all the pictures, texts even if i threw out your hoodie and those letters you used to write me it wouldnt change anything i would still miss you and i havent stopped since the day you left me. its been a year exactly on this day where we knew of each others existence and since then my life has changed forever, i still wish you the best and i still think you are the most amazing person who has ever entered my life. i dont think my feelings for you will ever fully die but i guess a year later ive learnt a lot and a lot has changed but i got to move on and i got to be strong and try and find someone new but i dont know if another guy will ever be half of what you were to me, a year later i hope you know you changed me even if i probably mean nothing to you now or maybe im a bad memory to you or maybe you feel the exact same as i do i wouldnt know but either way you were the best and thank you for entering my world even if you are gone you are still there in my mind. i love you maybe not love love but i love you for making me feel things i never felt before or havent felt since and thank you for loving me even if it wasnt for long or maybe you still do thank you for everything. its crazy what could happen when you walk on the same road at the right day at the right time.
—  a year later